• http://cribceiling.blogspot.com Kristin

    And your last sentence is the best point of all, and the part I don’t get at all about the people in charge the last eight years and their many, shocking supporters. All their actions are in contradiction to the beliefs they supposedly hold. And the God they claim put them in charge.

    Awesome write-up Heather!

  • Rachel

    I’m sure you will get ripped for this by a lot of people, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. This gives me hope, and I thank you for being strong enough to put it out there, because you do have a lot of influence, and because it’s clearly a risk for you in terms larger than your website. You are amazing.

  • Sarah

    Good Lord, Heather. Just when I thought I liked you, you have to go and post complete bullshit on your website about something of which you know nothing about. Later tater. No more dooce for me.

  • J. Bo

    P.S. All y’all, if you’re declaring your support, it’s “hear, hear,” NOT “here, here.” “Here, here” is for when you’re calling your dog.

  • Carol K.

    You go, Dooce!!!!! Many of us here supporting the Democrats because if nothing else they will bring more people to the table to talk about any issue. Enough of this “I got mine, screw you!” mentality!

  • Anonymous

    #1463, Katie: I agree with you.

    #1467, Steve: You are right.

    #1480, Katie: You bring up some good points.

  • Chrissy

    I urge everyone who doesn’t want another 4 years of George Bush policies and failings to get off their butt and do something for Obama. It’s not hard to go to your local campaign office and make phone calls, register voters, knock on doors, host a party, put up a yard sign. You can even make calls from your home. Go to http://www.barackobama.com for more info. If volunteering isn’t your thing and you can afford to donate anything, please do.

    The Republicans will not go down without a fight. After all they feel they are in a holy war for the lives of unborn children. What they don’t realize is that George Bush, even with a Republican Majority Congress for 6 years did nothing to make any changes to abortion rights. So, by voting for Republicans who decrease funding for health care, and other important government funded programs that support low income people, they do more to increase the rate of abortion. Ironic isn’t it?

  • Korina

    After reading your last twitter. I’m curious how many negative comments you receive.

    You’ve wrote so much of what I’m feeling so much better than I ever could have put it. Thank you Heather.

  • Jenna

    Im with Melissa! I hope your hits don’t go down so much that your ad revenues suffer….then you might have to get a real job and get up before 8am!

  • Max

    To those of you who decided to post comments containing anything similar to, “Oh yeah?! Well, Obama’s no better,” get a fucking grip. First of all, there isn’t one mention of Obama’s name in this post. Whether it is her personal view or not, Heather isn’t saying Obama shits rainbows. She’s saying a pile of McCain/Palin shit smells damn near the same as the steaming mound of Bush feces that is currently suffocating our entire country. Secondly, having an attitude like that will get us nowhere as a nation. Open your eyes and you’ll see that while you may not LOVE the Democratic nominee, there are AT LEAST notable and promising differences between him and his camp and the Bush administration. And if you’d like to keep that pessimistic mindset, then why don’t you do the rest of us, who are willing to take a chance on something new, a favor and go put on some lipstick and crawl into Palin’s dog pit. Thanks.

    Love you Heather!

  • Cathy

    Anyone that thinks ANY presidential candidate is not in it for themselves is delusional.

    I am undecided but see the liberal hate as just as ugly as the right wing hate.

    The Congress has more power than the Presidential office. I believe the majority goes to the Democrats?

    It’s not about the party, it’s about the people.

  • Susan in Detroit

    THANK you for posting this!!!!!!! I am so sick of the hypocrisy of the current government! I will seriously consider leaving the country if the GOP scams another election, Canada’s just across the river.

    BTW… when an 18-yr-old has sex with a 17-yr-old…that’s considered statutory rape, yes? Where’s the media/police on this one?

    You go, girl!

  • Anonymous

    Considering how similar Canadians and Americans are in many ways, it never ceases to amaze me that so many Americans are actually against public health care. Canadians tend to consider it very precious. Hell, we voted the guy responsible for the it as the greatest Canadian in our history.

    I think what these fucking-thick-skulled conservative assholes can’t understand is that some people would actually rather give a few people a “free-ride” (because welfare is such a glorious lifestyle) and pay more taxes, than let their fellow human beings go without.


  • Kris

    I just made a donation to Obama-Biden. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but after reading your post, checking out the linked article, and watching McCain’s speech tonight, I had to do something.

  • Anonymous

    and you can help this web site make more money for the owner and obama supporters. Keep reading and you will probably see a very large VOTE FOR OBAMA advertisement very soon, once the $ amount is settled….and I used to read this everyday, what a shame

  • Pink

    I understand that healthcare is a topic of extreme concern for everyone. We pay 200.00 a WEEK for health insurance and that is still with some fairly large co-pays for office visits, medications and another fairly large deductible for procedures/hospitalizations.

    That being said, I work in healthcare. What a lot of people fail to realize is that while “national healthcare” is good in theory, it’s going to be a beast to see to fruition.

    You see, many, many physicians are refusing to accept Medicare/Medicaid assigments anymore due to the low reimbursement rates. Add to that, fewer and fewer physicians are actually staying in practice. Why?

    It takes YEARS of hard work, dedication, and several hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a doctor. Most of these honorable people take out loans for that process. Add in malpractice insurance and what is the end result? A ton of debt.

    So, what’s going to happen if this magical thing called “national healthcare” becomes a reality? Great, right? But, it’s a people-based system. Physicians are backing out of the field NOW due to tremendous debt and poor reimbursement rates. I doubt seriously they will stay or continue to train for what, most probably, will equal a teacher’s salary. Oh, but we say, teachers teach because they LOVE it and want to HELP, and so will doctors. No, they won’t. Their education and intelligence will be better be utilized in a differing profession and if you ask any doctor, he or she will tell you so.

    Obama is an optimistic fellow, but he can’t materialize the people needed to staff a “national healthcare system.”

  • Janet

    #1887 Tony:

    Does your insurance company give you your premium back if you don’t visit your doctor (if they’ll actually even cover you for whatever your condition is)?

    Yeah….thought not.

  • Cherie

    i am willing to pay 5% more in taxes to have some access to health care. but for some that’s just too socialist. we should really stop corporate welfare of companies like Wal*Mart with many employees on Medicaid.

  • Anonymous

    But, Lisa–
    Respectfully, you had that choice, and took it not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. How on earth can you possibly rail against it or deny someone else that choice now?

    175. Lisa said:

    Please consider that the most important thing we can fight for is the RIGHT TO LIFE. What does it say about us all as humans when we live in a world that allows the killing of innocent babies before they can see the light of day? Many years ago I would have agreed with you, Dooce, and the many commenters here so far. But that was back when I was willing to abort three of my children. Needless to say, I really did not understand the worth of a human life back then. And needless to say, not a day goes by that I do not regret my choices. Not a day goes by that I do not mourn my children. I sure wish it hadn’t been an option.
    America, please consider this issue thoroughly when choosing who gets your vote.

  • Anonymous

    My job is to help re-engineer public health programs to make them run more efficiently and less expensively. One such program I’m working on currently is the welfare program (Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, Calworks) in a county in California. Just so you can have amunition against your conservative friends, the amount of people applying for welfare benefits has gone up significantly in the last year due to increasing fuel prices and a bad economy. Also, since we get our funds from the government in order to improve these programs (and make them cost less for taxpayers), there’s now LESS and LESS of it because of gov funding shortages. So the programs will remain inefficient because we don’t have $ to fix them. Go Republicans…

  • Anonymous

    Ah, it’s always a treat to hear from a kind and polite person such as he or she who posted comment #727. It just makes a person feel good to see that we can express ourselves respectfully even if we disagree! (I’m indulging in a bit of a joke, of course. I do think it’s not good to generalize, but my goodness, how many times have I seen/heard a Republican or conservative express him- or herself in such contemptuous terms? But no matter how many times I see it, it always brings with it a frisson of shock and disappointment.)

  • http://squeakie.wordpress.com/ Heather T.

    From a twenty-something high school English teacher who was raised by hippies and falls into the category of “working poor”.

  • aimee

    just keep blogging about dog shit because that is really how you know.

  • Anonymous

    You are awesome. Awesome and amazing. Thank you….

  • http://lifefromhere.wordpress.com luna

    hallelujah. but not, you know, in a religious sense.

  • notmuchofacook

    Beautifully written. It is making me sick to my stomach to see that reasonably intelligent people are buying into this Repub mess. Sarah Palin??? Really?? And, by the way, no interviews thank you very much. Her speeches are good enough for the unwashed public. Go to hell, big red machine.

    By the way, if you didn’t like Sarah Palin’s speech, donate to Barack Obama’s campaign. Since her speech, as of this morning, his campaign was ten million dollars fatter!! I haven’t heard the total lately, but I wish it would get more TV publicity.

  • http://www.bradenmikael.com Braden

    I feel the need to add one more comment:

    You speak of the last eight years like we’ve all been living our lives under complete destitution/corruption, correct?

    Well, it sure seems the last eight years have afforded you a relatively comfortable standard of living being your blog now supports your entire family.

    Perhaps you should share some of that cash you’re making with me being I don’t make money off my blog. In fact, I feel as if you owe me. You said it yourself, hand me your entire paycheck.

    That said, do you now see how God forsaken socialistic you sounded?

  • http://notinsaneperse.blogspot.com Kelly

    The reason so many are criticizing Palin is because there’s a good chance McCain may croak in office. Which means that former Miss Wasilla will be running an entire country. Just her and her schoolmarm ‘do.

  • Anonymous

    I guess everyone who reads your blog agrees with you 100%.

    I do not.

    I think both candidates are a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Anonymous


    First, I love your page. I really do. Have read it, nearly daily, since 2003. And I will come back tomorrow(hopefully to different content).

    Now, here is where your and my “relationship” gets sticky, much like the relationships between me and my lefty friends. I will be voting McCain/Palin in November and yet I have the same desire as you to see others with less fortune succeed or at least be allowed the opportunity. Isn’t that what this country is about? The unfortunate state of US politics is that that goals of each party have become mired and cloudy by the fraternal nature of our two primary political parties. No longer does either side objectively view the positions of each candidate, but instead underestimates the intelligence of the voting population and enters into a public pissing match.

    And honestly, that’s probably why the men have faired so well. They have better aim.

    I’m not sure how most of America can form an objective opinion about Sarah Palin. Other than a few pieces (ie the AP piece you linked to and a few a little less bias in the WSJ) the public hasn’t been offered much in terms of facts on her stance on anything. And a well-performed, pre-manufactured speech given at a partisan event is not a basis on which one should form an opinion. It was simply rhetoric, filled with sarcasm (sarcasm being a Dooce trait that I enjoy).

    I appreciate your input and have been anxious to see your commentary. But please know that not all conservatives are uncivil, robots without a heartbeat. Many of us believe that many of those less fortunate are not at fault for their circumstances and are willing to help those is need.

    So, let’s be the voice of change that the Left and Right are hoping for with this election and put the partisan guns back in their holsters.

    P.S. I thought of you last night when my husband told me while he was helping our 2 yr-old son wipe, our dog ate the crap out of the potty chair.

  • Elizabeth

    First off…HUGE fan of yours. HUGE.

    As angry as you are about all of this, I am as well. Except from the opposite end.

    Still love your blog.

    Agree with you 98% of the time.

    Here’s the 2% where I don’t.

    But guess what? This is your site and you can say whatever the heck you want…none of us have to agree.

    Beautiful, huh?

    Have a great weekend.

  • Christina

    I have to disagree. the woman has changed the state of Alaska to have a surplus. What has Obama done?
    I am the wife of a fireman/paramedic who comes home all the time so tired he can hardly keep his eyes open to say the ambulance is 95% people 95% a taxi and 5% for real emergancies. You know why???? Because the people living off the system have to go check in at the hospital so they can say they are “disabled” and tell the EMTS/paramedic they know they will NOT be paying the bill for that ride and it is to damn bad that the real emergancy down the road is delayed so they can get more money from the government b/c it is owed to them. I am all about helping people and have organized a local charity for burn victims and their famlies to get help for hospital bills, hotel stays for when a family member is burned and has an extended stay at the hospital.
    Yet we both work 40 plus a week to provide for our children, and I am drivng a 5 yr. car and trying to do everything I can to save while the people who recive your so called help are driving brand new Lexis’
    that is crap!!!! I say the people who are on welfare and using the system b/c they don’t want work GET a job.

  • Anonymous

    When Bush was first elected a chorus line of ‘Huh’ rang across Canada, but when Bush was elected for a second term a chorus line of ‘WTF?’ rang across Canada. Now, with Palin, some Canadians are truly, honestly, sincerely wondering if American politicians give a shit about its constituents.

    Thank-you for reminding me that not all American’s are conservative Mongols who only look after ‘what’s theirs’.

  • Mike

    Wow, that Obama kool-aid must be hella good because you all have bathed in it. No experience was fine with Obama, until Palin didnt have any, great speeches were amazing, until Palin was able to deliver. Community organizing was commendable, until Plain came along. Please people, your hypocritical stances are make me nauseous.

  • fava bean

    You said it perfectly! thank you for finally saying something about this issue…

  • JJ

    Heather, I’m frustrated and upset by your post. Not because you spoke your opinion, but because for the same reason so many others have said – you lumped ALL republicans together as idiots. Unfair in every way. I could make point after point of how I disagree with you, but the biggest one is that you think it’s okay for the government to tax me even more to pay for health care. We are small business owners (built from the ground up, oh and with NO college education either)and we pay tons of taxes! We employ 20 people, with health and retirement benefits. I know, shocking isn’t it? Do you have any idea how much small business pay in taxes? I mean REALLY know? It’s absurd – I write those checks every quarter and almost faint.

    I don’t claim to have the answers to this issue. I hate that so many people go without, because I used to be one of them. But for you to say that I’m just a greedy money hungry, oil hungry jerk-off because I don’t agree with socialized medicine is very ignorant.

    The part that’s most disturbing? Remember a while back when you were in a financial pickle with the lawsuit? Well, being a long time Dooce fan I made a donation to you and Jon – it was small, but what I could give at the time. F’ing incredible right? Who would have thought someone so selfish (me) could ever give to someone so down and out (you).

    I’ve loved your blog, but I’m going to reconsider being such a loyal fan.

  • Lisa

    Amen. It is frustrating seeing the convention-goers act like idiots…but I do see room for some hope. I work for a Christian church, and in 2000 and 2004, I had all I could do to deal with the pro-Bush righteousness. But I hear none of that kind of political blabbing now. I hear one pastor saying “I’m seriously considering Obama,” and know that there are even more wheels spinning. The irony of the Republican platform equaling Christianity is growing more apparent, it seems. After all, though McCain hasn’t given his speech yet, which speech can you see Jesus more likely to deliver? AMEN!

  • Leann

    At least your family members will engage in the talk of politics. Every time I try to bring up current issues and the elections with my family all I get is {insert sound of crickets chirping here}. My family could care less about anything that is going on in our country. Apathy is what is going to cost this country.

  • Heather

    God. THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH for writing this. Seriously, amen.

  • Ricky

    That’s it. I’m done. I have been a faithful reader and fan of this site for a long time now, but you have finally gone over the edge. Beyond his very short time in the Senate, Mr. Obama has absolutely no qualifications to become President of the United States. You are on the same liberal bandwagon as the news media. I respect your right to state your opinion; however, my opinion is that you are wrong. My vote in November will be as much against Mr. Obama as for Mr. McCain. I wish you and your equally liberal husband the best, but I will not be back here again.


  • sarah k

    Right on. Thanks for this, and especially the link to the Yahoo article. Wonderful eye opening stuff.

  • http://flipperandme.blogspot.com Leigh

    What I cannot fathom is how REPUBLICANS got the reputation for fiscal responsibility when moer than three-quarters of our national debt, which is so far out of control that it is terrifying, was accrued under three. republican. presidents. Out of ALL the presidents this country has had. And who were they? Reagan, and Bush I and Bush II.

  • Dumbfounded

    The US is a country in CRISIS!
    You all need to get your heads on straight and see it for what it is.

    And, yes, I’m from Canada and NO, we don’t want you here.
    Go on thinking that our healthcare sucks, that our taxes are too high – keep whatever misguided and misinformed notions you have…
    If it will keep you out of here, go ahead.

    And citizens of the world DO have a right to have an opinion on this US election – the travesties that your current administration has brought upon this world affects all of us.

    For the love of all that is good in this world, please open your eyes and give this world some hope.

    Palin is scarier than Bush, Cheney, and McCain combined.

    I shudder in fear at the thought.

  • nathan cagle

    So why dont we all just give our whole pay check to the govt and divid it equally between everyone even those lazy, hand me your money cause I want someone to support me! I hope your advertiser look at this very close and cut you loose, then you can be asking for a hand out too!

  • Nicole

    Dooce for prez, 2008!

    And for those repubs who say that the poor should take care of themselves and that the gov is not responsible for them…they must not live near an impoverished area where the MEASLY government help these people have is the only thing keeping them alive.

    I myself work full time, with a part time job. I’m a new mom who doesn’t see her daughter nearly enough. And I am JUST able to pay my mortgage and taxes. Great economy these repubs got us!

    The only mistake Obama has made is not taking Dooce along for his VP!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

    Obama 08!

  • http://sunglassesatnight.wordpress.com Claire

    Worst, most irrational parts of last night:
    1. The entire crowd chanting DRILL BABY DRILL.
    2. A woman who spent her 20s as an occasional sports announcer making fun of a “community organizer” with SUCH disdain in her voice.
    3. Actually BOOING: a) Europe b) environmental protections and c) the word hope.

    Not to make any broad generalizations, but I think it’s warranted to say that anyone who thought that speech was anything except an out and out shit show is an idiot.

  • http://www.xanga.com/wherethefishlives Sam

    Thank you for expressing your well-thought out opinion about Ms. Palin. I am beyond tired of the emphasis being put on the fact that she is a woman with a pregnant daughter as much as I am tired of the emphasis being put on Obama for being half-black.

    McCain was tired of Obama getting all the attention, so I guess he figured it’d work for him to go out and do something caaarAAAzzzy and ask Ms. Palin to jump on board.

    “You’re hot and have a pregnant 17-year-old daughter? I want YOU!”

    McCain will most likely die in office anyway, which would leave this redneck woman with five kids (one of whom has Down Syndrome)to keep the country in order. I can’t see that going over so well.

  • http://queencallipygos.livejournal.com Kim W.

    I saw someone named “Elizabeth” speak thus above, and had a few comments. Point by point:

    “I’m sorry, but I can’t actually believe that you have all of the facts in this argument. Yes I’m Republican, but if Palin isn’t ready for the task of SECOND IN COMMAND, how can you say that Obama is ready for first? He is obviously lacking experience and no die-hard Democrat can deny that… unless they’re crazy and that’s not so farfetched.”

    I looked up the levels of experience that Palin had and that Obama had.

    Sarah Palin was on the city council of Wassila, Alaska for 4 years, and then was mayor of Wassila for 6 years. She then spent the next 4 years as one of three directors for a local Political action committee, and then got elected to governor of Alaska in the end of 2006. She has been governor for a year and a half. Prior to running for office, Palin was a sports reporter on local TV for 4 years.

    Barack Obama was in the Illinois State Legislature from 1997 to 2004, a period of seven years. He then ran for the US Senate, won, and took office in the beginning of 2005. He has been a US senator for 3 and a half years. Prior to running for office, Obama was a lawyer for 7 years.

    So let’s compare:

    PALIN: 10 years in local government, 1.5 years in state government. Zero years in Federal government. Zero years prior legal experience.

    OBAMA: 7 years in state government, 3.5 years in federal government. 7 years prior legal experience.

    …Technically, Palin wins for sheer number of years in office, but only by one year. And her paucity of legal experience doens’t help her much either.

    “And for the record, I think its disgusting that Democrats always say how they feel disgraced with America, and really aren’t proud of their country (Hello Michelle Obama). MOVE B*TCH, GET OUT THE WAY then. That’s how I feel.”

    …So you love this country so much you would deny people the right to express an opinion about it? Do you realize that this violates the very first amendment to the Constitution of the nation which you claim to love?

    In some countries, disagreeing with the Constitution is treason. Fortunately, I’m a Democrat who also happens to support the First Amendment, so I’m not going to accuse you of treason. But I am going to accuse you of applying the Constitution selfishly, of clingig to partisanship, and being ignorant of the very principles which the founding fathers of this nation REALLY had in mind. They WANTED people to be free to criticize the government, so the government could IMPROVE itself. They WANTED people to speak up and say “I’m not proud of the way things are right now” so problems could be FIXED. They DIDN’T want people to put on a big happy grin and say “everything’s GREAT! And how dare you say it isn’t!” if there were things that needed fixing, because you can’t improve if you don’t know where you need to do so.

    In that light, I’d say Michelle Obama is one of the biggest patriots we’ve got. When people say that they’re not proud of the country the way it is right now, they’re not saying “let’s burn the flag”, they’re saying “let’s WASH the flag”. They’re saying “I believe in the potential of this country and I know we can do better than we’re doing now.”

    ….Also, calling her a “bitch” was just plain nasty. I COULD be mean and say that that’s “just like a Republican,” but I won’t, because that’s not true. I WILL say that calling someone a “bitch” is just plain rude. So — Elizabeth, you’re just plain rude.

  • http://tracifishbowl.blogspot.com Traci

    OK people, seriously. I have read several comments telling heather to stick to “mommy blogging” because she knows nothing about politics (wow, insulting. i guess “mommys” are all a bunch of stupid, brainless, bon-bon eating cows who know NOTHING!). oh and then the comments saying they won’t read this blog anymore (good riddance to ya!). and i have to say i’m shocked.

    last time i checked….we lived in America. we have this nifty little thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. which means, for those of you morons who don’t get it…that Heather can say anything she wants to say and you don’t have to like it. that is what being an American is all about.

    but just because she doesn’t agree with your right wing crap, you’re gonna take your toys and go home. good. run home. g’bye.

    i am SO SICK AND FREAKIN’ TIRED of every McCain person jumping up and down foaming at the mouth the minute someone says they support Barack. jesus people, get over yourselves.

    how about a little humanity people? quit being such assholes.

  • Anonymous

    Dooce, you are FABULOUS. Great post, great heart, great politics. Thank you so much for sticking it out there on the line.