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  • AmyLee

    Wow, I am really the odd person out.

    I call them crens. Rhymes with pens.

    (Salt Lake City born and raised…)

  • http://buyclothes.com.au Susan

    great video. it is so cool to be seeing Dooce live these days. Well sort of live. At least seeing.. you know.. moving around and stuff.

  • http://triplyksis.blogspot.com/ Adiel

    I love the contortion of your hand when you’re talking about the work “crayon”.

  • yoko

    no lie – my dog had the same reaction as coco while i was watching the video! :)

  • http://www.aimeepalooza.blogspot.com Aimee

    Yup, I say cran too. Like cranberry. And I’m a Midwestern girl so everything comes out through my nose…especially Plaza. You guys sound much better saying it than I do. At my house we spend our free time beating each other with foam baseball bats and blow up boxing gloves. You’re much more civilized with your fancy shoes and indoor toilets!

  • Anonymous

    Cran. Like the berry.

  • http://waywardgoddess.wordpress.com WaywardGoddess

    That was hilarious!

    I say cra-yon because the thinkin’ about the syllables was beat into me in high school drama class.

  • http://www.thebigbags.com Bags

    When I wake up in the morning, I take my head off the pellow and look out the window at the moun’ns while I drink my tall glass of melk for breakfast at eigh’ in the morning. There is a small crick that you can see on the moun’ns in bolth the morning and at nigh’. I like looking at the crick, expecially in Feb-ew-ary.


  • Tek

    “c-yan the scorr you scorrred” I’m going to be saying that in my head for days now.

  • http://www.twodogsrunningsouth.blogspot.com/ Emily

    Too cute!

    I agree with Jon, it’s cray-on.

    However, we just call ‘em colors.


  • Chloe

    It’s pronounced “Crayn” …. I am a native of Ohio, though, so that’s my only defense.

  • http://www.transcendentalreality.com/blog/ Tracy

    John’s right on the coloring sticks. So there.

    In our house it’s the great pecan debate. My husband, being from Texas, says “PEECAN”. I, being correct, say “pecon”.

    He has admitted I am correct. So now he says it the wrong way just to piss me off ;-)

  • http://causeimthamommathatswhy.wordpress.com/ Madness

    The only word in my vocabulary is Dooce!

  • http://kathy-p.blogspot.com/ Kathy

    I say cray-on, but I also call milk “melk,” and if I don’t catch myself first, forty becomes “farty,” (It’s a St. Louis thing.)

  • http://sbfh.blogspot.com PK

    You look at yourself in the “mare”, you color with “crowns”, you run from the big bad “woof”, you blow out your candles to make a “woosh”, and you “buddun” up your coat.

    Anyone who says different is just misguided.

  • http://www.mssinglemama.com Ms. Single Mama

    1. Your accent is awesome – so jealous and that was hilarious.

    2. Kathie Lee Gifford is a moron.

    3. I would have punched her.

    4. I wrote about it on my blog … the link is here:


    5. And can’t wait to see what you have to say about it.

  • http://www.undomesticdiva.com Undomestic Diva

    How do you say “CRAZY??”

    That would so be my husband the Candy Ass and I… See! Opposites do attract.

  • http://causeimthamommathatswhy.wordpress.com/ Madness

    Although.. I must say, I enjoy saying “toilet” .. I say “toh-lut” and “oil” i say “ohl” and the name “Kyle” .. “kuhl”

  • http://neonalune.blogspot.com Holly

    Just so you know, ever since that first post about the crayon pronunciation I have had to be so careful to pronounce that word correctly. Yes I even stop and think about it. And while I don’t have that much of a southern accent, that was definitely passed on to me by my mom. But I say “pop” for soda/coke to even out the score. Thanks a day-um lot! :-)

  • http://helpihaveateenager.blogspot.com Mariah

    I think crown just ‘sounds better than crayon, but then again I have teenagers, so I am used to words that come out a little messed up like auncklet instead of ankle becasue it is the COOL way to say it ” duh mom”

  • Susan

    So I checked it out with my co workers…I say cray – on but they all say crawn – I think it’s a eastern side of the US thing. I’m from Ohio so I have no idea where I got cray – on. Either way makes me laugh.

  • http://smalltownmom.blogspot.com/ Smalltown Mom

    I have a relative who says melk (milk) and warsh (wash).

    Love you two!

  • http://www.inevergrewup.net Vanessa

    I love how you dog is so disinterested sleeping on the couch :)

    I probably should email this to you but I am new to reading your blog, I am still reading past posts, trying to catch up..BUT if you ever need training for your dogs, we live in Riverton and my husband is a dog trainer…

    sorry will totally understand if you take this comment off, should have emailed this to you…

  • Leigh

    Actually, Heather, your southern accent doesn’t show up in the individual words nearly as much as when your just conversing. It’s a very nice accent.

  • HDC

    More importantly, how do you pronounce tire? Hmmn. Tar? Correct.

  • Anonymous

    Been reading and enjoying Dooce for years…and just have to comment this first time. I’m from the same exact ‘backwoods’ place that Heather is from, and, unexpectedly i suppose, I pronouce crayon just as Jon does.

    Enjoy your videos! Would love to see more!

  • http://irritableblogsyndrome.typepad.com Dayna

    Well my husband pronounces “turkey” and “turn” like “churkey” and “churn” and we live in Washington state. Wonders never cease I guess.

    P.S. I’m totally stealing the phrase “fancy shoes”!!!!

  • http://www.deservedindulgence.com Allie

    Crown all the way.
    But I was born across the river from Memphis – so I may not count.

  • Meg

    That is exactly like any given afternoon at my house–except our debate is more precise (read:insane) because The Battle Of The Accents at our house is Boston vs Maine. (Seriously, the way Mainers pronounce the white stuff that comes out of a cow is: m-e-l-k. It’s ridiculous.)

    For the record, neither of us pronounce “there” that way (Jon).

    We do make up words often up here. For example, grocery shopping is frequently known as: GoinOvertThaStopnShop.

    Great piece on Nightline, btw. I was concerned about their intentions when the headline on ABC’s website said: HEATHER ARMSTRONG:”MOTHERHOOD IS AWFUL” but the segment turned out great. Congrats!

  • http://sadiesadiemarriedlady.blogspot.com Sadie

    I’m from Memphis too and I say cray-on. But maybe it’s a Barlett thang. ;)

  • Krys

    Okay, it’s CRAY-ON.
    But the ones that really get me are my husband’s:
    Iron = arn
    Pay-per-view = paid review
    Cul-de-sac = culversack
    Sandwich = sangwhich
    Tastes = Taste-ez
    And I’m sure if I gave myself enough time, I’d come up with several more!

  • http://www.jillshalvis.com/blog Jill S.

    It’s totally CROWN!

    P.S. Good to see your marriage is just like the rest of ours, lol!

  • http://karensugarpants.com Karen Sugarpants

    Being a Canucklehead, I get made fun of for ‘about’ sounding like ‘aboot’ and ‘out sounding like ‘oot.’ I dunno if Jen says it that way, but it’s the RIGHT way too, eh!

  • Jenni

    My fiance totally says there and they’re differently.
    And it drives me up the flippin’ wall.

  • Sam

    My dog started barking right at the same time that Coco got up from the couch. What is it with dogs and Southern accents?

  • http://www.jannysplace.blogspot.com Jan


    Love it….now how do you say dish?

  • Anna

    I’m from Memphis, I’m about your age, and I say cray-on. I think your version of the word is more Southern than most Memphians’!

  • Jade

    Oh dear. This has now sparked a new debate in the house. Turns out my husband-to-be says crayon the same way as Jon- cray-on. I say it the right way: Cran. ;)

    I have to give him a bit of leeway, though, he is is a kiwi afterall. He says Oregano like oriGANo. Bizarre.

  • Marianna Wilde

    You know, I am having the worst week and hearing you say “crown” just totally cheered me up. Out of all the people who say crayon the stupid way, you are my favourite.

  • http://littlegraycellz.blogspot.com/ lesli

    But, Heather, what about pecan? That’s a true test of North-South pronunciation differences. I’m from the South, too, but I have to go with Jon on the Great Crayon Debate. It’s cray-on. But crown is very cute.

  • http://www.jedsmommy.blogspot.com Becca

    Well I am a mess when it comes to pronunciations. My parent5s are English immigrants, I was raised in Canada, married an upstate New Yorker and lived in Virginia and now live in Alaska. I have NO idea how to pronounce anything or if I will get laughed at whenever I open my mouth so I tend to stay silent, (ha, yeah right)

    BTW, I linked to you the other day and took your advice on a furminator…LOOOVE IT!

  • http://thelightersideofgrowingup.typepad.com Ashley

    i love how the entire time you are explaining why it is too complicated to say cray-on, jon is saying “because you taught her the wrong way to say. because you taught her wrong. because you taught her wrong.” seriously, peeing my pants.

    i always forget how strong your accent is :)

    unfortunately, i have to disagree – it IS cray-on. not crown.

    PS the spam filter is asking me to type “What Burns” that is all.

  • dani

    It is pronounced Cray-on

    From Dictionary.com – cray·on
    From Mirriam-Webster – cray·on krey-on
    From Wikitoni – KRAY-ahn

    and onwards

    I just read a whole discussion about how to pronounce it properly (look up crayon, pronunciation) and it was well worth the 20 mins of time it took away from me writing my report at work.

    Thanks for the mental stimulation.

    By the way – I am an aussie and we always pronounce it Kray-on.


  • Michelle

    I say cren!

  • Alexia

    Ha! You two are adorable. I didn’t naturally expect that level of adorableness.

  • -=B=-

    “1. Jersey Girl said:
    It is totally pronounced crown.”

    If any one from Jersey agrees with you on a pronunciation, chances are you are wrong…sorry, Heather :)

  • Stephanie

    Darjeeling is a kind of tea… And I call them “tennis shoes,” although it’s really pronounced “tenni-shoes.”
    PS, your Southern accent really comes through when you spell crayon.

  • http://meandyouandellie.blogspot.com/search/label/by%20Jacquie Jacquie

    I think I say “cran”, but the good news is that I don’t have to say it so much anymore because at age 6 and 9, we’re all about the SHARPIE.

    And for the record, I have to question whether or not the ability to type “Hahne Songmy” proves that I am a human.

  • holly farrell

    Hi Heather-
    I just started reading/following your blog a few months ago. I’m a sahm and your blog has helped me get through some very difficult days. Besides my therapist and you, no other mom has ever really ever been completely honest about how the difficulties of raising children can drive the mom to the edge.

    Thanks for being so honest about the experience. And thanks for not censoring your humor. Anyone who has a problem with what you’re doing or saying, shouldn’t come here. Simple as that.

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

    p.s. say crayon any way you’d like- tomato, toe-ma-toe,
    cray-on, crown….