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    I am so totally jealous. I loved Land of the Lost, as did Hubby, who happened to glance over as I was reading this post and blurted out “Chaka!”. Yes we are nerds and proud of it!

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    Thank you for sharing that little joke from Leta. Put a smile on my face this early morning. She sounds like a wonderful young lass more and more everyday.

    Cheeky too!


  • http://www.firethehousewife.com Sarah

    Not only did I love Land of the Lost as a child, but that story made me laugh out loud, this sounds like something that would be said around my house, either when we were watching the show, or now that my niece can talk.

  • http://blogginonempty.wordpress.com/ GK

    Out of the mouth of babes, love it.

  • http://cheatymonkey.com Haley-O

    You are SO HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh! And, wah? I didn’t own a My Little Pony…. And, I don’t know that show…. And, I do have a younger sister…….. ;)

  • http://www.walkinginmysleep.com Walking In My Sleep

    And Jon said??? I wonder if he’s getting a sense of being outnumbered. ;-)

  • Amy Smith

    ok-so you know that the LOTL movie is coming out next year, and is starring Will Farrel. I can hardly sleep at night.

  • http://smudgereport.vox.com carriegood

    i am a loyal reader, and i don’t think i’ve ever commented before.

    i’ve also never barked with laughter while reading dooce before.

    don’t get me wrong, i love you and your humor. it’s just that it takes a lot to make my shriveled heart brighten, and nothing is better than calling your husband a proto-human. (this is not sarcasm.)

  • http://www.theindependentmom.com Independent Mom!

    Oh haha! Your little girl is something else!
    I oved that sow, BTW! Good times

  • http://www.theindependentmom.com Independent Mom!

    Well damn, I swear, I *did* check my spelling on that last comment. Time for bed. ~Le sigh~

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  • http://www.wrathofdawn.blogspot.com Dawn

    HA! Well. That’s Leta out of the will. More for Chuck!

    Oh, that Leta. She’s so cute.

  • http://monstergirlee.blogspot.com/ monstergirlee

    My nickname in high school was Chakka.
    A gold mine of t-shirts!

  • http://hatstatsnlace.blogspot.com Lindsay

    Definitely have been remembering the 90s version of this show for awhile now but could not remember the name…

    Running into it here is yet another reason I check this page :)

  • http://www.peglegstarfish.com Julie in Houston

    Livin’ in the land of the LOST!

    OOOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG! I loved that show so much, and my bf and I are always talking about it. That shirt is saweet!

    And I dearly loved my herd of MLP’s. My sister threated to burn one in a fire one day and I about had a heart attack. Of course that was 12 years ago…but it seems just like yesterday! :)


  • Kristen

    Didn’t Holly and Chaka have a weird relationship? Kinda like he was her pet, but not really because he was a little human-like. I think she was diggin’ him.

  • Betty

    LOTL! Many of my childhood nightmares were populated by the Slestaks… that darn noise that they made. However, my favorite sneakers are the ones we call Slestak sneaks, the ones from Nike with the cleaved toe. HA!

  • http://shannamurray.typepad.com/ shanna murray

    this was my favorite show as a kid!!! i can’t believe your shirt, i al laughing so hard right now! i’m off to scour youtube for episodes. girl, i knew you had that special something, i just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. now i know!

    did you used to get bummed out when another sid and marty croft show would come on instead? i was always so disappointed when that happened. but if the lotl theme song came on i felt like i hit the jackpot!

    so fun to remember! thanks for that.


  • http://www.davegannon.com David Gannon

    LOVED this show too. Every time I hear the Land of The Lost mentioned, I hear the eerie sound of the sleestack HIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I think they are making a remake too. Go Will and kids! Didn’t they have a pet dinosaur too?

  • zjlmomma

    I have 3 older brothers and after we all watched that show they would act like sleeslacks and chase me around. Having an underdeveloped sense of reality I was terrified beyond all reason…EVERY Saturday morning. Awsome shirt!

  • http://www.myspace.com/a_is_for_andra Andra

    So, I was reading this post and the subsequent comments, and I was confused.

    I was born in 1985, and I distinctly remember a show titled “Land of the Lost” airing when I was around first grade-age. It was definitely NOT a 70′s version, but many of the elements (sleestaks, dinosaurs, family in jeep-dropped-through-earth’s-crust-or-whatever) were the same.

    Turns out it was a remake of the original and aired from ’90-’92.

    No Chaka, but I still loved it dearly.

  • http://www.realityfish.com/ Robin G.

    You know, there *is* a vague likeness to Jon…

  • http://empressofdirt.blogspot.com ~~Melissa

    I’d love to see the rest of the shirts. My husband bought all the episodes on DVD. If you lived closer I’d ask him to torture you instead of me with them. ;-)

  • http://www.rabbitintheheadlights.blogspot.com vern

    Just the other day I said to my husband, “Dude! That dooce girl made a reference to sleestacks!” He was highly impressed. To this day he talks about the day his life changed when that show went off the air with no warning. He has been emotionally scarred ever since. For Christmas one year I found him the complete set of episodes on amazon. I TOTALLY won that year. And NOW? SHIRTS?! Christmas shopping in June is what I’ve got here.

  • http://www.blueorchidweddings.com Liene

    This post just made my week.

  • Traci in GA

    OMG, I SO watched LOTL, but I sure didn’t think other people did!! Here’s what I remember: when the T-Rex would chase Holly into the cave she would wack it on the nose with a fly swatter!! Even as a kid I wondered where she got that fly swatter..? Off to youtube..

  • http://www.laraslousylife.com lara

    Ok, I’m just thinkin’ here that people love to comment on your site, Heather, cause there aren’t too many comments that don’t want me to just say: “duh”. Including mine. Maybe you need to open up the comments more often.

  • Janette

    Huh-larious! That’s ok, Jon…my 6 year old niece told me I looked like Chaka Khan (I’m white with blue eyes and brown, straight hair). She must have remembered seeing my 80′s pictures when I was an orange (remember Sun-In?), permed, big-haired, very tan (from putting baby oil on daily) teenager. At least I like to think that’s why.

  • http://www.thebutterflymind.com Tammy

    Four-year-olds speak only the truth, at least how they see it, from 3 feet off the floor. It’s usually spot-on!

    Show this to Leta (well, don’t click on the rattlesnake links while she’s sitting there), but she’ll love the baby bird pictures:



  • http://velvetlava.blogspot.com/ Ann

    LOVE Land of the Lost – it was the definitive show of my childhood. Loved the cave w/ all those little lights! Sleestacks scared the shit out of me, but loved them too. That was truly one whacked out show – wonder if the writers were suckin’ on some LSD.

  • http://gigiredefined.typepad.com Gigi

    That’s amazing.

    Kids say the best things.

    When I lived with a family that had five little girls, the middle girl used to make the best remarks. Once, in church, we were standing behind an older man when she said, “What’s that ugly thing on his face?”

    Her parents were thrilled. Of course.

  • tanya

    sleestaks….how cool…i always wanted some of those pretty gems they used as keyboard keys.

  • alayna

    I’m laughing out loud on that one! It reminds me of a story I have to share – my husband is a pastor and he put this picture up on the big screen at our church of this horribly deformed and misshapen foot of a Chinese woman that had been bound as a child and my 6 year old pipes up very loudly – I know whose foot that is! It’s Daddy’s! And Daddy DOES have some nasty looking feet, but not that bad for crying out loud! It was very amusing to anyone sitting within 20 feet of us!

  • J.

    When sleestacks were brought up on your blog recently my next tweet was: “I just read a blog that mentioned a Sleestack…Aw! Sleestacks! it made me so HAPPY! I had forgotten about Sleestacks.”

  • Jane

    Land of the Lost was the BEST! We put all the shows on our Netflix recently and introduced our kids to it. That was fun!

  • Jennifer

    I may have just woken up my roommate with my laughter. Leta is awesome! (Sorry Jon, but that was hilarious.)

  • Sheri

    Land of the Lost……..yeah!!! I love those ‘out of the mouth of babes’ comments. My friend’s daughter just told her she, “…shouldn’t have married daddy because he farts too much”.

  • Arun

    Notes to self:
    1. Shave and take a bath daily, once I have kids
    2. Keep them light years away from all King Kong merchandise

  • http://cribceiling.blogspot.com Kristin (aka Krisco)

    I loved that show. I think my main thought at the time was: That could happen! It could!

  • Sara Tonin

    Ummm… wondering if I should post this, or file it under “Who Cares!?” Chaka and I lived together for over two years. (well… there’s not much to say after that, is there?) ***ducks***

  • http://controllingspicyuniverse.blogspot.com Aliaspice

    What do you call a Land of the Lost Convention?

    a Chaka-Con

    “I feel for you!”

  • http://bipolarbearsohmy.blogspot.com Jodie

    I remember Land of the Lost! Of course that was probably on during the 70s when my sister was little and I watched cartoons with her on Saturday mornings. Watching TV with my little sis (born 1971 to my 1960) introduced me to several programs… Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, cartoons in color. :-) OK I remember not having A/C in Texas AND only having one small black & white TV with rabbit ears AND no cable/ no VCR / no DVD / no digital anything… the TV had TUBES. I remember the TV repairman coming to fix them… plus we had a MILK MAN who had a key to our house.

    PS. The guy that shot the arrow into the apple was William Tell. As in the William Tell overture (Rossinni) which was used for the Lone Ranger theme on the radio then old movies I saw the Lone Ranger movies on TV in BLACK & WHITE. I’m too young to have heard the radio program because I’m not quite over the hill… over course the hill just keeps getting higher the older I get. :-) I’m thinking 70 will be over the hill.

    Keep up the great writing! You’re in my top 5 favorite blogger list. PS. So is Jon.

  • http://jawnbc.livejournal.com/ jawnbc

    Marshall, Will and Hollie, on a routine expedition. When the greatest earthquake ever known…to the la-and of the lost (lost-lost-lost-lost)!

    Nah, never heard of it

  • http://www.houndrat.com houndrat

    If the caveman fits……

    At least I finally know why I’m so troubled. I did watch Land of the Lost, but I was denied a Pony. And my sister is the pretty one.

  • http://thewonderfulworldfnothing.blogspot.com Michael C

    I was literally emailing a friend today about the Sleestaks. Of course I remember them. I a Star Trek episode Kirk fought something that looked like a Sleestak ancestor. I hear they are working on a movie about Land of the Lost. And now I fear I have shared too much.

  • http://tsheva.deviantart.com Tracye

    I LOVE LAND OF THE LOST!!!!!!!! I want a sleestak tee-shirt! I think I might be a wee bit jealous…

  • http://sarahviz.blogspot.com In the Trenches of Mommyhood

    Sleestak! Will and Holly! I’m sooo with you on this.

  • http://ameliorateme.blogspot.com Amelia

    I really laughed out loud. Thanks for sharing that Heather – I needed that tonight.

  • Shannon

    4 is such a quotable age. Smart girl she is.

  • http://tasteslikepurple.blogspot.com/ Bitter Betty

    I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!