• Rachel-Also Pregnant

    Poor men who dont understand what pregnancy is really like. My husband was complaining that I have been breaking into sweats from my hot flashes in the middle of the night and it makes him feel “sticky”…I about socked him in his junk.

  • Landis

    I’m the father of two children, but never heard about this mucous plug thing. So, I just had to do it. I Googled it, too. First I read about it. Then I clicked on Images. So, so, so gross. I’m sorry I put a woman through that…twice.

  • https://www.bloggermoma.com ME

    I know this isn’t supposed to be funny but- hahaha! You crack me up consistently- Have you tried to take a teaspoon of Caster Oil? I have heard that with a long walk can help… but who knows. Come on baby Anderson!~

  • Anne

    Put THAT on Chuck’s head.

  • hippittee

    my earplugs are ready!!

  • http://www.ikiddyounot.blogspot.com erin

    my mucous plug fell out at 35 weeks, my water broke at 37 weeks. so basically, it could happen anytime, which is nothing definite.

  • Erinn

    Is it wrong that I want to see the picture you took of this? Because I know you did. Maybe that is wrong of me. \

  • Amyinbc

    Must check Jon’s page. Have never seen one and have 3 kids!

    I was so eager to get the twins out I did tons of raspberry leaf tea, castor oil, sex and jumping. In the end I had to be induced (liver shutting down, itchy as hell and YELLOW!) But on the bright side I had them both within 2.5 hours, yeahoo! Was told no epidurals available as I was considered ‘low risk’ (With TWINS, one BREECH, and my liver shutting down?!) Thankfully did not need one because I think if I had I would have killed all of the doctors and administrators in that hospital :)

    All the best to you. I keep checking, ‘has she had it??, has she had it?’ Ahh the last bit is tough!

  • Ramsey

    Supposedly eating basil induces labor, also a spoon full of caster oil will help things along. Plus there is some reflexology you could have John do on you feet if he or you are up for it. Hope this helps, may the force be with you.

  • http://hootenannie.com hootenannie


    Of laughter.

    Of horror.

    Of the knowledge that this could one day be me.

  • Katy

    ***And by mucous plug and labor not going hand in hand, i mean the latter does not always happen directly after the former, of course.

    Just correcting so that the vultures don’t do it for me :)

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck, sweetie. We’ll all be cheering for you.


  • msh

    I was a bit worried about scrolling down to read the post. Thank you very much for not photographing it for the internet. Whew. Best of luck on labor and delivery–

  • Woo

    More than anything else, I’m amazed that there are images of mucus plugs online. I don’t know why that amazes me, considering that what you are about to go through (you know, pushing a baby out of your hoo-ha) in a day or two is pretty freaking amazing. Oh wait. You’re not going to post a picture of it are you? By “it” I meant the MP, not the birth.

  • Shelly

    Come one baby Not Maria! Make your way into the world…

  • Old Momma

    Sorry to burst your bubbble but…mucous plug to labor was two weeks for me. Love your column/site!

  • http://www.barnabasmonkeypants.com/ Kristen

    Sounds like you’ve got one On The Way. “OTW” is usually code for “I am going to poop” at our house, but it works just fine in this situation, given the similarity between taking a dump and birthing a child, no?

    Sending you happy, easy labor vibes. Yay new baby! Yay OTW!

  • http://www.texasheiss.blogspot.com Amy H


    And also, I lost my mucus plug 2 weeks before I had my kid, who came one week late. what a tease!

  • http://irritableblogsyndrome.typepad.com Dayna

    Thank you #9! I swear my body made mucus plugs for like two weeks before I gave birth. Such a cruel, cruel game mother nature likes to play. I think what brought on my labor was my coming to terms with the fact that the baby was NEVER coming out…as soon as I was ok with that TA-DA!!! That’s just my own personal mind over matter whack method.

  • http://serenitydays.blogspot.com/ AmberStar

    Oh my God! I had three children and read about the mucous plug, but never even saw the thing and haven’t thought about it/them again until now.

  • Ninabi

    Not-Maria Not-Today.

    Aghh- those last few days of pregnancy feel like forever.

    Sending positive wishes for a quick, easy delivery- soon- your way.

  • http://sturm.typepad.com haus

    Sorry, doll.

    My girlie was born last year on the 14th – a GREAT day to have a baby, since if you run out of ideas for party themes you can always fall back on the old red-white-and-blue.

  • http://www.dumbyoungins.com Ashley

    Wow! I hope baby Armstrong comes soon! :)

  • Karen

    Long time reader, first time commenter. This post cracked me up. You have all my well-wishes for a easy and healthy labor!


  • Ramsey

    sorry I meant Castor Oil not Caster Oil.

  • Kristen McD

    Deep breaths. I was 5cm (FIVE! CENTIMETERS!) dilated for a week before I went into labour. That mucous plug of mine was LONG GONE. Which is not very helpful, I know. I hope Not Maria’s getting her act together.

  • Carmen

    I’m just wondering how many people have asked you to post a pic of it? You did take a picture right?

  • http://www.mothersfightingforothers.com/ Rocky

    I was in horror a few months ago when I had to explain to my four year old where she actually pooped out from. My side went a little something like this…

    “You poop out of your anus… No honey, that’s your clitoris.”

    I walked away shaking my head. I had four boys before her and not once had to explain what a clitoris was.

    I guess I should be lucky that she wasn’t witness to a mucus plug. You are brave.

    Good luck and may you have a VERY quick labor!!

  • Allison

    Yeah, if you’re just DONE. WITH. IT. ALREADY. — the castor oil thing worked for me with both kids.

    I’m still snickering at Jon, though. Your “bottom nose!” SNORT.

  • http://laurenfromtexas.com Lauren From Texas

    You are amazing. I love you. There is no other way to say it. I am so glad you wrote about this, because I have never heard of such a thing. And knowing me, I would be 9 months pregnant, out would pop that thing, and I would tell my husband, OH MY GOSH, A GIANT BOOGER POPPED OUT OF MY VA-JAY-JAY, I AM DYINGGGGGGG. Luckily now, with the aid of Dooce and Google Images, I will be prepared.

  • Melanie

    Heck, I walked around for 3 weeks after my mucous plug fell out. Could be all the screaming and wretching outside that made my daughter stay put, though….

    Same daughter, when learning about where babies come from at age 6 (2 weeks before her baby brother was born) came rushing into my room yelling “Mamma! Peter’s going to come out of your BAGINA!? That’s gonna hurt!”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • http://www.xanga.com/yourfavoritecynic Ray

    “It must be so sad for men to live their whole lives knowing that they can never say anything that trumps that particular declaration.”

    ^^Hahaha! I loved that. =D This entry is all sorts of awesome. I hope you give birth to baby Armstrong soon. ;o)

    Take care.

  • http://www.maysmachete.com May

    Me and my two little siblings were born at home… which led to my seeing a placenta floating in blood in one of our mixing bowls one morning. If that didn’t mess me up a smidge I’m sure you’re daughter will be fine seeing some mucus.

  • bridget

    Sorry, I laughed at Jon’s “bottom nose” comment. I’m 20-something weeks pregnant and some days already feeling over it. So please forgive me.

    I’ve even heard you can regenerate a mucous plug if you loose it early in pregnancy. But don’t trust that info…

    Hope the labor, whenever it gets here, is as pain-free and surprise-free as possible. But you and Donnette may still have a ways to go.

  • Tracy H

    I’m totally gonna go google pics of mucous plugs right now!

  • http://serenitydays.blogspot.com/ AmberStar

    Oh dear…I just googled it! Good thing I didn’t ever see one of my mucous plugs. This is the first time I’m glad I cannot have any more children….and probably for more reasons than a mucous plug.

    Hope your labor is easy and your daughter, Notmaria is wonderfully healthy and you are, too.

  • Christie

    Ah the joys of childbirth.

  • Niki

    I had no doubt what it was when I saw it (on Mother’s Day morning), and 36 hours later my 17 year old was born.

  • bohica

    Who knows why certain things crack people up? Of all the things I’ve read here (and I’ve read them ALL), THIS is the thing that made me start laughing. Laughing so other people could hear me. The visual of a five-year-old finding *that thing* on the bathroom counter is just too much for me to bear without giggling my fool head off.

    I’ve had a shit day. Thanks for this. Bless ya and yers and the new one.

  • Christy

    Here’s a fun little tidbit from my OB: Your mucous plug can actually regenerate! You could relive this joyous experience again before giving birth! It happened to me!

    Helpful, huh? I remember being so annoyed by the women who felt the need to share this sort of completely unsolicited info at the end of my pregnancy, and look at me now, I’ve become one of them. What happened to me?

  • Anonymous

    Oh man!!! you are so funny!
    I wasn’t aware of the mocous plug until i got pregnant, and i bet not a lot of people know about it neither, good you mention it here.

  • http://www.storytots.com Jz

    There have been a lot of suggestions as to how to hurry the appearance of N-M. I don’t recall seeing anything that made me think you were dying to get this party started. Maybe I’m projecting….

    When I was being induced and checked for the upteenth time, by the same woman who checked me a few weeks earlier when I had pre-term labor, the one with the SERIOUS manicure, when she broke my water I asked if she saw the mucous plug and she said “Oh, that’s LONG gone.”

    Now I find myself wondering, how did she know it was “LONG gone”. OH MY GOD, did she snag that on her talons during my pre-term check?????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Labor in Vegas. Nothing quite like it.

  • http://www.pillsplace.blogspot.com Stacey Ball

    Perhaps googling mucous plug when one is trying to get pregnant is not such a good idea. Too late.

  • Sharon

    And here I was wondering if you’d be sharing so close to her birthday. What was I thinking? ;-) Now I guess we’re on water-break watch? This is just so exciting. I wish you’d follow me back on Twitter, youze guys. Best wishes. sharbowers

  • http://www.flowerzinherhair.com Amy J

    Every time the sperm donor living in my house whines about his back hurting or having to get a shot *boo hoo* or getting blood drawn. I lovingly remind him that I’ve had a needle put in MY SPINE!!! So that I could push a human being out of my VAGINA!! So get a grip donor!

  • Margie from Melbourne Australia

    This made me laugh and dry reach all at the same time. thanks!!

  • Camilla

    Hi, first comment from me, have been reading your blog for a while.

    Just want to say good luck giving birth, whenever it happens!

    I had 3 kids (only 2 births though), and the mucous plug didn’t show itself the first time, and the second time it plopped out a week or two before the c-section, which would have been around week 35-36. No connection with giving birth for me then.

    Also I didn’t save it for or show it to anyone, but only because I didn’t think about it.

  • Britte

    Your pregnancy journals are excellent reminders for me to take my birth control pills. Thank you for that. Oh and thank you for giving me all sorts of ideas to call my future sperm provider when I’m mad at him for knocking me up (way, way in the future).

  • Jessica

    I’m at work, but you know as soon as I go home I am going to google pictures of mucus plugs. I’m THAT curious.

  • http://nowigglyrice.blogspot.com Meredith

    People, it’s called a MUCOUS plug. MUCOUS. What did you think it was going to look like? A sandwich?