• Barb

    My love for Chuck grows more every day. This post just sent me over the edge.

    Long live Chuck!

  • regiemino

    My daughter always called it “That Funny Show where People Fall Down”. Can’t believe it’s still on the air.

  • flwrchld

    I too had a overly sensative dog. A Rough Collie to be exact. And Sable had some serious issues. Sweet as could be, but very delicate and very emotionally concerned with everything around her. I spent hours with an at home trainer, in obedience classes, and in agility. We got past a lot of it, but sometimes all of the training did mean JACK! So, my trainer recommended “Rescue Remedy” that she used on her dog with thunderstorm anxiety. You can find at GNC stores etc., and you put a few drops in their water if you know something is coming… or if you need a quick fix a few drops on a treat or in soft dog food. It works WONDERS! It’s like natural prozac for dogs.

  • http://sarahviz.blogspot.com Trenches of Mommyhood

    Ahhh, yes, AFV is a hit in our Trenches with 3 young boys.

    You haven’t lived until after watching a skateboarder attempt to slide down a pole only to slip off the skateboard and come crashing full force directly onto his twigs and berries, your 3-year old then comments matter-of-factly, “Now THAT’s gonna leave a mark.”

  • http://www.barnabasmonkeypants.com RCheli

    Sunday nights my wife lets me watch “my show” (what I call AFV) while eating dinner. Sometimes I laugh so hard, I can’t breathe and I make her pause the TV so I can recover. Knowing that this show — which has been on forever — will still be on when our 4-month-old son becomes aware of the innate beauty of a man getting hit in the testicles really warms my heart.

  • http://pooplatter.com Poo Platter

    The crunching and loss of testicles makes everything funnier.

    Thank God for video cameras and the idiots in front of them it makes life all that much better.

    Sounds like Sunday should be Quaalude night for Chuck.

    Dogs up cats down.

    And my son just shit on the floor. Now that is just awesome.
    Nothing like a pile of poop to break up the day.

    On that note gotta go.

  • Anonymous
  • http://www.as-food-to-life.blogspot.com meredyth

    My very hipster roommates in Brooklyn and I used to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos together. It was family time. It was hilarious.

  • laralee

    I love American’s Funniest Home Videos. Sadly it was ripped from my life when my husband and I moved from an apartment that included cable in the rent to moving into our house that unfortunately does not include anything in the mortgage except for a place to live in. Due to the fact I am in school and don’t work cable is a luxury item that is not exactly on the priority list. My husband and I had a ritual much the same as yours. Eat dinner, sometimes we would make dinner in time to eat and watch it at the same time, or eat and then watch it. We laughed so hard. There is just something about people getting hit in the crotch or falling off bikes that you don’t want to miss! I envy your Sundays, and soon hope to get mine back!

    From a huge fan of “The Funny Show”

  • http://www.simonewphoto.com Simone

    My 3 girls love that show too but they call it The Hurtin’ Show.

    I hate to admit this to you but I’m not fond of dogs. at all. Thanks to Doogle the neighborhood dog that decided to take a chunck out of my knee when was 5 yrs. old. But I do have to say that I enjoy Chuck and I think I just might have a soft spot for him now after this post.

  • http://www.missylingerie.com cool lingerie

    I’m glad he inherited my belief that watching people fall is funny.

  • http://spamous.com/ Anonymous

    Ruby is a combination of Chuck and Coco. She was kicked out of doggy day care and blowing a bubble with your gum scares the crap out of her. She actually has had the crap scared out of her… sigh. But we love them.

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, we have a neurotic dog. I think that I have completely ruined my relationship with her because I am a yeller (not a hitter, I just yell when I am annoyed) and she never forgets. It took her almost a year to figure out house training, even crated! If I say “ouch” she dashes off to her crate. She may have to leave here for a new home now because she is jealous of the toddler and she is big- big is scary with a toddler.

    I do have a dog-cat(actually feline). She follows us on our walks and guards us from other people and animals. She also acts like I gave birth to the child and now it belongs to her. Her kitten.

  • Anna

    I’ve met a lot more neurotic dogs than cats. Cats get such a bad rap…for one thing, they sleep half the day so they aren’t awake long enough to get upset over stuff.

  • Lisa

    sounds like a typical night at my house. Except we don’t even have the kid yet! Here’s to hoping my baby will love watching other kids get flung into the mud by a wild dog and see babies get stuck in a bucket.

    We have two dogs and one gets very upset when we get loud, hug or initiate the tiniest little dance. She stands up, backs up and starts barking at us. And the other one gets right up inbetween us, almost like he is protecting us from the big angry one. Ahhh…dogs.

  • http://inkbytink.com Tink

    Agreed – there really is little funnier than strangers hurting themselves in unexpected ways. I wish the Funny Show were on every day, too.

  • Cara

    Our house is filled with giddy excitement on Sunday nights when our kids realize that “Funniest Tom Videos” is on after bath. We have more fun watching the kids crazy reactions and laughing along with them than watching the videos themselves.

    Glad to know we’re not the only ones who watch stupid human tricks with our kids ;)

  • Julia

    I’ve fallen madly in love with Chuck, he seems like such an amazing pet. And try as I might, my cat won’t let me stack anything on his head. :(

    I’m sure you’ve seen this, but if not, it’s a Japanese gameshow where the point is to stack food on an animals heads. I think Chuck would win hands down.

  • http://www.puppytoes.net Joanne

    Oh, the poor little guy!

    Our dog gets scared at many things – arguments being one of them. He’ll tuck his tail and try to either wedge himself between us or stand up trying to get one of us to pick him up. If we’re in a laughing fit, he’ll jump up from wherever he’s lounging and act unsure – he’ll stand there and hold his paw up or come and paw at one of us.

    We’re even going to training classes right now specifically aimed at fearful dogs, and some of the techniques are quite useful. You could try setting up some situations where someone in the room will start laughing in such a manner that would normally freak him out, then at that exact moment (before he can actually freak out), toss several treats (good ones, like chicken, hot dog pieces, cheese etc.,) at him. Tossing the treats at him will momentarily distract him, and perhaps he’ll evenually get that fits of laughter are a good thing that result in treats!

    Isn’t The Funny Show on every day (later at night, I think?) on ABC Family?

  • http://notjustsurviving.wordpress.com/ Stephanie

    My parents recently got a West Highland Terrier puppy (which are the cutest puppies known to man) that I love to death. My mom makes fun of me for telling the puppy on a regular basis (every few minutes or so) just how cute he is. Of course, he already knows that.

    He doesn’t act like a cat, but we have discovered that he’s been chewing up our brand new carpet, and have yet to catch him in the act. He’s a sneaky little pest.

  • http://lipstickdaily.com Elaine

    OMG Heather you are just the funniest writer! I feel better now – - I was feeling soooo immature for spending 10 minutes the other night laughing hysterically at Youtube videos of folks basically falling over. Thanks!

  • Kris

    Chuck is an anomaly – but not a cat. A cat would not sit shivering in the middle of the sofa. Most cats hardly acknowledge a fight, if only to give you a dirty look for interrupting their nap. Not a dog, not a cat. what is he then?

  • http://thischarminglife.blogspot.com Meredith

    I’m glad we’re not the only family that watches The Funny Show as a way to cap off the weekend!

  • http://lovelaughslice.blogspot.com Domestic Goddess (in training)

    I wonder if you could sue the show for the emotional trauma its caused in your cat? You could win millions and not have to injure or humiliate yourself to do it!

  • http://quietlikehorses.com Sobrina

    Does Chuck also sleep on top of couch backs like a cat? My boyfriend’s dog does that and it’s the funniest thing to see.

  • http://www.xanga.com/yourfavoritecynic Ray

    “The Funny Show” << that’s too cute. Sweet family ritual. And I think it’s cute that your daughter has the same sense of humor as your husband. Should make for fun days at the house. Sorry to hear about your cat though. Maybe you can ask the Vet for some suggestions on how to “unnerve him.”

  • http://www.humanbeingblog.com Lynn

    We just re-discovered this show. Steve laughs til he cries. I sit there and wonder what’s so funny. I can watch two people bouncing on a trampoline and know that one of them is going to get bounced off, and all I can think is damn, I hope they have good insurance. Occasionally I giggle. However, I’ll take this kind of humor over whatever he thinks is so funny about Adult Swim and Robot Chicken. All I can say to that is huh?

    Chuck does sound like a cat, specifically, our very neurotic cat Noelle, who insists that STEVE IS HERS by squeezing in, meowing and seductively wrapping her tail around his appendages (get your mind out of the gutter) whenever we are near each other. If we’re making any kind of noise, she gets even clingier and more vocal. Fighting sounds really make her needy, but kissing sounds are the worst. Before I met him, I never knew I could be pussy blocked by a cat.


  • http://velvetlava.blogspot.com/ Ann

    Our older dog Wylie (4 yrs) is filled with anxiety for no apparent reason, at times. He shakes to the point of practically convulsing every single morning when we leave – we’ve tried ALL the normal avenues to remedy this.

    He cannot abide barriers of any kind – he despises closed doors. As a puppy, we used a baby gate to keep him in one area – and he CHEWED through the plastic-coated WIRE to escape.

    Keep in mind, he is a YORKIE and weighed about 5 pounds at the time. Yeah.

    Our younger dude, Marcel Verdel Purcell? Totally easy breezy and laid back. We suspect he’s smoking pot.

  • Marissa

    Oddly enough, minutes after I read about “The Funny Show,” I saw a commercial that ABC Family is having a 3-hour marathon of AFV tonight! Hah!

  • Kim

    My kids LOVe that show. They call it “Falling Down People” and luckily it is on here every day! The old ones with Bob Sagat are a little harder to stomach though. He is not funny, AT ALL.

  • http://johnson5family.blogspot.com/ Heidi

    My kids also love that show. And my 2 sons think it is absolutely the funniest thing for people to get hit in the testies! They often try and reinact the show after its done, but in the end, one of them is rolling on the floor holding himself in pain and the other one is standing over him, asking “isn’t that FUNNY?” And then my daughter of course has to join in the torment to the boy who is holding onto his man parts.

    Man I love SUNDAYS!!

  • Patty

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    AFHV used to be on EVERY SINGLE DAY, on WGN out of Chicago. My 7.5 year old (who Leta will grow up to be some day – the weirdness doesn’t end at age 5, unfortunately) loved to watch it when we were eating dinner. He still asks for it, but alas – Seventh Heaven is the new 6pm hour show.

    He’s now hooked on Wheel of Fortune. Gotta love Pat and Vanna.

  • renee’ d.

    yes…we too have this sunday night ritual. i have an 8 year old and 5 year old –it’s about the best hour of the week when mom, dad and the boys laugh hysterically…good therapy.

  • durakje

    Funniest Home Videos???!!??

    You stay classy, Salt Lake.

  • Amy

    Reruns of AFV, thank heaven, is on every single night on the Family Channel, I don’t know if you have that in Utah, but here in New Jersey it comes on around 7 and they usually play several episodes back to back for a couple of hours. It’s a perfect way to distract the younger ones while I do homework with the older two. The Animal Planet channel also has a Funniest Animals edition which alone is worth the $150 a month I spend on cable.

    I’ve DV-R’d about five episodes in case of a cranky-time emergency. Kids never get tired of laughing at babies with pretzels stuck in their butt cheeks and people jumping off of trampolines into pools that collapse upon impact. In my opinion, its the best way to turn a grumpy night into a cheerful one.

  • http://www.smskp.com Free SMS

    I wish we did silent laughter. My family veers into snorting if you really get us laughing hard. My sister loves to make me snort.

  • http://aquietlifeinaloudhouse.blogspot.com/ Lora

    My son and I also do the silent laughter, as we sit hunched over my computer watching AFV on youtube. I’m glad he inherited my belief that watching people fall is funny.

  • http://prefersherfantasylife.com/ prefers her fantasy life

    Wow. I never understood the need for pet psychologists until I read about Chuck.

  • Nancy

    Dear God! I *am* Chuck!

  • http://www.survivethemayhem.com SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem

    Is is just my imagination or has “Daddy Scratches” managed to comment first alot lately? What does this guy do, sit by the computer and wait for a a new post to hit? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • http://michellemeisenbach.blogspot.com Michelle

    “funnies” as it’s called in our house is as important to the health of our relationships as Tivo is. I’ve no idea how anyone lives without either. And when we tivo funnies it’s like jesus fell again from heaven as saved the world.

  • http://www.princesseemma.com/ Emma

    That’s funny. My two dogs love it when we’re laughing. Especially when my partner laughs, they come running and jump all over him in excitment!
    They are only little dogs so jumping all over us is ok!(they’re miniture maltese – 3kg each).

    Looking forward to your new book! Will it be sold in Australia?

  • HDC

    Re: The funny show. I can relate. Early on after it started we watched it with my otherwise reserved grandmother. We thought she was going to have a cardiac episode when that guy overswung his golf club and rolled down the hill. Her laughing fit made it so much more fun for all the rest of us.

  • emily

    my own ultra-sensitive dog trembles and pants when “wait wait don’t tell me” is on NPR. he’s also started doing it when “says you” is on, which suggests that what’s upsetting him is the sound of a crowd of public radio nerds all laughing at the same time. poor little guy. he also has a phobia of cameras. i’m very glad chuck has escaped that one.

  • Kristen from MA

    It’s like Chuck is the dog-version of Morrissey. Makes me love him even more. :)

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    in a race for first, dooce is neck and neck with someone not at all of the same caliber!!

    so get out your votes, and quick! polls close soon.

    (be patient–it takes a bit for the page to load)

  • http://www.aplanetnamedjanet.etsy.com janet

    I could watch AFV much more that would be healthy for me.

  • http://jessiekeylon.com/blog/ Jessie

    poor chuck!
    I saw an episode of the Dog Whisperer where the dog freaked out when his owner coughed. Perhaps you should have Cesar Milan help you with your dogs.

    He would make you pack leader.


  • http://www.myspace.com/its_me_kelsey Kelsey

    At least you live in such a beautiful place. :)

  • Alex

    My dog Einstein, 12, has been neurotic since I rescued him from the ‘doggie jail’…. and it gets worse as he ages, as well as worse in the winter.
    He thinks my camera is evil, and shakes so much his collar will jangle with the force of it, if I so much as THINK of opening the camera bag. (we think he’s amish)

    we are also fond of describing him as ‘British’ because he has a tendancy to act with a ‘stiff upper lip’ about things, and then sulk for hours, or days… depending.

    But he has been the single best thing ever. :-) and this winter, we are all going from NW PA, where we get more snow than parts of AK to Key Largo for a break.