• plugfan

    to warn the other morbidly curious: upon google image searching “mucous plug” you will see a lot of GOAT GENITALIA. I found that grosser than the plugs themselves.

    I’m going to go take my “the pill” now…

  • dooce

    You guys, these are some of the funniest comments ever. I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying. Thank you!

  • http://justjp.wordpress.com justjp

    Lol! All I have to say is I am thankful no image was provided for this incident.

  • Marina

    I lost my mucuous plug (well, less of a plug and more like a gigantic bung) about 20 minutes before I gave birth. Then again, I went from 0cm-10cm dilated faster than a Ferrari F60 (though not quite as quick as a Brawn BGP001).

  • Kari

    Ah, the Internet has improved since the day two years ago when I lost my mucous plug, placed it on a tissue on the bathroom counter, and googled for images. I think I found one or two. I also did not go into labor anytime soon after that.

  • Amy


    Mine came out over the course of a few days with my 2nd and 3rd kiddos. About a week after that started that I actually went into labor.

    With my first, it all plopped out in one sitting (literally, when I was using the bathroom), I began feeling contractions within a few hours. By the next afternoon, he was out.

    Therefore, with all of my vast experience and junk, I predict you’re going to have the baby at some point. Maybe by July.

  • http://www.jacksonscottbabcock.blogspot.com Ramie

    I, too, am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your baby! Is that weird? Maybe…I am 6 months preggers, and hearing the story of the mucus plug nearly made mine fall out due to the extreme laughter coming from my office! Thanks! I needed that! My 3 year old is just staring at me like WTF?

  • http://aimokulani21.blogspot.com Restless Mama

    I think that this is my most favorite post of all time. I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically throughout this. Thank you for the laugh – I needed a serious wake up call after feeling like a slug for the past couple of hours at work. My day will now feel normal having read about mucus plug.

  • nia

    Passed my plug at work. Totally freaked out. Had the baby TWELVE DAYS LATER.

  • http://iputmyrootdown.blogspot.com Randi

    One more reason to add to my list of why not to have kids! …but I love Chuck!

  • http://aredeaf.blogspot.com Coelecanth

    Ah yes, the mucous plug. Long before I’d even met the mother of my child I decided to take a read through a pregnancy book. Why? Because I’m curious like that. I got as far as the mucous plug and gave up, figuring there are some things man wasn’t meant to know. :) Mind you, that little knowledge came in handy, “You’re pregnant? Great!… Trimester…Mucous plug….Fetal development…” I had her believing for almost a week that I was totally up on all things pregnancy. Damn you Braxton-Hicks contractions! Because of you I had to read the rest of the book…

    Best of luck.

  • http://www.aussiechic.com AUSSiechic

    Never saw one, never had it appear – so at least you get to see the damn thing….lucky you…..40 weeks and NOTHIN…..so lets face it – you still have PLENTY OF TIME…..sorry..had to say that!!!! I tell you I reckon the last 10 days or so seem longer than the entire pregnancy……oh the waiting waiting waiting….

  • http://carolynchip.blogspot.com Carolyn

    YOU SAID: “Sperm Provider! Go crawl into your dark corner and nurse your fragile emotions, because I am about to give birth! TO A HUMAN! OUT OF MY VAGINA!

    It must be so sad for men to live their whole lives knowing that they can never say anything that trumps that particular declaration.”


    Mine passed about 3 WEEKS before she was born! From the stage of your effacement you mercifully will not have to wait that long.

    i am excited for you and can’t wait to meet the newest member of your family. Enjoy these days! Best wishes!!!

  • http://www.jennytalia.com jenny talia

    Jeeeesus Heather!
    You sure know how to make a girl cross her legs
    Thanks for putting all thoughts of a 3rd child WAY out of my mind
    I’d forgotten how fun it was!


  • Audie

    Man…I lost mine 2 1/2 weeks ago. Today is my due date and still nothing. Not even a hint at labor. I am being induced on Thursday.

  • http://www.kristyglass.blogspot.com Kage

    Oh yeah, I lost mine 6 WEEKS before I gave birth.

    You can re-grow your mucus plug….best.

  • Kelly Marsh

    OH MY GOD!!!! I am due June 19th and I lost my mucus plug on Friday morning too!!! You and I are so much alike! I can’t tell you how much reading your site has helped me through my pregnancy – this is my first. I have had my husband come to this site so many times so he could understand better how I am feeling. You are a God send!!!! Just had an appointment today and I’m at 2+….not far enough! Here’s to project dilation!!

  • Claddyjack

    ewww – mucous plug – why have I never heard of that before!? Probably because I’ve never given birth. Good luck Heather!

  • momma2731

    Seriously. The name. Because it wasn’t nasty enough that we women have to pass that thing, now modern science gives it an even douchier name?
    We called mine The Wine Cork. Anytime my husband or my OB would start to say mucus plug, I would interupt them and say, “AH! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wine Cork. It is the WINE CORK, and if you call it anything else, I will punch you in the mouth.”
    Cuz, you know, I’m friendly like that.
    Good luck!!!!!!!

  • SuzieQ

    Just like Christmas!!

  • carla

    Congratulations on the mucus plug! I was due a few days after you and I ended up delivering on May 29th to a 10lb 6oz boy. I never lost my mucus plug though.

  • Emma

    I was expecting a picture of it balanced on Chucks head?! I guess a line has to be drawn somewhere…

  • http://www.celebratingwomen.wordpress.com Sheri

    Here’s hoping for delivery on June 10th! My son turns 16 tomorrow. I think I’d rather lose my mucus plug than give him the keys to the car!

  • http://www.careermama.net Kate

    Yeah, the mucous plug is a pretty gross snotty looking thing. I took mine out of the toilet and carried it through the house to show my husband when I was pregnant with my son, and again when pregnant with my daughter. I’m not sure guys quite get the significance of it, especially when you don’t typically go into labor until a few days or a week later. For me, the “bloody show” proved to be the indicator that things were about to get moving.

  • Kathleen

    I think I might have to make myself a “Team Armstrong Labor Watch 2009!” t-shirt. The mucous plug can be our mascot!

    If you’ll allow a little mushy here…thank you for sharing this journey. It really is a privledge to be along for such an awesome ride.

    Team Armstrong Labor Watch 2009! You labor, We drink!

  • http://pcase.blogspot.com/ Kim

    That’s fantastic. When my sister was in the hospital in labor the first time, she went to use the bathroom and yells, “call the nurse! I just shit a slug!”

  • http://www.adod.blogspot.com Lee Anne

    Yeah, speaking of “trumping,” my husband/sperm provider always thought that his multiple deployments and going to war trumped anything and everything I could ever possibly go through. THEN, two months ago, he witnessed me enduring twenty hours of labor without an epidural followed by a c-section. It’s a draw…

  • Sara

    Good luck with everything, Heather. I’m sure you will be great! I just finished reading your book on Saturday, and I feel like I am in on it, now. Good vibes are headin’ your way!

  • http://www.somethingglorious.blogspot.com Lauren

    Can I just declare my love for you right here and now? Seriously, I don’t know what I did before I started reading your blog, and I’m not sure I could go on with my life without it now ;) Hope baby comes soon, and that labor is short and painless ;)

  • http://www.imahouseaholic.com Edwina

    The Twittering about the mucuos plug was really the nail in the coffin for me.

    I had no idea there was such a thing. And clicking on that link to the images? I can never un-see that.

    I will never reproduce.

    And if I do? I plan to be unconscious for the whole process. Knock me out at the first contraction, yank it out and then wake me up with a margarita and pain-killers.

  • http://www.twitter.com/flutterbyegirl dana

    what no daily pic?

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap. What with the trauma of Jon’s tweet (yeah, I totally clicked..) and now this, I’m crossing my legs. I went to Catholic school where sex ed consisted of telling us about STDs and how IF YOU HAVE SEX YOU WILL DIE! … They should have just had us all read dooce.com. We were willing to risk syphilis, but mucus plugs? That’s some effective contraception right there.

  • Ata

    I am disappointed, I thought for sure you would add to google’s collection and post a picture; or at least put it in the daily style section. haaahaaa! Go Maria! Jon quit looking at other people’s mucus plug! =)

  • kelie

    oh my god. i had no idea what you were talking about, and stupidly goodled it, and now am fighting the urge to throw up…that is SO GROSS and why doesn’t anyone tell you about this when they talk about the joys of having a baby? i’m a 35 year old woman, and i’ve NEVER heard of this!


  • Ingrid

    I’m only commenting to say that my captcha is “lloyd edna”, and I believe that’s what you should name that baby.

  • Julie

    With great trepidation I searched “clay colored stool” a bit ago and was surprised that I found zero poop pictures. Even though I undertook the search of my own free will I have to admit being pretty relieved as well. >_<

  • Mimi

    I saw this video today and it reminded me of something you would write about happening on the way to your delivery!


  • http://www.holycrapiamamom.blogspot.com/ Sonya

    I google imaged the same thing and was kind of disappointed at how few images came up and I swore I was going to photograph mine when the time came. Mine was unphotographable slime though. Best of luck! Unplug the phone!

  • Anonymous

    I just googled “mucous plug” and SO wish I hadn’t.

    How can NONE of my bazillion friends and family members who have had children have mentioned this to me?

    They’re keeping it from me so that I will reproduce!

    Never. NEVAAAAH!!!

  • http://www.alwayswanted4.blogspot.com Rachael

    At least you didn’t put your mucus plug in a baggie and take it in to show the doctor. Please, tell me you didn’t do that — did you?!

  • Amity

    This is the first time you’ve shocked me

  • Jen

    Hi Heather -

    I became, um, unplugged (and boy, did I use that joke around the house) on Saturday and gave birth on Wednesday. My normally helpful Dr, however, told me that I MIGHT GROW A NEW ONE.

    Mucous plugs: just when you think pregnancy can’t get any weirder. . .

    Best wishes for an easy labor!

  • http://www.hiddenexposures.com hidden exposures

    june 11 is my birthdate so i’m rooting for that. my name is also not maria!

  • http://www.jeremyharker.com/family Colleen

    This post totally made me gag a little. And I have the world’s strongest stomach. And also, congratulations on your (very) impending addition.

  • Shannon

    Hey-it’s one step closer to D day, you know?

    When I tried to explain to my oldest about the birth process (he was 4)-he listened to the whole story, then said, “OK, I know how the baby gets out. But what I wanna know is, how did it get IN there to begin with?”

    Now THAT’s a go-ask-Dad moment….

  • http://laugh-rant-snort.blogspot.com/ Misha

    I am a labor and delivery nurse. I also have a phobia about mucous. One night, a patient brought me her mucous plug in a ziploc baggy. I almost puked on her.

    Not to rain on your parade, but losing your mucous plug is really not a accurate clinical indicator of the beginning of labor. Some women lose their plug and do not give birth for WEEKS. Sorry.

  • Carrie

    I seriously had no idea about this whole “mucous plug” thing. Clearly another fact they had from the childless so that we’ll be willing to have kids someday, ha ha.

  • http://taplinwebdesign.com.au web designer

    Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. But at the same time, I can’t help but worry for Leta.

    Great work Dooce.

  • http://labradoris.weebly.com/blog-entries.html Labradoris

    I love how you asked Jon to Google it. What a devoted hubby.

  • Lilli

    Fine, I’ll ask the question no one has asked yet: DID YOU SMELL IT?!

    That seemed much more funny and obvious until I typed it.
    Oh, well.