• http://lifeofshoe.blogspot.com shel

    hey heather! first of all, had to tell you that i saw the segment on abc last night as i was drifting off to lala land. loved jon’s comment about the teenage boys thinking you were hot. right on!

    also, at the end of the segment, they said that it had already riled things up on the boards/forums/whatever over at their website. haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but looks like you’ve got people talking!

    thought the interview was fantastic and loved seeing that side of you! (and i laughed my ass off when you told about the boob cups with the mormon ad above them. class!)

    i’m off to go color with some crowns now.

  • http://www.theignition.net/blog Neener

    Weird, I ran into this site today with the 100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English: http://www.yourdictionary.com/library/mispron.html. Yes, barbiturate is one of them.

  • alexlx

    Having been a Dooce fan for awhile, I knew you pronounced crayon as crown. It never made any sense to me until now, when I realized you pronounced “crown” which has an “ow!” in the middle, as a 2 syllable word pronouned “crow-on”. Awesome! You guys are the best.

    For the record, I’m a Minnesota gal, where “boat” is pronounced “boot”, and “crayon” is a 2 syllable word pronounced “cray-on”

  • http://stylealchemy.com/ruminations thealchemist

    folks, i’m going to have to go with cray-on. love the video, you guys are definitely entertaining.

  • http://alittlebitsnarky.blogspot.com Yvonne

    It’s definitely Cray-on.

    But it’s also definitely PLAHHH-ZAH.

  • juliana

    i pronounce it CRAN like cranberry juice.

    i’m kinda sad now.

  • http://www.krismom.com Krismom

    omg too cute, love it, very cute accent! “crown”…

    please come visit Canada!! :) we can laugh @ each other’s accents :P

  • hokie

    Tile vs. Towel – is there a difference between them when you say it?


    Thanks Dooce & co. for the laughs!

  • Auntie Dree

    Did you say Leta-er at the end??? OMG You guys are too cute!

  • http://catandjules.wordpress.com/ Catherine

    I actually don’t even understand how you could possible get the pronunciation “crown” out of the word “crayon”. But then, I’m from Philadelphia, where the word is CRAN.

  • http://www.neilwritestheblog.blogspot.com/ Neil

    Very funny… and you totally nailed the Northern English pronunciation of “there”. Of course further north here in Scotland it sounds more like “thrrggggghhhhh”.

  • http://catandjules.wordpress.com/ Catherine

    I actually don’t even understand how you could possibly get the pronunciation “crown” out of the word “crayon”. But then, I’m from Philadelphia, where the word is CRAN.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Kathie Lee was winking to make you feel more at ease? Probably thought you could use a little help by the look of your outfit left over from your junior high sock hop days.

    (Ever think of spending some of those ad dollars on a wardrobe consultant?) As in, Actual Style.

    One thing’s for sure, you may have temporarily tripled the ratings of the least-viewed channel on t.v.

  • http://erinjarvis.com Erin The Great

    Heaven bless accents. I’m from Oregon where we say weird things like soda and Pecific (Pacific) and Or-y-gun (Oregon) Yeah, we think we’re pretty cool.

  • lola271

    I am a northeast Ohioan born and raised and I just took a poll in the office and we all say CRAN.

  • Kerry


    This is why I’m totally fine with saying “full” like “fool”, no matter how much shit I get about it. Go screw, pronunciation police.

  • Alli

    I agree with Jon: Cray. On.

    Heather, you are hilarious – I have been reading your blog for a while now but this is my first time to comment. I am so happy for you and all the exposure you have been getting recently – although Kathy Lee can take her lack of knowledge about “computers” and SUCK IT!! (Nightline was great though!)

    Love seeing photos of Coco in the daily Chuck too – my husband and I have a blue merle Australian Shepherd who we just love!! Such a smart breed. (Chuck rocks too!)

    Keep up the awesome work!! :)

  • Carrie

    Woohoo! Jon pronounces caramel like I do. My husband and friends always make fun of me for pronouncing the “extra A”. :)


  • Marisa

    Thanks for the laugh at your expense! We have the same issues in our house as well with regards to the pronunciation of certain words or names. Both my husband and I have Latin backgrounds, but for some reason I overemphasize the pronunciation of Spanish names and it irritates him to no end when I roll my “r” in names that do not require the roll like Carlos and Rosa. On a separate note, I do have to agree with John on the cray-on thing. :)

  • http://jenatwork.blogspot.com Jen

    When I came to comment I really hoped that someone would also have posted that they pronounce it “cran.” And I’ve been known to use Cray-on as well.

    For the record I’d vote for Cray-on as the official pronunciation.

    Love the blog!

  • http://suzannerenfrow.blogspot.com suzanne

    But, more importantly, how do you pronounce W-A-S-H ???
    (Was it just me, or did Heather’s accent get way more pronounced at the end?)

  • http://www.themadamequeen.blogspot.com Madame Queen

    Finally got a chance to actually hear this. Being from the south, I have to say that my favorite thing you said was “scope”.

  • Jennifer

    Now even my 3 yr old son likes you. He came in the room while I was watching this video clip and he wants me to play it over and over. And, as I’m typing this, he is sitting in a little kid size rocking chair and he is pretending to read your book. He just may be your youngest fan. :)

  • http://www.drinksareonme.net Dale Cruse

    Heather, how would you pronounce crayfish?

  • http://cheaperthantherapyjen.blogspot.com The Mom

    You are totally saying CROWN. CRAY-on.

    You guys are such a fun cute couple. Can we (hubby and I) marry you?

  • http://www.tarawhitney.com tara

    i am so in love with you its not even funny.
    i have a non sexual crush.
    i say CRAN.

  • Dawn

    It’s cray-on in Toronto, too. But what do we know, we call our own city Terronno.

    I love how you say toilet, btw :P

  • http://www.meanmama.org lizzie lou

    what comes out of my mouth is “cray-on,” but that’s only after years of being mocked for saying, “CRAN.”

  • Hayley

    I call them colors.

  • http://www.shamelesslysassy.com Shamelessly Sassy

    I call the shoes that lace up ‘tennis shoes’. Which is probably stupid, because I don’t even play tennis. Anyway, my daughter pronounces crayon as ‘cray-round’, because that’s what thinking about the two syllables does to a human being. But me, I’m pretty convinced they’re crowns, but I’m from Kentucky so my opinion might not count.

  • Léonie

    Cray-on. As a Brit it seems so very odd to say “crown”. If someone said that they coloured stuff with crowns I would not at all understand what they were talking about. Unless perhaps it was the Queen, in which case I would just think she had multi-faceted head gear.


  • http://jonathonmorgan.net Jonathon Morgan

    This has been a constant battle of mine ever since moving to Texas from Cleveland via northern England. John, dude, you’re right — it’s CRAY-ON. And if I ever hear a person pronounce cement “SEE-ment” again my ears will burst into flames, leap off my head and start attacking the speaker.

    It’s been a gradual transition.

  • http://www.threeseven.ca zchamu

    And then you thought of various ways in which to massacre each other.

    Hey, I got my book today!

  • http://www.civilio.net/ Civilio

    Up here in Downeast Maine we say:
    cran (crayon) and they’ah; as in “You can’t get they’ah from he’ya”.

  • Laura

    I love how Jon says (more than once) “This is way longer than 90 seconds.” And he’s right. It’s cray-on.

  • Mandy

    You two just cracked my shit up.

    Yup, that’s how we talk in Oregon. That’s Ore-ee-gone.

  • http://www.nookra.com Julie

    HAHAHAHA! My step-daughter used to always say, “crown,” and I got the biggest kick out of that! (I’m WAY Southern, by the way. She’s not.) Up until now, I thought she was alone in that. Shoulda known better! ;)

  • Mandy

    Or rather, if you’re from here, it’s pronounced:


  • http://www.keenthings.blogspot.com Julia

    Crown? Like, Wanna knock the fuckin’ crown offa Kathie Lee’s fluffy head? I wrote about *it* too…entitled something like “Hog tie KLG to Paula Deen and drag ‘em both through the cold Spring Mud.”

    Pronounced Mud. Like Dud. Which you may color with a brown CRAY-ON. Dammit.


    Drink more, it’ll sound better. Try it with clogs in your mouth, yeah, that’ll do it.

  • http://breathingmoss.wordpress.com Mossie

    A childhood memory burned into my memory:

    My mother refused to buy my younger sister crayons until she pronounced them correctly. (NOT LIKE CROWN.)

    Mom’s sickly sweet patient voice, “I will buy them for you as soon as you say them right. Cray-on. You can do it! Craaayyyyy-onnnnn”

    “Crown! Mama, it’s crown!” Tears. Sobs. “Crown!”

    She never recovered from that traumatic day. My mom, that is.

  • Rob C

    Just watched this for the first time….you guys should have your own tv show! keep it up!

  • megan

    My fiancee is from the greater Pittsburgh area. I am from Indiana. We have a constant battle over the word that is spelled “roof”. He contends that the double O makes it sound like “ough” as in “through”. I am correct in that the double O is pronounced in “roof” the same way it is in “book”.

    Then again, this is the same man who says “Thursday” as if it were spelled “Thursdee”.

    Clearly, I am right.

  • sharon

    your chin is similar to Reese Witherspoon’s chin.

  • http://www.thecooliest.com jensymms

    Crayon is pronounced “crown” and wolf is pronounced “woof”. I really hope that teachers are reading so that they can adjust their phonics curriculum.

    Thank you Heather, for shedding light on yet another dark, little secret the English language has been trying to cover up!

  • RzDrms

    heather, how do you and jon say height? it’s HI-TAH! HIGH-TA! HIIIGH-TAAAH! not heigth. sigh.

    (“way Jerusaleum” is my verification word)

  • http://aguacate47.blogspot.com Andrea

    Jon, you sound like Greg Grunberg. Really. You do. How cool is that? I love Greg Grunberg. You have a voice twin.

  • http://emilyabenton.com Emily A. Benton

    HAHA I love how you dive into the Southern drawl full force by the end. I totally go into my Tennessee mountain voice anytime I have to lay the smack down on my boyfriend’s Boston pronounciation of “drawer.”

  • Jessalee

    Mm-hmm, crayon is pronounced crown. I’m mocked mercilessly by my husband who thinks he has the answers. He fails to see the irony of him mocking me for my one word when he has an Australia accent. He says it all wrong.

  • http://journals.aol.com/rusrhi/TheImpossibleDream/ Rhianna

    You could just stop the fight and call them colors. Thats what we say.
    “Can I see the colors?”

    But they are pronouced cray ons!
    Pronunciation[krey-on, -uhn]
    check out dictionary.com to hear and see the truth!

  • Jeff

    I have to say, I’ve lived in the Memphis area for about 13 years (Collierville) and I have yet to hear someone pronounce crayon the way you do. Though my wife, a native Memphian, pronounces mirror “mirrah,” and she’s teacing my kids to say it that way which drives me nuts. Is that something you do, too?