• http://hopesmommy.blogspot.com Melissa

    You look great in that hat! And I think I’ll steal the idea the next time I travel somewhere warm…

    To bad you didn’t manage to get a pic of Chuck in the hat before it’s untimely demise…

  • rbiggs

    Finding it all too hilarious that the Mormon church is advertising on your site. You GO!

  • Sandy W.

    Say it ain’t so…

    Shirts are so overrated after three margaritas!

  • Kim

    Oh how I loved that hat on you! You write so well, I never saw that coming right up till the last sentence!

    Thanks for the smile!

  • http://twitter.com/Leesavee Leesavee

    You’d think she’d at least have enough fashion sense to chew up Jon’s clogs instead of your hat!

    Damn, that was a good-looking hat, too. Bad girl, Coco! She is so freakin’ cute, though. They’re little chewing machines when they’re puppies…my dachshund ate so many bits and pieces of everything that his poop looked like it had confetti all through it. Festive, yet infuriating.

  • http://mytornadoalley.wordpress.com Jen O.

    Oh my God. The dog ate your hat. That’s bloody hilarious.

    My dog has eaten, in no particular order: a bedside table, a toothbrush, a cactus, a diamond earring, a neverending list of entire squeek toys and a CAT HAIRBALL. And he’s a 12lb shih tzu, not a bull mastiff.

    I’m so proud. THAT HE HASN’T DIED.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, keep your cute Angela Adams bag AWAY from the dog. I covet that bag.

  • http://hullabalooloo.blogspot.com Anna

    OH NO! She ate your hat, didn’t she? So sorry.

  • http://www.sosuburban.org Samantha

    Last time there was a dog “but” at our house The Baron (our basset hound) ate a battery.

    And lived to tell the tale.

  • http://happysort.wordpress.com BigHeavy

    Hilarious. That would make an awesome picture, her tearing into that hat.

  • http://www.jennifernoveck.com Jenn

    wow, that hat was completely destroyed.

    at least you have one great picture of yourself in it!

  • Julia


    You seriously did not see that coming?

  • http://erinjarvis.com Erin The Great

    Think of it this way… Things are always appreciated more when they reach their demise at the top of their game. That hat will infamously live on. It won’t end up in a DI pile years down the road. It’ll always be remembered by you and the man you continiously poked on the plane.

  • http://kissonwetglass.blogspot.com Wendy

    That made me lol inappropriately in my cubicle.

  • Stacey

    LMFAO, I second the underwear, pillows, carpet, garbage, bathroom garbage, comforter, and legos. They all got eaten at my house too. I come home to a mess everyday!! and if someone leaves a door open to the bathrooms or bedrooms, they have to clean the mess.

    Sorry to read about the hat, it looked great!

    We also lose a great number of lincoln logs.

  • ashleyd

    OH MY!!! haha!!! that’s just terrible. the hat looked absolutely fabulous on you too!

  • http://scrappinjenny.blogspot.com Jennifer

    I have the same kind of skin that you do. If I’m out in the sun for more than 20 minutes my skin turns bright red. That’s my cue to find shade and sit there like a freak while all the other normal people go about frolicking in the sun without a care in the world. So yes, I am also a wearer of floppy hats. I think that one looked really good on you.

    As for the dog…my brother’s dog eats everything. He once at one of my brother’s gym socks and it took a few days for that to pass. My patient sister-in-law took the dog outside and helped it along. My brother just kept wishing the dog would die already. Needless to say…that was just the first in a long line of mishaps with that dog…

  • http://www.monkeythoughts.com Dangermonkey

    This makes me all the more excited to get a dog..ha!
    Good choice on the hat. The sun is evil and there is no such thing as too much protection from it! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Oh no. FWIW, I think that hat looked fabulous on you. I suppose it was Coco’s way of telling you to go away for a nice trip with a friend and buy another fabulous hat.
    And be happy you don’t have that great Dane I used to know, who ate his owner’s expensive wristwatch in protest for not being allowed to kill visitors.

  • Kristine

    Ah yes, the joys of puppydom! I, being an avid dog lover, dreaded the “puppy days” more than poking my eyes out with a sharp knife. I remember those moments of, “I think she’s finally mastered the potty training and how to act like a respectable dog” thinking only to turn around and find the massive pile of dog poop nicely placed in the center of the brand new rug or a $30 pillow torn to shreds and peed on or, my favorite, my brand spanking new $350 Coach shoe tattered and completely unwearable and thinking to myself…that’s it, you’re out (not really I was more like you !@#$*&%, you couldn’t chew on the Payless shoe?). Those damn cute faces – gets them out of everything but they sure are great to have around.

    I was laughing right along with you Heather. Time for a cocktail when something like that happens. :)

  • http://www.denacho.com DeNacho

    yeah, i too was crazy enough to trust one of my boxers for just a few minutes. i lost a good camera lens to that trust.

    Boxers: We accomplish more in 20 minutes than most teenagers do in an entire day!


  • http://www.bloggerofthebeach.blogspot.com/ Anonymous

    I thought you were going to say you were accosted by strangers on El Paseo…you look just like Kate Winslet in your picture!

    Hats are great…especially from Palm Springs. Two of my favorites are from there!

    Dogs will be dogs!…never forget it…never trust them by themselves!

  • http://www.irockthepearls.com Angela

    isn’t it amazing how that ALWAYS happens to the best pieces!!!

    i cry every time i find a pair of heels in my dogs crate… you think i would learn.

  • Anonymous

    At least it wasnt a bag of maxi pads.

  • http://vintagethirty.blogspot.com/ Tootsie Farklepants

    At first I thought those were feathers and I was all “OMG! Coco ate a live chicken!” but then I realized that it’s your beautiful incognito hat. And I am horrified.

  • Kate

    Ahhh yes. I feel your pain. I had a Dalmatian that ate an entire leather portion of a work boot, a catcher’s mitt, underwear that he pulled out of the hamper. But by far the worst? A gallon of honey. Including the plastic bottle. I was FUMING as I cleaned that amber-colored apoxy from the tile, but one look into his hazel eyes and I just started to laugh.

    By some small miracle, Hamlet the Canine Garbage Disposal lived to see his 12th birthday, which is quite a feat for this breed. I only hope that Doggy Heaven is filled with plenty of new and exciting things to chew.

  • http://retardedinlove.com Michelle

    And just when you’d considered remodeling your wardrobe, you’re suddenly reminded that anything new will only end up a chew toy.

  • http://linda-sands.blogspot.com/ lindasands

    You do know you’re going to have people sending you a shitload of hats now, right?

    I’m thinking SOMBRERO.

  • http://www.shilly-shallier.blogspot.com Emily

    Oh dear. At least she passed it! My dog has eaten two used condoms in his 4-year lifetime, and pooped both out whole, no problem. So we know who’ll we be using when we need to smuggle the drugs. He’s our own little “Maria Full Of Grace.”

  • http://www.evanzstox.com/ Stephanie

    Wouldn’t you love to know what they are thinking? Assuming their thoughts would be in English, I like to think that Coco’s voice would sound like Ren’s. Yes, from Ren and Stimpy.

  • http://homegrownandthebug.wordpress.com Sam

    Seriously? I dig the hat…hard :)

  • Kimberly

    You are the best! Thanks for keeping us laughing, Heather.

  • http://www.trappedundersomethingheavy.blogspot.com chanda

    That last line made me snork coke out of my nose. Thanks!
    You looked fabulous in the hat, I think you should bring big brimmy hats to Utah as only a southern girl can. The larger the better.

  • http://lperry.wordpress.com Layni

    Oh, crap! That’s hilarious. Dag, sorry about the hat, man.

  • http://www.thespectrum.org/blogger.html TheSpectrum

    Awww man! I think the hat looked snazzy on you as well!

  • Elisabeth

    Hey, we have that dog bed! And a dog that does similar destruction to anything she can get her teeth into. The other day she did that to several pairs of tennis shoes.

  • http://www.invisiblebees.com Alexa Burcroff

    Please tell me you’ve read some Jon Katz books. Among his dogs are border collies, some rather frenetic (perhaps like Coco). http://www.bedlamfarm.com/

  • http://puppernaut.wordpress.com/ Susu


  • http://aplanetnamedjanet.blogspot.com Janet

    And it is so finely shredded. I would half expect that all those little pieces would have been lapped up!

  • http://www.greeblemonkey.com Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Bad Coco! Dogs who cause skin cancer, BAD!

  • Bannod

    I’m sure everyone in Palm Desert was wondering what star was trying to hide her identity with shades and a hat.

    I thought you looked great.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beccasue1975 Rebecca

    I was feeling all smart today until I read your blog and couldn’t figure out 1. Why in the world you went from talking about a hat to showing a picture of a pillow your dog ripped up? 2. Why in the hell was there STRAW in that pillow that your dog ripped up?! Then I realized, I must have slipped into a coma and forgot to think when I came to! Seriously, it took me 10 minutes to figure out that the dog ate the hat! Sorry for your loss. CoCo was a nice dog. :)

  • http://asboringasitmaybe.blogspot.com/ Jakki

    I think the hat is MARRRRRRRRVELOUS darhling…

    Now that’s a fine welcome back…I know when I let my ‘puppy’ free to roam, he eats EVERYTHING…evvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrything. Just this weekend I had to replace the lent pipe thingy from my dryer vent because he ATE the dang thing…when he eats food off the counters..I understand but an aluminum thingy??? Whats the flavor in that?

  • kimi_j

    Awesome, awesome post. Beautifully written, hilarious. Classic Dooce.

  • http://shoeism.blogspot.com Therese

    That was a great hat.
    May it rest in piece.

  • http://uppoppedafox.com Vikki

    I was all set to mock you in your hat and then, well, you pulled it off beautifully. Maybe you will lead the charge in bringing big brimmed hats back!

  • Anonymous

    Years ago, when my roommate’s mother was visiting for a weekend, my lucky thong undies went missing. Turns out the new puppy we had adopted ate them and pooped them up–undigested– in a perfect circle on top of my roommate’s mother’s suitcase. I always tell everyone that I washed them and wore them again but it isn’t true. I just like saying that.

  • http://www.stephaniekscott.blogspot.com Stephanie

    That made me laugh for three reasons:

    A) I have been known to have the same kind of tequila-induced rationale

    B) Our rescued cattle dog once ate a pair of Adidas track pants and a Calvin Klein button-down oxford shirt–we have the x-rays of the shirt and pants moving through her intestines to prove it

    C) You are freaking hilarious

    Sorry ’bout the hat, I thought you looked very cute in it, if not a little like a celebrity rehab escapee

  • Smyra

    I don’t often read a blog entry and think, “that was very well crafted,” but just now I did. Maybe it’s just the nature of the story, but I still laughed out loud. A lot. I’m at work, people stared. Thanks for being awesome. =)

  • http://www.pinkpuffsleeves.blogspot.com Julie

    Puppy on a leash INSIDE the house. I’m not sure why I haven’t been doing this. Instead, I have been stupidly picking up the little pieces of stuff of the floor ALL THE FREAKING TIME.