• Michelle

    Hey girl,

    That Neti pot is evil–I got one after seeing Oprah, used it for a sinus infection and it just added to the problem until I thought I’d shove an ice pick in my head. I saw an acupuncturist and was better in no time. Find a good one in your area and send Jon in–he’ll be draining before he even leaves the joint.

  • http://andria-and-co.com Andria and Co.

    Dang. Can we call you the new and improved Mother Teresa?! I want to do a detox plan… but, just don’t have the will control. At this point, anyway.

  • http://www.muskrat.wordpress.com mac daniels

    Every day CAN be Floria…just hand out airbrushed tanktops at the Mormon Tabernacle and put salt on your upper lip.

  • http://thesensibleshopper.com/ Carolyn

    Now that I’ve read this post, I know why you have the raging headache described on Twitter. It’s the “cleanse”. You probably know that by now.
    Feel better!

  • http://auberginejoyeuse.blogspot.com katie

    Can I just cut and paste that last paragraph into my blog? I so totally agree. Except ixnay on the oridaflay and change it to Santa Monica. Curious to see how your clense goes…

  • Meg

    Ever hear of the Landmark Forum? There is a lot said about it, but under it all is something really unique and, I think, great. If you were open to it, I think it could really help you with everything in your last paragraph. I found it to be quite life altering in a very positive, unexpected way.

  • http://wvgurl.blogspot.com Aimee

    Heather, I completely concur with Poster #1. I feel the exact same way. In an effort to achieve those things, I’ve hired a professional organizer to help me out. While I hate to -pay- someone to help me get rid of my stuff, having someone to keep the momentum going, breaking it down bit by bit has been a huge help. We’ll soon be able to park the car in the garage! If you’re up to it, I do recommend it. And, as Poster #1 said, I may reference this post in my own blog, just as a “jumping off point” for talking about hiring the organizer.

    Good luck on the cleanse! I’m interested to see what happens.

  • http://glutenfreegirl.com shauna

    Congratulations and good luck. A few years ago, I was a skeptic of certain foods making me feel unwell. And then I had to cut out gluten, because I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and after only a few weeks I realized I had never felt well, or balanced, my entire life.

    And then my entire life bloomed open. My anxiety disappeared. My headaches left the building. I wasn’t tired all day long. If your body needs to avoid it, and you listen, it can change everything.

    If you need any help on how to avoid the gluten, let me know.

  • Nadiya

    I have tried this and it absolutely the BEST thing in the world. It feels amazing, your body feels amazing and your mind is free to focus on the good things in life. Except that is it SO hard to stick to for a long time that after 8 months I had to stop and go back to occasional chocolates at teatime and ice cream in the burning Utah heat. But good luck to you Heather! It is a great great diet and plan.

  • Kate

    As someone familiar with both f’ed up brain chemistry and extreme diet changes, please be careful. I’m not trying to give you assvice, just passing on what I wish someone had told me.

    My brain made it perfectly clear that I could change my diet quickly or I could stay sane. Just one. Not both. My brain is bossy like you wouldn’t believe. I found I had to withdraw from food just like I do when I change meds. Very slowly.

    Hopefully, you and Oprah will soon be spiritual twins. Best of luck!

  • Sheryl

    to quote a t-shirt I saw recently, “meat is murder… tasty, tasty murder.”

    I’m not a huge read meat fan, it’s okay, but I prefer chicken and pork. And no one is taking bacon away from me, they’d have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

    Good luck though, I hope it works for you.

  • Tanzie

    I am a vegetarian and have struggled with buying leather products as well. I discovered some great faux leather bags from: http://www.mattandnat.com/

    I also drink milk and consume dairy products but recently made the switch to organic. I feel better knowing that the cows are treated respectfully and they are not pumped full of hormones that make them lactate on demand!

    Wishing you the best in your search for a life with less anxiety. I feel I am on the same quest.

  • Priscilla

    Snaps for taking care of yourself. you deserve it!

  • http://www.webfactsnow.com Frank Stone

    Always able to give a little smile to others, best of luck….

  • Rosemary

    I hope you do make it through your 21 days. If you can make it, then I will try it too :)

  • http://www.twodogsrunningsouth.blogspot.com/ Emily

    I’ve been wanting to make some changes to my life as well. I have heard about the Oprah thing but I think I’ll wait and read your thoughts on it since I know of no one else that’s doing/done it.


  • http://forums.klipsch.com/blogs/amy/default.aspx Amy

    Booking my flight to Florida now… Good luck on the cleanse thing!

  • http://thedharmatic.blogspot.com Manda

    Yay! Go Heather! I did a cleanse like that a while ago and it was amazing. Congrats on setting some new priorities for your life – they sound like wonderful goals, and if Florida inspired them then hell, I’d better start packing!

  • Jessica M.

    Fantastic Heather! Good luck with this challenge. I’ve heard about the cleansing diet and was interested…so I can’t wait to hear about your progress. =)

  • http://lester-sez.blogspot.com Lester


    The headache is from the caffeine addiction. I am 55 and have decaffeinated 4 times in my life. I have migraines too. It’s not worth it to decaffeinate. Caffeine is a marvelous anti-head-pain drug we can use at will.

    As for the rest of the “Oprah” and all life change stuff, been there done that too. Even the great Oprah returns to her true nature. She’s fat, she’s thin, she’s fat. My bet is she ends up in her natural state of being, fat.

    Everything in moderation Heather and that includes life change. The fact is at the heart of it we are perfect just as we are, mess and all. The biggest most profound change you can make is to accept that with your whole heart and soul. Leta and John will love you for it.

    As my mother used to say as I lay on the floor with what seemed like multiple stab wounds and a closed head injury, “your fine Lester, your fine, go do your homework” she was always right, I was fine.

    We think you’re terrific.

    Lester and Stacy

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with all that. You’ll be my guinea pig.

  • http://nopasanada.org Heather B.

    I did the 21 day cleanse a few months ago and I was surprised at how easy it was. Of course there were moments when I really wanted some wine but other than that it wasn’t too bad and I felt awesome afterwards. It really just trains you to think about what you’re buying and eating. I cannot wait to see how it all goes for you.

  • http://www.cakehousedesign.com kristen

    i’ve been wanting to do a cleanse for a while now, can’t wait to hear how it goes. hopefully i’ll be inspired to follow suit….

  • Krista

    This was probably already pointed out, but just in case…in the last paragraph first sentence you wrote, “I want to be a better wife, a more conscious and present mother, a more loyal friend, and a better listener.” I totally took the sentence weirdly, thinking that you wanted a more conscious and present mother, as opposed to you, yourself, wanting to be a more conscious and present mother. I was going to say it was a Freudian slip. And, I definitely don’t mean that in a mean or hurtful way. I just know I tend to write that way sometimes. But that’s why you have a world famous blog, and I don’t. :) I think you are doing great, and knowing these things about yourself are fantastic and I wish you luck.

  • Meg

    Sounds like Florida was just what you needed! Glad you’re back in action!

  • Sarah

    Even though I’m not huge on cleanses, I am definitely certain that cutting out sugar, caffeine, and alcohol will do you wonders.

    I cut out alcohol for 90 days last year (conveniently enough this time period fell over my birthday and every last one of my vacations), but in the end it was definitely worth it. I’ve also cut out caffeine (except in extreme cases), and while it might kick you in the butt at first, in the end it allows you to have more energy overall.

    I really hope this goes well for you! Stay motivated!

  • Ashley

    i would definitely be interesting in hearing how it goes…i’ve been wondering if i need to make a drastic change in my diet for the sake of my insides and also my anxiety. good luck!

  • http://buyclothes.com.au Susan

    awesome post! i would be very interested to follow the progress of the diet/cleanse thing. whenever i have put the coffee down for any period of time i have always experienced some knife wielding depression.. either that or said knife wielding motivated by extreme frustration. good luck! i am sure your sense of humor will be handy!

  • http://www.hardtobehuman.blogspot.com Amy

    Glad you had such a great vacation! I agree, coming back home is always a rude awakening (even without puppy diarrhea).

    Good luck with the cleanse! I don’t think I’d ever try to give up so much all at once, but I look forward to reading your opinion of the experience.

  • Hope

    Heather ~
    Thanks for the wonderful post; I’m inspired and your timing in posting this and my reading it is downright scary. In the period of one year, I lost my very successful and lucrative career (same company of over a decade), my car, my house, and finally my fiance, the man I *thought* was my true soulmate.

    I woke up today at 4:00 p.m., another day in over a week of not getting out of bed before that hour. I’m disgusted by and tired of the diet of Chardonnay and Xanax I’ve been using to “deal with” my depression and anxiety, and just before reading your post I told myself “This has to stop, something has GOT to change.” Thanks for inspiring me and helping me off the ledge. Good luck to you in this journey and I look forward to reading about your results. God bless you dear.

  • Allison

    No sugar, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, or animal products.

    What else is there?

    No, seriously. What else is there?

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com the mighty jimbo

    not to get all comment happy with you or to add any additional fuel to your fire, but the book “in defense of food” was one of the best researched, most logical, most compelling diet books i’ve ever read.

    michael pollen is the author.

  • Dee Anne Simonton

    Fitter. Happier. More productive.

  • http://www.nytrogirl.com Angel

    I hope that works out for you. I really do. I’d love to know how you’re doing with it. I hope that it helps your anxiety levels. If it helps yours, then I’ll definitely give it a try to see how it does with mine.

  • http://talesofmikkimoto.blogspot.com/ Becky

    Wow! Good luck with that. I can’t wait to read about your journey as I sip my wine while taking breaks to eat my cheeseburger on a big fat white flour bun.

    Fat and Happy In Wisconsin. Sadly not Florida.

    p.s. Leta kills me.

  • http://asmeddlingkiss.blogspot.com Velma

    I’ve been hearing “cleanse, cleanse, cleanse” lately, so I’m looking forward to your take on it. Have a great time in Florida-In-Your-Head!

  • http://raincitygardener.wordpress.com/ Kat

    I successfully completed a seven-day cleanse and I wish I had the impulse-control to go longer. It restored my energy levels and curbed sugar cravings.

    If you are uneasy with the treatment of stockyard animals you could try eating organic free-range meat. We have switched entirely. The cost is so prohibitive that we only eat meat a few times per week instead of every night.

  • http://kimhacking.typepad.com Kim H.

    Go Heather!!!

  • dot

    We’re off to the beach next week…then maybe I too shall try the 21 day thing!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! It always kind of bothered me that you could write about your dogs and be open about how much you love them and then in the next sentence talk about bacon, bacon, bacon, as if it wasn’t from an animal that thinks and feels joy or pain in the same way your dogs do. It seemed like such a disconnect to me, so I was delighted to read this post. I had that a-ha moment 16 years ago and I haven’t eaten meat since then and I haven’t ever missed it. Good luck to you!

  • http://thealmostrightword.net the almost right word

    no alcohol??! you crazy, girl!

  • http://www.lifewithhaya.blogspot.com MamaCass

    I think you should follow Oprah’s lead and also read “The Secret” to help with the soul cleansing/better person/better life part of your metamorphosis.

  • http://mellowmeanderings.blogspot.com/ Mel

    Such an inspirational post! That last paragraph can be modified to fit anyone and I think it serves as a challenge for everyone to get their life into a better place. Good luck to all of us :)

  • Meegan

    I’m rather excited to hear that you are doing the cleanse. I’m dying to know more about it, and to hear someone’s take on it besides Oprah. She bugs me. You don’t. I’m 7 months pregnant so I won’t be doing said cleanse anytime soon. But I know there will be a time I will want to rid the bacon, ice cream and red meat that’s collected in my organs during this pregnancy.

  • http://www.writesofspring.com Spring

    I wonder if there could be any way to explain to Leta how truly profound her question is. I’m sitting here at my cubicle wondering _the exact same thing_.

  • Anonymous

    Eh. Crabby old skeptic here. Not surprising that as Oprah’s ratings slip, she picks up on some new fad to generate interest. I can see becoming a vegetarian on moral grounds, I can the logic in avoiding additives, but there’s no scientific basis for this cleanse business, so why jump on the bandwagon? This week gluten is the enemy, next week something else. I get queasy about extreme regimens–there seems to be an element of self-punishment in them that just doesn’t sit well–and I’m highly skeptical about any advice found in a book someone is trying push onto the best seller list. But mostly I’m wondering what caused Coco’s problems and whether she’s better.

  • http://fiveblondes.com Erica

    I’m way too weak to ‘cleanse’. Oprah, be damned.

  • Genevieve

    I just picked up Quantum Wellness and I can’t say enough fabulous things about this book…among other things you have to show up for yourself! Will do the cleanse in a month…looking forward to how it goes for you!

  • http://injennifershead.com Jennifer

    Good luck Heather! You can do it.
    And so you can laugh, I too have adopted a puppy.

  • Mrs. Juicebox

    I’m currently trying to cut out JUST alcohol, and I want to jump off of a bridge. Will be following the cleanse, many good wishes to you (have been reading since three.5 years ago when my then-almost-husband introduced me to your site), and thank you for saying this. This post may have kept me from drinking today.