• Iris

    My jaw dropped when your page loaded – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Angie in AR

    She’s absolutely beautiful! I’m like everyone else, I’ve been stalking your blog every day waiting to her of her delivery LOL I’m really happy for ya’ll!

  • Jana

    Wow. She’s really something! Congrats and thanks for sharing this with us.

  • http://maybeinutah.blogspot.com Mari Raymer

    She is beautiful! Marlo does kick ass. Thanks for sharing her!

  • Kara Lang

    Congratulations, Heather, Jon, and Leta! Welcome to the world, Marlo Iris! It holds so many wonders!

    Beautiful baby, awesome name!
    Glad everyone is healthy!

  • http://thatshideous.com deka

    congrats :)

  • Mel

    Congrats on your beautiful new baby. Her name rocks as does her beautiful smile. Here’s to a baby showing up on time! YEA!!

  • Angie

    An absolute beautiful baby! congrats! Love the name too.

  • Sara

    Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous. Her name is lovely. Most heartfelt congrats!

  • http://thelifeofheatherleigh.blogspot.com/ Heather Hillary

    awww, MIA, congrats! I wonder if she’ll be a rap star when she grows up.

  • Britt

    Congratulations to you and your family. She is beautiful. Now the fun begins!

  • http://www.atouchofwhimsy.com Gina at A Touch of Whimsy

    Oh my, she is precious!! And bee-u-tee-ful name. Welcome to the world Marlo. All the best!

  • ErinM

    After all you’ve been through she is the perfect prize. A large dollop of happiness and cuddles to you and your family – puppies included of course.



  • lolymous

    Oh wow, she is absolutely beautiful, congratulations!

  • http://diamondkim.tumblr.com diamondkim

    CONGRATULATIONS! She’s precious. Wishing you a speedy recovery – though you look fabulous for having just popped out a baby!

  • http://www.whoahgirl.com Anne

    Aww! Congrats Heather, Jon, and Leta to adding Marlo! Agreed the name is totally kick ass. She’s adorable, as expected! Glad everything went so well! :)

  • http://nikipaniki.com Niki

    Congratulations! She looks so cute. Her eyes are as bright as Leta’s. :)

  • http://stopscreamingimdriving.com Carrie

    Congratulations on a very beautiful and what I hope was a not too painful delivery of that baby girl! Little Lo, she’s perfect in every way!

  • jessicapea

    She is so beautiful, so amazing! Thank you for sharing. Also Marlo = kickass name

  • Briton

    Oh she’s beautiful! And such wonderful expressions so soon! Congratulations, and thank you for taking us along for the journey. And you’re 100% right, the name Marlo kicks some serious ass – I love it!

  • http://www.echristopherclark.com E. Christopher Clark

    Congratulations. She’s beautiful, and her name really does just kick a lot of ass.

  • Donna

    She is so cute. Congrats!

    I hope everyone is enjoying the new edition!

  • http://mommaruthsays.blogspot.com mommaruthsays

    CONGRATS! Her initials are MIA which sounds kind of like MARIA so she didn’t completely escape her not-name! ;)

  • Sara

    She is beautiful!!! Congratulations, can’t wait to hear the stories about the addition to the family :)

  • http://simplyrecipes.com Elise

    Marlo is gorgeous Heather. Congratulations!

  • Lauren

    Congrats! She’s adorable…and the name does rock.

  • http://minxlj.tumblr.com minxlj

    Wow, I remember back in the day when 1000 comments would cripple dooce.com! It’s just testament to all your hard work and how far you guys have come. Huge unending congratulations to you all :D

    It’s been amazing following Marlo’s pre-life so far, and I can’t wait to see her grow into an astoundingly beautiful little girl just like her big sister

  • http://prettylittlepenny.blogspot.com Be Like The Squirrel, Girl

    Nice work! I can’t wait to read the details. I love her name. Welcome, Marlo!

  • http://doran.pacifist.net doranb


    Okay, I was just checking to see if you were reading. She’s fantastically beautiful. Congrats, and my best to all of you.

  • JennStar

    She’s beautiful, the name is perfect, and she arrived right on time…

    Welcome to the world Marlo!

    Can’t wait for the family portrait.

    (love Lil Donette too!)

  • http://blackcatmima.etsy.com BlackCatMima


    She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations. I’m so happy for the Armstrong family of four!

  • http://www.jyltoews.blogspot.com Jyl

    Congratulations!! She is beautiful (and your blog is flippin’ hilarious btw)!

  • http://www.itsprettyok.com lisa

    What a beautiful baby. She is stunning!! I read the name a bit too quick and I read “Mario” and was a little sad. Marlo is so much cuter than Mario. :) Congratulations!

  • Joan

    Beautiful, baby, great name!
    Congratulations, I’ve never been this happy for an absolute stranger before!


  • Tess

    Heather and family…I have been waiting for days to see the news…what a doll…and I love her name…Leta is going to love her and be a great big sister…thanks for sharing with us…

  • LaurenN

    Congrats Dooce and family! What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl;)

    Wishing you all the best!!

  • http://dawnmramsey.blogspot.com Dawn

    She is beautiful! Congrats :)

  • Pink

    She is gorgeous, Heather! Love her name too because if you replace the O with an A….that’s my name!!

  • http://www.waitinthevan.blogspot.com Kristine

    PPS: I always thought my son looked like a tortilla chip when he was born. I was so disappointed.

  • http://showbiznippets.blogspot.com filam

    Soooo adorable!!!!

  • http://www.randommusingsofmylife.blogspot.com Random Musings

    Congrats. she is beautiful!!

    What a blessing!

  • http://smallslice.blogspot.com Sarah@Small Slice

    She is so sweet! I love her name.

  • http://www.unwellness.com bri

    So happy for you. Welcome baby Marlo!

  • Anonymous

    Somehow you have become a part of my daily life and I’m THRILLED for you guys! Congratulations and welcome gorgeous little Marlo!!!!

  • Robyn

    She is beautiful. Congratulations.

  • Sydney

    Hurray and congratulations!

  • http://inspirelea.com leatitia

    Congratulations, she’s gorgeous. Love the name. How did Coco reacted when she saw her? :)

  • Pam

    Congratulations Armstrongs! She’s gorgeous… and the name does kick ass!!

  • Rachel

    Congratulations to you & your beautiful family. I’ve enjoyed reading about your pregnancy ‘ride’. Can’t wait to hear about life with #2. Take care!

  • Kajola

    Congratulations! She’s gorgeous – just as you’d expect.