• Anonymous

    Well, I’m in the middle of my second miscarriage in a row, and I’ve got a different kind of “whose body is this?” feeling going on, but you’ve reminded me of the common experience I’m sharing with thousands of other women, so thank you.

  • Maureen

    Oh, yeah, I definitely felt that my body had disappeared one night, leaving this other, alien thing in its place. Especially the last month or two: I’d get home from work, flake out on the couch, and pull up my shirt to watch my belly change shape. (I swear she was dancing in there!) Better than anything on TV!

    And no one warned me that a) I’d still look pregnant for weeks after I had the baby or b) not only my hips but my ribcage would widen, permanently.

    We’re rooting for you, Dooce!

  • Anonymous

    you must look like an adorable tall penguin when you waddle. :o )

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    I am a woman from uk, and i love your blog!

  • Katie

    LOL! Seriously, I felt that way more with my second pregnancy than my first as well. But then I also carried both boys in my ribs, so the breathing was very difficult and my God was the heartburn horrible. I never waddled, until they dropped, then I got what everyone was talking about. No, I lived with feet and butts and heads up in my ribs, not on my bladder. Don’t know which is worse.

  • Anonymous

    Good Post

  • Kristin

    Oh, I can’t believe you didn’t keep it from her. That would have been too funny! (And good blog fodder!) You look great, btw!

  • Anonymous

    BTW, congratulations!!!

  • http://expatriare.blogspot.com/ Katya

    I have no idea what you are going through ( I’m sorry, I won’t rub it in) but you can do it! Rock out Dooce.

    I believe in you, and I appreciate all of your insights, so that one day I’ll go OOH That’s why…

  • Amanda

    Upon first survey of this blog, I am certain that I am in love with you (in a completely anonymous, actually just very envious of your successful blog and astonishingly intersting life way.) Congrats!

  • Denise

    If you are already waddling at 20 weeks……well…..just you wait (sorry…couldn’t resist)!

  • at 27 weeks

    Amen to your last sentence.

  • nursesarah

    Totally rethinking the whole “I want kids someday” thing…

  • http://www.julieholden.com Julie Holden

    Heather, these posts make me remember my pregnancy (two years ago) in a really wonderful, nostalgic way. No, really! :) It’s so much fun to read about all the big and small changes you’re going through. Even as you complain (your GOD GIVEN RIGHT as a pregnant woman), your joy shines through. And you look adorable pregnant, especially in a tutu. Congratulations to you and your family!

  • http://notinsaneperse.blogspot.com Kelly

    I think that “it’s not your body” feeling gets worse the more babies you have. Pregnancy certainly does a number on a girl, no?

  • http://www.nandoism.com Nando

    I’ve been reading your blog since a friend of mine turned me on to it. Love the “realness” vibe on here and I’ve been promoting your work on my blog–currently have your book on my AMAZON widget! (Can I get my booked autographed–cause I don’t think you’re scheduled for NYC?)

    Thanks for the inspiration girlfriend–from a gay Latin man living in Brooklyn to a pregnant white chick, “keep ‘em coming!” (The awesome posts)

    Much Love,


  • Teri

    I can’t believe that you are still working out…by the time I was 20 weeks, I couldn’t have done a squat if my life depended on it. I am much shorter than you and much heavier than you so when I was 20 weeks, I pretty much looked like I had a kickball shoved up my shirt.

  • Anonymous

    First, you are so freaking awesome. I had a friend that used to go to yoga with me and we would plot murder against the instructor. Second, you nailed the whole “feeling like an alien thing. I was blessed and happy to be having a child, but felt like I was missing something because I… hated it. Perfect textbook pregnancy, and I still refer to the three trimesters as “sick, tired and sick and tired.” I still don’t feel like I’m back wholly living in this thing sometimes. After all of that growing of a fetus, why does pregnancy have the right to change my ability to find deodorant and shampoo that works? WTH, the kid is freaking two. Third, to comment to someone above me waaay up there, sometimes skinny women don’t have stretch marks, sometimes they do. Skinny women ARE just like everyone else, after all, sometimes they win that lottery, sometimes they don’t. Me= 5’2, 95 pounds pre-prego. Gained 40, lost 35, no stretchmarks. Friend= 5’3, 110 pre-prego, gained 65, lost 50 (so far, kid is 4 months) no stretchmarks. Friend# 2, 5’2 about 105, gained 30, lost it all and still has purple stretchmarks even though the kid is 2. Sometimes it just happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

    (Also, am super jealous of the tall, by 40 weeks I was carrying a torpedo baby that would get all on one side and TIP ME OVER)

  • http://www.utahcouple.com Brett

    Heather, you look great! may your workouts get easier and easier. Or, perhaps Laura will get that flu going around and you can take it a bit easier. This baby is going to pop out with an urge to join 24hr fitness.

  • http://themoxiereport.blogspot.com Tracy

    You are so right the phrase “Just wait…” should never be used when talking to a woman who’s belly is sticking straight out. Especially don’t say it to a first time mom!

  • http://beautifuldisorder.com Onyeka

    Not that I wasn’t already scared stiff of getting pregnant, but all these blow-by-blow details aren’t helping! I love that you’ve got a sense of humor about it though. I predict myself being very pissy and agitated. You go!

  • http://www.stuffmomswant.com Lisa

    Here’s the cool thing about working out with a trainer while pregnant…your “wee waw” will snap right back into shape after the ol’ watermelon passes through. Much, much better than the alternative.

  • NicoleG

    I so feel just this way. 17 weeks and one day.

    It’s my first pregnancy and I am kinda glad I am not alone thinking some of those thoughts.

    It’s just weird.

    AND I know the people at the gym stare at me wondering – hmmm.

  • Liz

    I’m trying to remember how the second pregnancy felt different from the first to me. I think, knowing that it would be my last pregnancy, that it was more bittersweet. The first pregnancy was all about the strangeness of the new experience and savoring it was far far from my mind. The second time, while I can’t honestly say there was any savoring going on, I was painfully aware that I would never feel THAT CLOSE to one of my kids ever again. And that was bittersweet. Plus, I was grieving the coming day when I would no longer be able to give the older child my complete and undivided attention.

    And I see the discussion has turned to recovering the wee waw after pushing the watermelon back out through it. Thanks to masterful stitching by my OB, my post-second-baby wee waw, well … how to say it …. My husband and I are happy. Verrrry happy.

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches.com

    Oh, and not to be picky, but: It should be “dead wife Elizabeth.”

    Actually, I guess that was to be picky … but, hey, I just saw a segment about Redd Foxx on PBS last night, and who knew that less than 24-hours later, I’d have a relevant reason to put my knew knowledge to use? Speaking of which: did you know his last name really was Sanford? And that he was close friends with Malcom X? Gotta love that PBS, I tell ya.

  • http://alaskabeans.blogspot.com/ Krista

    So we all get those infamous lines when we’re preggo. With my son it was “are you sure you aren’t having twins?!” But the most… interesting one I just had to laugh along with. I was about 8 months pregnant with my daughter and headed to my OB checkup and right as I stepped on the elevator there were two nurses who looked at my belly then each other and started laughing as one said “Oohhhhh a pregnosaur!” *giggle giggle… gooooood one*…

  • http://www.doggiebloggie.com Emily

    dang! i was reading all these funny happy comments until i got to the miscarriage one. i’d like to defend Heather because i’m pretty sure that was meant to be a mean comment. Heather, I’m a big fan of how you tell it like it is. I’d like to tell “Anonymous” that i’m sorry for her loss but no need for Debby Downing on the rest. sheesh.

  • tess

    i’m so sorry, but i have read this website for a couple of years…but like…is this it? all you talk about is kids, i actually banned this site from myself for a few months. but..this is it? all i have to look forward to when i have a child is boring others with the details? i’m bummed out by how mommy and lame this has become. it makes me not want to have kids. sorry.

  • http://www.lifeonanisland.com/ Mynda

    So Funny. Who doesn’t have that ‘who’s body is this anyway’ from time to time.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • http://www.tileroofsonly.com Tile Roof Vancouver

    I love your blogs and so much good articles, thanks!

  • Marta (Austin Texas)

    Haha! Yeah, it’s been over 18 years since I’ve been pregnant, but the memories have kept me downright chaste since then! I’m glad you’re doing it so I can live vicariously through you!

  • http://www.topblogi.pl Jack

    Man that sucks…

  • http://geekking.com Jessica

    I’m now 2/3 of the way through my second pregnancy. This second one seems to have passed so much more quickly. Though the backaches and the waddling and all that jazz have definitely begun. Sometimes I just want this pregnancy to be over, and other times I’m sad that it’s probably the last time I’ll be pregnant, so I should enjoy it. Because it is so easy to enjoy chronic back-pain and an always full bladder. The “just wait..” comments seem to be much less the second time around. I have always hated that phrase, and hope that I never catch myself saying it.

  • http://punkybean.blogspot.com Kelly

    I was so excited with my second pregnacy, when people said “just wait” or whatever annoying know-it-all phrase they could come up with, I could respond with, “I know! This is my second.” Like I was some type of old baby-making pro! I remember my extreme disappointment when the first person come back with, “Oh just wait, two is so much harder.” Great. There they go again! SERIOUSLY SHUT UP PEOPLE!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t mean to be mean at all. I really do appreciate Heather’s post. It made me feel better.

  • http://www.littlestarsoup.blogspot.com/ Vela

    I’m right there with you. 25 weeks, and have gained 30 pounds! Prior to this I was the exact same weight for 15 years, so it is very disorienting. Like you I am naturally thin, and tell my OB “I swear I haven’t been binging on donuts”. To watch your body shape shift out of your control is slightly alarming.

  • http://jackandjillputupablog.com/ Jill Put Up A Blog

    You are hilarious! We have been considering couple bootcamp – aren’t we all cute.

  • Colleen in MA

    ouch. “She doesn’t have any kids. No one will miss her.”

    I gotta agree with Karen here. Yeah, I know Heather was trying to be funny – and that’s the point – she was thinking of her audience, and making them laugh. Us singles like to laugh, and be missed, too!

    Otherwise, another entertaining and enjoyable post. I’ve never read such an honest account about pregnancy. Thanks for the honesty, Heather!

  • Lauren

    As a 24 year old reader of yours, I love and appreciate how you prepare me for what’s ahead with clips and moments and images of your life – both the extreme joys of a loving family and raising children, and the moments of that life that are occasionally soaked in displeasure and chased with a shot of humor. Congratulations on Leta’s sister and hang in there. Just remember through all the discomfort that you are giving Leta the greatest gift she’ll ever receive in her life – at least that’s my opinion as the big sister in a 2 girls and no boys family. The power of the connection between sisters is unparalleled!

  • http://www.libelletage.blogspot.com Lisa

    “Just wait…” I can guarantee that every time you use that phrase in conversation with a pregnant woman you are earning cosmic points that when added up one day will result in a piano falling on your head.”

    I think I am due about fifty pianos.

  • KT

    From a woman who is only 14ish weeks pregnant and several inches shorter than you…thank you! You look great, so it’s oddly comforting to hear you feel as odd as I do. My first pregnancy I wasn’t in maternity clothes at this stage, but boy am I in them now. I’m already doing the waddle, back grab, moaning/grunting when moving, and totally short of breath just climbing one flight of stairs. So I feel ya!

  • R

    @ Comment # 279 tess:

    THEN QUIT READING! Heather isnt writing to please everyone. So if you dont like what is on the menu, quit coming to this restaurant. She is a mom and proud of it and I like that. I dont have kids either, but I find the stories posted here, charming and funny. Sheesh…

  • http://www.fiberfarmcsa.com Susan Gibbs

    Heather, as someone nearing 39 with absolutely no desire to procreate, I want to thank you for populating the world. Seriously. We need more intelligent people to raise well-behaved children, and since you’re having two, I don’t have to have any.
    I totally owe you.

  • http://lifeisacrockpot.blogspot.com/ Renee

    You and I are about the same number of weeks. Being this is my first pregnancy, I didn’t really relize that I, too, am beginning to waddle. I went home last week and asked my husband if he noticed I was walking different. His reply..”Well, I didn’t think I was supposed to say anything.” HA! Sadly, I think he is scared of me these days!

  • http://laurelin-kit.livejournal.com Laura

    I’ve never been pregnant, but I understand that unsettling feeling where you don’t recognize your own body. When I was recovering from serious illness a year ago I looked at my legs and felt like they belonged to someone else – Amy Winehouse, maybe. My face wasn’t my face. It was the strangest feeling to look in the mirror and barely recognize yourself. All my limbs felt alien and unfamiliar. Looking at them was weird, walking was weird, clothing was weird. It’s all…weird.

  • http://geezlouize.com Heather

    Oh, shit…I’m going to have a piano fall on my head one day!!! Bummer!!!

  • robyn

    I carried my pregnancy weight in my neck. I had no jawline to speak of.

    Even though you feel sluggish and disoriented, you look amazing!

  • http://memydogsmylife.blogspot.com amanda

    So true about those “just wait” comments…why do people feel the need to say them? Ugh. I don’t know if you were the same way when you were pregnant with Leta, but when I was pregnant with my daughter I couldn’t wait to finally “look” pregnant. I know that happens so much earlier in the second pregnancy, which to me seems cool. However, if it’s not something you want then….JUST WAIT..you’re getting closer to your due date every day! ; )

  • http://casadekaloi.blogspot.com Stephanie

    “no need to give me a warning that begins with the detestable phrase, “Just wait…” I can guarantee that every time you use that phrase in conversation with a pregnant woman you are earning cosmic points that when added up one day will result in a piano falling on your head.”

    Hell yes.

  • Jennifer

    A. MEN. about the “just wait…” comment. Good Lord, I’ve never had the urge to strangle someone like I do when I hear that. I’m 22 weeks and I can hardly get out of the car.