• http://www.digitalpretzel.com fred

    my son reffers to everyone by first and last name.. it’s funny to hear kids stuble across some odd lastnames like ackerman or rodriguez.

  • http://premise.blogspot.com Kari

    Enough about Leta, let’s talk about me and the fact that I am now so addicted to this website that I check it constantly for a new update.

    Back in the day, I never saw the number of comments in the double digits, let alone below 20!

  • TxSuzyQ

    Weeee!!! Finally someone with morning hair as bad as me… only I don’t get as happy when someone pulls out a video camera to grab it on film!

    Leta – Learn to use the video camera and gather some blackmail footage of your own sweety! You’re gonna need it me thinks! =]

  • http://findingrace.blogspot.com Amy Mingo

    My name is Amy, one I would not consider too hard to say and yet I am usually refered to by the toddler set as Mimi or Maimie.

  • HeathsB

    my deepest sympathies, i am also a heather or eh-or to most kids; or to the french, for some reason they all sound like 2 year olds when trying to pronounce my name and its not as cute as the little ones

  • http://www.sweetney.com sweetney

    oh my god THE CUTE.

    mina *still* has problems with the whole he/she thing. apparently as parents we’ve failed to adequately drill gender difference into her or something.

    guess its time i pull out the pink pinafores and lacey/ribbony things…

  • brandy

    My bestfriends son just called me Bambi for the first couple years of his life.

    I think you should just have a Leta-cam or a phone line that we call and Leta could tell us the time or weather..or you could with that sassy southern lady accent you got there.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/richelle/ OutOfTune

    A young daughter of my dad’s friend once said that she couldn’t pronounce my name, and asked if she could instead call me “Flower”.

  • http://www.jolie1.blogspot.com jolie

    oh heather, thank you. I really needed this today, and not only did lovely leta the meter maid make me grin, you used two of my favorite words in this post: slink and harpy.

    I can’t wait until she starts calling your sister uncle september.

  • http://thisisitseriously.blogspot.com Melissa

    I love that you call Leta’s hair “the animal living on her head.” I have hair that gets completely beyond all reasonable control, it’s really quite unnecessary, and my father used to ask me, “What do you feed that thing on the top of your head?” Hilarious.

  • Hippitee

    we cannot video my 3 year old without her commanding ‘turn-it-ober’…and when she sees the digitial camera come out she comes rushing over to see the ‘live feed’…we’ve killed the archival spontaneity with that simple introduction of the video screen…wishing you better luck…I adore the leta footage!

  • http://mahangu.org lastnode

    Ha! Try getting a kid to pronounce Maa-haan-goo! :)

  • DoctorK

    She’s not calling you “he”. It’s kind of a French thing she’s doing: “il y a” (there is). She’s bilingual already. What a little genius!

  • http://spaces.msn.com/members/beachgalshideaway Beachgal

    Lovely, absolutely lovely.

  • http://sandrascanadablog.blogspot.com Sandra

    The look on her face when she sees herself is just priceless! She’s wonderful.

  • buick

    My sister is also named Heather – little brother called her “Head-doo”. I had the misfortune to be called “Cow-wee” (karen)

  • http://mrscpa.blogspot.com mrs.cpa

    If my hair would look as fabulous as your’s does in that haircut, I could totally deal with being referred to as a man pronoun on occasion. Although the “big boob-ies” and the “he” are a little contradictory.

  • http://lawyerish.typepad.com lawyerish

    So Leta has gone from pointing out your “big boobies” to identifying you as a male… Well, it’s refreshing to know that Leta recognizes the fluidity of gender, and has grasped that the constructs of gender have been imposed on us by society’s rigid ideals, rather than being the necessary manifestation of biological imperatives.

    Hmm. I see a future Women’s Studies major in our midst. Rock on!

  • Mab

    Those videos are priceless. We still have one of my sister picking her nose and sticking it under the couch when she was 5. The look on her face when she realized the camera was on! Ten years later, we’re still torturing her over it.

  • http://kimbanelson.blogspot.com/ dancingnancy

    My birth control is SO MUCH less appealing now. Great! :) Thanks Heather! She’s super adorable. I want one!