• http://cartwheelsatmidnight.blogspot.com CartwheelsAtMidnight

    Just about the time I get all cocky thinking my teenagers are so easy, you come along and remind me how entertaining the drama of toddler-hood is.

    PS – I’m a longtime (pre-Leta) lurker. Hi!

  • In Bloom

    ps- I want Chuck!

  • http://imjustanordinarygirl.blogspot.com ordinary girl

    Is it wrong of me to yearn so badly for a picture of her vein-bulging, cutie pie face??

  • Mike

    I actually use that same line quite often. Whenever I’m receiving horrible service at a restaurant, or I’m in an argument with a friend or even when I receive a speeding ticket from a mean-spirited policeman, I begin to whimper and then in my best vulnerable-yet-still-manly voice, whisper,

    “I’m pooping!”

    Surprisingly, it never works.

  • jamie

    Poor Leta! My Melanie (almost 4) seems to be a bit backed up too, coupled with a slight lactose intolerance and her favorite foods being yogurt, cheese, and any other dairy item! Hmmm…maybe I should give her the Lactaid pill, then sprinkle MiraLax on top of her yogurt, and then be ready with the Children’s Mylanta after that! Oy vey!

    And I love Chuck’s crown…Melanie word those Old Navy pants today too..only not on her head.

    Love your stuff Heather!

  • novelle

    I think you’re on to something: Laxitive lotion.

    Laxalotion. Saving the world’s bowels one swipe at a time!

    But, seriously, I’m with Leta. If I could banish pooping from existance, I’d gladly do it. Think of how that time could better be spent. Like slamming doors.

  • http://princessr9.blogspot.com RachelS

    I think I’ll use that the next time I get pulled over. “Officer I’m pooping”!

    Poor Leta. My son had that problem a week ago, as he sat on the toilet yelling at the top of his lungs “mom the poop won’t come out”. I told him he was constipated and he was clearly offended by being called that.

  • In Bloom

    What is going on with kids and chronic constipation? It’s like an epidemic. My (ex) stepdaughter was on miralax and was bombarded constantly with “eat fiber”, to the point that if we went to a restaurant and the waitress asked what she wanted to eat, she’d say “fibew pweeze”.

    My little sister has also been on Miralax and laxatives and suppositories and hospital given laxatives. She also holds it in and cries and the whole scene.

    Both of these children were formula fed? A correlation? I don’t know. I’m sorry Leta has to go through this, but you have to eat food to poop! Poop isn’t magically created! lol She looks very healthy though. Does she drink water? My lil sister doesn’t and that’s a big problem with the constipation as well. Good luck!

  • http://pickleness.blogspot.com Stepha1202

    I had never thought about the being afraid to poop angle. My son was born constipated, but I thought it might just be an infant thing.

    Good luck to Leta (and you guys) with getting over this hump. And I’m writing down MiraLax. Just in case.

  • Amy

    Sometimes I wish my daughter didn’t want to poo. Since we’ve switched to formula, the diapers have a personality of their own.
    Chuck is so tolerant. My dog would never put up with that. I’m surprised he even lets my daughter pet him(read: grab and pull his ears). She’s getting sneaky at it now – she reaches out and pets him once gently, THEN grabs ahold of his ears.

  • http://www.ittybit.blogspot.com Toyfoto

    Your description of a constipated two-year-old is the picture I see … oh, I’d say … just about every MONDAY morning and usually lasting into Wednesday afternoon. It’s heartbreaking and yet oddly hysterical when she eventually calls out for prune juice … she calls it “poop juice.”

  • Karen!

    You should get that book “Everyone Poops”, because studies have shown that, well, everyone poops!

  • Carrie

    That’s hilarious. My 17-month-old daughter is on MiraLax too – I mix it into her milk and she’s none the wiser. It is magic and saved our lives, along with giant scoops of Benefiber and Metamucil crackers. We are down to 1/8 teaspoon of Miralax a day. No more giant poop rocks. We are so happy. Good luck on that.

  • Bruno

    I have been pooping with regularity for the first time since…well the first time. I should note that I am thirty two. I have become addicted to honey flavored All Bran bars. They are fabulous and filling and potentially killing me slowly.

  • http://www.amanda.veryzen.com Amanda B.

    Poor little monkey. She IS an evil genius though.

    My niece had some issues with potty training and preferred to go in her pants, even though she knew she was supposed to try to go potty on her toilet. Having not been around a toddler, I didn’t know how manipulative they could be. I was watching her one day when she went into the bathroom and closed the door. I followed her, and when I opened the door she was sort of just standing there, looking awkward.

    I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Aunt Amanda. I’m upset and I need some alone time.”

    Of course I bought it. I got schooled by a 3 year old.

  • blondeinthemidwest

    ha ha ha!! poor Leta and her constipated tummy!!

    on a side note, I love how “King Chuck” just sits there and behaves so nicely while you take his picture!

  • http://www.kerrianne.org kerri

    I love that there is actually a product out there in ciruculation called “Miralax.” It makes me happy inside to know such laxative creativity exists in the world.

  • http://www.welcometoparenthood.com Tami Wright

    Miralax is a wonder drug. We were putting it in our son’s milk for several months while he got over his fear of pooping. It worked like a charm.

    I’m so happy that I don’t have to see the faces that he made while trying to hold it in. It was painful to watch.

  • http://twinklelittlestar.typepad.com Lisa Ferris

    Doing the Miralax, eh? We do that around here, too. Well, not me, but the other member of the family whom shall remain nameless because he would be horrified if I wrote about it to the ‘nets.

    Anyway, FWIW, he puts it in about 4 oz. of juice and drinks it relatively fast. I don’t know if this would work for you or not, but thought I’d suggest it. You still might want to serve it around mealtime so it goes down with the food and as such, helps the food keep going down. But if she’s into apple juice, I bet she might be able to get a bit more down than with the food she’s not eating. Just some assvice…

    Anyway, wow! a 2 year old on polyethelyne glycol 3500? That is serious. Miralax is about as lax as you can go and still remain hydrated. You Dooces really know how to dry out the plumbing!

  • Heather

    My six-year old gets backed up on occasion. At which time, I’m informed that his ‘poop is pointy’ and that I need to ‘make broccoli-the poop food’. His father told him that one. Like it isn’t hard enough to get kids to eat their vegetables.

  • http://mamakbear.blogspot.com MamaKBear

    Hi Heather! I’m honored to join you here.

    Poor Leta! I hope this poop thing gets easier for her soon! I’ve been having the opposite happen with my 3 year old. Been working on potty-training since last summer and she got the poop in the toilet thing down pretty quickly. Seems she loves to go poop, ‘cuz every time I sit her on the potty she says “I poop”. The child goes poop at LEAST four times a day, if not more! I get so tired of wiping her little poopy butt, and I’ll be glad when she can do it good enough herself!

  • Joanne Canfield

    my 33 month old daughter, camdyn is on the miralax too. her doc. told us we could mix it with juice, milk or water. it has no flavor (i’ve tried it). camdyn has had pooping issues her entire life – since birth. straining and crying and turning red in the face – veins bulging, eyes popping out of their sockets, etc. she would only poop once every three or four days. i tried changing her formula, adding fiber, getting her to drink more water. i have even used my own fingers to get the stuff out! we went to a few doctors who never seemed to know what was causing her constipation…

    finally we found a doc. who knew her shit (literally)! she said that after 2 1/2 years of chronic constipation camdyn’s colon had completely stretched out. this usually happens because of one really bad pooping experience. the child gets scared to poop again because it hurt so bad the time before. so they hold it in for as long as they can until they just have to get it out – which hurts even more than the last time. it’s a vicious cycle… so the miralax is supposed to soften the stool to make it easier and less painful to poop. the tricky part is getting the dosage right. you have to mess around with how much and how often you use it. sometimes camdyn will have runny poops – so i’ve probably been giving her too much and vice-versa. her doc. said she should be having two small soft poops each day. we’re not quite there yet… she also said that it could take a year or two for camdyn’s colon to shrink back down to it’s regular size.

    whew! sorry for the long comment – i just SO relate to what you’re going through! stick with the miralax, try adjusting the dosage and definitely try putting it in her drink instead of sprinkling it on her food. it has been a lifesaver for us! good luck!

    btw – leta is a beautiful little girl! i LOVE her hair!