• Gin

    Okay, Sharon Stone.

  • http://bethalea.blogspot.com just beth

    You are such a jerk. ;-) you have no idea what it means to be all big, like BIG, big. You look fabulous… and only a LITTLE creepy. Ha.

    Can’t wait to meet you in seattle! I promise to at least TRY not to cry and beg you to be my best friend.



  • http://preteenstoddlersandnewbornsohmy.blogspot.com/ jennielynn

    You are friggin’ made of awesome.

  • http://miospacer.blogspot.com Melanie

    Does being pregnat make you crazy?! ‘Cause you look crazy. But in an adorable and hillarious kind of way.

  • http://blog.essenceofcapetown.co.za Nielfa Hanifa

    What wonderful boobs you have :P

    I want to be pregnant, but I think more so that I can have some extra cleavage to gawk at.

  • Jes

    Hilarious! Especially when compared to the previous weeks’ photos.

  • jody

    That is Hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    nice picture

  • http://www.deadgirlsdontdance.com Miss J

    Hmmph. I have more tummy than that, and I’m not pregnant. But, then again, I am also woefully short.

  • http://getupandplay.blogspot.com Barb@getupandplay


  • Anonymous

    actually, you look kind of scary!

  • http://www.thewigintons.blogspot.com Micah

    May I please print these pictures out and take them to my gynecologist to hang on the wall of his waiting room, alongside all the semi-creepy black/white pregnant lady pictures? These are truly, truly amazing.

  • LizA.

    I’ll bet you waited till Leta went to school before you “borrowed” all her princess stuff for the pics! Hope she doesn’t find out — nothing worse than a mad 5 year old!

  • Marlies

    You look amazing and so happy!

    Love it!

  • Kate

    Freaking deeeee–lightful!!!

    BAAA!!! and the prevent spam words are:

    Giuseppi bread


  • http://www.princesseemma.com/ Emma

    So cute! You’re hilarious!

  • http://jenniferfivecent.blogspot.com/ Jennifer in Italy

    Oh my god. This is hilarious. You look beautiful, Heather! Thank you for making me laugh hysterically in the middle of a library.

  • http://www.ecobabe.com.au Jayne

    Has anyone commented on your haircut? That’s one of the first things I noticed, it looks good. Great to hear and see that you’re in a happier pregnancy space.

  • http://www.libertypostgallery.blogspot.com Liberty Post Editor

    Have you seen those pool covers that elephants can walk on?

  • JudyInMaine

    You have outdone yourself!

  • Genn

    Terrifyingly cute… or cutely terrifying – can’t decide.

  • Mami Lulu

    Oh my, I’m laughing so hard…people must have really harassed you about the previous photo…what aholes. You are a funny gal!

  • Antra

    Your latest masthead is suddenly looking very apt. And here we were thinking we’d seen all your types of crazy already…

  • http://www.sensiblysassy.blogspot.com Sensibly Sassy

    This is the cover for your next book!

  • reikigirl

    These are great!

  • http://dailyproof.wordpress.com/ Non-Mom-Woman-Surviver

    Hi Heather, although I am not a mom (strictly and in its literally meaning) I can grasp and feel the message (if any)those funny photos spread all around. A sense of mystic and supernatural happiness in a new world of your own, like a virgin (a real one, expecting a baby), within a golden frame, hanging in our personal wall, the wall of all of us where we usually read you and share with you your mom adventures and misadventures. You look like a virgin Almodovar would make up from his own fantastic kitsch world turning it to an universal icon. Those photos surely will become fetiche posters anyone can miss of having it hanging in his/her bedroom praying and pleading for a new mesias. I’ve just let my imagination flew. Too much. Wharhol would have also made up something from those photos, surely.

  • http://custommademilk.wordpress.com sara

    ROFL! you do look great, that much is obvious. But ROFL! I love the psycho fairy princess getup and it’s obvious stark contrast of the other “I will kill you if you tell me to smile again” shots. :)

  • http://themoxiereport.blogspot.com Tracy

    The pictures are fab. Wish I had the guts to ham it up in front of the camera when I was pregnant.



  • Q

    …best …photos …ever

    you are just too cool:)

  • Crawforn

    In the words of one of the contestants from the Miss America show last weekend “…Wicked Awesome…” ~ works perfectly for these 2 pictures!

  • Cee

    Where did those seventeen pounds go, your boobs? Because it certainly wasn’t your tiny belly! Anyway, 17 pounds is a perfect amount of weight for 20 weeks. Go you!

  • Viktor

    You look fabulous.

    I will assume from the context that you are not drunk, even if the resemblance to your dancing is uncanny. :)

  • http://www.epervalencia.com Eper

    What a beautiful belly you have! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and haven’t gained a single lb! I’ve even lost weight from all the nausea and vomiting.

  • http://www.libertypostgallery.blogspot.com Liberty Post Editor

    O.K. Now for my serious comment. You look happy!

  • http://lipstickdaily.com Elaine at Lipstickdaily

    Welcome to the second trimester! Enjoy the honeymoon! Sheesh . . . my belly looked like that before I was pregnant . . . you don’t even want to mention 7 months. Enjoy!

  • http://moumou.ca/ Becca

    I had a horrendous day at school but these two photos totally made my day! You’re too funny!!! :)

  • Jen

    That is awesome. If I didn’t know you were pregnant, I’d think you were on drugs!

    (Also, I feel slightly selfishly good since I’m almost 30 weeks, and have only gained 15 lbs.)

  • http://journey2malia.blogspot.com/ Julie

    Your too cute ! lol.

  • Kirk

    My God – Leta must have been beside herself.

  • Ellen

    That’s awesome. Does Leta know you borrowed her tiara? ;)

  • http://alfredsmom.typepad.com alfredsmom

    Haha! I second the commenter that asked you to please recreate these photos around 35 weeks!

  • http://www.becomingsomething.com Natasha

    AS IF you gained 17 lbs. Oh, that’s right. I forgot how tall you are. Okay, maybe you gained 17lbs.

    Very cute photos. So envious of the lighting and your Photoshop skillz.

    P.S. My captcha says “straight dental” and guess what? I just recently got braces off. Weird.

  • http://mami2alittlebalkan.wordpress.com/ Katie

    Great 20 week photo. LOVE the tu-tu. And your bump is cute also. When I was 20 weeks you couldn’t tell any difference because I had a belly to begin with. Even 8 months after the birth I still look pregnant. sigh.

    But yes, you look adorable.

  • Lee

    Oh my gosh you are smiling!!!! I am going to die laughing if you end up actually naming the baby Aurora…
    Is that current or backlogged princess crap????
    I’m so happy you are feeling better….

  • http://www.becomingsomething.com Natasha

    Okay, this is interesting, probably, only to me: That looks identical to the colour I painted MY daughter’s room in October. It’s a soft buttery yellow-cream from Behr. And I’ve said before that our hardwood floors are identical. A few other things too, but those are the ones that stand out in my mind. Anyway, I love your taste. Our next house will be a lot more modern. If… we win a bunch of money.

    End of boring story.

  • http://www.fleuris.ca fleuris.ca

    LOL! Leta would not be impressed! You look great!

  • http://www.thenamesigoby.blogspot.com StacieRae

    So, are you the pregnancy fairy? If so, could you stop by my house next week and grant me my wish? I’ll even leave a five under my pillow.
    Seriously, you look great, thanks for the giggle.

  • Sally

    You got attacked by the princess stuff when you were cleaning out Leta’s room, didn’t you???
    It’s cute though.

  • Sherry K

    Love it! You’re adorable!

  • http://thatbeautifuldisaster.blogspot.com Kylie …

    OH MY!

    I’m ALMOST typeless with laughter.

    As always, you crack me up. Go, you good thing!