• Marie

    Hee! Is it wrong that I openly giggle at my niece when she says the same kind of thing? Now I have to go eat a truffle to soothe my digestion.

  • Cheryl

    She is awesome! Were you laughing your “bum bum” off?

  • kapchis

    If my girls accepted a pot of peas as a treat, I’d give them a Costco size bag of M&M’s. And those kind of antics for chocolate in my house only stands as proof that they are, in fact, mine.

  • http://acharmoffinches.blogspot.com/ Siobhan

    I think my daughter and your daughter should get together and go bowling so they can discuss the agony that is life together.

  • http://emmysuh.rachieann.com Emily

    Another hysterical post. Getting her into acting while she’s young.

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com the mighty jimbo

    call me in 16 years or so and i’ll have a lucrative job for her in tech sales.

  • Danielle B.

    In England we have these little alumineiueminieum (!) bbq’s that you can take to the beach or on a picnic, etc. They have a little wire stand underneath that holds them off the ground, but I guess they don’t work so well…I guess that because we managed to burn a hole in our (rented house’s) deck. We’re still trying to work out how to get away with it when we move out.

  • http://www.fabulously40.com Fabulously40

    Good for Leta, she knows what she wants, and now she is figuring out how to get it…..and that’s only the beginning.

  • Angel in Kentucky

    My fave? “I’m not hungry for dinner! Can I have an oreo instead?”
    And this is nightly. I will give ‘em thumbs up for consistency, though. And never giving up. And driving me insane.

  • http://aimeepalooza.blogspot.com Aimee

    Another good one is, “my dinner compartment is full but my treat department is empty…”

  • http://www.lisatong.com Lisa

    Well, that’ll do the trick. My daughter is getting close to “saying is believing” and yes, kids will say what they want to get what they want. It’s funny though – keep a log of all the things they say and they can read it when they get older.

  • http://erin-obrien.blogspot.com/ Erin O’Brien

    Christ awmighty, girl. Never give man fire until you’ve outfitted yourself in a bell diver suit.

  • Alicia

    Thats awesome, our two year old will ask for a treat and then he will being out a stuffed animal who is in need of one as well. Oh and cedar planks are evil, we finally caught on that its all about indirect heat and wood chips.

  • Rachel

    Totally unrelated to cedar planks, but thought you might be interested in this article:

  • Maybelle

    Totally unrelated, but I have a burning question. I started taking pictures of my new dog with things on her head. It all started innocently enough. First it was a kitten … just to prove that she was nice to the kitten cuz people were worried. Then a bow cuz you know bows are sweet. Next a straw hat but that was just to send to my friend who left her straw hat at my house. Then with a tutu around her neck and I really had no reasonable explanation for the tutu. My question is, is this just like the gateway drug of dog photos? Will I soon be balancing a bunch of grapes on her head, then a vase, then maybe, I don’t know, my Jetta?

  • gretchen

    My husband is a master of the cedar planks. The plank MUST soak all morning/afternoon in the sink, with something heavy to keep it at the bottom. In spite of this, the plank will dry out during cooking. Take a glass of water and basting brush and keep remoistening the plank as needed until your meal is done.

    It takes a lot of babysitting, but the results are delightful.

  • http://www.gogettersblog.com Andrea Spamdrea

    Ah yes, the wonder of childhood logic. When I was I kid I used to complain that I was “soooooooo full” in order to get out of eating my vegetables. Mere seconds after mom threw those veggies in the trash I would ask for dessert. The logic: my stomach had separate compartments and while the dinner section was filled to the brim, the dessert section was TOTALLY EMPTY! Duh!

  • http://mskelseyb.blogspot.com Kelsey

    Leta cracks me up!
    I was back reading a few of your posts and my absolute favorite one was when you told Leta to say hi to the internet and she waved and shouted, “HI TO THE INTERNET!” What a cute kid….most of the time. Because four year olds can stop being cute and any give moment- I watch one for a living.

  • Agatha

    Heather, I have yet another totally unrelated comment but I have to ask since I haven’t seen this mentioned yet and just KNOW you’d want this brought to your attention if it hasn’t been already; have you seen Seriously, So Blessed! [seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com] that everyone is talking about? Since you are in Utah and a former Mormon you of all people would get a kick out of this and I think I speak for more than just myself when I say we’d love to hear your thoughts [read: sarcasm] on this!

  • http://www.thecobbledroad.blogspot.com Cobbler

    You can’t blame a kid for trying… I found that I used to get points for creativity accompanied by a look that clearly said, “The fact that you win this time does by no means mean that you will succeed with a similar excuse the next time.”

  • http://staticmonkey.wordpress.com StaticMonkey

    For what it’s worth, I think those are the best patterns anyone could ever wear as boxers (per the quilt pic 7/30)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHJ0v4RPfEs icandyapple

    My little girl’s excuse for eating most treats (now that she has discovered gum) is that she “needs something to chew.” I’ve worked hard to convince my husband that passing her some of grandma’s chewing tabbaci is not the best solution. Yes, grandma chews. . and spits. . . and gambles . . . she’s 88 – best grandma ever!

    Side note: Sorry to post this here, but have you seen the video of van damme dancing, getting a boner and getting all embarassed on Brazilian TV? Click my name to check it. You’ve got to wait for it it. It’s toward the end.

  • http://mommalittle.com shonda little

    Eternal damnation aside, at least you know Leta will be able to survive on instincts. Kudos to her for recognizing this situation needed esculation to be recognized.
    But, that’s probably not how I’d think of it if this were my boys, who do pull plenty of shit like this.

  • http://thedalaimama.net the dalai mama

    My husband has the same luck with our cedar planks. We are on our third set and he is sure it is the planks and not the user of said planks.

    I play along, because I love him.

    Chocolate does fix everything. At least Leta has that going for her.

  • wert

    ah, the kids i watch love to tell me the same thing. I have a tummy ache! i think i ate too much dinner! dessert will fix it!

  • http://frettingthesmallstuff.typepad.com andrea

    That Leta is a smart one, already learning the ways of chocolate and all. Apparently, my bad name of choice as a 3 year old was rocket head. I have no idea what I was thinking.

  • http://www.buttonsmcsweet.com/ Jillian

    We tried grilling on a cedar plank last weekend and even after soaking the thing in my sink for THREE HOURS it still nearly burnt to a crips. And then we burped lovely smokey cedar belches for the next three days. NEVER AGAIN.

  • Anonymous

    i just got the “mom, my tummy hurts, i really need an ice cream sandwich” line from my 4 year-old

  • http://www.smartinibar.blogspot.com Megan

    At least she’s not lying in an attempt to get alcohol treats, which surely will come later? Maybe that’s just me I’m thinking of…

  • Jess

    My sister is the same way. Every night after dinner she tells us that she’s “so siiiiick” and that something from the freezer, preferably Shrek popsicles, will make her feel better.

  • Kristine

    Reminds me of some quip I read in a magazine where a little boy had smeared his yams all over the wall next to the table in an effort not to eat them (maybe it was an orange wall?). When his mother noticed what was going on, he said, “Mommy, I’m not lying. I’m CLEANING!”
    Brilliant little boy.

  • stella

    How do kids get so darn smart?? Leta cracks me up.

  • http://figcookies.blogharbor.com Caren

    Leta is genius; I don’t think I could come up with something that awesome as an adult!

  • http://www.myfunnyfunnyfamily.com Carrie

    Nutmeg is also 4 and she’s gotten “creative” lately too. Her stories are more plausible, but every time she lies she gets this shit-eating grin on her face that rats her right out.

  • http://amyrollo.com/brookland Amy

    Genius. I love that girl.

  • http://zakaryw.blogspot.com/ Zak

    My husband did the exact same thing because he didn’t SOAK THEM IN WATER. I mentioned whether or not the planks had been soaked long enough and he was like, “You have to soak them?”

    Le sigh.

  • http://www.whatdoestjstandfor.blogspot.com TJ

    Leta’s really onto something, I use chocolate to solve almost all my body aches. Today I had Kozy Shack brand choc. pudding to cure heartburn. That stuff is the best!

  • Bibi

    Work it, Leta!

  • http://www.sixfeetunderblog.com Tess

    My youngest tells me that her stomach is broken and a cookie will fix it. Kids!

  • http://theidlemindofbeth.blogspot.com/ Beth

    Now THAT is funny! Kudos to Leta for having the good sense to know that for us ladies, chocolate-y treats really do make everything better!

    Now, I must go home & make brownies. It’s not day 2 of my period, but I want em anyway!

  • http://aspoonfulofsugarhelps.blogspot.com/ R.E.

    I’m with Leta. Chocolate fixes everything.