• FashMags

    OMG! The cutest kid ever!

  • sassy7cassy

    I am very excited to see all the asses who poop their pants over Heather’s slyly placed comments regarding TV and raising her daughter.

    Leta’s pigtails kill me. Seriously. Soooo cute!

  • http://www.starshinereport.com Star Shine

    Someone took her “cute” vitamins this morning!!! She is precious. Sesame Street helped raise our entire generation, and we turned out pretty good, didn’t we?!!

  • aprilbob6

    I can’t listen to the sound while I’m at work but that was fabulously cute regardless!

  • Mack’sMom

    So can I assume you haven’t seen the episode where the Weimaraner are dressed up as lumberjacks?

    Does Sesame Street have to have the declaration at the end of the episode where it says “No animals were injured in the making of this program,” because that would just be a lie!

    Those two dogs are probably getting picked on by all of their doggie friends!!! That’s just cruel!

  • Amy

    Melmo, BeBird, Nee (Barney) and BopBop (Baby Bopp)are all playing a big role in teaching my little girl her ABCs, of the people in her neighborhood (including a cheese), itsy bitsy spider and how to clap your hands or stomp your feet or yell hurray when you’re happy. She does the dances, the actions and it now singing the last word of each song. TV rocks!

  • mediaguy74

    Wow what a cute kid!! I see a future for her on American Idol.

  • Sandy

    SO cute. I just signed up , but have been reading Dooce for a while now. Leta is adorable.

  • jillouci

    That is so ridiculously cute that I don’t know what to do with myself. Ovaries… gaining control…

    P.S. I never realized what trouble your detractors took to be able to detract. I mean, they have to have a special detractor account and everything. It takes like five whole minutes.

  • jillouci

    That is so ridiculously cute that I don’t know what to do with myself. Ovaries… gaining control…

  • http://amyschubert.blogspot.com amyteegan

    god bless sesame street …

  • kawaface

    i have to admit, i would not have known the song had you not told us…

    but it’s still fuckin’ adorable!

  • http://jenbutneverjenn.blogspot.com JenButNeverJenn

    So sweet. I once heard a baby sing “(I’m A) Slave 4 U” when I was waiting in line at a Tim Horton’s. It was disturbing to say the least.

  • http://bloodsugarmagik.livejournal.com SilverSeraphim

    Thank goodness I have my own walking conglomeration of cute to immunize me against the worst effects against other people’s cute kids…otherwise I’d be on the floor twitching from the sheer overload of adorableness.

    Small Angel get alot of her pre-state-standardized education from the TV too. In fact, she has this tendancy to act out scenes she seen during the day, usually after she gets put to bed. Thank goodness for commercial free kids’ TV, because one thing she has not been indoctrinated with is the urge to demand every single toy on the shelf when we go to the store. Ah, bliss.

  • Lori

    She’s just scrumptious! And she totally knows how to perform for the camera!

  • http://wendymacblogs.blogspot.com Wendy Mac

    Too cute!

    Just wait till she starts reciting infomercials, like mine. I think my daughter is a secret spy for coca-cola or pepsi or marlboro, because she will say, “Mama, you need to get that.”

  • olinjoles

    What I want to know is…what’s Chuck up to in the background?

  • http://gracedavis.typepad.com Grace D

    Waaaaah! Keeling over from the cuteness!

    So, was Chuck roasting marshmallows in the background?

  • http://undonelady.blogspot.com/ UndoneLady

    Simply precious!

  • Lori

    She’s just scrumptious! And she totally knows how to perform for the camera!

  • http://www.thebeatys.com becky

    Precious!! I’m a stay at home mom of two boys (2 1/2 and 7) and couldn’t survive one day without tv. If it weren’t for Blue and Steve (or Joe), my youngest wouldn’t know shit. I mean come on, with the help of Dora and Diego, he’s even learning SPANISH!

  • Maladroit

    Only a mom would be able to pick Twinkle Twinkle Little Star out of that harmonius offering. I particularly love the entended ending “aaaarrrrreeee”
    Brought back memories of my little one’s early singing.

  • Amy L.

    Oh, God. The John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt song. That was a memory I didn’t need to recover. My brother used to sing that OVERandOVERandOVERandOVER just to torture me. I freaking hate that song to this day.

    It must run in my family, because my father loved to torture us with this old gem:
    “Pete and Repeat are out fishing in a boat. Pete falls over the side. Who’s left in the boat?”
    “Pete and Repeat are out fishing in a boat. Pete falls over the side…”

    Thanks, Heather. The rest of the day I am going to be singing “Johhhn, Jaaaycob JingleHEIMER SCHMIDT! His name is my name tooooo…” in my head. :(

  • ClaireDanish

    Uno, Duos, Trace? Quatro, Cinco? Ocho? Nueve? oh yeah, glad to see Sesame Street hasn’t changed, except for the fact that Bert and Ernie are gay, Cookie Monster went on Adkins and Oscar’s grouchiness was relieved with Prozac.

    I always liked the Electric Company better. hmph.

  • snookie

    Oh my gosh! Please keep the video and audio clips coming. Leta rocks! I am officially a groupie.

  • Molicious

    OMG, too cute!

  • maryhead

    Geebus, woman, how do you create such adorability? I just want to squeeze her and make her sit down and sing things to me EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY.

  • http://poisondartsofpleasure.blogspot.com poisondarts

    heather! you never mentioned that you were raising her to be bilingual!

  • http://aplcreations.com Amy

    Leta’s version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is too cute. She made my two year old stop dead in his tracks, giggle and then blush a little. The moment caused a temporary loss of consciousness…I just came to.

  • http://vaguelyurban.typepad.com Vaguely Urban

    Brava, Leta! Excellent singing! (She totally knows it, too.)

    Also, I’m guessing Leta already read a bunch of Wegman photo books months ago and is totally over the whole Anthropomorphized Weimaraner thing.

  • http://12tutufondue.blogspot.com Bill

    I’ve been told that when I order my n-th margarita it sounds a bit like that.

    I recommend Tri Delta for this little sorority girl.

  • http://www.mymixedcompany.com Lynnlaw

    As a former full-time nanny, I am a HUGE advocate of TV! Especially Sesame Street.

  • http://wordsend.org/ Vika Zafrin

    Aaaaaaaa the cute!!

    Your kid has been the ONLY ray of sunshine on an otherwise completely shit day. Well, the only besides my husband. I’m sure you’ll understand.

    Thanks for posting joy, Heather. If you accept bribes in return for posting funny and gorgeous videos of Leta — chocolate truffles, good wine, hookers and blow — do let me (us? surely there is an “us” here) know.

  • http://sandrascanadablog.blogspot.com Sandra

    You guys know that you’re like the luckiest people in the world, right? She is such a SWEETHEART!

  • Dana

    Love it! She’s gorgeous and talented!
    I really like how you can hear you guys giggling a bit in the background!

  • http://harlowandtheboys.blogspot.com greenthumb

    OMG!!! Lying on the floor semi concious now from that. Go Leta!

    Daily Oliver reader since 2005. Weimaraners Rule! I love my girls.

  • http://www.trim.wordpress.com jennie

    I guess you’d be offended if we ate her up because she’s so cute??

  • Tree W

    You have got to put more video of that adorable child on your site.

    My daughter’s crack is Dan Zanes & Friends – All Around the Kitchen! Crazy Videos & Concert Songs!


  • http://goingtothecountry.blogspot.com Territorial

    Gorgeous! She would have a hoot singing with my 2 year old son.

  • sistieugler

    this is the single most delicious piece of video i’ve seen all da… well, heck! this is just a delicious piece of video, period. and your precious leta is *beyond* cute! (but, you knew that) : D

  • http://www.kerrianne.org kerri

    I like Leta’s version better than the original.

    Also, it should be a rule that all nursery rhyme songs be sung while sporting pig tails.

  • Taegan7879

    haha yea.. I totally know where you’re coming from! Color me surprised when my 2 year old busted out singing the ABC song… Didnt learn that shit from me. Gotta love Elmo, LOL. Of course, I have it a little worse. I have NO American television!! We didnt sign up for AFN (American Forces Network) over here so we get to watch DVD’s over and over again or listen to German Cartoons, fun!!

  • http://tsans tsans

    holy cow, she’s cute!

  • http://bellasmommy.livejournal.com The Lizzy

    That is so disgustingly cute it makes my ovaries hurt.

    I request Chuck howling along.

  • http://knowshouldyouthings.blogspot.com shredbettie

    what a little ham! gawl she’s cute, might not have to set her out by the curb after all!

  • http://countingsheep.typepad.com/ Joan Horner

    You can see that her singing is so impressing the chuckmeister that he is ready to fling himself into the flames to escape the sound.

    Presonally I think she may have been watching too many anthems sung in baseball parks…that girl has mad echo on her.

  • Kaymadmom

    CUTE! Maddie has been running around this week quoting her new favorite movie, “Marry Poppins.” You really must strap Leta in to her car seat and make her watch that movie a few times. There’s nothing like a toddler to motivate you during those rough times with the line, “Snap! The job’s a game!” I heart Television!

  • http://wellbehavedwomen.blogspot.com LucyArin

    So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • Smacky

    Jon’s infectious laugh is peeking out again. But she’s adorable! I loved it.

  • http://thesavvymom.blogspot.com Kathleen

    I clicked on this video while my two-year-old son was in the room, and then we watched it seven times. “Let’s see Leta again,” he says.

    She’s really quite a crowd pleaser, that’s for sure.