Why any woman who intends to vote for McCain should reconsider

Two of my favorite bloggers in the past couple of days have explained in succinct detail why we (women in particular) should be sickened by John McCain. I implore you to take the time to read these, they’re not just a bunch of liberal propaganda or pro-choice cheerleading. These are stories of people’s lives.

From Alexa at Flotsam:

McCain states that he would deal with the issue of abortion with “courage and compassion.” I quote: “the courage of a pregnant mother to bring her child into the world and the compassion of civil society to meet her needs and those of her newborn baby.” As if terminating my pregnancy would be the easy way out, the way not requiring his precious “courage.” As if dictating my medical care based upon his religious beliefs is compassionate. And I find it interesting to note that his “compassion” for this newborn does not extend to guaranteeing it health insurance.

And Julie from a little pregnant:

He means us when he holds up his hands and says with that single scornful gesture that we don’t matter. That we are a figment of the “pro-abortion movement’s” imagination. That — what, we’re making this whole “staying pregnant might kill me” thing up?

… even if you’re implacably, unconditionally opposed to abortion, a matter on which reasonable people disagree, I don’t see any way a thinking person can look at those air quotes and see anything but pandering, contempt, and a dangerous willful ignorance.

  • tedders

    Who the liberal media tells you the US military supports:


    Who the US military supports:


    You lemmings believe anything the NYT or ABC says. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of you!!

  • http://bigtony.blogspot.com BigT

    So, let me get this straight. The conservatives do NOT want to have the government involved in healthcare. But, they want to be involved in the decisions on pregnancy. Because one is a business issue, and the other is a moral issue. So, which is it? You can’t have it both ways. If you are going to tell us that healthcare is OUR responsibility, then it IS our responsibility and you need to stay OUT of it. Do all you pro-life people support the war? Killing is killing. Right?

  • RzDrms

    i’ll continue to say that i’m for the equal rights of ALL human beings, including those not yet living outside of the womb. we are all created for a reason and a purpose.

  • http://www.johnmccain.com Pixie Dust

    Heather, thank you for reminding me why I’ll be voting for John McCain.

    Wayne #396 – Dooce’s been losing her edge for quite a while now, Alexa and other ranks plummeting steadily for the last 2 years. I actually feel sorry for her obvious scrabbling to keep her sheep baa-ing at her tackily clad heels. (Maybe she gets a blog award here and there – easy to do when you get all your friends to suck up and vote for you.)

    Traci- 433. The hate on this blog is incited by Dooce and her stupidity, not John McCain. (She’ll have you believe my comment stems from my “own issues,” when in fact the issues I have are with her publicity stunts and see-through cries for attention.) Oh, and zero knowledge of the real election issues.

    P.S. Everybody, check the stats and you’ll see Democrats give much much less in charitible contributions than Republicans and have significantly higher rates of mental illness, the latter which is readily apparent.

  • http://wisdomofthemoon.blogspot.com/ Wendy

    While Palin was mayor, Wasilla County charged rape victims for their own rape exams (to collect DNA evidence). This practice was changed in 2005, when the United States Senate passed legislation requiring states to provide these exams free of charge. And the senator that sponsored this very woman friendly bill? Joe Biden. Barack Obama was one of 58 co-sponsors. John McCain was not. I’m not saying that Palin was the one the ordered the women to pay for the exams, only that she did nothing to change the practice in the town where she was mayor. From what I’ve read, Joe Biden has done much more for women’s rights than Palin ever has. I am not naïve enough to believe that just because she has a uterus that she’s on my side. Sarah Palin does not speak for me as a woman. And I trust her even less than I trust John McCain.

    The air quotes around health killed me too. The jerk.

  • Gooddog

    Whoa, the amount of ignorance some of Dooce readers display is extraordinary. The President selects Supreme Court justices. (Yes, they have to be confirmed, but they’re rarely rejected.) Over the next four years, three sitting Justices could retire. Should (shudder) McCain win, he’d look for the most conservative Justices he could get confirmed, and there goes the Roes VS Wade decision. There goes a woman’s right to choose. Unthinkable. Unspeakable. The idea that the President has nothing or little to do with a woman’s right to choose is wrong wrong wrong.

    And then there are the Dooce readers screaming Ugh, Socialism. What has capitalism as practiced in this country done for you? Paid your medical insurance? Sent your kids to college? Put money in your bank accounts and provided you with a pension? The rich have gotten richer and the poor, poorer and there are so many more of them. Without regulation, capitalism is injust and brutal.

    Thank you, Heather Armstrong, for speaking out. Thank you again and again and again.

  • Caitlin

    In response to 656: Nothing said in my former post was meant to be inflammatory, just clearing up a misconception. I consider myself to be liberal, just not the rabid sort of socialist liberal you seem to believe is the only kind who exists. Thank you for your well wishes, but I believe my husband would disagree with you when you tell me he “doesn’t know shit” because of his rank in the military. I would say Second Lieutenant is pretty respectable for a 23-year-old man who just joined the military after graduating from college. As for Obama affecting our way of life, I will soon be one of those lawyers liberals hide behind, and there is always business for me. My husband will continue to serve the country he loves proudly, even if he has to take a pay cut.

    To be fair, you have to admit that you know nothing of my family’s politics. It’s a bit ironic to me that the only Democrats to come out of my family are the men who serve our country in the military, and then me. Everyone else has been registered Republican for many, many years. It wasn’t a case of being bred a Democrat, but a case of each person deciding for himself or herself what beliefs to live by.

    Living through 8 years of George W. Bush has only caused a large amount of mistrust on my part, and a huge loss of faith in my federal government. If the worst thing Obama has done so far is inspire millions to become active in government, Democrat OR Republican, then I’m okay with him up ’til now. I believe in my heart that Obama is the right choice for this country, and I recognize and respect others who don’t feel that way. That is the beauty of our political system. If in four years Obama has failed as president, then I will find another person to believe in and support. If in four years, John McCain has overcome all the negative expectations I have on his part, then I will just have to eat my words. More than anything, I want a president who can help to bring our country back together from the bitterly dichotomous state it’s in now.

  • kaybee

    Sorry I just wanted to say that DAMMIT. You were in my hometown KC yesterday! I can’t believe I didn’t know. Such a bummer. I hope you enjoyed your time here and ate lots of bbq.

  • Abby

    While I agree completely about the abortion issue, I will still be voting Republican in this election. To me, we have much much bigger issues in this country right this very minute for me to vote for Obama solely based on his stance on abortion. I agree more with McCain on the economy, foreign policy, etc, so I will be voting for him, as I see those as very large issues facing the US right now. Issues that will affect my children right this minute, like being abe to put food on the table when our paychecks get smaller and smaller due to taxes being raised. I am pro-choice, pro gay marriage, and I will be voting Republican solely because I do not believe the absolute most dire issue facing us is abortion.

  • Ivan

    657, Diana

    Wow…you agree with everything Heather says? Is that kinda like the not-so-popular girl trying to ingratiate herself with the “it” girl? Everything? Really? Grow some balls.

    FYI, the “religious right” is a mythical bogeyman created by leftists to increase political contributions. Agree? No? Well, that sounds ALOT like your theory of the “church” opposing abortion to create more donations. Idiotic.

    Rock on sista? Wha? Does that make you feel a little more…liberal? Hip? Ethnic? Spare me.

    661, Bev.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Be careful, now. You are going against the feminist liberal orthodoxy and are now an ‘open-season’ target. You’ve shown you’re not an “authentic” woman, and therefore are fair game for any attack, which has become liberal standard. You’ve shown more bravery than you know by telling these people what you went through.

    Yes, Virginia, THAT is what passes for liberalism these days.

  • Jo the plumber

    Heather, whatever will you do after the election to grovel for comments?

    Ever thought of actually doing something to help other people, like using this site for charity work?

    Let’s see what controversy you’ll drum up next Thursday or Friday (and the next, and the next,)to keep yourself in etsy shop junk and try to boost your sagging readership.

  • Anonymous

    I am soooo sick of democrats – look at the real issues, not the superficial ones…

  • http://faemom.wordpress.com/ faemom

    I’m so glad you’re as upset as I am. I was pissed off that McCain believes the government has a right to make my choice for me. As though women are going around thinking sh=- did I mess up the months, am I already eight months pregnant, better get the kid out because I’m depressed. Right. I’m a mom with kids, so if my health’s in danger from a pregnancy; if it’s me or the baby; I have to say me because my kids need me. How selfish of me to put my family above my unborn child.

  • momof4

    Re:27 Sarah,

    A fetus is a baby worthy of healthcare and rights. It is no less a human than you are. That is why prenatal care is so important. Conception is the beginning of human life. Those 2 cells make 1 living human being. Murdering them out of convenience (which is most often the case) is wrong and sickening. If a man kills a pregnant woman, he is charged with a double murder… I wonder why that is? But yet the mother of that fetus can go to a clinic and have the same result, yet no consequences. It does not make sense to me. If you do not want the baby, there are millions of parents who do.

  • Sandra

    I’ve been reading your blog for over three years and have always loved it. Until recently that is and I’m pretty much done at this point. I’ve also read Jon’s blog for quite some time, but quit him several weeks ago. What you both wrote about was interesting and entertaining. I never expected to be subjected to fanatical political garbage.

    I’m a registered independent and have been for 20 years. I’ve voted for Republicans and Democrats, because I vote based on the person and the overall issues, not the party or a single issue. I love politics and follow it closely, making sure to educate myself on each candidate before making up my decision.

    On the issue of abortion, I am completely against it as a form of birth control. I would support it in the case of danger to the mothers life, incest, rape and such. How about these women keep their fucking legs shut or get some form of birth control? That is what I did. I was promiscuous from the age of 15 until I got married at 21. I knew I didn’t want a baby during that time, so I protected myself. It wasn’t difficult. In fact quite easy. I ended up having two children, one at 24 and one at 27. Both planned. Once again, not rocket science here folks.

    I don’t buy the argument that my uterus may be legislated. I do buy the argument that human life should be respected. For example…what if I decided at this point that I don’t want to be a mother, it’s just too much for me, I can’t afford it or a million other excuses. Can I go ahead and kill my children, now 14 and 10, with no recourse? Hell Heather, you should have been able to kill your kid during those dark days of postpartum.

    I’m a woman and it is my body and my uterus. But, the second I accept that dick into my snatch, without being responsible enough to prevent a pregnancy, and end up with an unwanted pregnancy, I lose a little bit of my rights to the person inside of me, that I helped create.

    And before you all get your panties in a bundle…I’m Agnostic, not some Christian fanatic. Plus, I am highly educated woman’s rights advocate. Just not when it comes to using abortion as birth control.

    Hope you enjoyed that kool-aid Heather.
    Peace out!

  • Kellie

    It confounds me to no end that many of your readers believe that I should have the right to choose to kill my baby before it is born, but I should not have the right to choose how to give my own money to people who need it.

    I’m not competent enough to be responsible for my own money, but SURELY I should be allowed to terminate life, if I so choose. Oy.

    ~A woman voting for McCain

  • http://powerandstilettos.blogspot.com Jenn Astle

    Um, to the previous commentator (Natalie),
    I beg to disagree with you, adamantly.

    It is a typical pro-life argument to immediately begin talking about morals. Whose morals, yours? Should I be bound by YOUR religious and moral beliefs even though I don’t adhere to them….

    Last time I checked freedom of religion was included in the rights of American citizens, which means that your particularly Christian stance can not and should not be forced on to me and my personal choices.

    Hence, if you find abortion so appaling then perhaps you shouldn’t have one and leave everyone else to decide where their own moral compass lies.

    Also, to imply that anyone who would vote for Obama doesn’t have any morals, um excuse me but who the hell do you think you are to tell me I am immoral to choose a liberal candidate.

    Get your head out of your ass.

    (And read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood…)

  • Kim

    I am actually pro-life for many reasons…just one being that I personally do not believe that taking the life of another is an option…for me. That being said, I could still NEVER vote for McCain or Palin. Our votes should not be based on one issue, but on who will better lead our country. I pray our country makes the right decision.

  • http://www.janniefunster.com Jannie

    Just checking in here. Wow. Am I missing something or does this whole post seem to help McCain’s camp more than drive people away from him? I find that really ironic. But good, since McCain is clearly the better choice over Obama.

    Diana, (657) do you actually agree 100% with what another person says? All the time? Wow, seriously, no offense but that makes you seem totally drugged or brain-washed.

    And Diana, if you click Dooce’s ads too often you could put her in jeopardy for invalid clicks, which would actually be a detriment to her. So be careful.

  • April

    @ 165 Natalie “Obama would never get the vote of a pro-life woman. Or any woman with morals, for that matter.”

    You have a mighty lofty opinion of yourself if you think your morals are the only right ones.

    Please find my comment above (139 I believe it was) where I stated very matter-of-factly that I am a pro-life, Christian woman who will be voting for Obama.

    Is this where you will personally condemn me to hell for that choice?

  • http://MSN.com Flowerchild11

    Before the pill, the birth control available was very limited: abstinence, condoms or back street abortion. Since the invention of the pill, ring, foam, implants, etc. Women, and I stress women, not teen age twits, have no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy. NONE. It’s called being responsible for your own body. It’s not fair that women have to bear the consequence for a couple’s sexual activities, but since that is the way biology works, we’re stuck with it. Of course a woman can always just say NO to sex, and not have to face that choice. What are the statistics of rapes resulting in pregnacies? Very small. And yes, those women should be able to decide what happens in those instances. But any woman who uses abortion as birth control because she was careless is a fool, an irresonpsible, self-gratifying fool.

  • Talon

    #650, get over yourself.

    Consenting to sex is not consenting to pregnancy any more than getting in a car and driving is consenting to being in an auto accident.

    I have children. Both were planned and wanted. One is dead.

    So bite me. I’m pro-choice, because I don’t think another woman’s body is MY BUSINESS. Well, unless I’m currently shagging that woman. Then her body and her pleasure are totally my business.

    Oh, and also, just so you know…God doesn’t care whether or not you abort. Cause if he did, well then would he have given us the tools to do so? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    And with that, I’m off to bed.


  • Anonymous

    Abortion has been legal in this country since 1973 and it will stay legal. The right to choose is not going anywhere. And, even if it was to be overturned, it would take years to implement the changes. Voting should not be based on this issue alone. A president is unable to make such a drastic change to our rights just like that. The house and the senate are involved, not to mention all of the other red tape in place to keep ONE president from having absolute power. So, I guess I’m just not getting the point behind your post today. I’m tired of the feminism bs and I am a strong, independent female in my thirties.

    And, the same people who scream for tolerance are the EXACT same people who have no tolerance for opinions that are different from their own. I’m tired of the Christian bashing, the gay bashing, the republican bashing, the democratic bashing, etc., etc…I’m just plain sick of all the bashing. Where is the respect? Where is the acceptance? Where is the tolerance?

    Americans are spoiled and we forget how good we actually have it here. So, let’s stop the bickering over values and beliefs and actually contribute something positive to our communities in order to make our society a nice place to live for EVERYONE.

    I am so going to celebrate when this election is over.

  • Anonymous

    #399 – THAT’S just what our country needs – a bunch of drunk liberals who don’t listen to anything except their own assholes.

  • http://www.janniefunster.com Jannie

    Ivan, I don’t know who you are but you’re clearly not terrible.

  • http://www.urbanape.com Zachery Bir

    “And I find it interesting to note that his “compassion” for this newborn does not extend to guaranteeing it health insurance.”

    This, to me, is one of the biggest underpinnings of the hypocrisy of the right. Compassionate Conservatism was, and is, a dangerously seductive lie.

  • http://rcurry.blogspot.com randi

    I am from Canada so I have no say in the US election, but I agree with another fellow Canadian commenter, yours is much more exciting!

    For some of you to assume that one would vote for one candidate over another for a single issue (like abortion) is absurd.

    Oy. I am just going to sit up here in Ontario, enjoy my free healthcare, and my right to choose how my body is treated and keep my mouth shut.

    (if I were American, I would TOTALLY be a Democrat. Just sayin’!)

  • Angie

    Although I do see reasons for abortion (incest, rape and health) I am not pro-abortion and deeply resent the argument being made by “feminists” that this is the only issue that should matter in this election. This is not a one dimensional race and to reduce it as such is insulting.

    “the courage of a pregnant mother to bring her child into the world”

    When some of you heard such negativity in this statement, I heard something entirely different. I am raising two beautiful adopted sons thanks to the courage and selflessness of another woman.

  • Ronna

    Hallelujah! Amen! GObama!

  • http://politic.me Politic Me

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m not a woman but every woman I’ve talked to about McCain’s policies agree that they’re so wrong. Unfortunately, that’s not going to stop some of them for voting for him based on other issues.

  • Anonymous

    Why any woman who intends to vote for OBAMA should reconsider

  • Emily

    Dooce: we are all here because of your humor. Don’t belittle us for it.

  • http://www.reneestephen.com Renee

    A few points:

    1. I love to see the look on the faces of pro-lifers when I ask them how long a jail sentence a woman should receive for having an abortion. A year? Five years? Ten? If it’s murder, then stand up and shout it out.

    2. Partial-birth abortion is not a medical term, it’s a rhetorical term used to scare gullible people who grow faint at the sight of blood; it’s not a term usefully used in any reasonable argument.

    3. Health Care for all Americans could have been provided ten times over for the cost of the Iraq war. Because of the “free market,” Health Care in the US costs, per capita, double what it costs in Canada, where basic care is provided for all citizens.

    4. Dooce is both funny and informative. “Narrow-minded” she is not. Asking people to read persuasive articles is not narrow-minded; telling people that your religion should determine their future, is.

  • Ivan

    Talon, for a second there I thought you were actually serious about this pressing issue o’ the day.

    Your flip comments about shagging chicks is a blatant attempt at sounding hip and cool and somehow minimizing the aspect of this debate. Again, I sympathize with the loss of your son but it has nothing to do with the argument at hand, nor does it give you some unquestionabel moral authority to weigh in.

    Besides…by YOUR STATEMENT, if a man is shagging a chick and gets her pregnant, then HIS opinion regarding HER body is TOTALLY his business (YOU said if ‘I’m shagging her then…her body is totally my business) then HE SHOULD HAVE A SAY IN WHETHER OR NOT THAT BABY IS CARRIED TO TERM. Somehow I think you disagree with that statement despite clearly stating the contrary. Just more inconsistent arguments from the pro-abortionists.

    If not, I applaud your ideas regarding men having equal say in conceiving and raising children. Somehow I think that last sentence is wasted on you.

  • Anonymous

    I come here by choice, even when I don’t agree. I am a woman. I am a feminist. I have a brain. I will pull the lever for McCain for a variety of reasons, sadly, none of which I think you would care to hear about. The sharpness with which you, your fellow bloggers highlighted here, and respondents would rebuke and berate me for my political choice… saddens me. Ironically, you are all irate over “choice.” And yet, you would take this opportunity to berate me for choosing differently than you politically. Women, it would seem, are too often our own worst enemies.

  • Ivan

    656, Caitlan

    Hey, I applaud your husband joining the military. I was 22 when I was commissioned and I’m a 35 yr old Major now. Like I said, 2lt’s don’t know much.

    Your statements make me curious. You say you’re about to be a lawyer, and your husband took a pay cut to join the USAF. Is he a lawyer, too? JAG?

  • Molly

    Thank you for the links – the stories were quite compelling. And thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this, despite the shitstorm in these comments. There are lots of us who don’t comment often but love your views :)

  • Anonymous

    AMEN #395 – the screaming freaking out liberals in the world seem to forget about the tenets on which this country was founded. It sure as hell wasn’t SOCIALISM. For those of you that don’t like it, pack up your shit and get the hell out. You don’t have the right to rewrite the Constitution.

  • Kellie

    Uh…Ivan? Talon? Seriously. Get a room already.

  • RJ

    Quote: “Of course, sure, you can vote for Obama… when he and his lunatic wife not only support live-birth abortions, but petition for them. It’s so much better for women to vote for him, and support his maniacal support of leaving living “aborted” children to die or actively slicing their jugulars so they bleed to death.”

    It’s ok to have a different opinion, but what the HELL are you talking about?? You are spewing LIES. I want to know WHEN Obama “petitioned” for live-birth adoptions! Non-sense, he supports legislation to make them illegal with exception of the life and health of the mother.

    slicing their jugulars! You are a truly insane, hateful person. What doctors do you think do these procedures? Obama supports giving life-saving support to infants in failed abortions. He did not vote for a new law because there is already a law in place. Go back to your dark hateful hole!

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOD people. I am so sick and tired of hearing so-called pro-choicers telling women to be more responsible. Just wear a condom. Just use birth control then you wouldn’t need an abortion. BIRTH CONTROL FAILS. Even when you use it correctly. Don’t agree with abortion? Don’t have one.

  • http://faydean.typepad.com Amy J.

    I was just beginning to think that Dooce sucks for inciting so much crap…then I read all of the comments and saw so MANY well written, intelligent, funny, informed and just plain “hell yes” comments from my fellow McCain supporters.

    Just like Joe the Plumber, Dooce you’ve managed to pull those McCainiacs like me out of lurkedom! Thanks. I was beginning to really worry there was no chance in hell McCain could win. But now, I have hope (sorry to steal Obama’s catch word) that he might. You’ve managed to hit just the right nerve to bring the conservatives out of hiding in what would seemingly be the most unlikely of places…your blog.

    Again, thanks…and hey guys, thanks for joining in. You oughta follow on over to Jon’s site too, where I am often the token “jump on the conservative” poster. I could use the support, and so could McCain! I’ve read all the comments and found many very, very impressive. I’d address you all but I can’t go back through that many comments. You know who you are. Well done and you have my respect and support as a fellow McCain supporter, especially those women, who, like me, were fully insulted by the topic of this particular post.

  • Elizabeth

    I am a woman and I am voting for John Mccain. I love our rights as American’s to say what we want and I appreciate and value your thoughts and enthusiasm. However it is becoming less of and opinion and more of an insult. An insult to people that have read your website from its birth and have subsequently helped to pay your bills. Please keep this in mind before you begin to insult us which is the thin line you are beginning to step over.

  • http://materetuxor.wordpress.com Jessica

    Heather, I discovered your blog back in March and started at the beginning. I really enjoy it and feel that I can relate to you as a person… that being said, I have to disagree with your approach to this. Some of us as women vote will vote for McCain BECAUSE of this very issue. And that does not make us all a bunch of religious nuts who want to control your ovaries. To me, it makes me true to myself and my beliefs about life and when it begins. Honestly I have no idea how any woman who has given birth can be in favor of abortion, but that is a point that I have to throw up my hands and say “agree to disagree?”
    Its a little silly to try and convince women to not vote for McCain because he disagrees with abortion, when women like me are voting for him for that very reason. You are a woman who wants the choice to kill her baby if you decide that is what is “best” for you, and that in itself is flawed reasoning because it is selfish and does not give a voice to the child. Even if you think it is just a mass of cells til it pops out of your hoo-ha, it would still be a living human being if you left it alone and allowed it to develop. This is not just a religious issue, its a moral one.
    By the way, I am pro-life but I am not screaming for Roe v. Wade to be overturned. I am sure more people would die than necessary if back alley abortions began to take place. For me, its the principle of the thing- someone who will stand up and say hey, let’s think about the whole picture, not just what is convenient for you and I.
    That being said, I still love laughing and crying with you, I love feeling like I am not the only woman in the world who deals with some of the things I deal with, and I will continue to be a fan of your blog. But please stop trying to convince me to think like you on such a fundamental issue. It just won’t happen.

  • Anonymous

    Shocking to read a woman compare a fetus to a car wreck.

    You are brainwashed. I hope you never come in contact with my child.

  • Katie

    All of these comments are such a great case study on moral relativism…

  • http://ruffinism.blogspot.com Susan

    “Jane, you ignorant slut…” Dooce! Stop, you’re not in lockstep with Obama on everything, surely you don’t want socialism or you would be living in Russia. Do you really want to penalize the small business owner (250,000+ a year) who puts most of that 250,000 back into the company to KEEP IT SOLVENT and keep employing its employees!? We are “Slouching Towards Gomorrah”, I don’t agree with John McCain on abortion but he just doesn’t want government paying for it, LEAVE IT TO THE STATES…been there, done that, wish I would have had a little couseling FROM ANYONE. There is a middle ground to many things…Obama is far left, McCain is middle right. Obama wants to distribute the wealth. Surely you don’t believe in that…

    Daily Chuck is still my favorite and mavericky maverick was absolutely priceless.

    Always a fan, Susan

  • Anonymous

    I’m not voting for McCain because I particularly like him; I’m voting for him because there is no way I can endorse Obama. And I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this way.

  • JO


    I am aware of why Obama didn’t vote FOR that bill (because it didn’t include an exception to protect the health of the mother.) What I’d like to know is why he didn’t vote AGAINST it. He voted “Present.” Were he truly passionately symathetic to the women Dooce cited, he would have voted with a resounding NO.

    There are various definitions of “late-term” but any leader -like Obama – who professes to support banning late-term abortions in ambiguous terms makes me nervous.

    As I said above, Obama is by far the better choice, but he is not fantastic by any means.

  • Glenn M

    How is abortion rights at the front end of this election? Shit there are many other issues more pressing. I disagree with the Republican view on this but still. Palin’s thoughts are bizzare to me but OK this isn’t an abortion election.

    There are much more important issues than abortion in this election. You chose to make it a main theme in this post but its not. Again I don’t agree with Palin or McCain on this front but really we have bigger problems.

    The economy is the issue and while you can blame Bush all you want it was the Democrats that pushed the Alt-A deals which corrupted the system…Pelosi, and Frank…I’ll have to check on Dodd but I suspect that he too was involved. If you decide to check it out it was the sub-prime loans that they championed which opened up the flood gates. Lots of greedy brokers in general and on Wall Street who then sold them to banks and other Countries bought them. As long as the fees were coming in they were good. Stupid greedy bastards really but it was the democrats who opened up the credit envrionment to loan to people who weren’t qualified. That’s what tanked our economy if you care to look…or at the very least was the start of the downfall.

    Iraq war…no prize either…just a pissing away of us…that one goes squarely on the shoulders of Bush. Glad its going better now but really…wasn’t necessary.

    Getting back to the economy. Do you know what this means?

    You don’t know me, of course, but I finance small businesses. Which means I help supply about 85% or more of all jobs in this country. Not me personally of course but in general.

    Take for instance this:

    I have a deal I’m trying to get financed for the construction of a shopping center. Total deal is about $50 million. Anchored by a major grocery store so that means there will be perhaps a couple of barber’s or hair salon’s probably a Starbucks but it already has an AutoZone and Burger King leased…most of the rest are smaller things…a dry cleaner and whatnot…you know the things that you see everyday. The borrower is very qualified and the terms I get for him now are stupid. I was embarrassed to even discuss them.

    How does this apply to you? Fair enough question. When that shopping center gets built that means construction workers have jobs. The fees they pay to the city means the city workers get paid. The real benefit is this…people in the neighborhood have new services much closer to them if they choose to use them but really its this. I have no idea of how many people a supermarket employs and while most aren’t terribly well paying jobs it does give an opportunity. They are the biggest employer in my example but think of the other places…Burger King…I’m sure there’s a formula but new jobs. Other services…more jobs. Again lower paying jobs perhaps but who knows what kind of manufacturer or other service which might benefit from this. Its all integrated.

    Take this one step further and more personal. When that deal closes I get a comission…I’m a photographer to (yes I’m not just some useless corporate guy) I use that to buy more lenses and whatnot. I also buy a trip to say for example to Arizona where I buy an airline ticket and hotel rooms and restaurants and tours.

    Do you see how this works? I get to finance my shopping center which I get to sell off. The shopping center gets built and they in turn employ many (probably hundreds given shifts and whatnot). This encourages more expansion in the area as its now lively. I get my commission and I get to buy my equipment and take my trips. But more importantly than me the guy who did this might want to do this in another community. This creates more jobs for both construction and retail workers.

    My point is this. You can bitch about Bush all you want and I won’t argue you on this but what caused this was the downfall of the residential market which caused the demise of the commercial market.

    Sorry but it was the democrats who caused it…argue with me all you want. It is what it is…If you want to do some research Alt-A was the major reason….look it up if you’d like.

    I’m sure very few of you will read this…sorry to go against Heather whom I agree with on several aspects…this one is off.

    Bush was no prize to be sure…’idiot’ well…that’s in play.

    I know this started out as an abortion issue but really I never saw the point in that. The Supreme Court of this country hasn’t overturned Rowe.v.Wade as far as I recall.

    Pick a more relevant issue