• http://girlbert.com Girlbert

    Stupid humans.

    My horses have been saying this for years, but Chuck’s expressions – ASTOUNDINGLY CLEAR.

    “Why don’t you go interview Crazy? Seriously.

  • Noelle

    OMG – Can I relate??!? I am a proud new mother to a 5 month old Pit/American Bull Dog puppy…and every minute of my life is filled with the sound of squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueak
    You get the picture! In order to get any reprieve, I borrow my sister’s dog (who looks a little like a female Chuck, actually!)
    and make her babysit…she hates me.

  • Suzie

    LMAO at work–thank you! Your Chuck is my William, and Coco is our Madeleine. How is it the boy dogs are SO zen and the girls so effing crazy? That’s so NOT how it is with the humans! :-)

  • Dogmom

    Honestly, what more can be said? And as for the crazy girl in the background, I think she’s playing the part of the media in all of this…..

  • http://partonponderings.blogspot.com Rachel

    Oh my word, that is hilarious. You couldn’t have scripted that more perfectly.

  • Chuck

    Great video!

    The photo (aptly titled The Sanfords) of the contents of the basement on the patio is very telling as well.

    Chuck ‘helping’ and all up in the mix and CoCo in the background making sure to get an all-over, even tan.

  • A

    I can’t tell you how much that video represents my two dogs. I have one dog, like Chuck, who is very much a person, and another dog who is much like Coco, a crazy pup who chews everything and has a voice that is reminiscent of a hyena.

  • weezie

    I,m sorry, but that is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I love your sense of humor. Thanks for brightening up my day.

  • http://www.musicformotherandchild.com Claus D Jensen


    That’s the greatest interview I have heard for ages!!

    The politicians could learn something here!!

    Have a great day!

    Claus D Jensen,

  • http://www.millatimes.com Milla

    my dogs will give these two a run for their kibble.

  • http://shmaytalk.blogspot.com Taylee

    My 2 toy schnauzers were in the room when I watched this video. The moment Coco went for the squeaky toy, my dogs went nuts. They go in and out of the office, in and out…where’s that noise? Who wants to play? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Play! Play! Play!

    Their ridiculous. I played it again just to watch them be smart.

  • Steph

    I love Chuck. I really do.
    My dog is more of a Coco-type. Haha.

  • http://www.beauregardpictures.blogspot.com Rob

    I LOVED seeing Chuck in video rather than just in still pictures. He is so human. I could easily picture him sitting on a throne silencing chatting minions with one dismissive look after the other.

    And, no wonder he can balance things on his head – he did not alter the angle of his head once during the video.

  • Marie

    So funny.

  • http://www.stuffchickswant.com/ Arwen Renee

    effing hilarious. Best part is the look Chuck gives the camera when Jon mentions purchasing a GM.

  • http://TasteLikeCrazy.com Amy Tucker

    Chuck, I know you’re a dog but I ♥ you and hate that you have to put up with Coco and her squeaking…though Coco is awfully cute.

  • Kristen from MA

    I picture Chuck in a VW Cabrio. A Miata – bright red – for Coco.


  • Anonymous

    Coco in the background is hilarious!!

  • amy

    that’s hysterical!

  • http://www.myexerimentallife.blogspot.com Rochelle

    I kept expecting Chuck to turn and say FU leave me alone. He kept blinking as Jon was questioning him in such a way as if to say you’re annoying me! Coco in the background playing with her toy was cute too!

  • http://www.3amart.blogspot.com HeatherAktie9

    Ohhh Chuckie should meet my Duke. They have the same personality and calmness. Utter calm. I have a Coco too. Her name is Minnie. Minnie Pooper.

    great video, thanks for sharing! –Heather :)

  • Andrea

    Chuck rocks. Straight man always gets the best laughs :)

  • dooce

    #1 Milla, that’s Juice! JUICE! OH MY GOD! Tell Juice that Chuck says hi! We’ve got video of Chuck and Juice playing when they were both just a few months old, we’ll have to go find it now.

  • Sarah

    Hysterical! We have two mini schnauzers, one frequently has the same expression on his face that Chuck has in this video. The other started barking and frantically pawing at the back of my laptop when Coco started squeaking the toy.

  • Cate

    speaking with the eyebrows! i love animals with expressive faces.

  • http://www.sociologyofsheena.blogspot.com Sheena

    By far, the funniest thing I’ve seen. I’ve been reading you for years since I was in college and I love everything you write. But this must have been the funniest.

  • Betsy

    I have perma-grin.

  • http://www.tasteduds.com Sheila

    I would love a dog like Chuck! If he could talk, he would be a real-life Brian Griffin.

  • maestra

    Thanks for the laugh… that was awesome! If only I could go through life as unrattled as Chuck.

  • Melissa

    Chuck is thinking that buying American is stupid lol. He know the car will break down within the first year and be a total money pit.

  • http://beyondthewindow.wordpress.com beyond

    very cute. almost makes me want a chuck-dog. i can totally see what he’s thinking. and i love how coco is noisily begging for attention.

  • http://www.sanguinespice.blogspot.com Sanguine Spice

    Just hysterical, thank you. My Dad used to do ‘interior monologues’ of each of our pets — sometimes at the dinner table (much to our delight) that would have my sister and I crying. It’s soooo rad you’ve captured this on film. Keep it up & send the kiddos off with a DVD mix for college. Can you imagine? DRINK WHENEVER CHUCK BLINKS!

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    LOL! I couldn’t tell if Chuck was, as Rochelle (#6) said, blinking out of annoyance, or if he was FALLING ASLEEP!! (I mean, Jon’s voice really is quite soothing.)

    Either way, AWESOME video. Of both dogs.

  • Dana

    Is his last name “Norris”? I love Chuck. I wanna BE Chuck.

  • http://afritoskindalife.blogspot.com Jess

    lol Chuck reminds me of our dog, Bailey! She looks at us from the side without fully turning her head… we call it her “sketch – eye look” because she seems so sketched out like something is wrong. Funny!

  • http://buggledoo.blogspot.com Melissa

    Jon is HILARIOUS!

  • http://www.meowsk.com meowsk

    Love it! Chuck is just like… yeah… if you could get that camera out of my face and stop talking to me… that would be great.

    I wish my cat would hold this still for photoshoots. She tends to get camera shy and start running around like Coco in the background as soon as she sees the camera come out.

  • The niffer

    Chuck. He’s got the weight of the world in his shoulders, doesn’t he?

  • Sarah

    I was laughing at this video and then my dog tried to eat my laptop…the squeaker was more than she could handle!

  • http://www.babingathighaltitude.blogspot.com Babing at High Altitude

    Can I teach my baby how to do that?

  • http://www.lillyslife.com Lilly

    Ha ha, oh… but you could tell there was a lot going on in Chuck’s head, ‘Like WTF you moron, I am beyond all your drivel, get that camera away from me, lol’!!!

    Thanks Chuck you have taught me a valuable lesson, that saying nothing can sometimes say so much. I will remember that the next time the paparazzi chase me. Very classy.

    And you have got to love Coco in the background, blowing his own trumpet.

    It is a good thing they are polar opposites, can you imagine otherwise?

    Best interview I’ve seen all year!!

  • Anonymous

    Have a Coco.
    Looking for a Chuck.

  • sue.g

    Freaking hilarious!

  • http://labradoris.weebly.com/blog-entries.html Labradoris

    My Lab Cosette will do this exact same thing with me – maybe it’s a Lab thing? Looks like Chuck has a little Lab in him :)
    She’ll do it especially if she knows that she is going to be kissed on her head soon after I’m done. She wants to be obedient and loving, but not looking forward to the upcoming sign of affection, so she’s listening but acts like she’s not. Ha!
    Chuck and Coco are too cute.

  • http://habitual.wordpress.com Habitual

    I have a mini-Chuck. A Chihuahua named Lottie, really more of a cat-dog. And apparently very un-chihuahua-like.

    I vote for weekly interviews with Chuck. He’s like an oracle of calmness. He can get us all through this recession. When Chuck looks, people listen!

  • http://greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com Leesavee

    Chuck needs his own talk show. He makes far more sense than any of the political pundits I’ve seen!

  • http://www.mrssplapthing.blogspot.com Marcheline

    Holy crap, that was funny. Chuck has an old soul. And Coco has no brains, bless her.

  • Nanci

    They are so awesome. I sent you an e-mail recently with pics of my two puppies. They definitely have a Chuck and Coco vibe going on. Although since my Chuck is still a puppy, he instigates very well. :)

  • http://www.threewordsblog.com Musingwoman

    How’s that saying go? Even a dog, when he keeps silent, is considered wise.

  • http://thedalaimama.net The Dalai Mama

    Reminds me of my two kids. The older one–much calmer. The second one–well she could give Coco a run for her money. While she might not eat her own poop–she does enjoy sticking her hands into her dirty diaper to show you she needs a new one. Not quite the endearing quality one looks for in an 18-month-old girl. Like you often say–she is really lucky she is cute.