• http://inconceivable.lilacpixels.com CallistaWolf

    First off: AWW. I’m glad that even though he doesn’t show it often, that he loves Leta as he should. :)

    Secondly? Laughed my ASS off. OMG. Particularly the part where you freaked him out at the taxidermist’s house. SO sounds like something I’d do to my dog.

  • http://www.jenandandrew.blogspot.com jennifer_starfall

    i love chuck.

    and now i want a chocolate cat wrapped in argyle…

  • http://www.ceece.net ceece

    The protective way our dogs are about us and the baby, is really the only thing that is keeping them here.

    Everytime they chew up the garbage or get on my furniture and I think they have no soul, they get all protective and lovey.

    They must know when they are pushing the luck.

  • http://smilingthroughthecracks.blogspot.com Robin

    You don’t think Chuck’s dissention had anything at all to do with the argyle sweater that Bronx was wearing, do you? I think he wants that sweater! Perhaps he was actually protecting Bronx, for fear that Leta might steal the sweater and run away with it.

  • jamie

    thatedeguy – I hope you are reading comments after making your comment about putting your dog to sleep because you have a baby on the way. Speaking from experience, just because your dog has showed aggressive behavior towards children in the past does not mean he/she will do it with your own child.

    Instead of putting your dog down, please consider turing her over to the local animal shelter than can place her in a loving home. I am a volunteer at our local SPCA and see dogs adopted into new loving homes all the time.

  • http://pupsickle.blogspot.com/ Pupsicle

    I love dogs. Even little chocolate rat dogs wrapped in argyle. Chuck’s the greatest, and Leta’s lucky to have such a good friend to grow up with.

  • amandagibson

    How sweet! Chuck was trying to protect Leta from the argyle monster! We have a mini schnauzer and he tries to protect me from everything. It’s very entertaining – he freaks out when my husband gives me a hug or anything (mostly we just ignore him). The best part about it is that I can walk up to my husband and smack him upside the head and the dog still freaks out on him. Love it. It’s like double the torture for my poor husband. Don’t worry – there’s no spousal abuse in my house – sometimes I just have to check to make sure all that stuff in Jeff’s head is still in there rattling around!

  • Raughy

    “MMMMMM…..Chocolate Cat in a Dog Suit…..yummmmmmm.”–Chuck

  • Shannon Kopp

    Small tootsie roll dogs + Argyle = Wrong.
    Hold aside a toothpick for Chuck next time and stand back. Kidding. Maybe, they can learn to love eachother.

    Heather, thanks for making me laugh every day. I finally made the foray into the blog world because of you. Forgive me.

  • Bretley

    Awesome. Stories involving Chuck and Leta interacting are my favorite. “Night Night Elmo-Puppy!” Second are stories including the words “intact balls”.

  • Trish D

    Thanks Heather for this incredible site! It brings a lot of joy to my work day. I have to forbid myself from reading dooce.com at work because I can’t control the laughter, and also because I should be working instead of reading blogs. It’s just too tempting…

  • brandy

    My mom had a Newfoundland dog when she was growing and everytime her and her brothers and sisters would go swimming in the ocean you could not splash around because the dog would jump in and rescue you.
    My dog protects me from snowmen a lot and the occasional teenagers making out on the playground equipment at the park. Teenagers making out are her biggest enemies.
    I pity the fool that comes between Chuck and Leta with ill intentions.

  • http://www.paisleysea.blogspot.com paisleysea

    Are you sure that Chuck wasn’t just laying claim to the “walking lollipop” that would soon grow into an even bigger, tastier morsel? I’m just saying.

  • womanrat

    Heather, I just have to say this because its totally distracting me from the fabulous liondog and his cub story… how come you haven’t changed your header/ masthead thing yet? I’ve been waiting to see what March looks like!

  • http://crazymadmomma.blogspot.com DDM

    Our dog had a one day turn-around like that as well, with our son. We almost took her to the pound a couple of Christmases ago, because while laying on the floor at my husbands’ feet, she growled when our son tried to climb up in his lap. She spent a LONG time outside in the snow at this cabin for that offense. The following Spring, we went for a walk with her, and the boy in his jogging stroller. A nice neighbor came outside to talk to us, and Kaya put all 130 pounds of herself between the neighbor and our son. Which meant she had to stand over him, straddling the front tire of the jogging stroller. When the neighbor tried to reach out and touch our son, she licked her hand so fast, it looked like an epileptic episode. She still only listens to my husband, and pretends to ignore the boy and I. But when put in close contact with other people, she shows that she really does love us and wants to protect us. Sometimes in the form of barking all night at leaves falling from trees……

  • Be Still

    OK, the question that I have is where’s the picture of the stuffed ox/mountain goat/yak parked on the neighbor’s suburban lawn?

  • http://www.mywhine.com Madonnalisa Chan

    I’ve often wondered about getting a dog before we have kids just for that reason. I heard that while you are pregnant even the dog “knows” to watch over you as well. The only problem is allergies!

  • http://dollface.net/ Doll

    I’m curious what Leta’s reaction was to the ferociously protective Chuck. Can either you or John draw? Because “Chuck and Leta” would make a wonderful comic strip.

  • Keita Rae

    After 100 posts, it takes a newbie to out Chuck on his selfish motives. Small girl sees stuffed-animal sized dog, complete with Build-a-Bear sweater. Sized for hugging. Chuck was protecting his place as the only-furry-thing-to-be hugged in the house. That is, unless Jon has a hair problem.

    I’m a huge fan of dooce.com. Inspired me to have my own blog. Thanks for the wonderful time you give me everyday, Heather!

  • christine.

    Chuck is completely chivalrous toward his little girl. Cute. My dog, on the other hand, likes to pee on all trees. Different strokes for different dogfolks I guess.

  • zhanae

    Does Leta still call chuck elmo-puppy?

    Comments are awesome.

  • bluestar

    Ooh, I’m jealous. Our dog Coco (a chow-chow which yeah, agressive, I know) is SO great with older kids and people. He’s HORRIFYING with other dogs, no matter what the situation. Just awful, will fight and fight to no end. Our friends have a little girl about Leta’s age (a little younger) and for some reason Coco can’t deal. He just wants to be as far from her as possible whenever they’re over. Of course she wants to be as close to him as possible, so that doesn’t work out.

    I wonder what coco will be like once we have our own kid, I worry about it a little bit, though I think in general he’ll just completely ignore the kid. Who knows. Thanks for keeping comments open!

  • minda25

    I love Chuck. The spaghetti noodles, the sulking in the basement, the odd relationship he has with Leta… you’re lucky to have such a wonderful dog, and he’s lucky to have such a loving family.

  • http://www.carleysthoughts.blogspot.com Carley

    I didn’t think it was possible to have a dog cuter than Chuck, but this tiny Chocolate Cat is giving him a run for his money!