• http://www.akphotographer.com A Knupfer

    I had to watch it 3 times … She is very serious about her love for America – I can tell!
    I tell Chuck in the back – looks like he is trying to enter the fireplace… interesting… but I really enjoy the soft laughs I hear from you two as you are being serenaded by Leta… TOO CUTE! She makes me want to have another one!

  • http://www.akphotographer.com A Knupfer

    I had to watch it 3 times … She is very serious about her love for America – I can tell!
    I see Chuck in the back – looks like he is trying to enter the fireplace… interesting… but I really enjoy the soft laughs I hear from you two as you are being serenaded by Leta… TOO CUTE! She makes me want to have another one!

  • http://www.notthelifeipictured.blogspot.com Deb_LA

    Oh my god, it finally happened, my womb just burst.

  • http://www.hydrangeasarepretty.blogspot.com Shelli

    oh, MON!

    I can’t WAIT for Mlaka to get as old!

  • bonkersmomof4

    Adorable! My son used to sing A B C D E F G How I wonder what you are…

  • http://www.sweetney.com sweetney

    [upon first playing the video, with Mina beside me:]

    Mina: What was that?!

    Me: That’s Leta! Don’t you remember her? We met her on our trip to Utah!

    Mina: [burp.]

    I think that last bit was a tribute to the Tostitos they shared, but I can’t be sure.

  • http://www.babblefishe.blogspot.com Hannah B.

    Oh, so cute. I really needed a laugh and a good dose of cute this morning. Thank you for supplying it.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/~returnofthejeni Jeni

    My favorite part of this video: Her hand movements that go in time with her head bobbing.

    My 2nd favorite part of this video: Hearing either you or Jon trying not to laugh in the background.

    Oh. My. God. This is hysterical. I love her completely made up lyrics. I think she has a gift, you should probably encourage her to be a singer/songwriter AND an interpretive dancer.

    I really needed this on the day of my 1st rectal exam b/c of the non-stop-pooping-problem. Good timing, Heather. Thank you.

  • Cathy

    My son is IN LOVE with your daughter. His face lit up from across the room when he heard her voice singing. He came right over to the computer, watched Leta sing, and had a HUGE smile on his face. At one point he turned and looked at me with this look as if he wants me to drive out to Utah so the two of them could sing together! Thank YOU for sharing!

  • http://hottypatty.blogspot.com Patricia

    Kids these days are definitely smarter than we ever were. Heck, we all would be better off if we just hand over the reins of the world over to them. And of course, they look darn cute too.

  • KermitMom

    We have that same DVD!!! Its where Elmo is going to be on the radio and everyone is trying to sing him their favorite song!!! ohmygod, our 18mo. daughter LOVES that DVD… if we even walk NEAR our TV, she sits down in her little chair and starts chanting ‘elmo elmo elmo elmo’… our daughter doesnt sing yet, but she ‘dances’ all over the place with the songs. too funny that our daughters love the same DVD. Maybe the CTW is putting subliminal messages in there to make them want to watch more?? LOL

  • http://melinor.blogspot.com MelanieinOrygun

    Word to the wise: Never, ever, ever let anybody pass off those Kidsongs videos on you. I promise, you will rue the day.
    “Jingleheimer Schmidt”? Cakewalk. No, bad is watching those kids sing “I Get Around” and “Chicky Chicky Beat.”
    Having flashbacks; must go cry softly for a while.

  • FTPPro

    Good idea to start her out with Mozart (who wrote Twinkle Twinkle). Now let’s see what she can do with Led Zeppelin.

  • Kathleen

    This kills me! Her hair… HER HAIR!
    The other day my husband pointed to the CD player and asked “what’s this? and our 2 year old son looked at him and said “Jazz.” It was. He won’t sing like Leta, but he’ll tell you what type of music it is. Who taught him this? TV. TV can teach him more than I can.

  • http://www.weehob.com Charmaine

    I heard the word “star” somewhere in there. She’s so cute!

  • carrie

    I love your kid. And your dog (who I didn’t even notice in the clip until I read the comments). I can’t stop laughing about that singing–took me a second to figure out what part of the song she was singing. I used to encourage my niece, who is a year older than Leta, to continue singing her uninteligible songs, even though my sister was ready to strangle me.

    After watching that clip, now I want my own kid and my own dog.

  • Tina

    Hi Heather, Couple of questions for you. Why do you only keep the comments that kiss your butt and delete the ones that ask you to be real for a moment? Why don’t you write about something besides this superficial plumbing day-to-day crap? People want to know what’s under the surface. What happened with Leta’s walking problem? How’s your anorexia and depression? Nobody cares about cookies and plumbing. Stop trying so hard to be funny and just be genuine.

  • bee

    the singing really makes my day, yes, but is chuck back there worshipping the fire gods?

  • Dani

    I think Leta is really sweet and you’re a great mom.
    Tina probably has a thing or two to learn about self-respect. Looks like she has some serious issues that goes beyond this blog and I don’t really think expressing hate on other people’s blog is going to solve any of her problems.

  • juliet

    holy batman she’s on ss crack. funny shit

  • DRMPro

    Wow, that is too cute for words.

  • http://www.ourmadhouse.com/blogs Bella

    Thank you Heather. This clip totally quieted my screaming 6 month old. Problem is, I have to keep playing it over and over again… I think he might be in love with Leta.

  • http://www.cleopatraqueenofdenial.blogspot.com gypsy

    Without Sesame Street, we’d all be bumping into each other. No one would know what Near and Far were without Grover. I say let the telly do it’s job. You (and the rest of us idiots) just stay out of the way. Muppets are far better equipped for this job. I say Bravo to you for recognizing this simple, but oft overlooked, truth.

  • lq

    ACK – covered up the new sewer, not covered up the new earth! Gak!

  • http://www.cambiumcreative.blogspot.com Wordswinker

    They put extra juice in kids this age that’s an addicting intoxicant to parents, thus ensuring survival of the species. What I wouldn’t give to have one more day with my kids when they were full of obvious charm and sweetness. I’d change sleepers filled to the neck with yellow poo, clean up projectile vomiting three or four times, and dine eagerly on pre-moistened Cheez-Its and cold tomato soup, just for a day.

    Kids develop ever more complicated charm with time, but that juiciness is peculiar to this age. Yum.

  • lq

    Oh, she’s so cute. What a joy – and thank you for sharing!

    OT – when I saw the yellow ‘Buried Gas Line’ flag I remembered something about my sewer line replacement years ago. My daughter was engaged, I was trying to figure out how to pay for the wedding, etc. (they eloped – their choice, such sweeties), and my sewer line had to be dug up. In the line of digging was a magnificent yellow rose bush. Luckily it was winter, I hacked it down to 12 inches all around, they dug it up and I left it on the mound of (v. smelly) earth until they covered up the new earth. This poor bedraggled rose was still hanging out, and I thought ‘Hey – roses have a bare root season’ and stuck it back in the ground. It thrived – though not as much as before when it was sitting over a sewer leak. Anyhow, that’s my funny sewer story.

  • http://www.vegasandvenice.com vegasandvenice

    No really this is so cute that my husband just started his period.

  • http://jennandlucas.blogspot.com CurlyJenn

    I was watching this with my 8 month old and it made him smile and giggle at her. It was like, finally someone who speaks my language.

    Thanks for the adorable video!


  • http://theblognponyshow.blogspot.com/ Gretchie

    We have no idea which song she’s trying to sing, but we at our office all agree that it’s a whole-hearted effort!!

    Yay, Leta!

  • http://kassig.squarespace.com/ Kassi Gilbert

    That was just so cute. I love it when my little one sings. I ache for a video camera to capture it.

  • moonrattled

    P.S. Am I seeing Chuck sticking his head into the fireplace in the background?

  • http://chitlinsandcamembert.blogspot.com/ chitlinsandcamembert

    I’ve got that DVD. And luckily Max, at 6 months, isn’t interested yet. The kids flapping around as chickens with Big Bird is the only part I can watch, and only because they all look like they’ve been fed spoonfuls of angel dust right before the song started.

  • moonrattled

    I think she just sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Cantonese.

  • http://www.snickrsnack.com Snickrsnack Katie

    That is too precious! Seriously! Even though I could only pick out a few words, like “my” and “are” and “ah ah ah”, I seriously think your kid has a future in music. She is SO gonna give Britney a run for her money in a few years. No, I take that back. She kicks Britney’s ass NOW! :-)

    MORE LETA VIDEOS! This is the first time I got to see the girl in action, and now I am addicted! :)

  • http://www.agirlandaboy.com leahkay

    She is totally Bjork. In only the good ways.

  • http://justlinda.net JustLinda

    This is totally off the topic, but SHEESH, how do you get 100 comments in like 20 seconds flat? Man, what an ego boost that must be. I need me some of that. If I had that, I could leap tall buildings in a single bound! Run faster than a speeding locomotive. Oh, who am I kidding… I’d just BLOG MORE. LOL

    As for kids and DVDs, my 2 year old now knows how to get into the DVD cabinet. Every disk is taken out of every case and in some sadistic maneuver, they are all put back into the wrong cases to the point where they will NEVER BE RIGHT AGAIN. I swear, I’m switching to Pay Per View until she’s FIVE or something. It’s too hard trying to find a DVD.

  • http://www.justsayjes.com jes

    Oohhhhhhh, my gosh. She is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o precious. And it is very important that you read each “o” as a separate syllable.

    I was just watching MTV and thinking, if I have children, and we sat around watching this all day like I have been, what will they have learned?

    And I decided they would learn to dance like strippers after watching that new Pussycat Dolls video, and that I’d be jealous of them because THEY ARE SO FLEXIBLE.

  • marie b.

    I agree with Colleen — totally Björk. Adorable.

  • Kelsey

    Currently falling out of my chair and dying from the shock of the cuteness!!!

  • http://www.carriecheron.com SingerGirl

    The saddest point of my day thus far was learning that your kid can use the dvd remote and I can’t.

  • monkey

    Oh dear Lord, that made my uterus hurt! It’s the sheer sincerity with which she sings it with that it too damn cute!
    William’s first song was Moby’s “South Side”. And he could sing a ton of Barenaked Ladies song and certain Ani Difranco songs that he deemed not too girly before he knew the words of any of the “standard” kids songs. *Sigh* Good times. Of course, he complains now (at 7 yrs old) that music “isn’t what he wants it to be” so he won’t listen to much lately.
    Connor isn’t singing yet, but he dances to everything- and I mean EVERYTHING!

  • http://fractureddestiny.blogspot.com destiny

    I think you misheard because she was really singing Wasp’s “Fuck like a beast”. Sheesh you Mormons try to put a positive spin on everything. Next you will try to tell the the interet she speaks to JOSEPH SMITH in her sleep.
    She is a cutie pie :)

  • RzDrms

    LOVE the flourish at the end…soooo utterly dramatic and cute! and chuck, don’t do it! don’t commit suicide by fireplace! don’t be jealous that they’re not filming you singing too, sweet snugglebunny! ;)

  • iheartchuck

    Too adorable!! Although, I can just imagine that instead of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Chuck is playing a little Carmina Burana in his head!

  • Runner Girl

    Sesame Street- Kid’s Favorite Songs! I found Kid’s Favorite Songs 2 slightly more tolerable. Just wait until she likes Dora- I named it “kid crack.” As soon as it neared the end of an episode, my son would start to beg, “More Dora, more Dora!”

    Leta sure is cute.

  • http://colleen.typepad.com Colleen

    Wow, Leta’s like a little Bjork.

  • http://kimbanelson.blogspot.com/ dancingnancy

    My little sister (when she was 4) proudly and loudly sang along to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”. Maybe we should have stuck with Twinkle Twinkle?

  • jennycakes

    sweet mary mother that kid is cute!

  • http://bornfamous.com bornfamous

    The only thing cuter than a cute kid is a cute kid who knows it and milks it for all it’s worth.

  • kim

    Oh sweet Jesus in heaven if that is not the cutest thing ever in the whole world period. I just love that – “mon, mon, mon, mon, mon…” That’s too funny!