• Mack’sMom

    Can a 2 year-old get hemorrhoids?

  • http://sheelagh.us JC

    that’s awesome. can’t wait for the potty training phase and all the fun that goes with it.

  • Bird Lover

    One more thing…the male body part has not been named in our house yet but Kayla did ask her dad about it when she was two. She was lying on the bed with him (clad only in underpants) and she poked him in the penis and asked him what he had in his pants. “Is it poop?” she asked in all seriousness. I think her dad was too shocked to say anything before he busted out laughing. We have yet to resolve that question for Kayla.

  • dyinginmedschool

    i grew up with all the proper names for things, but my ex-boyfriend named my vagina nana, and it kind of stuck. to me it sounds soft, feminine, like everything you would want in a vagina.
    This blogg and the commenters are cracking me up! i’m in med school so this is a excellent source of procrastination material. Plus, after you’ve stuck your fingers in vaginas and palpated penises for educational purposes, nanas and peppers just sound so much better.

  • http://www.hamiltonfamilycircus.blogspot.com Heather

    Now if you could just get her to use it for it’s actual purpose you’d be in business!!

  • Chloe

    Hee! Sugapie said, “drop a deuce”!
    See, I find that funny cause this is dooce.com… you know what, I should probably just shut up now. I’m trying to age my sense of humor from 12-year-old boy. It’s not working.

    I can tell from that picture that Leta will be taller than me by the time she’s 10 years old, and I need to start coming to terms with that now.

    For my imaginary future kids, it will have to be be ‘Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’ and ‘Snuffleupagus’. I love the formality of the first name mixed with that ’70s Puff the Magic Dragon feel of the second. I hope they call a muppet that, someday.

  • http://plazajen.blogspot.com Jennifer in Kansas City

    Greatest Picture, EVER. Could she look any more summery sweet? Well, yes, I guess she could be sitting a kid-sized adirondack chair, instead of a potty trainer.

  • http://www.amanda.veryzen.com Amanda B.

    Bucky and I have a long standing argument about what exactly constitues a vagina. In lieu of her recent long days journey into muff, I’d say she wins. Even if I was a contortionist I could never really have that sort of wisdom.

    It looks like Leta is well on her way to “making peepee in the potty” as my nieces call it. They get stickers when they do it. All I get are numb legs. Being a grown up sucks.

  • llucas

    Her “Wallace”? Oh, my.

    We have a four-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Wallace, so “her Wallace” suggests (to me) a Napoleonic personality, a ferocious appetite, and a double coat of fur. Sheesh…gotta shake this out of my mind now…

  • http://www.xanga.com/gora_kagaz Gora_Kagaz

    haha…too funny…i don’t remember being potty trained. and we didn’t have nicknames for those ‘parts’. we just didn’t think about them. strange, huh?

  • Cassie

    That is such a cute picture!

    And thank you and my fellow commentors for the smile :-)

  • lks04011968

    Well at least there is no chance of the “beach towel” clogging THAT toilet.

    Good luck potty training Miss Leta.

  • annepet

    I laughed until I cried at this – my daughter is a couple of months younger than Leta – we have this joy yet to come. (But it’s time we got her big bro’s potty out of the loft…)

  • meninaprons

    I feel so boring and lame. We call ours penis and vagina around our two boys. Actually, our oldest one doesn’t consider girls has having parts other than a booty.

    By the way, my 3 year old just looked at the picture of Leta and wondered who it was sitting on his potty, since it’s the exact same one.

  • http://www.kimblahg.com Darlin’

    what happened to bottom system? that is one great euphemism. although bunky is much better than so, so many options.

  • Melanieflorida

    I noticed that Bucky Four-Eyes actually refers to her bunky in a post as her monkey, so there’s a little trivia.

    Second, ever thought about bribing Leta with a treat after she properly uses the toilet? I’m an expert, you know, since I have no kids. But I’ve heard this from several people (and haven’t read the posts yet, but maybe it’s on there somewhere) and they swear it works with no undue pressure.

    Lastly, what if I told you I knew a guy who went by Snuffleupagus? And from now on when I see him … Eewww.

  • AnnC

    My husband,when questioned by our then 3 year old daughter (and totally unprepared), said that being a girl, that part of her anatomy was called her “Shirley Temple”.


  • shoefunky

    My children speak french and english. We’ve chosen the french words….kiki for penis and foufounette shortened to foufou for vagina. Fortunately I am the only girl in the house so rarely have to say the word foufou out loud.

  • Bird Lover

    In our house, the vagina is called a “po-po”. I have no earthly recollection of where that name came from but there it is.

    When I potty trained my daughter she liked to sit on it and watch television. One time I got the bright idea that if I let her watch TV pantsless that maybe she would pee-pee in the potty. She did and I was so excited that for a moment I seriously considered saving the contents to show her daddy what a big girl she was when he got home from work.

    I know, I know, there is no need to tell me how weird that sounds. I blame it on my hormones.

  • Karen

    You made my day!

  • http://www.reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    Well Bucky as your girlfriend I can confirm to Dooce and everyone else that you are, in fact, a vagina. And dont worry Squirl, I am totally proud of her.

    Last night at the grocery store when I put my cold hands on her stomach I can promise you all she acted like a big vagina as she tried to get away.

    Now Im going to start calling her My sweet Bucky bunky vagina monkey honey baby sugar pie.

  • http://missbehave.org MissBehave

    The picture is adorable but I can’t help but feel that poor lil Leta is getting the wrong idea about the use of the potty. ;)

  • http://www.justsayjes.com/blog jes

    Gah. I keep forgetting that HTML is turned off.

    “this picture of GIANT VAGINAS”: http://tinyurl.com/z9klz

  • http://www.chaithere.blogspot.com AndreaBT

    Deja vu…it’s like the cheeseburger post of about three? years ago.

    Which sadly reminds me of the Veggie Tales song, His Cheeseburger, which takes on a whole new, sick meaning now…

    And woohoo! A shout-out to Bucky! How many hits will your site get today, girl?

  • http://www.gjsentinel.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/communities/haute/ rivetergirl

    Yeah, potty training. I wish I had some sage advice, but despite the fact that my kid is potty trained, I had virtually nothing to do with it.

    Our dear daycare lady (whom my daughter called Gramma Julia) did the whole thing.

    We just did what she told us to.

    And it worked.

    Potty training was the easiest part of parenting a toddler for me.

  • http://www.monkeythoughts.com monkey

    I’ve always gone with the proper names approach. But that’s because I’m a nerd. Even so, I’ve recently reconsidered this approach as there is just something weird about hearing a 7-yr old use the word “testicles”.

  • http://www.justsayjes.com/blog jes

    Bunky, The Vagina.

    Incidentally, earlier today I was browsing some pics of San Francisco’s B2B 2006, and came across this picture of two women each dressed up as a GIANT VAGINA.

    I’m totally being serious.

  • http://thesuperbongo.blogspot.com/ thesuperbongo

    I was kinda hopin’ that you’d called it “binky” — only because I use to work with an insane person who decided that she wanted everyone to call her by the name her toddler aged nieces called her. We still get mail for her at the office and it’s been ten years since she finally had the decency to quit. About 5 years ago, the name on the mail was changed to Binky. Who changes the name but not the address? Insane.

    Anyway – our friend’s kid also did the potty as barka lounger — only she’d sit sans pants — not go, but use it as another reason to take off her pants.

  • sharkcutie

    Dr. Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy calls her vagina a vuh-jay-jay as in: “O’Malley! Quit looking at my vuh-jay-jay!” when she delivered her baby!

    As a little girl, my daughter called her vagina a pik-pik, allegedly the Tagalog word for vagina (we lived in the tropics with lots of filipino nannies). I was so happy she did because once we were at the Mall of America Aquarium, which has an overhead tank with sharks swimming in it, and my daughter looks up and yells: look Mom, you can see their pik-piks!

    At thirteen, she refuses to call body parts by any name unless she is required to do so in health class. I know she must have died a thousand deaths having to write the word “testes” on the “label the male reproductive system” assignment.

  • Robert Hare

    For reasons I’m no longer completely clear on, other than having good intentions, my now-ex and I taught our son and daughter (6 and 4) the proper names: i.e, penis, vagina, heck, even labia.

    Last summer I was wheeling my daughter Bea over to daycare in her wagon.

    “Liam has a penis, right Dad?” says Bea.
    “Mommy has a vagina.”
    “Yes again.”
    “Liam has a penis.”
    “That’s right Bea. Liam has a penis. And what do you have?”

    At this point I did not notice that we had entered a small, very echo-ey courtyard just off the main sidewalk. It was about 8 am and the neighbourhood was starting to wake up. Grannies were milling.

    “I have LABIA!!!” she shouts. The words reverberate like she’d just belted it out at the Grand Canyon. A few feet away from me, some poor old gal practically jumps right out of her orthapedic shoes AND has a heart attack.

    “Yep,” I say, “You’ve got labia, Bea. Very good.”

  • http://theboldsoul.com The Bold Soul

    Hey, my goddaughter was potty-trained in front of the TV — it works, so don’t knock it! I was once babysitting her during her potty-training days (she’s 13 now) and brought along my new boyfriend to keep me company. He was (and probably still is) deathly afraid of small children, but he was holding well around her until she needed to use the porta-potty seat in front of the TV. He got white as a sheet and I gave him permission to go watch TV in the other room… I really felt sorry for the guy.

    Somehow, despite that torture, he didn’t immediately dump me for forcing him to watch me empty the potty. It was a pretty good test of his ability to deal with a lot of shit (literally) in our relationship.

  • http://spitfire.cc Denise

    Supreme Chancellor Palpatine! hahahhaa!!!

    that photo is too funny!

  • Angela

    It takes a lot just to be able to comment here!

    All I wanted to say really was to not worry too much about the naming of parts.
    When my daughter was three and my son had just turned one she realized they looked different in the bath tub. She came running out to me saying that Jacob had a chubby tail and she didn’t. She was hysterical and shrieking it, echoing throughout the eight story apartment building. We have always taught the correct names of parts so this “chubby tail” was a creation all her own.
    It stuck. We have officially adopted the name because it was so cute at the time and its adorable to hear my youngest (yes, I bred, I have three!) say it.
    If you ever find yourself with a boy, feel free to use it if you want to.
    That is all.

  • http://johnsthing.blogspot.com John

    I think this is one of your best posts in awhile. Great writing.

  • http://www.hydrangeasarepretty.blogspot.com Shelli

    Well it IS perfect size for tv viewing….

  • Jensa

    You do have to be careful about this decision. My step daughter is 10 now, but up until last summer she refused to call her parts anything other than ‘fufu’. I don’t recall what term she had for boy parts. Her mom calls it a fufu and that was what she was used to. She knew the correct terminology, but was literally too afraid to use it. I’d hate for my daughter to grow up being afraid to call her vagina a vagina.

  • http://thebigtradeoff.blogspot.com Karen

    A word to the wise regarding bunky demonstrations: don’t let her watch you insert feminine products into your bunky. One day you will find her in pain because she has inserted a crayon or other long thin object into her bunky “just like mommy”. Trust me on this one.

  • http://www.teensleuth.squarespace.com TeenSleuth

    It’s nice to see you and Jon addressing The Naming of Parts. Parts were certainly not named in my household. In second grade someone told me a boy’s thing was called a “Fitzgerald,” and I believed them. It gives new meaning to The Great Gatsby, don’t you think?

    I remember one particularly humiliating bathroom moment when I had realized that poo-poo and pee-pee were the end result of eating and drinking and I pointed to my turds in the toilet and asked Mom, “Is that what we eat?” But she misunderstood and screeched “Oh my God NO! Don’t touch it!” I still don’t get how she interpreted that I wanted to ingest my poo.

  • http://www.issasworld.typepad.com issa

    That is so freaking cute. Dooce, she really is adorable.

  • http://www.lostinthought.net/blog Vicky

    That’s a pretty cool potty! Looks just like a teeny toilet. By the way have you cut her precious hair?? Or is it just tied to look shorter? *panics*

  • http://www.hippestkid.com/ Be Still

    Hilarious! Laughing my ass off at the part about Leta wanting to take the potty to the grocery store.

    Jude insisted on taking our new flyswatter out to dinner with us last night. Just a few odd stares with that one.

    One the subject of private parts: He calls his John Thomas “Winkle”. It’s so sweet, but I haven’t figured out how he came up with that one.

  • http://www.lesterf4.blogspot.com lesismore

    Since I work with two and three year olds all day, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom (do you remember those little toilets all in a row?) And when you’re teaching a large group of children how to use the toilet, you pretty much just have to suck it up and use all of the technical terms for things.

    I mean, if a little girl asks me to help her wipe her “poo-non-ay,” and another one “her la-la,” it could become very confusing very quickly.

    And though I call it a vagina to a three year old, I still can’t call it one to my own age group. No, not po-po like the cops…po-po like my wa-yi-nah!

  • http://www.billygean.co.uk Billygean.co.uk

    Hehehe. Another picture of Leta that I dragged my boyfriend in to see. I think he’s getting concerned. And hurrah! A new blog. I am enjoying Bucky Four Eyes.


  • http://heideknit.blogspot.com heideknit

    Leta sitting on her potty in the middle of the living room reminds me of a hilarious/horrible experience: I was visiting my sister-in-law and newest little nephew over a year ago. She and my husband and I were chit-chatting in the dining room, where there happened to be a training potty sitting in the corner (why???). My niece (she was 4 at the time and potty trained) came in, dropped her drawers, and took THE BIGGEST DUMP EVER right in front of us in the potty in the dining room. My SIL acted like it was nothing, took her to the bathroom to wipe her and clean out the potty after she finished, leaving my husband and me staring at each other speechless and fascinated and horrified.

  • Ryan

    Snuffleupages? Isn’t that a Sesame Street character? Poor Leta, she’s going to be so confused.

    Look Leta! Daddy’s on TV!”

  • http://heideknit.blogspot.com heideknit

    Leta sitting on her potty in the middle of the living room reminds me of a hilarious/horrible experience: I was visiting my sister-in-law and newest little nephew over a year ago. She and my husband and I were chit-chatting in the dining room, where there happened to be a training potty sitting in the corner (why???). My niece (she was 4 at the time and potty trained) came in, dropped her drawers, and took THE BIGGEST DUMP EVER right in front of us in the potty in the dining room. My SIL acted like it was nothing, took her to the bathroom to wipe her and clean out the potty after she finished, leaving my husband and me staring at each other speechless and fascinated and horrified.

  • nohomama

    My only recommendation is to periodically remember to actually use the word vagina when referring to either your or Leta’s bunky. We’re very British around here and refer genetalia and heinies as bits [and pieces] and bums. Early on I was very conscientious about using bits and vagina interchangably and then I kind of fell off that wagon. Recently I thought it was time for a review and when I asked my oldest, “What else are your bits called?” she muttered “Ummmmmm…” while turning her eyes toward the sky as though I was asking her four and a half year old brain to perform higher math. Clearly I haven’t kept up with the vagina speak.

    I just have to add though that I think vagina is a stupid word. Labia? Clitoris? Eyeroll. They all suck (and don’t even get me started on “penis” and “testicles). My two year old agrees because when I asked her recently if she could say “vagina” while she was enthusiastically grabbing herself and screaming “Bits! Bits! BITS!!!” during a diaper change, she firmly replied, “NO!” See? Stupid.

  • Carli

    At our house, girls have a “cookie” (but only because that’s what the vag has been called in my family for generations) and the the boys have “peppers” because it sounds so much like pecker that I think it’s hysterical. Today out on a walk with my three year old son, he had to pee. You will know very soon what it’s like once they’re trained, that you freakin’ go NOW no matter what or where. This park is on a pier and I just took him over to the slats in the railings, pointed out to the water and told him to pee there. I am now the coolest mom, EVAH! Maybe not to the tourists, who were flocking around, snapping photos of birds, fish and maybe even little “peppers”, though. Good times, good times.

  • http://www.randomandodd.com Kristine


    Bucky is going to be SOOO happy!

    which is…like wrong, but funny at the same time.

    Should we start sending Leta some Homies?

  • http://www.agirlandaboy.com leahkay

    Dude, my boyfriend’s name is Bunky. At least according to his mom.