• http://surcie.typepad.com Surcie

    I live in the South. They say “cran” ’round heya.

  • Lauren

    I think I have just figured out a way to make my New York born and raised partner’s head explode. Put me and Heather in a room together for about 10 minutes. With my Texas accent and your TN. accent…well, I can only imagine the fun!

    hee hee!

    It’s funny though…just recently I have noticed her using “fixin” more ( ex. “I’m fixin to mow the lawn”). I think that means I’m winning, y’all! :-)

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  • http://www.squeakywheelseeksgrease.com/blog Squeaky Wheel

    I’m from Memphis, too, and I pronounce it “cray-un”. It’s totally Southern if you add too many syllables to it, FYI. I could never pronounce it “crown”, even when I was a kid.

  • http://www.preciousmonkey.blogspot.com Brittany

    I have to agree with Jon on this one — it’s Cray – On. A crown is what you put on your head, you know like all the Princesses wear! If I take off my pants, it might sound more like Crown.

  • http://mommyontheedge.wordpress.com Darcie

    I say “cran.” As in “cranberries.”

    My husband has made so much fun of me about that that I now make a conscientious effort to say “cray-on.”

  • Lara

    Um, did you know your pictures in the background are hung incorrectly?

  • http://www.cloudyday.org/ Emma

    “Both” should be on the next list. You can get some really different versions of that word.

  • http://wilddreemer.blogspot.com misguided mommy

    First, your fucking beautiful.

    Second it is crown, duh.

    Third, I would have said bar bitch you ate instead of that fancy proper way ya’ll say it

  • Preetalina

    Hilarious! Heather, you are awesome and an inspiration!

  • http://danisdelusions.blogspot.com/ Danielle

    I totally pronounce it Cray-On. But I love to make fun of my best friend for saying it like “Crane” *LOL*

    I don’t remember hearing radiator in that list. That one always gets a few snickers when I say it. Do you say Ray-de-ate-or or is it R-ah-de-ate-or.

  • Kate

    I say “Cran” – like cranberry without the berry.

    Damn, I lost my berries!

  • Margaret

    Cray. On.

    Two syllables, Dooce.

  • http://www.thepixelexperience.co.uk Ollie

    One word
    One way to say it
    CRAY – ON

  • http://www.evanzstox.com/ Stephanie

    Sorry Heather,

    Jon IS right.

    It is CRAYON Not CROWN.

    You wear a crown, and draw with a crayon.

    How do your pronounce creek? Cold water Crek?

    Do you warsh the crown off your hands at the crek?

    You make me laugh! but the crown thing is painful.

  • http://valsworldtake2.blogspot.com/ Valerie

    Count me in on the cran version. The ONLY version. LOL

  • Katie

    Damn, girl, your accent gets thick when you want it to.

    And Jon’s so right. If it was supposed to be “crown” isn’t that how it would be spelled? But it’s CRAY-ON!

  • http://www.henning-showkeir.com maren

    My midwestern husband says:

    auto MO bill

    I swear I am not making this up.

    Me? I say:


  • http://sianio.bullox.net Sianio

    So do you guys say mirr-or or meer?

  • Patti

    that was EXACTLY the way it sounded in that dream I emailed you about.

    OMG…I just confessed to being one of “those”.

    Oh well, hearing it live was worth it.

  • http://www.lisaschaos.com/ Lisa’s Chaos

    Yes, I say Crown, but I blame it on Missouri! I was raised a barefooted hillbilly in the Ozarks and when I return to visit family I notice nobody can talk down there. :)

    Just don’t ask me to say manure. I wanna hear you say manure though.

    Wanna – Misery’s fault again! I swear!

  • http://librainfrance.blogspot.com/ A Seattleite in Paris

    John is correct it’s cray-on. Some non-American colleagues imitated American accents as they hear them and they sounded a bit like you Heather. :)

  • http://bitchphd.blogspot.com bitchphd

    Cray-on. *Maybe* Cran, if you’re in a hurry. Crown? Woman, you are weird. I cannot believe you have abused your daughter by teaching her how to pronounce that word incorrectly.

  • http://mommycracked.blogspot.com Mommy Cracked

    In Mississippi it’s a CRAYYYY-AHHHHNNNNNNNN.

    Now I’m off to buy me a new pair of fancy shews.

  • Heather

    As a fellow Heather, I feel bad betraying you, but…

    …I’m with Jon on this one.

    CRAY-on. Like RAY-on.

  • http://bipolarbearsohmy.blogspot.com Jodie

    You need to listen to the Bulbous Bouffant skit from Dr. Demento. I googled it and found this sight…
    My CD-obsessive husband got the Dr. Demento CD recently and played it for me. You two could totally recreate the skit, accents and all, and put out a video of yourselves.
    PS. I grew up calling crayons “colors”… as in “get out your colors and color me a picture in your new coloring book”. ;-) But I say cray-ola cray-ons even with my native Texas accent.

  • http://talesfromthedadside.blogspot.com/ SciFi Dad

    I vote you timestamp (not just datestamp) your posts so people like me can see just how long the time lag is between you hitting publish and the first comment.

    It’s pronounced Cray-On.

    But more importantly, do you say PAWsta or PASSta for pasta? That’s got to be my #1 pet peeve.

    And I’d like to second the anticipation for your thoughts on the Today Show segment. I wrote about it last week too:

  • http://bornfamous.com lavonne

    I say CRAY-on, but you have convinced me that I need to switch to CROWN. It’s so much more attractive.

    And it’s CRICK, not CREEK or CREK. CRICK is the only correct pronunciation. Thank you.

    Loved the Nightline segment, btw.

    Re Kathie Lee: can you say SUPERCILIOUS, SMUG and SELF-IMPORTANT?

  • Maiken H.

    My mom’s family does this over the word horrible. My grandmother was from New York and my grandfather is from Arkansas. So it’s whore-eh-bull versus har-eh-bull. Good times!

  • http://themetamorph.com Michelle

    I’m with Jon on this one, Heather. I say it the way it’s spelled.

    And congratulations on the Nightline segment, it was really wonderful!

    Kathie Lee who?

    Is it wrong that my favorite part was when you were scrolling through the comments on one of your Flickr photos, and I saw my own comment? “Hey! That’s ME! I’M ON NIGHTLINE TOO OMG!”

    Okay, going to take the man his lunch now.

  • http://www.timmitoler.com timmi

    I love seeing you both on video. This was a sweet touch, thanks for sharing it with us!

  • donnad

    Could you and Jon please say “MIRROR” ? I need to laugh (and cry) a little more today!

    And why can’t I find a link to your Today Show segment? Their website is totally lame.

  • LC

    I’m from Boston.
    There = “Theah”
    Harvard = “Hahvid”

  • http://zeghsy.blogspot.com zeghsy

    ‘scuse me while i dry my tears.

    for the rest of the week, it’s my thick southern accent out for all to enjoy. and yes, i was born and raised in wisconsin. i heard your’s heather, that’s all i need. :D

  • http://trishsdiary.wordpress.com trish


    You said this is what goes on in this household on a daily basis and Jon says, “This is longer than 90 seconds.” Yeah, I totally get what goes on in your household every day. ADOPT ME PLEASE! I need a sister…

    And I hope you cackle when reading comments that snarkily compare what it has been estimated you earn with what you post about. Just say’n.

  • http://iamabiggirl.blogspot.com C-Rah

    I say “cran”. Like CRAN-berry. Please excuse my inaccuracy. It took many years to master.

  • gimmegirlX

    The two of you made me giggle like a fool. Love it!

    In Michigan, it’s CRAN.

  • Anonymous

    “Cran” in Philly, too.

    I don’t remember you having such a strong Southern accent in some of your other videos.

  • http://ser-kai.livejournal.com Naiiad

    I say crayon. We also say there differently– in fact, we say pretty much everything differently.


  • http://hoperoadblog.com Anna

    Too funny. I definitely say it cray-on, not crown, but that whole debate reflects stuff that goes on in my house too!

  • http://evylrobot19.blogspot.com/ Michael

    Sorry, toots. It’s totally Cray-On. When you pronounce it like “crown” you are making a complete mockery of the “Y”. You would not prepare a “trah” of snacks, would you? Nor would you “awn” when you are tired. You don’t let Leta go out and “plah”. Great blog, though. I hope you understand that I wouldn’t punk on you if I didn’t like you. Wull, Ah guess Ah hayve tuh gaoh naw. Buh-baa, yawll!

  • http://www.homersrus.blogspot.com briebee

    i say “cran”

  • http://cluttermuseum.blogspot.com Leslie

    This California girl says “cran.” But also, oddly, “soft drinks.” Is that anachronistic?

  • anne cunningham

    The lace-up shoe part of this was a riot, as well as the crayola crown segment.

    I know kids are notorious for mis-pronouncing words until they get them right, and it’s always sad once they say them the right way … some of my favorites from my kids:

    pellow instead of pillow
    livy room instead of living room
    ‘nomen for snowmen
    goggie for doggie

    Mommy I’m sitting in the livy room on a pellow watching the goggie play by the ‘noman.

    Anyways, this was a laugh, and since you didn’t have comments open on our morning show bit, I would like to wonder aloud … REALLY OUT LOUD!!!! … how Kathy Lee Gifford can pretend to be shy and distrusting of the internet, and a “non-user” when it would certainly make sense that she have a little education and internet skill since her precious offspring (the Cod-ster and Cass-attack) will be exposed to the internet often, and she should in the least bit learn to refrain from cowering from it with the “oh no, pedophiles!!!! everywhere!!! and porn, oh my!!!” distain to at least enough saavy to know what her kids are exposed to (in reality) on the net, and to help with homework, etc … since we all know she’s primo sit-down and be with the kids mom of all time … okay, I’m starting to make myself barf on that description so I must trail off now …

  • http://camryhybrids.com Camry Hybrid

    100 years from now, everyone will say it’s “crown” thanks to the influence of Dooce.

    btw: Nice Niteline piece last night. Is Jon always across the table staring at you while you write?

  • Amy K.

    In Connecticut we pronounce it “cran”.

    You’re absoultely right. Multi-syllabled words require WAY too much thought.

  • Sybann

    You guys are SO adorable.

  • http://ser-kai.livejournal.com Naiiad

    Also, I just watched the piece from The Today Show. You handled yourself magnificently. I cannot say the same about the shows producers or presenters.

    Some of us out here are also autistic, Australian, pagan Mums. :-)

  • Binky

    I like the subject matter, love your website which I discovered from the Nightline episode. One thing that really irks me is the way that words representing female body parts and functions are being mispronounced due to (maybe?) the taboo still associated with speaking them aloud. Case in point: “clitoris” and “menstruating”. WHEN did it become pronounced cli-TOR-is, like LaVORis the mouthwash? And when did the “u” get dropped to make menSTRATing?

    To switch the subject, I find it interesting that you receive so much criticism. I think any woman with your degree of talent (great writer, photographer, designer, and mom) who also just happens to be svelte, good looking, funny, honest and confident just blows a fuse in some people’s heads. It’s just too much!!!

    And Kathy Lee, crikey. My take is that she’s coached to play the American Pollyanna Luddite who fears for her child’s safety 24/7, because that’s what her viewing audience demographic is. We all know fear and ratings are intertwined. I think they just don’t know how to spin your brand of fearlessness.

    Thanks, you’ve got a new fan.

  • http://www.MichaelandSharon.com Sharon

    Love the videos! Love all your recent media exposure too; you sooo deserve it. You are great! :)