• http://cauri.wordpress.com Cauri

    Why are they even taking the time to REPEATEDLY come back and read, and then send you hatemail about how much they didn’t enjoy your site? Am i the only one who, if i come across a site i don’t particularly enjoy, moves onto something else?

    If it doesn’t interest you, why don’t you move along?

    Heather, my blood is boiling. Who wastes their time saying hateful things to someone they don’t even know? They’re jealous, they’re pathetic, and they have nothing better to do with their time.

    You’re strong, you’re courageous, and you’re very entertaining =) Thank you for always being so open with us and not letting a few hateful monsters ruin your willingness to share your experiences with us all.

  • Emily

    I’m surprised that a lot of those hate-mailers are EXPECTING you to constantly entertain them with something interesting to say. I’ll admit, I find some of your entries less interesting than others purely because of the subject matter, but I enjoy your sense of humor and keen sense of observation so much that I pretty much DO enjoy all of your entries- some less than others, yeah; but I keep coming back for a reason: because I like it! My question to the repeat hate-mailers is: If they don’t like it, why do they keep reading it?

  • manduca

    What the hell did you do the that pic of chuck in the yard? The detail is amazing, the color, the shallow depth of field, the lighting, chuck’s silky fur… I love how Canon makes the colors pop by default (like this pic, http://www.flickr.com/photos/buttercup/218580533/ that i took with my lil SD 450). Seriously, what post-processing did you do to that pic? OK, and while I’m in interrogation mode, how you do motivate to carry your D70 around as much as you seem to? I find that I get lazy and just carry my teeny snapper instead. Le sigh.


    Manduca “I laugh at hate mail” Sexta

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    I think the hatemailers really love your site. They have nothing better to do but to look at your site and write hatemail about it (some of them repeatedly).

    Chuck is cute, Jon is cool, Leta is adorable, and if you never talk about anything outside of Utah or your backyard I will always read :)

    Keep going Heather and tell the rest of them to fuck themselves.

  • DDM

    Dear Dooce Hatemail Authors,
    Don’t read this site anymore, FUCKWADS.

  • Arianne

    I was about to send hate mail about the lack of Croc posts…but the Chuck (aka Amazing Balancing Guy) video saved you, for now. That video warranted many viewings, and the anticipating of the licking of the lips was the best part of those additional veiwings.

    I’m concerned about how offended Chuck must feel right now. I mean, STUPID? Low blow, man. Low. Blow.

  • sravana

    First – I’m sending good Qi to Jon – I hope they get his mystery illness figured out, quick. Headaches suck, particularly when they go on for days without end.

    Second – I’m with nightengaleshiraz – you definitely need a secondary site where you post your hate mail. With that revenue, you can pay for Leta’s college.

    Third – Don’t change a thing (particularly Chuck Fridays and Monthly Leta). I’m thinking that I need to send you supportive emails weekly, just to counteract your hate mail!


  • ldfriedman

    OH, good grief! Your an incredible Mom, Chuck is an awesome Dog and Jon, well he’s kinda cute. (Even if he is old enough to be my dad!)
    I love your blog and the monthly news letters to Leta make me cry.
    Ignore the hate mail and keep on doing what you do best.

  • http://www.fairyfuzz.com Pixiebutt

    Got to love the sexist idiots out there. It’s funny, all the things those idiots complain about are why I love your blog. Don’t stop writing or showing pictures of Chuck and Leta, I can’t get enough of them. If you don’t like this blog than don’t have one- I mean don’t read it! :-)

  • Stephanie Wilkens

    Please don’t make me gain wait.
    I HATE to wait!

  • Nat W.

    I don’t understand why people come here if they don’t want to read what you choose to write about. As a 21 year old single chick, I personally love reading about Leta, because it makes my uterus feel all warm and fuzzy. And I don’t think there’s ENOUGH Chuck–there can never be enough Chuck. (If you say enough Chuck kind of fast, it almost sounds like up-chuck. Random thought.) I say, bring on the pictures of Chuck in the backyard! And hell, throw that cute kid in there, too.

  • cate

    Why can’t I learn from your doings?

    Why can’t I learn from your doings?

    Why can’t I learn from your doings?

    Why can’t I learn from your doings?




    Heart you.


  • Steviedi

    I sign on to your website every day because your writing never ceases to crack me up. Since we do have a choice of what websites we sign on to, I do not understand why the posters, who always seem to have something negative to say about your writings, keep visiting your website. If I had the talent to make the day-to-day activities of my life seem interesting, I would start a blog too. For now, I will live vicariously through you. I also sign on to see if I can teach my dogs half the tricks that Chuck has mastered.

  • Beaglemama

    Dooce, you are a star for giving us all a laugh by publishing your hate mail. A laugh and a bellyful of righteous indignation at the sheer inanity of such ignorant twits. Actually there are things I hate too. I hate poking my eye with a sharp stick. You know what? I hate it so much I don’t do it. (Hate mailers – this is a lesson for you to learn). And remember too, for every whinger, there are hundreds more who love Dooce’s blog. Long live Chuck – the most expressive dog in the entire universe!

  • wifethereof

    All of those hatemail comments prove that:
    1. America’s writing and spelling skills are shit. You can’t take people seriously who don’t know basic rules of grammar.
    2. Some people have way too much time on their hands. If they have time to write those emails, then they have time to get off their ass and do something actually productive.
    3. No one taught them to not read and just ignore something they don’t like. So much wasted energy that could of been productive.

    PS- Chuck rules!

  • http://ccrafton.blogspot.com Candice

    I wish people would send me hate-mail. It’s so silly and fun.

    But seriously, I wonder if people realize how stupid they sound when they rant about things like “gaining wait” and your “fruitful life style”. Are they seriously so angry that they can’t even type full or intelligible sentences?

    People. are. insane.

    And by the way, if you stopped writing about Leta or Chuck, I think I would maybe, possibly, kinda, sorta cry.

  • http://youarehere.redbook.ivillage.com/time/ Becca

    I would probably find your site boring too. If I was barely literate, that is. Wait, now I’m getting paranoid. Should it be “was barely literate” or “were barely literate?”

  • Meranath

    WTF? This is blowing my mind..

    There are obviously a lot of people who take a good chunk of time out of their day to read a website they don’t like, and then sit down and write a nasty letter about. And you know if there’s people doing it for this site, then there’s gotta be a ton of others.

    Could you imagine.. if everyone who did shit like this instead used that time toward a worthy cause? My god! We’d have a cure for cancer and AIDS, and the PBS stations would be a lot better funded.

  • http://justatrumpetplayer.blogspot.com Just a trumpet player

    Oh my…
    I don’t get that concept, why people would leave hate mail on a blog…. There are thousands of blogs ; if you don’t like one, just find an other one !

  • hannah

    Okay, I couldn’t deal with reading the 400+ comments already on here.. So I’m just going to say what I want to regardless if it has already been said.

    I’m wondering about the lives that these “haters” lead. I get that dooce might not be for everyone, but why go through the trouble of letting the author know it? How ’bout just closing the damn browser?? OR just don’t visit the site in the first place then get enraged about it!

    I still like ya, Heather. And I would hope, that you receive a fair amount of love and fan mail too.

  • mslieder

    The internet is like the TV – if you don’t like what you’re seeing, don’t read it!

    I love your site and check on it every day. I’d say to these haters: “Fuck off” < >

  • http://www.roguephotography.blogspot.com roguephotog

    I wanted to hatemail on all the hatemailers!

    I read your site for your take on the world; it’s your unique sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud and share it with my boyfriend. It’s wonderful that you appreciate the small things you have time for, like taking a walk in the evening as a family.

    Your posts to Leta each month? If only more parents had the time to do something so beautiful and thoughtful for their children. (And funny.)

  • PG

    Wait a minute. Shouldn’t Janet worry about her weight?

    “They eat to make themselve feel better, and they gain wait.”

  • Stacey

    Since those fucking morons won’t be visiting dooce.com anymore, why not print their email addresses so we can give them something else to read instead? A day without your site, Leta, Jon and Chuck just wouldn’t be complete. Your photography skills are AMAZING and I wish you’d talk more about what moves you to take the pics you do and how you choose which to publish to the site. I’m pretty much with everyone else. Fuck ‘em. You AND your family rock.

  • mslieder

    That was supposed to be “Fuck off” (in a chicken voice)

  • RichSim

    I just don’t understand how the haters can suggest that this SITE IS not useful.

    Where else would I learn that I can clean my clogs in the dishwasher?

    (Should I ever get clogs.)

    (Or a dishwasher.)

  • http://www.twise.blogspot.com Trishfreak

    I don’t know if you’ll see every single comment but I wanted to pass along that we will always love you and your family in this house. My uber religious JW mother in law loves your posts. I read the cleaned up version to her – sometimes I just have to stop and say “Yeah mom, um, I don’t think I can finish this one” because I don’t know HOW to clean it up and that’s OK!!!! Keep giving us regulars what we love: You, Leta, Jon and Chuck!

  • http://rightbrainedgal.typepad.com Sugarsnap

    In a world that sucks on a daily basis, your blog adds a breath of fresh air. That is why you have so many followers. You have set the bar pretty high for the rest of us. Don’t change a thing and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. It’s that easy.

  • Kate

    Wish I had time for all the comments (that’s what I get for cruising Dooce at work, :le sigh: ), but promise to catch up later. In the meantime, I do wonder about people who claim you have no life, who apparently have even less life of their own, as they spend their time emailing people with no life. What the fuck? Isn’t that a spiraling descent of lifelessness? (If you agree with their premise, which I don’t.)

    And as I’m sure the other 2,437 commenters have said: love you. Love Dooce.com. Love that you grow and evolve and take us on the journey.

    Fuck the haters. Better yet: I hope the haters never get a fuck in their lives.

  • izzy

    I can’t understand why people who hate what you write continue to read dooce. Duh….. They need to shop around. I enjoy that you have links to other blogs. Some are right up my alley. Some are not. I’m a big girl and no one is MAKING me read any blog.

  • http://www.kimblahg.com Darlin’

    What adult snacks on Capri Sun and ranch flavoured rice cakes and admits it? Yuck. It is like “Well, rice cakes are healthy but I’m going to fat it up with some ranch and hey! pass me a sugar filled Capri Sun too!” Why not follow up with some ho-ho’s and barbequed tofu?

  • izzy

    I can’t understand why people who hate what you write continue to read dooce. Duh….. They need to shop around. I enjoy that you have links to other blogs. Some are right up my alley. Some are not. I’m a big girl and no one is MAKING me read any blog.

  • http://bucky4eyes.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Obviously, some people came out from under the MySpace rock too quickly and are not yet prepared to read blogs written by adults.

  • http://www.krishanna.com Krishanna

    Hey Heather-

    Someone thought you should have a new theme on Fridays. I think Chuck Fridays are cool. Leave them alone. How about having ,say, ‘TARD Tuesdays where you feature these gems of intellectual and grammatical prowess. I personally would enjoy ‘Tard Tuesdays. How about that? Heh.

    A fan and longtime reader-

  • http://www.xanga.com/gora_kagaz Gora_Kagaz

    the concept of hate mail always surprises me, because if you’re so upset by what you see, why not just forget about it and move on? and if you feel it’s necessary to let your disapproval be known, then do it once. why keep on coming back if it upsets you so much?…some people are just impossible to understand. pay them no mind–you have a wonderfully witty writing style and i enjoy your site very much. :)

  • CariP

    “How dare you encourage people to help treat stress in their live with a desert? Do you not see how this is how America gets fat? They eat to make themselve feel better, and they gain wait. It’s not healthy, not at all.”

    I don’t ever comment, but I was rolling on the floor laughing at the hate-mailers, Janet in particular.

    Janet. Dear Janet. Let us recall 3rd grade spelling shall we? Dessert has 2 “S”es in it – like Strawberry Shortcake. The desert, alas, only one – like sand. Eating the desert doesn’t make us fat. It will, however, make us very thirsty. And possibly constipated.

  • finetimelucille

    Heather, I check your site everyday. It’s a habit I’m not trying to break. My husband is a groper and my cat barfs quite a bit. (It’s a personality trait — he’s a rescued cat). There’s something calming about reading others travails and triumphs. Write whatever you want. Best, FTL

  • http://www.barvasfiend.blogspot.com TeIka

    I read your blog because, unlike the many other ‘women’s blogs’ out there, you are not gushing about how motherhood made you a valid human being. I like it because it shows you are a mother who loves her kid unerringly, and is still normal! By normal I mean freaked out, bored, confused, ecstatic, amused and wondering from moment to moment if the world will find out that you are not really perfect after all. This is why your website is so popular – it’s because you are making women everywhere feel OK about loving their kids to bits and making the rest up as they go along.

  • jsides23

    Wow, clearly all these folks are losers. What is funny to me is that they refer to Heather as self-centered and living in a small world not extending beyond her living room, yet they are selfish enough to ask her to customize her PERSONAL blog to fit their needs and interests. That is my friends, what we like to call in the South, the pot callin’ the kettle black! Here’s a tip- google.com, search “blogs for idiots”. That should do the trick. Meanwhile I resume my reading deep into the dooce archives because I CAN”T GET ENOUGH :)

  • toddlermama

    I have a suggestion for the hate-mailers. Instead of taking the time to read blogs you obviously dislike and to send nasty e-mails, why not spend your time e-mailing a soldier overseas (google that — there are tons of sites)? Or doing something, anything, to help someone in need somewhere…? Since these folks obviously have a depth of knowledge to share with humanity, there must be some way to do so in a positive, beneficial way. But that’s just my suggestion, down here rapidly approaching the 500s…

    LOVE the blog, Heather — even if I don’t agree with or support everything you write, it’s fantastic entertainment. Plus, if I wanted to read only like-minded BS, I could write my own blog. ; )

  • http://www.internalmonoblog.typepad.com/ Sandra Heikkinen

    My god, those are fantastic. From the horrendous spelling and grammar to the actual contents…well, it just makes me wish I had some haters.

  • faridz

    Someone was saying how he/she wanted you to get rid of Chuck Fridays or something like that? Start up a new segment specially for the haters! now thatll proper get to them!

  • http://www.blackbeltmama.typepad.com Black Belt Mama

    What I find 100% amazing is the fact that these hatemailers act like THEY are paying YOU to write for THEM. If you make money off your blog, then great. Who wouldn’t LOVE to do what they love and make money?

    And as far as the whole cancer thing goes. . . and there has been LOTS of talk about this all over the blogophere, I don’t care what type of cancer or maybe cancer you’re talking about. . . when it’s happening to YOU it is a big deal. And when it’s happening to YOU and you happen to have a child, it’s life altering. Why does everyone feel they have to compare themselves to you?

    And if they hate you so much, then why do they waste another minute of their life emailing you such stupid things? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • cailey

    First of all, I am so sorry you have to read things like that. Do your hatemailers have nothing better to do with their time than guzzle capri sun and insult someone (and their family) that they do not even know? It’s ridiculous. And I love how nearly all of them assume that they know what your other readers think. I agree none of that.
    The hatemailers all seem to have some grammatical issues which further ruin their accusations. And they insult your writing? I really hope that you continue to write as you do. I enjoy it.

    Just so you (and your hatemailers) know, I am not a parent-I’m a college student and I love your daughter and your dog. Go ahead and write about them all you want. You don’t need to have a two-year-old in order to find her entertaining.

  • Bess

    How can people who send hate mail like that live with themselves every day? It’s a little like irritable bowel syndrome: while the normal reaction would be embarrassment and a change of pants, here’s a person who is soiling herself proudly and deliberately and with righteousness, not realizing that no one else wants to smell her shit. (Or himself and his shit — I certainly don’t want to leave out Bill and his pooper.)

    On the flip side, when Dooce gives a shit about something, I can usually get on board with that. I guess that’s the difference between being THE shit and just being a piece of shit.

    Sorry to get all scatological there.

  • http://mom-o-matic.blogspot.com/ Mom O Matic

    Can’t wait till my blog gets popular enough for some hate mail. Till then I’ll just crack up reading yours.

    ON IT!


  • belletoes

    Okay, Ronald just needs to fuck off! He offended me the most of all of the assinine hatemailers. Dooce, you so totally rock. Those jackasses have nothing better to do than to write you about how much they hate you and your writing??? Several times??? LOSERS!

    Do you know where Ronald lives? My dog Moe and your Congressman Chuck, (aka Monty Burns) need to go take some major poopage in his yard. You know he sits alone all day griping and sending hatemail and chewing his toenails. AGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Stupid people. keep doin’ what you’re doin’ sistah. We love you!

    also, sending you pix of my Moe, she is Chuck’s female counterpart.

  • Lulu

    I love the hate mail posts….how can you not with lines like this?

    KIND REGARDS ”’ In sarcastic voice to myself”

    I am still laughing.

    I love your blog Heather, and my favourite posts are usually your monthly letters to Leta.

  • kendall

    ohhh I LOVE the hate-mail posts. So funny.

    Thanks Heather, for making my friday afternoon go a bit faster.

  • catnip

    I laughed out loud at the “desert,” one too, once I got to the second sentence. I was merely puzzled after the first sentence, trying to remember when you ever suggested desert living as a cure for stress.