• http://crayonsinthedryer.blogspot.com 24Crayons

    I cannot even tell you how jealous I am! I would have stripped right there too!!!!

    Who in the world could have lived through the 80′s and NOT seen Land of the Lost? It was the best show evar and those alien things gave me nightmares…

  • http://www.iverjane.com Iver Jane

    I loved this show! Time to Netflix it and inflict my husband.

  • Kate

    So she does not get confused, tell Leta that her Daddy is the one with the crocs on.

  • http://www.emandbdog.blogspot.com Emilie

    Oh…what I wouldn’t give for a Bugaloo’s or Whitchy-Poo shirt…

  • http://thefunhousejennifer.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Land of the Lost is one of my fave childhood memories. My sister and I would bring out all of our dolls/stuffed animals and a bunch of blankets every Saturday morning and make a little tent to sort of hide in while we watched b/c we were so scared of that show–but in a good way!

  • Maria


  • Doghouse

    An update to all of this: while watching “Dragon Tales” with my young’uns a while back, I noticed one of the producers was named “Wesley Eure.” Gotta be the same guy! He’s still in children’s cartoons!

  • http://www.vaguelyurban.com Vaguely Urban

    Chaka is working as a file clerk at a law firm in Los Angeles. Or was as of three years ago. I believe it was a classic Gary Coleman/parent-rip-off-of-child-actor story. Not that that takes anything away from his fine turn as Chaka on LOTL.

  • Anonymous


    Detox diets aren’t good if you’re attempting to get pregnant.

  • http://maarmie.blogspot.com maarmie

    The Sleastacks rock! I tried to explain to my British husband exactly what Land of the Lost is and what it meant to me. Turns out, it doesn’t translate.

  • Laura

    Can’t. Talk. Laughing too hard!

  • Colleeen Schmitt

    Four year olds are the best!

  • http://www.mindofmelis.blog.com Melis

    I loved the theme song- when they head over the waterfall and the song goes “land of the loooooossssssttttttt!”.

    Loved the huge berries too, I remember huge berries– strawberries??

    Also, was there a sleestak t-shirt in that happy package? I want one of those! Where did she get ‘em?

    Love your blog as always, will send you t-shirts to prove it someday too, lol

  • Holly

    I LOVE THAT SHIRT! I loved the show Land of the Lost! I think I loved it so much because there was a girl in it named Holly, and my name is Holly. When you’re in grade school, that was pretty much the same thing as being best friends. Where can I get these shirts??? Now it’s a mission for me to find them, so you must help.

  • Kelly B

    Obviously she’s holding a slight grudge about the Tumble Bus, even though she loved it.

  • Laura

    I can’t believe it! I loved Land Of The Lost. I thought it was gone forever.. I kept asking people if they remembered it and everyone I asked just looked at me like I was crazy. I kept telling them, “you KNOW Land Of the Lost” what goof balls. Thank You!!

  • http://shmaytalk.blogspot.com/ Taylee

    Oh Leta. Don’t you wish there was a shot you could give her to make her stay the exact same and never grow-up? She is just too cute.

  • http://www.smartinibar.blogspot.com Megan

    You just try to resist the urge to call Jon ‘Chaka’ the next time he irks you. Just try.

  • http://greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com Leesavee

    I LOVED LAND OF THE LOST!!!!! However, I bought videos of old episodes a few years ago, and my memories of it were far better than the reality.

    I want that shirt. And Leta…TOO funny! Chaka and Jon: Separated at Birth.

  • http://goaliej54.livejournal.com Jessica

    LMAO! I have never seen that show, but I did have a bunch of My Little Ponies, so I think I’ll be OK. :)

  • http://aimee-enchalada.blogspot.com Aimee

    wow, that thing is creepy. Poor Jon.

  • http://zeghsy.blogspot.com zeghsy

    hahaha… “is that daddy?”!!! *wipes away tear. thank you. i needed that today.

  • http://www.sensiblysassy.blogspot.com Sarah

    Imagine how hilarious the posts are going to be when she gets older and insults you two on purpose.

  • http://nothingsbroken.com Ana

    OMG, I loved that show. My mom said I was not a loser for watching. Cool shirts. Where can we find them?

  • deb

    Wow, I never knew that kid was Ron Howards brother 0r that he even had a brother in show biz.

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  • http://tiggerlane.blogspot.com Tiggerlane

    SLEESTAK! OMG…I used to walk around the house and make those spitty-breathing sounds, arms outstretched, trying to scare the dog.

    I want a Sleestak shirt. NOW. And I’ll even wear it with my five-inch heels. And nothing else.

  • Tiaras & tantrums

    I KEEP WAITING FOR THE RERUNS – This was my all time fav Sat morning show when I was a child!!

  • Deanna from WA

    I LOVED this show! I had a huge crush on the guy that played Will….and I always wanted my very own Dopey!

    Great shirt!

    Leta’s a gem, as always!

  • http://www.bodaciousgirlblog.com Heather

    WOW! Talk about a flash back. Makes me want to make Battle of the Planets Underwear!

  • heaths.b

    in the la-a-and of the looost

  • http://topshelfescapes.com Lori

    Love the shirt! Such memories. Now you’ve got me wanting one (and a My Little Pony).

  • http://www.twodogsrunningsouth.blogspot.com/ Emily


  • Stacy

    I’m one of those people that has never heard of Land of the Lost and no, I never owned a Pretty Little Pony either. I couldn’t have a real pony, but prefered the company of live ones versus plastic ones when I was around them. Not much has changed. 30 something years later as I still prefer the company of animals than most people. *shrugs*

    LOL @ Leta. Did you laugh when she asks you these things? I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face.

  • http://snowpants.org/ Kristina

    Oh my, that was HILARIOUS! I couldn’t stop laughing, my eyes were tearing up.

    A total classic like Emily said.

  • http://rocketwife.com Amy

    Too cute!

  • http://www.redswritinghood.com Red

    What a cute comment by Leta~ I can see a little of Chaka in John, maybe it is the forehead. haha. My goodness, I am kidding. Geesh, don’t want 200 comments of attack here on the Dooce site. lol

    Heather- you need a shirt that says:
    ~Vegetarians Taste Better~


  • Bibi

    I recently turned my own children onto the Land of the Lost after a friend gave us several episodes on DVD. My daughter informed me that she no longer likes the show; she tells me that it’s for babies. I think she is just befuddled by the cutting-edge special effects of the 70′s.

    I’m also thinking the upside to opening yourself up to all the “constructive” critisism you receive is the AWESOME swag you’ve been getting from your adoring readers. I had a shirt with Jim Morrison on it, and several people asked if it was me. I took it as a compliment, although I’m a girl.

    I think Jon should embrace his Chaka-ness.

  • http://uppoppedafox.com Vikki

    Oh, how I loved Land of the Lost. I still do a really good sleestak impression. Unfortunately, my partner is from Portugal and doesn’t get it. She just shakes her head and leaves the room muttering something that sounds suspiciously like, “How did I end up with this American?”

  • deb

    Oh god that is so funny!

    I remember one episode of this show where the little monkey humanoids were missing and Holly (I think?) was trying to find them calling: CHAAAAKAAAAAA!
    I cant believe I remember this…

  • http://www.cooldaddyo.com Brandon

    Wow. Haven’t thought about that show in a long, long while. I was pretty young when this was on TV, and I don’t remember – did they ever get out of the Land of the Lost?

    Maybe I was paying too much attention to HR Puffinstuff or the Bananna Splits. Who knows…..

  • Darling Reader

    LOTL is my favorite! As soon as we signed up for netflix, I got ALL of the espisodes available and watched them over an entire weekend. My 18 month old isn’t talking yet, but he has the nickname of sleestak b/c he walks around slurping/hissing…however you’d describe the sound they made. Those shirts are awesome! As was Leta’s comment.

  • http://www.iambossy.com/ BOSSY

    Bossy used to pretend she was Holly, only her hair could never be that brand of Cindy Brady manageable.

  • http://www.tortillatime.com Tori

    I’m one of those few that have NO idea what that is.

  • http://allmylittlewords.com Bella

    I didn’t have any My Little Ponies (or Care Bears, either!) and I’ve only developed an appreciation for Hello Kitty as an adult, but I was right there with ya watching Land of the Lost. Who’d have thought that 30 years later we could make an official fan club outta that?

  • Julie

    I SOOO had a crush on Will!!!

  • sara

    At first I thought it was Chucky…. and Chaka was his nickname I never knew about.

  • http://www.thedishy.com Schatze

    She’s confused by all the hair! It’s a common mistake…

  • rb

    Uphill isn’t the problem in 5″ heels. They kind of level you out. It’s downhill that’s a problem.

  • http://staceylynnstudio.com Stacey

    I so needed that laugh today – thank you so much! :)