• Kristie

    I’m with you Heather. At 15 weeks, I feel like I’ve been pregnant for 8 months already. I am so over being pregnant. I have nausea throughout the day and all I want is pizza… so why do I always get nominated to pick up ice cream for my husband? Something’s wrong here.

    This is my third pregnancy & it’s been worse every time. And of course I start showing earlier with every one. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this.

  • Rita Zimmerman

    I too did not enjoy being pregnant at all. Second time around was worse because I knew what to expect and for that reason it seemed to last longer. While I was pregnant and the morning sickness was in full swing I had a total stranger tell me how she wished she could be pregnant all the time. I wanted to kick her. Seriously though, best wishes with your pregnancy.

  • http://buywii.com.au wii

    Poor dear, I know it doesn’t seem like it now but the sickness won’t last forever. I hope it goes quickly.

    Thanks for mustering the strength to post!

  • Theresa

    Oh, I SO hear you. I hate being pregnant, and I let my husband know it daily, in between him massaging my lower back and holding my hair back while I hug the porcelain. That being said, I love my 2-yr old son so much that I’m actually doing it all over again. I’m at 15 weeks…and woke up a few days ago without the nausea, heartburn, and food aversions, hallelujah! It won’t last, but I’m suddenly getting excited about the baby again, instead of blaming my husband for my predicament. Hang in there…and keep writing.

  • Anonymous

    Ginger pops !!

  • margiesbooboo

    Saltines and cool water by your bed! Do not pick up your head until you let a saltine dissolve in your mouth and you have a sip of cool water. Mylanta is a wonderful antacid. My son was 6 months of nausea and he was a large baby. Very hairy fella at birth. He had a mohawk on top with a rattail going down his back and hair on his chest. Baby hair not some freaky wolfman hair. A gallon of milk a day along with mylanta. I do not like milk. Or mylanta.

    Good luck with the pregnancy, I am jealous. Try the saltines, they may settle your tummy.


  • sara-jayne

    I am one of the weird one that love being pregnant!!! Heck I have even been a surrogate mother 3 times!!! You would think that after pushing 5 babies out of my vahjayjay it would be enought for me….but it.make me sad to think that I will probably never be pregnant again.

  • http://www.iambossy.com/ BOSSY

    Bossy was morning sick too — except it was All Day Sick with nothing to distinguish the morning hurl from all the other hurls except maybe the sound of the Today Show, which was perpetually on in the background.

  • EOMama

    You just described EXACTLY how I feel about being pregnant! That’s why I only did it once. Hope it gets better soon!

  • Tammy

    I do not envy you the pregnancy part. Love the new babies – hate pregnancy! Did it four times (yes we knew how it happened) and still. I. Hated. Pregnancy.
    Best wishes! Tammy

  • Sara Joy

    Ummmmm, happy for you, sad being pregnant makes you miserable.
    2 things to consider:
    a) after first baby all women show much sooner
    b) you lost 15lb first trimester w/ Leta – not healthy and a reason why you did not show….also not healthy.
    Showing is good.
    Commence to hating me: I am due 10 days before you and feel great. I am hungry, love food, have no further nausea, never threw up, and really love being pregnant. I just thought I would give you a reason for my lack of sympathy, I have no clue whatsoever what you are going through.
    But I heart your blog so I feel bad that you feel bad, does that help?

  • http://idroppedmybonbon.blogspot.com mpotter

    here’s to hoping you feel better in the next trimester.

    i’ve heard you tend to show earlier w/ the 2nd pregnancy. i’ve noticed some of my friends who did as well.

    i totally agree with the “pregnant pizza”- great analogy.
    we didn’t find out what Little Bean was going to be & i read somewhere that ‘boys give you beauty, girls take it away’. all the acne i had all over my body made me blurt out i was having a girl.

    everyone in the friggin world would tell me it’s a boy. even to the point of arguing once or twice. (??)
    nope. the world was wrong. we have a 4mo old daughter.

    and i have the backne to prove it!

  • http://www.becomingsomething.com Natasha

    Yes! I craved salt and vinegar chips during all that morning sickness too! I don’t even like them in real life. Or… I mean, when I’m not pregnant.

    And I’ve had Zoloft through two pregnancies. It’s fine. There’s an organization in Toronto that has been monitoring pregnant women and drugs for YE-ARS and these anti-depressants have been shown to be safe. Of course, I can’t remember the name NOW. But if I do, I’ll let you know.

    Congratulations, Armstrong Family!

  • ShannonO

    I’m just starting my third trimester, and I’m thrilled/ecstatic about my little girl on the way – - – buuuuut, I’m with you completely. I DO NOT enjoy being pregnant. I don’t get the people who love it either. I’m really tired of the feeling that this is not my body anymore. I don’t think any woman should feel bad about admitting these very real feelings. It’s a weird paradigm to be so happy to have this child and so over being pregnant all at the same time.

  • Elise

    I am with you…I had one child and I love her like no other, but that is it for me. I crave another baby but the thought of going through that again, no way. They say you forget, well this lady did not forget and my baby is four.
    Best of luck and happy wishes to you!!

  • Jeff

    I remember when I started reading your blog while you were pregnant with Leta. It reminded me of my mom’s stories of her pregnancies (I’m the oldest of 8) but your were much cooler. I hope things get better as you enter your second trimester.

  • an

    eat small frequent meals throughout the day so that your stomache is never empty. aim for bland foods that are high in protein or carbs, b/c they both fight nausea. when you first wake up nibble on crackers, try eating food at room temp, limit fluids during meals, drink only between meals. sometimes water can induce nauseau, try sprite. try vitamin b does b/w 10 & 25 miligrams 3 times a day. ginger is an alternative remedy thought to settle the stomache see if you can find ginger ale made with real ginger (most sodas aren’t) or grate fresh ginger into hot water for ginger tea. also giner capsules are avaliable and teh usual dosage is 500 mg 3 to 4 times a day. acupressure bands have been thought to help. they are soft cotton bands solf at most drug stores. they ward of seasickness.
    try to avoid fatty foods which take longer to digest.
    good luck
    -dr. p

  • http://inthemeantime.typepad.com/ Jennifer

    One of my best friends feels the same way about being pregnant. She told me the exact same thing you said – she feels like she has lost control of her body. She absolutely loves being a mom. But has silently suffered through all of her pregnancies. She has had four children and is an amazing mother.

    And yes, GINGER. It may be hard to get a sliver of fresh ginger down, but oh. my. goodness. it works on the nausea. If you buy ginger snaps and ginger ale, make sure they actually have ginger in them. Maybe have Jon look at health food stores for the real stuff.

    No advice on the acne. Sorry.

    I keep you in my thoughts for continued healthy pregnancy and for a big, strong, healthy baby.

  • KimberlyK

    whoo, this is so exciting!
    do we get to see progress pictures like we did with leta in your belly?

  • http://www.mercyssake.com Casey

    Definitely!! I feel your pain. I am 17 weeks and just now starting to feel “good,” meaning I have a bad day here and there, but not every day. I hope you feel better soon.

  • bonnie

    You have my sympathies…I had “morning” sickness 24/7 the whole nine months with BOTH my kids. I didn’t enjoy being pregnant either. But I guess we have to keep our eye on the prize, right? Here’s to hoping you feel better soon.

  • pat (long time reader)

    I cant wait till you start sharing pregnancy pics…..



  • Jillian

    I’m sure someone has already mentioned this but I’ve always heard it’s really common to show earlier in subsequent pregnancies. I’m due exactly 3 months before you, with my second also. And this time around I had someone ask me at SIX WEEKS if my daughter was going to be a big sister SOON. WTF? And now, at 25 weeks I apparently look big enough to pop any moment. It’s lovely, huh?

  • http://www.theadventuresofsupermom.com Michelle

    I loved being pregnant.

    I lived off ZOFRAN this last pregnancy. It saved my life! It is the best script you can get for nausea and safe for the baby.

    I am trying to talk my husband into baby #5. Yes, you may smack some sense into me.


  • Jessica

    I feel your pain. I am pregnant with my second (due a week before you!) and it is much more miserable this time – I think it is exacerbated by the fact that I have a toddler that MUST be attended to no matter how I feel. And I’m already showing too! At THREE MONTHS – it took me 5 with my son. Good God, I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come… my son weighed 9.2 at birth. Okay, now I’m starting to panic! This all goes to say that I am so super stoked for you guys!

  • http://lynn.2girlsplastic.com Lynn

    do you know what the sex of the baby is? chances are it’s a boy. for some reason everyone i know that’s had both a boy and a girl always show early with the boys and barely at all with the girls. so odd.

  • http://katehopeeden.blogspot.com katehopeeden

    Me too. Me too with the throwing up, the nausea and the hating being pregnant. And me too with the loving the new baby :)
    I have three daughters (now 12, 10.5 & 6.5) and with the first two it was nothing but barfing. And none of that first trimester barfing, I’m talking the whole effing time I was pregnant. Daughter number one completely killed any urge I ever had to drink apple juice. To this day neither she nor I like it.
    With daughter number two I would wake up in between four and five in the morning and eat a peice of toast or a bowl of VERY BLAND cereal and go back to bed. It tricked her for several months and made living more bearable.
    With daughter number three I was fully convinced I was having a boy because I never even threw up one time. It was as though The Universe thought I’d had enough punishment.
    Hang in there, nothing is more wretched and wonderful than pregnancy. :)

  • http://annchihakpoff.blogspot.com Ann

    For some reason I have not been able to comment lately.
    But congrats on the pregnancy! I am so happy for you and your family.
    I am sorry to hear how crappy you feel.
    I am not planning on having children–so I have no idea how crappy you feel. :(
    One of my friends described it as feeling hungover all the time. Uh, yea, no thanks.
    But regardless of the yuck part–yea for you and the family on the newest addition. I know this is something you guys have wanted for a long time. So right on!

  • Lori

    Ok so it has been 19-years since I was last pregnant (Thank the Lord) and compared to most of my friends I had it easy. (only had morning sickness 1 time)

    I am thankful that I chose the “the Lord said multiply and replenish the earth” meant by 2 not by 200 but my body was never the same after the 2nd. I look at my beautiful 19-year daughter and say to myself “just you wait until you have your 2nd child too kido.”

  • http://szumkos.blogspot.com Christine

    Thanks for so perfectly writing about my thoughts on pregnancy… excited about a baby but hating losing control of my body.

  • Jennifer

    I am five months pregnant with our fifth – and yes I broke out the maternity pants within minutes of peeing on the stick.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever get the women who feel more womanly while pregnant. To me, feeling like a woman has a lot more to do with buying overpriced skincream, drinking at bookclub, and taking home a nice paycheck than looking like a Dr. Suess character who mated with something vaguely bovine.

  • AW

    Oh. My. God.

    Totally feel your pain and sympathize here. I am 29 weeks along with my first (yep, not even reading your pukey entries 4 years or so ago scared me off the baby thing) and I wholly believe any pregnant woman who loooooves being pregnant should be smacked. Hard. Now I understand why it costs so much to adopt- I’d pay that price to not have to go through this again for the next one. Except the kicks. I really do love being kicked. But yeah, everything else? Sucks.

  • http://asmymotherbeforeme.blogspot.com shani

    I was one of the lucky ones, who didnt get sick, not to stick it in your face.
    However, my body did crave food, lots of it. And now, nearing 40, I am paying for it.

    You will show earlier with number 2 and even sooner with any after that. As the saying goes- your already ‘stretched’.

    I have to say- as a non-mormon in utah, who has attended the mormon church and asked ‘why?’ I love to hear your comments about the teachings that I and others have voiced in our own circles.
    Keep up the laughs you make my day!
    you will feel better- but like one poster said, better get your sleep now.

  • Angela

    I’m pregnant with my second child after having a miscarriage last year as well. Let me tell you that the growth of your stomach will only increase. I’m at 28 weeks and I look like I did at 40 with my daughter Audrey. I swear there is no way that I’m going to make it three more months. NO HOLY WAY. I also fought off the sickness for four months before it subsided. Difficult with a toddler running around. Yes. Congratulations. Buy lots and lots of elastic waistband pants. I also hate being pregnant. I hate the sickness, the stretchiness, the achiness, the peeing my pants, the waddling, the zits, the fluids, the big boos, all of it. But I love being a mother. All those women who claim to love being pregnant are high on crack cocaine. HIGH. Or they have been brainwashed by their respective religions. I swear it’s true. Who else what’s to look like a pink watermelon? WHO IN THE HELL?

  • http://valetian.blogspot.com Valeta

    I hate being pregnant too. I am 28 weeks pregnant with my third. I never ever want to be pregnant again. Three kids is way too many anyway.

    I was hospitalized at 16 weeks when I hadn’t kept anything down for 24 hours. I still feel nauseous sometimes.

    My acne is awful too.

    I have friends who can’t get pregnant so I feel like I shouldn’t complain but this pregnancy crap sucks.

    Congrats! Heh.

  • Tammy

    I am sure you have heard this… go to a oriental market, get pickled ginger… when your stomach is upset, eat a sliver of ginger… in the north here we have vernors (ginger ale) but it still doesn’t work as well as this.. plus being pickled, hits that craving and the soduim helps with some bloating.

  • DIana

    Someone may have mentioned this…but perhaps ask your doctor about Ondansetron…I took it, had a healthy baby and it would cure my morning sickness ALL DAY…sometimes a day and a half.

  • http://www.jdubya.vox.com jenny

    i am in the middle of my third month now and because i’m not as eloquent with my words as you are, i’ve just been bursting into tears whenever my husband asks why i’m curled in bed/barfing/laying on the floor of my bathroom.

    thank you for writing exactly how i feel! i’m fwding this post to him right now.

    all i’m saying is, my baby better be fucking awesome.

  • Wedje

    I sympathize. During my pregnancy I didn’t notice the facial hair thing. However, I did notice the lump thing – anything that was freckle became mole, anything that was mole decided to double in size, any of those weird bump things that aren’t moles also doubled in size and didn’t shrink after I popped him out of my body. Melanoma? Nah, just pregnant thanks. Oh yes, one more thing – my nose grew too. Husband thought I was nuts, but I have photographic evidence. Thankfully the nose shrank back afterwards. May you and your new little one be healthy and happy.

  • Steph

    We’ve been calling our baby “Stewie” after the baby on the Family Guy, b/c I’m pretty sure it’s trying to kill me. For the first time in over five years, I ate a McDonald’s quarter-pounder with cheese. After the heart palpitations slowed, I swore I’d never do that again (ok, after the second McMeal). I just wonder what Stewie is going try next. Ack.

  • http://freewomensfitness.com/how-to-get-a-flat-tummy-and-tight-abs/ get a flat tummy

    This post is sad but wonderful at the same time. It is all part of the cycle. I can see you rolling your eyes!

    Good luck for the rest of the term.

  • Erica

    Who could enjoy being pregnant? It’s an alien parasite growing inside you. And yes it’s beautiful and wonderful and exciting, but COME ON, alien parasite.

  • http://redhotmamma.blogspot.com Heather Angele

    I want to preface my comment by saying that this is in no way judgmental and solely based on my own curiosity. I repeat: not judging anyone’s choices. But I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on adoption. I ask because you mention that you don’t like being pregnant and what it does to your body, which I’m sure is the same for many women, and you’ve been frank about your meds & postpartum depression. Personally, I have zero desire to ever endure pregnancy and childbirth, yet I am open to one day adopting a child. And I have friends who have had this debate with their partners – bio kid vs. adopted kid. I know it’s deeply personal, but I wonder if this is something you & Jon discussed.

  • http://taycesspace.com Tater’s Mom

    A-fucking-men! Pregnancy sucks balls! All those people who go on and on about how it’s such a magical time? I want to shove a watermelon up their nose and ask them how magical they feel!!

  • MamaLana

    Try canned cling peaches in heavy syrup. They taste the same coming up. Good luck, Sweetie. We’re all pulling for you!

  • Sarah

    I also hated pregnancy with a vengeance. I just had my second baby two months ago and got a tubal two weeks ago. I love my children with everything I’ve got, but the thought of another pregnancy brings no joy, only paralytic fear. Best of luck, Heather.

  • Noelle

    My due date is the same as yours. I was having a hard time explaining to my husband how I could be starving one minute and deathly ill the next. I am going to make him read your post because you explained it perfectly. I too am also a pizza face. This bothers me to no end, because no matter how much Proactive I slather on my face I wake up with a new zit. I keep telling myself that I wanted this baby, wanted it very badly, but your idea of hand jobs makes perfect sense to me now.

  • Julie B.

    Ask your doc for PremesisRx. Has extra Vitamin B & folic acid. I tried this with my second pregnancy as I had horrible morning sickness 24/7 and it worked like a charm.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhhh, so painful! You poor thing; I so feel your anguish. I read this and it made me flash back to my pregnancies (4- yes, I’m insane) and the funky penny-like taste in my mouth that made me salivate so much I had to spit in a cup 18 hours a day.

    Thank Christ for vasectomies.

  • Benthead

    Wendy’s Frosties. Chocolate. Cold. Smooth. Slides down the throat and just dissolves all those gassy bubbles of nausea.

    Much better than popsicles, in my mind, which are too sickly sweet and way too close to syrup.