• http://www.midnightcliff.com hello haha narf

    awesome! loved the video, the article, the photo with the dogs…all of it.

    BUT, please, please, please don’t ever dumb yourself down. i know (seriously i know) that you were joking when you said you didn’t know what 4 million page views a month meant, however i would hate to see you come across down as less than the intelligent woman you are. too many folks will think that you need your husband to do all of the work because you are just a woman. we all know that isn’t true!

    do me another favor and encourage leta to take her pants off at home when strangers aren’t around. it was the first thing i did this evening when i arrived home!

    great job, pretty lady. your site makes me day…you are appreciated!

  • http://www.westcovinacriminaldefenselawyer.com LA Attorney

    Congrats on the interview. Chris Vanocur does appear to enjoy interviewing Sarah Nielson. Thats a lot of well deserved media coverage in a week. Good job!

  • Michelle

    Hi Heather,

    I have been reading for a while and of course I am a huge fan.

    I also was raised Mormon, in New jersey. :) )

    It was very cool to put a voice to your written word. And yes Jon is hot but you are hotter.


  • BB

    Dooce…..everyone is saying you have a southern accent but it is totally a MEMPHIS accent. There is a subtle difference and I’d know it anywhere because I HAVE ONE TOO. Hearing you gave me that same feeling like hearing my own voice in an answering machine. Glad you haven’t lost it!
    p.s. gotta do a reality show! would definitely watch.

  • http://www.somanysmiles.blogspot.com Shannna

    Wow! Congratz on all of it :) You look great sitting there on your couch!

  • http://www.scribelife.blogspot.com Hello Kitty

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz, is the “news” segment over yet?

  • http://www.lilja.no Stellare


    I love how you demonstrate total lack of commercial instincts: oh, yeah, the book…well


  • Katie


  • Anne

    I loved the show even with Sarah who seemed um I don’t know uneasy and I think they were already involved I’m guessing. Love your blog and am getting your book for Mother’s day put in the order already.You guys did a great job …you should write for magazines they could use your help for columns…perhaps Vanity Fair…Anne PEI Canada

  • Rhax

    Great work Heather!!
    I love seeing you and Jon together.. Love the southern accent. Pity you didnt get the chance to say Cray-on (that’s how it is in Australia).
    Also, if you get the chance to pause right on the cusp of 1:39 and 1:40 (as I did to make a coffee) – Jon looks smoking.
    Any chance you could load up Jon’s comments at the 3min mark for a message tone on my mobile??

  • http://www.longstorylonger.blogspot.com Long Story Longer

    This was so fun! And how cute it Jon? Thanks, Heather.

  • H

    Heather, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and all I have to say is that you are so inspiring in so many ways.

  • http://psycheknot.livejournal.com Jocey

    For some reason the video won’t load for me (maybe ABC 4 was not ready for the onslaught of dooce fans?) but I am sure you’ll be as reassured as I was to know that the miscreants responsible for this incident have been brought to justice.

    I am not sure if that 7-11 is anywhere near you, but if it is you may want to note the address so as to avoid ever going there. I have done so myself, just in case I am ever in Salt Lake City.

  • amy

    Holy shit, impressive shot of Coco! I knew Chuck had it in him but Coco? You must be a dog whisperer Dooce.

  • http://zenmommasgarden.blogspot.com/ Zenmomma

    I loved watching the video and putting a face and voice to your words. But I do have to wonder if Chris Vanocur lives in a cave somewhere. His questions were comical. “So, this internet you speak of, can you tell me about that?”

    Congrats on all of your success! It’s all well deserved. You are a ROCK STAR! So much so that my proudest moment of the week came when someone said they found their way to my blog from dooce. I can only imagine it was from a comment I left. I still took it as a compliment and a huge ego boost.

    I’m vain that way.

  • http://dailypiglet.wordpress.com/ piglet

    this is adorable, even jon is adorable. both of you are GREAT on film!

  • http://the-blue-cat-speaks.blogspot.com/ Jessica

    Thanks so much for posting that — really interesting and great to see you and John speaking and interacting.

    And I completely agree with you that the host is completely smitten with Sarah!

  • http://www.likeatwister.blogspot.com Amber

    So you’ll do an interview with this borefest, but you won’t do one with me?

    You (and Jon) are way cooler than this lets you be. If you want to do the interview ever, I’ll bring the Bourbon with a capital B because I KNOW the difference.

    Good showing, despite the chronic presence of Captain Lame.

  • uncle

    Lots of love from the blonde neighbor to the pillar house hotties.
    FYI Chris Vanocur has the hots for anything in tight pants.
    Congratulations on your smashing success.

  • Anonymous

    I kept wishing that guy would shut up and just let Jon do the whole interview!

  • http://aloneandunobserved.wordpress.com/ Sean

    I keep trying to get my friends to read your site, but I’m having trouble convincing them that a woman blogging about her life, husband, daughter and dogs could possibly be interesting, let alone freaking hilarious. Maybe this media blitz will raise some consciousness. Also, I need to introduce these friends to something called GOOGLE READER.

    Your media appearances are always fun. John on camera: totally sizzling.

  • http://beelzebubandfamily.blogspot.com/ Sharon

    You look like Cameron Diaz in that interview. Love your blogs. As for Leta, thank your lucky stars she didn’t decide to use a new phrase, maybe something learned from unwitting parents, like my daughter(3)has done. I really enjoy reading about Coco!

  • micahmaranda

    I think you’ve found next month’s masthead catch-phrase: DOOCE: Tastes, no wait, RHYMES WITH MOOSE! Do you have a pic of chuck with antlers on his head??

  • http://monkeyseemedia.blogspot.com Deanna

    So next month’s tagline is “Pants Free and Prozac Happy”?

    Excellent interview! I am digging the accent.

  • http://www.randomandodd.com Random And Odd

    No, next month’s tagline is clearly “Dooce, rhymes with moose”

    I’ll have to watch the video later. Shaun has made it clear that he will no longer be awakened by the sound of a man talking in our bed. He has no problem with a woman with a southern drawl though. Hmmm. Typical man.

  • Therese in Norway

    At 20:01 John had me in giggles! “When a man and woman love each other very much”… the poor Chris Vancour desperately trying to move on to another subject… Lovely. Love your earrings, by the way!

  • http://reavolution.wordpress.com Reavolution

    I agree, John sizzled tremendously. The interview was hilarious. Congrats – I can’t wait to see what is coming from your hints!

  • http://www.mylakent.com myla

    You both are so awesome. I loved that photo of you with the pups on the sofa on the Deseret website. You look positively gorgeous.

  • DownSouthBubba

    Amazing what happens when you envision someone from reading what they say and then seeing them on video. Not exactly what I expected, but not disappointing. I expected more manic animation in their speech, though. Lots of energy, handwaving, wide-eyed commentary, and sheer spontaneity from Mars. But it’s good to see you guys.

  • http://www.giftscrolls4u.com Benedict

    Hi Heather,
    Thank you for making us laugh. It is refreshing to tune into your blog. Nice work on the video!

  • ritabby

    Hey Heather!

    Yes, your husband is a “sizzler,” and Sarah and Michael Eisner definitely have it for each other.

    But you should know that your “pitchers” are wayyyy better than Sarah’s.

  • http://ellou.com Lauren

    I absolutely loved that video, it was nice to actually see the woman behind blog I’ve been reading for years (considering I was only 17 when first reading) in action.

    I love the cheesey american intro’s for news related stuff. It really cracks me up, they’re so enthusiastic – “HI! I’M SO AND SO AND TODAY I AM GOING TO BRING YOU VERY, VERY BAD NEWS!!!!!111!”

    Go team Dooce!

  • Christina

    I vote for John to be played by John Corbett.

  • sromeo

    Does this mean there’s going to be Dooce The Movie? WILL IT BE A MUSICAL?!? I can just picture Dakota Fanning as Leta with her melodic rendition of the princess song…

    On a serious note, congratulations to you and John for all of this great stuff. The books, all these interviews, it makes me proud to be such a fan of this terrific blog. You guys deserve all the happiness in the universe, I hope 2008 continues to get better and better for you.

  • http://stimeyland.blogspot.com Stimey

    I grew up in Utah, and I think it is possible that Chris Vanocur was on TV there when I left at age 18. Either that, or he’s part of some powerful Vanocur broadcasting cartel. Or maybe I’m making all this up. I’ve blocked out a good portion of that part of my life.

  • Sharelle

    I believe I now have a crush on you! That was awesome.

  • Festi

    OK, Chris Vanocur’s voice and “cadence” is a little reminiscent of Stuart Smalley, don’t you think?

  • Franca Bollo

    Most definitely Reese Witherspoon (on stilts) in the role of Dooce — same chin, same accent.

    And do you really read all comments?

  • http://www.ferryfolk.com Dan

    Interesting how the visual medium of blogging is reduced for television: Heather reads part of a blog post from a printed page, and the host holds up Jon’s photos.

    Doesn’t the studio have a way to display the online content? That would be much more true to the medium.

    Oh, and auto-play video sucks. I’m sitting here in the coffeehouse, click over to Dooce, and suddenly I’m hearing voices….

  • lc

    I enjoyed that very much, especially your southern accent on “los angeles” hehe. You guys looked great.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I love your blog, photos are great (would love to know what your camera gear is), and I get a kick out of your stories and experiences. But if there is one thing that annoys me more than anything else, is when A-List bloggers talk about all the interviews they do and press they are getting. Scoble does it too and it’s annoying. My advice, let the press speak for itself, give us a simple link and leave it at that. Stick to what you do well…feigning humility. :-)

  • http://valcox.blogspot.com val cox

    congratulations, the article reads very well.

    It showed a much more vulnerable side of you, it was really rather sweet. Keep up the good work! Val

  • http://southcakalaki.blogspot.com Sarah

    Great job, Armstrongs. I’ve been reading Dooce for 5 years and it’s so great to see people work hard in a creative way and finally having it pay off. You’ve been at this for a long time, and I think some of your newer readers forget that this all really took off because you lost your job–time and time again, you are such a great example for people who need to dust themselves off, take stock of their lives, and get back on the horse and try again. You always seem to make the best of your sometimes-shitty situations.

    Good luck with your surprise Hollywood project.

  • http://melissaastle.blogspot.com Frizzlefry

    Thanks for the laughs! Your blog is awesome!

  • http://mollysevertson.com Mollly

    Jon did look cute, but you know he should not make fun of your arms – check out those fingers! He really used them to express himself, doesn’t he?

  • Chris

    I think it’s kind of funny that in 2008 there are still reporters who want to start with “So, for those of us who aren’t ultra-NERDS like you people, could you please explain slowly and in extreme detail, what is this Internet you speak of? Does it have something to do with those new-fangled electronic brains I’ve heard tell of?”

  • Becca

    1.) Yes, your husband totally has the hot nerd thing going on.
    2.) Isn’t the media so far behind? I mean, they’re acting like you’ve been popular for all of a week or something. AS IF!

  • http://v-e-n-u-s.com Venus

    He does look like John Larroquette, but I think Larroquette will be to old to play him. Good interview.

  • http://bettycrockerass.blogspot.com/ Jen

    Who new that a little ol’Mormon girl from Utah could get famous without being kidnapped!

    Well done and congrats.

  • http://www.heavyonthecaffeine.com Christy

    What you wrote about Leta–totally funny! Rest assured, we can always count on our kids to leave a lasting impression (and great fodder for commentary on our parenting skills.) Congratulations on all of the attention to your sites!