• HeatherG

    I’ve been reading for about a year, have wanted to comment often, but never had anything worthwhile to say. I don’t have anything original to add here, but I swear I just couldn’t NOT be part of the “we love you just the way you are” chorus.

    Dooce, my dear, I’m 5 months pregnant with my first baby and reading YOUR blog gave me the courage to want to BE a mom in the first place. Oh, and I totally want to give my kid magic marker ‘tattoos’ now. Maybe I could do my belly for practice….

    Your courage, sense of humor, honesty, wit, and did I mention honesty and courage? – are so freakin’ refreshing. The world needs more Dooce and Chuck and Leta and Jon and DORJ! and Tales of the Avon World Sales Leader and… I could go on.

    Please don’t ever doubt for a SECOND the course your lives have taken. People who bitch about the ads are just JEALOUS that they have to shlep to an office everyday instead of having the balls to follow their bliss and do what it takes to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

    YOU ROCK LIKE HOT LAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Those people need to get a freaking life. If they do not like your writing then they need to read another blog. Jesus there are about a million out there pick one.

  • Caroline

    Heather, You Rock.

  • http://daily-editor.blogspot.com Kate

    Those emails are ridiculous! I almost feel bad for those people. They must be so boring since they are obviously all so perfect. I read dooce.com when I want to laugh, when I want to read something written by someone just as sarcastic as I am, when I want to see a photograph that will blow my mind, or just find reassurance that someone out there can write about some serious stuff without taking herself too seriously. Those people are either really jealous or really sheltered. Don’t listen to ‘em!

    But DO keep listening to Wolf Parade. I just saw this past weekend in Providence at Lupo’s. They put on a good show and they sound fantastic live. I love them!

  • http://www.heatherannehogan.com Heather Anne

    Interesting that all the people who criticized your grammar used poor grammar. Good for you for being able to laugh! I’d also better watch out for that secret trapdoor to hell. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t even know it existed.

  • http://daily-editor.blogspot.com Kate

    Those emails are ridiculous! I almost feel bad for those people. They must be so boring since they are obviously all so perfect. I read dooce.com when I want to laugh, when I want to read something written by someone just as sarcastic as I am, when I want to see a photograph that will blow my mind, or just find reassurance that someone out there can write about some serious stuff without taking herself too seriously. Those people are either really jealous or really sheltered. Don’t listen to ‘em!

    But DO keep listening to Wolf Parade. I just saw them this past weekend in Providence at Lupo’s. They put on a good show, and they sound fantastic live. I love them!

  • SurprisingWoman

    I can hardly wait for the new masthead, “Now with MORE sweaty goat balls!” bwahahaha

    Aren’t people a riot! Water off a duck’s back, no big deal. They are all positively green (or blue?) with envy.

    Tell them to go get dooced. *snort*

    BTW My girlfriends and I have a ring side table reserved in hell. Right next to the stage, great location. It will be a blast, my friends are the best. Consider yourself invited to join us.


  • http://psycho316.livejournal.com sperose

    i dig your site. just letting you know. :)

  • Cbr929Girl

    I’ve never left a comment on a blog, but when I saw your last post, I just had to sign up for a typepad account so that I could.

    I’m shocked at the immaturity and plain hatefulness of some people. And yet I find it highly entertaining. If I was in your shoes however, I don’t think I’d be able to take it as well. It seems that if they hated you that much, it would be too much effort to go to the website and leave a comment.

    As a person that also suffers from depression, I have enjoyed reading your website since I found it last summer. It makes my day to come home from a stressful, long day and drop onto the site to get a couple of laughs. I’ve told tons of people about it.

    You’ll always be in my bookmarks. :-)

  • Tango Time

    I have never commented before, but I feel compelled to since you have been getting all of the terrible uptight emails. I guess it is correct that people usually only comment when they have something bad to say.

    Your site makes my day! I look forward to every post and your blog makes my bad days better. I understand your humor and appreciate that it is “the lighter side of life”. You help me to lighten up and laugh at things that I take too seriously.

    Thank you for your work….and fyi…I don’t mind the ads. If you can support your family from this, then all I think of is how envious I am.

  • http://jenorama.com Jenorama

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • shredbettie

    You should do like http://www.votefortheworst.com which heralds the hate mails, publishes them in a “hall of fame” and you SHOULD publishe their email addresses…!

  • http://www.faydean.typepad.com amy Jacobs

    Oh dear Heather, you must do this more often. I knew you must get outrageously crazy hate mail…and I was right. These people are absolute bonkers! Crazy is so much fun to watch and/or read. Publish more! This is one of your best posts lately because I so enjoyed you telling them to go “f” themselves in the most subtly, brillant way. Way to go. I swear, living in Memphis gives people an edge that is so useful! I lived in Memphis for nine loooong years. I gots the edge I tell ya. Not like you, but it’s there. I do get worried for you guys and safety and such. People are such freaks. You’re so brave for dealing with these nuts. Just watch Leta when you go out in public. Leary of the day someone will say something to you in front of her or worse. Getting a stun gun might not be a bad idea. Too bad you can’t use it over the Net!

  • SugarBooger

    Rails of cocaine on Leta’s belly. Muahaha! So evil, so great, so funny. You crack me up… I’ve been reading your website for the past 3 or 4 years now, as it can be addicting. A little vodka cocktail, a comfy chair & reading your site makes my day. I hope you put more videos up ;-) Thanks for the laughs.

  • madge

    HILARIOUS (except not really since clearly these people were trying to, at the very least, ruin your day).

    I don’t understand people who write negative emails about a personal (PERSONAL! [EXCLAMATION POINT]) website. No likey? No readey. Mkay? Move on.

    I likey. I likey A LOT. I also likey The Isle of FagLesbian. That would be an awesome Survivor locale…

  • http://ilikeprettythings.blogspot.com andig

    But sweaty goat balls are a good thing!!

    I’ve never posted a comment here before, I just wanted to say that you rock, of course, and I love coming here everyday (and hitting refresh refresh refresh). oh and the ads don’t suck.

    Andi from Mexico

  • http://www.mangofalls.com Aquasparkle

    Island of FagLesbian is seriously funny. How did the Kids in the Hall not do a skit about it?

    The ads are fine. Your site should generate income for the family. People need to get past feeling entitled to web content that is free of ads when a subscription model is not in place. Oh yeah… and they should Suck It too.

  • http://agategal.typepad.com/ Tonya @ Kingfisher Cove

    I hope you get 1,000 comments! All positive! (Yeah, I like exclamation points, too, but for a good cause).

    Thankfully I hardly get any negative comments on my blog, except from the family members who are republicans.

  • http://www.wittandwisdom.com C W

    “All in all, women like you seriously have no business having kids at this juncture.”

    I hope you can find the juncture at some point, Heather. With the help of Jesus Christ. Or possibly LCD.

    Thank god you have so many people who know how to raise your kid better than you, otherwise HOW WOULD YOU SURVIVE!?!?

  • http://www.tealou.com tealou

    i know we have the 1st amedment but when you turn your personal little blog into a launching pad of political diatribe, I cannot support that

    That is funniest thing I have read in a long time. Fancy someone’s PERSONAL blog being a launching pad for their OPINIONS. Gasp!

    You also gotta love people who pull out the costituion, having no idea what it actually means. Heh.

    Ignore them Heather, they’re just morons.

  • mjoy

    Touche, Dooce! I think your site rocks–you keep me laughing. Plus, I can tell you really love Leta; those people are crazy. Who needs ‘em, anyway??

  • Bean

    OMG, Heather, those were hilarious!!! Ignore them completely, they are all full of crap. You are awesome and so funny and help all of us mom’s to feel like we aren’t alone. Please keep posting these losers comments a something to laugh at, they are hilarious…maybe like a regular segment…this weeks hate mail. Kinda like Chuck Friday!

  • http://misshass.typepad.com Miss Hass

    Thanks for making the dumbasses of America the perfect comic relief after a long day at school. You are hilarious and perceptive and I love reading all that comes forth from the blurbodoocery.

  • decaf

    Holy crap! Exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point! Keri R. is always out there ruining everything for the rest of use Keri’s whose parents named us after the lotion on the hospital nightstand. Bitch. You, however, are fantastic. I adore your site and read it all the time. Thanks for all the site.
    A Real Keri

  • http://www.mymixedcompany.com Lynnlaw

    More than anything, I wish I could pull this kind of venom from people. You are so the cool girl in high school. (I mean that in a good way.)

  • amyphee

    This is definitely one of the funniest posts on here. Heather, thank you for sharing your life with strangers. My sister told me about Dooce because Chuck reminds her of my dog Ruby. Actually, Ruby is a cross between Chuck and Bo. Anyway, I thought I was crazy because I check this site multiple times a day for new posts. Compared to the haters, I am so incredibly sane. Thanks again for making me laugh.

    -Amy from Nashville

  • ourfinestyear

    Heather, I LOVE your site. I check it multiple times every day, simply because your entries make me laugh so hard that my sides hurt. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us! Haters=suck.

    And Leta is the most adorable child just about…ever.

  • http://www.thegirlwho.squarespace.com TheGirlWho

    Velma said “nugget”…

    He he he.

  • paper

    you rock!
    your hate mail rocks!
    go, you piss off all the right people.

  • http://www.justsayjes.com jes

    Four Hundred Sixty Comments? That totally deserved being spelled out. Also, I’m too lazy to read all of them.

    So: Hatemail. Interestingly enough, last night I write about hatemail I recently received. People can be so stupid. Do they really think they won’t be publicly flogged?

    However, I must admit: the entire time I was reading those excerpts, I couldn’t help but chant, “Oh, God, Don’t let me be on this list.” Just because sometimes when I open my mouth and let my fingers fly, I say stupid things.

    But at least I know you would tell me that I was saying stupid things, instead of just letting me be stupid.

    Though, bad press! Too bad you didn’t publish these people’s site addresses.

  • http://thenewmrsbruce.livejournal.com Lisa B

    dear heather – (all lower case) –
    i love your site.
    i smile when bloglines tells me you’ve updated.
    i think your daughter is beautiful and i love the stories you tell about her. it’s exciting that we (your public) get to watch her grow up.
    i think you are blessed to be able to spend time with your husband jon.
    i don’t notice the ads at all.
    i read about your life and it makes me excited that someday i’ll be a mom – and that it is possible to be a real life interesting human being at the same time.
    thanks. exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point.

  • http://www.daleythoughtsfornow.blogspot.com Nancy D.

    I think the tagline you’re looking for is:

    Now with MORE sweaty goat balls.

  • http://www.drowninginkids.com drowninginkids

    You know, i’m really sorry that you get the hate mail. I know it’s fun to make fun of it, but i’m sure sometimes it hurts. So take care, you’re awesome.

    Also, i’ve been listening to “I’ll Believe in Anything” a lot in the past 24 hours. It really is such a fantastic song. So thanks for that too.

  • blondeinthemidwest

    Oh for heaven’s sake….or wait, should I not say that too? Heather, you rock…in all senses of the word…you truly are an inspiration to many people and the thing that burns me about the hateful emails you get is that these people CHOOSE to read your blog!! You are so right about these people having bad days and being downright hateful towards themselves and life…does one not have better things to do with their time? I do not even know the level of strength it takes to read these emails…I think that says it all about you Heather…

    One thing though…PLEASE don’t censor your thoughts and writing anymore…you should not worry about the thoughtless and disrespectful people that read this blog and feel the need to be so harsh and hateful. I personally love the uncensored aspect of this website and come here because you make me laugh…despite my religious beliefs or anything else…THANK GOODNESS for FREE SPEECH, but these people need to go away and get some counseling of their own….

    Oh and all this coming from a Christian, Republican…come on folks…get some couth…..

    Stepping off this soapbox now…Blurb and Dooce…keep it rockin’! Oh and I LOVE that Wolf Parade track too….

  • Zee

    Ads? WHAT Ads? You have ads on your site?

    Seriously, I [almost] don’t even notice them anymore and occasionally I even click through on one or two of them. I had other thoughts come up too, while I was cracking up at the post, but other people have commented more eloquently than I could.

    SO, suffice to say, I (heart) you Heather, and dooce.com, and I always walk away from your posts with something good – be it humor, insight or just a wish that I was a better writer. :)

    Keep doing what you’re doing – you make a very real difference every day. :)

  • http://islaygirl.typepad.com islaygirl

    i agree with the girl who suggested the monthly hater newsletter. that’s perfect. talk about turning lemons into lemonade! lol.

  • http://jonniker.com Jonniker

    Is it feasible that Mindy was kidding? Or being a little sarcastic? I mean, lead paint and dogs and all. Christ. I can’t believe she was serious.

    The rest of them might need a little help. Or a lot. Or some meds. Lithium might be nice.

  • http://crazyamandaworld.blogspot.com YankeeAmanda

    What is absolutely hilarious to me is that these people actually think you give one rat’s behiney what they think of you and your writing. No one is forcing them to read it, so let them kiss off and leave you in peace. I’m glad you put it out there for the masses (aka the rest of us) to point and laugh at.

  • http://lazycat.typepad.com Cat

    These are hysterical! I wouldn’t have believed so many people capable of such breathtaking stupidity–but then I did read all the bad comments to the baby-sleeping post and now nothing shocks me. Are you absolutely *sure* that you don’t want to publish the email addresses? I mean, as a character-building exercise. I think it would provide a clue to some people who are desperately in need of one. But then, you are obviously a much nicer person than I am.

    Seriously .. . love your website. You are an awesome writer. The traffic you get is proof of that, if you needed any.

  • http://dramaticmommy.com Peggy

    I say those stupid bastards should be required to donate a dollar for every stupid ass comment they make. Since you’re a greedy bitch and all ;)

  • Jules

    I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks! Thanks again for making my day at work easier to handle… Leta is a lucky girl. I wish I grew up with a mom like you (not that my mom isn’t “fantabulous”, she just wasn’t as hip).

  • amyp

    i’m sure i’m repeating what many have said already but i just wanted to drop a quick line of support. leta is beautiful; chuck looks happy as can be; and your site is hilarious and so true to life. reading about your trials & triumphs w/ leta kicks my bio-clock into action – my god those audio tracks killed me!

    i regularly torture my husband w/ the cuteness of your little girl and your puppy – and he loves it just as much as i do.

    don’t let the haters stop you from being you.

  • junewell

    Wow, these people are nuts. Except possibly for the last one, who I suspect may be about 12 years old and thus deficient in perspective (yet typically generous with punctuation).

  • http://dancingfoe.org Liz

    It’s called ADBLOCK. It’s an extension for Mozilla Firefox, and it is wonderful. If you so hate the advertisements, then download the plugin and block the ads you wish not to see, other than harassing the owner of a website.

  • http://www.rathnait.net/blog Zee

    Ads? WHAT Ads? You have ads on your site?

    Seriously, I [almost] don’t even notice them anymore. I had other thoughts come up too, while I was cracking up at the post, but other people have commented more eloquently than I could.

    SO, suffice to say, I (heart) you Heather, and dooce.com, and I always walk away from a post with something good – be it humor, insight or whatever.

    Keep doing what you’re doing – you make a very real difference every day. :)

  • Karen KH

    ok, I’ll try this again.

    It’s occurred to me that if people don’t care for your blog, they don’t have to read it, right? What purpose does their derision and hateful spew serve? See, it’s another example of people blaming others for their unhappiness instead of taking responsibility for their own lives.


  • http://www.vegasandvenice.com vegasandvenice

    It is my personal belief that if someone can not be… oh lets say famous or worth paying any attention to, that they think the only way to draw any attention to themselves is by hating the people who are worth paying attention to!

    Doesn’t it make them special that out of thousands and thousands of people they get to be the very special elite group of people who dislike you! Aren’t they so cool! Gosh, how I wish I could be filled with hate!

    How sad are we that we realize that blogs are personal recordings of feelings and thoughts. And we are smart enough to appreciate the fact that even though blogs are available to the public that it does not mean they are forced to read or agree. Clearly all bloggers are wasting their time since instead of forcing people to read our words we could all be out there doing some serious hating!

    *I know that this is not perfectly typed or properly worded and I am okay with that. I think the point is worthy anyway.*

  • DewDrop

    Unfortunately, people who are offended are the most likely to let everyone else know.

    And, in my experience, people are mainly offended when they feel threatened or find themselves questioning their own mindsets.

    So dont let them get you down. At least, you’re getting them to think enough to be offended. And at the same time, managing to amuse the rest of us (and make us think too).

    PS: When’s the trip to FagLesbian?! Sounds like a riot. :D

  • callipyge

    1. You’re a great source of inspiration and the living proof that one can be a great mom without being sucked into “The Mold”.

    2. I am a foreigner, recently green carded (wooha) and I have to admit that I am FREAKING OUT about the day I will bring children to the world in this country. I feel that society gives the childless more rights/privacy than to people with children. And that the day you have children, your business becomes everybody’s business. People feel they have a moral duty and obligation to preach and bring people in the right path of Momism. It’s like, for some, motherhood/parenthood is an intolerant fanaticism over here.
    I like this country nevertheless, but I can’t help feeling that women have an easier time being mothers in France (my home), where people just mind their own business.

    3. “Les chiens aboient et la caravane passe.” A great saying to live by.

  • Velma

    My first instinct was NOT to comment on this, because so many other people did. Then I realized that I was acting like a “my vote won’t make a difference” asshole and decided to add my voice of support to the howling public.

    I started reading dooce.com the fall before you had Leta, when you and Jon were re-doing your kitchen. My life has mirrored your own in many ways during the last few years, and reading this site is always a little nugget of joy in my often-crazy day.

    You know, of course, that these crazies serve a purpose? Since things in your life seem to be going well, you NEED these venomous missives to fuel a little creative angst. Otherwise, you’ll just get soft. Heh.