• far and away the farthest

    Don’t you just love it. My grandson has this enormous alphabet book of foods which he lovingly reads over and over. His pronunciation is strange as well. But my favorite thing right now is part of his singing repertoire. His folks call it his I’ve Been Working on the Railroad /Old McDonald Medley… the important section is Fee, fie, fiddly IEIEIO.

  • wrensuicide

    I am also curious about what Leta is holding. But it looks like a dog collar or a belt to me, not a thong.

  • http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily/06_30_2006.html Machine ‘O’ Doom

    Nice job giving your child an interest in learning stuff.
    Now no one can question you as parents. The cookies at breakfast HELP HER LEARN. Hehe…

  • ColleenS

    Cute! And smart too!

    Has Leta gotten her hair cut?

    As for what she’s holding, I say maybe some kind of exercise heart rate monitor?

  • Pascha

    How in the hell doy you resist the urge to slather her in barbecue sauce and swallow her whole? My god…

    …or is that just me? I admit, I want to eat your baby right up.

    When my niece was that age, she could count to 100, but she hated doing it…so we started bribing her. We would give her one penny for every number she counted. The goal was to give her $1 for counting to 100. Whenever she did it, she was so excited that we HAD to go to the store right then. She would proudly announce to the cashier that she was buying candy because she counted to 100 and got $1 for it. She was so damn cute about it that they would almost always give her candy for free and tell her to save her $1 to buy toys.

    I swear, that grin she would get could bring world peace.

  • Zazzy

    She is way, way too cute.

  • Nat W.

    Why do you insist on doing this to my uterus??

  • butterfrei

    erm, so random, but have to say that,

    Leta’s arm swing reminded me of a dedicated maoist youth indocrinating newly relocated farm-slaves/old peasants on the benefits of collective, strong numbers…know your numbers!

    and maybe you will have some m&ms…or feel the lash of this old belt I’m innocently twirling.

    yeah, sorry…strange, i know

  • http://mdwestmom.blogspot.com Kelsey

    The audio on that movie made my 19-month-old, who was screaming out the window to our dog in the yard, stop dead in her tracks. Then she laid down a little “sis, sesen, et!” She’s a got a long way to go to catch up with Leta. Brilliant!

  • http://www.xanga.com/gora_kagaz Gora_Kagaz

    haha…too funny and too cute! i love how her tone changes with each set of numbers.

  • http://www.thebeatys.com becky

    amazing on so many levels!!

  • Bird Lover

    Nothing profound to add to the post. Just wanted to say “Oh, my godness.” The cuteness makes me smile.

  • http://chatty71180.typepad.com Carole Karnofski

    I have been trying to use telekinesis to make M&M’s multiply for years now without success. Have Leta get back to me when she unlocks the secret.

  • Fog Spinner

    My son had no 17-19 until half way through kindergarden. It was like they didn’t exsist. You could point them out to him and he would flat deny their exsistance. I told him once…. yeah you think this now.. wait till your 16.

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    I love the way she says ELEVEN!!!! way too cute!

    She looks really upset when she was in the late 20s… but still so genuis-like!

  • OneBabyMama

    I finally registered with typekey. I can’t NOT comment anymore!
    She is such a treasure, Heather. And damn dude, she blows my little one away with the numbers! He counts to ten…if we’re lucky. Haha.
    But he can sing pretty much every song we play for him…ON KEY. I’ll take what I can get!
    Anyway, yeah. I’ve been reading for a while now. You freakin’ RULE.

  • http://www.wouldbewritersguild.com TiffyWiffyPooPooWanna

    What do mangaroos taste like? I really, really want one.

  • http://www.migraine-eyes.typepad.com Erin Fritz

    My first thought was “is that a THONG she’s holding”. But upon further examination, I’ve decided that, yes. It is a battery-packed thong.

    Playing with a battery-packed thong AND counting. Way to go, Leta! You’re WAY more mature than you should be!

  • lizzybored’n

    Oh so cute! My 2 year old daughter saw me watching it, and burst out laughing. Then she kept repeating (like a savant) BABY MORE! BABY MORE! I must have played that video clip 25 times just to keep her entertained. Later, during a tantrum melt down getting her out of the carseat, I said “wanna see baby more?” And she declared “Yaaaaaahh!” Thanks Dooce for making my day just a teeny bit easier! PS. I’m the gal you met in Liberty Park at the fountains the other day.

  • Heidi Nelle

    Ooh, she’s adorable! And that’s saying something, cause I usually don’t like children :P

  • http://www.onethingdesigns.com vicki

    oh why did you do that? All of my childrens toddler years came rushing back at me like a nightmare that I can not get rid of…Groundhogs day revisited.

    ABCD,JK,NM,VP,LKJM,1234,9786, and so on it went on for days, weeks, months and now one is in the gifted program and the other still won’t shut up.

    Drugs must have drugs….

    Thanks for the memories….