• http://www.mommica.com Mommica

    Please. I had a new baby once and I can’t believe you’ve found time to post AT ALL. Don’t apologize. Just know that we’re all hanging on every word and really all you have to do to satisfy us for the next month or so is post pictures of your little snuggle buggle.

  • http://hairgirldenver.com Shareena

    Tears running down my face as this is how I felt just 9 short months ago when our 2nd arrived. I really didn’t know it was possible that I could love my son more or that another child would make my heart grow bigger, but it sure did. I can’t wait to hear your birth story. I had both my children w/o any pain meds and only someone who has done it really understands how empowering it really is. Congrats your little girl is so beautiful!

  • Laura

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I just wanted to say that I could not be happier for you and your family. This post made me cry. I am so glad that you are happy and that your family is doing well. I wish you all the best.

  • http://www.tiedyeavenger.com AnnaMarie

    What a beautiful post. As I prepare for my second pregnancy, I especially enjoy reading what you say about Leta. I want to be sure I can share my love so easily.

    I so not to suffer from depression, however every day after my daughter was born, I would have a meltdown… like clockwork. I would be concerned if you didn’t have emotional ups and downs right now. You just grew a human. Inside you.

  • http://serenitydays.blogspot.com/ AmberStar

    Keep waltzing with and around your adorable family. Life is very good for you right now and that is wonderful.

  • http://www.meetinggrace.wordpress.com Lizzie

    just precious…your cup overflows, congratulations

  • Kathy from NJ

    You are cetainly entitled to some maternity leave, we’ll all just have to suffer some Dooce-withdrawal.

    Marlo is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen, she is perfect. Congratulations to all of you.

  • http://www.toomanymornings.com MikeWJ

    Heather, I’m kind of a jaded guy with a snarky sense of humor (not unlike yourself, I think). But you know what? That was a sweet post, and I appreciate it. I’m happy that you’re (mostly) enjoying the experience of childbirth, and that it’s enhanced your relationship with Leta. As bad as life gets sometimes, it’s also very sweet sometimes. God Bless.

  • Julie

    You know that love you are feeling towards your children? You just wait until you have grandchildren. It’s mind blowing. I loved (and still do) my kids but I didn’t know I could love my grandson even more.

  • Suzie Q

    NO DRUGS?!? My god, woman, you’re incredible!

    In all seriousness, what a joy to read about your happiness. I am thrilled for you and Jon, Leta and Marlo, Chuck and Coco. What a family! Enjoy each other.

  • http://www.ommusing.blogspot.com Susan O

    Great, uplifting, unexpected post. Marlo is unusually beautiful for such a little girl and I love her name, Marlo Iris. Thank you for the wonderful photo of Chuck, Coco & Marlo. I’m so happy that you are so happy.

  • Casey Ballard

    Thank you for posting that. I am due with my second any day now and I have had a hard time getting as excited about this one because I am so nervous about how to handle two. I really needed to hear what you just wrote, so thank you.

  • Bec

    Just wanted to say thank YOU for sharing! Can’t wait to see Miss Marlo as she grows.

  • http://www.showmethemom.com Shannon

    You will get it. You will be the leader of the band in no time, and everyone will be marching in perfect rhythm. On most days. :)

    I remember being pregnant with son #2, almost at delivery date, and looking at 2 year old son #1 thinking, how can I love anyone more than that?

    Funny how that all works out isn’t it?

    Life is good. Beautiful photos of your caterpillar.

  • http://www.aussiechic.com aussiechic

    Oh there is nothing like those moments…….just the best…….still to this day I love to snuggle with my little vegemite who is 8 mnths old…..he snuggles under my arm when we lie on the bed together…..just the best……

  • Michelle B.

    I can’t believe you had a baby without the epidural!!! Wow… Brave… Marlo looks so cute…
    I love your Blog and I love your humor.
    You deserve the best.

  • Erin

    Awww… dying over here. I am 11 wks pregnant and ready to burst into tears over all of your recent posts.

  • Erica

    Baby Marlo is absolutely breathtaking. I’m enjoying being allowed to see your journey. Take care of yourself while you settle in.

  • stephanie

    Glad to hear all is well…Marlo is adorable..Recovery takes awhile; long time reader will keep checking in…take all the time you need…enjoy every minutes as they pass way too quickly…

  • http://laurelbugletsloose.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    That seriously brought tears to my eyes. I know I eventually want another baby, but I’m so worried about adjusting to two children…your posts are offering me some hope that I can do it too! Thank you.

  • http://tiggerlane.blogspot.com Tiggerlane

    There’s something in this child’s eyes…she is absolutely adorable. Wish I knew how to express it…but WOW.

    And yeah – I gave birth naturally with no drugs…I think that’s why my kid is an only child.

    Hang in there…been worrying about you all! (Mostly Chuck – glad to hear he isn’t skulking too terribly much.)

  • Antje

    Three months seemed to be when a bit of rhythm returned for us (a little: now the baby’s six months, and the toddler’s two and a half, and we’re still only dancing part of the time).
    I’m new to reading blogs, and yours is the only one I follow. You make me laugh and you make me love my own kids even more desperately than I did already. I’m very much enjoying you. Thanks.

  • http://www.home-made-life.blogspot.com kara

    I am so, so, so happy for you. What a great moment of life to be in.

  • Mindy

    Like you, the birth of my second son caused my love for my first son to increase.

    Also – I felt a huge sense of loss. I had severe post partum depression with my first. I missed so much. So much I can’t remember because it was so difficult. When I experienced that sweet newborn time with my second, I was so saddened on all that I had missed out on with my first. I never wanted another child, but, he turned out to be the most amazing blessing in my life. Getting to experience that – and being gently reminded of the sweet times with my first, was awesome.

  • http://jackandjillputupablog.com/ Jill Put Up A Blog

    I am so happy for you:) She truly is adorable, I would have a hard time not staring at her constantly too. Enjoy!!

  • http://www.heatherlibermanphotography.com heather

    you don’t often make me cry (laugh, yes) – how sweet. so glad to hear you are so content.

    and as far as healing and natural birth go – fomr my experience the only thing to make the healing is easier id no episiotomy. that being said, no episiotomy does not make the birthing easier (did it once, no drugs, no episitomy, 9 lbs. 5 oz. baby)

  • http://www.intrinsicmovement.blogspot.com kate

    There is something quite transformative that occurs when giving birth naturally (without drugs). I’ve had a hard time describing it (out of body experience for sure) so I look forward to your post about giving birth to Marlo. I am so very happy for you and the fam. You are in a PERFECT spot…so centered and focused. Enjoy, no worries, us readers will be here when you are. Take care. xxoo.

  • http://www.heatherlibermanphotography.com heather

    you don’t often make me cry (laugh, yes) – how sweet. so glad to hear you are so content.

    and as far as healing and natural birth go – fomr my experience the only thing to make the healing is easier id no episiotomy. that being said, no episiotomy does not make the birthing easier (did it once, no drugs, no episitomy, 9 lbs. 5 oz. baby)

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    She is outrageously gorgeous! Congrats! :)

  • http://strongrhetoric.blogspot.com Strong Rhetoric

    I had my first right around the time you had Leta, and my second is due later this year. I’m going to try this one w/out drugs too, because I felt like the epidural dampered my labor and caused complications last time. Looking forward to your labor post…I hope you’ll say it wasn’t so bad!

    Congratulations, Marlo is beautiful, and I’m so glad you’re having a more peaceful go of it the second time around. As it should be.

  • http://lemonade-and-kidneys.blogspot.com/ RuthWells

    Fan-freaking-tastic. Well done!

  • Christy

    she is so beautiful!

  • http://poemsandnovels.blogspot.com maggie may

    hey there, dooce. i’m a writer and mother of three and
    recently unfortunately started blogging about the loss of
    our baby at 13 weeks along, two weeks ago. it’s beautiful
    to come here and read your posts. i know the future will hold this for me again, and it cheers me up to read about
    your family. your babe is beautiful.

  • Elizabeth

    She’s such a sweet wee thing. Congratulations to all of you — you done good.

  • http://www.ohmissyme.blogspot.com Chelsea

    She is absolutely beautiful. I love her eyes!

  • http://www.intuitivedesigns.net Naomi Niles

    Wow, she is so so beautiful. Congratulations. You deserve your happiness.

  • Lori

    She is absolutely gorgeous! So glad things are going well for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    First, you made me cry.

    Second, I think you are entitled to a little maternity leave.

  • Lauren

    Gorgeous photos. Glad to hear you are doing well. Hugs and kisses to Leta too.

  • Heather


  • Anonymous

    Dear dooce,

    I was a loyal follower of your blog for over 3.5 years, but I have to say your content is really getting stale. I am now going to dailypuppy.com for dog photos, and have found a replacement. Even though your style of writing is still interesting to read, your subjects have barely evolved over the time I have been reading you and there is really nothing exciting left on your blog. Disappointed,


  • Heather


  • http://jedsmommy.blogspot.com Becca


    Oh Heather, she is beautiful and I love that Coco licks her…My dogs used to watch my son sleep when he was newborn and get excited when he moved.

  • http://www.manfredipomar.com Manfredi

    Oh oh! So cute!
    Congratulations from Italy! :)

  • http://www.WeeBabyStuff.com Alicia

    As a long-time reader, I must tell you that I am so happy for you. Your book, It Sucked and then I Cried, has saved me the last few months with my first baby (now 5 months). Your post gives me hope that I might be able to do it all over again – several years from now! Thanks for sharing so beautifully.

  • http://www.postednote.com eddeaux

    That little nugget looks like a purple glow worm in that last picture and I loved my glow worm soooo much as a kid.

    Great post Heather. It is post like these that have kept me reading Dooce for what, 6-7 years now? Crazy. It’s been a fun ride and I plan to stay on the dooce train as long as you are the conductor.

  • HDC

    This makes me happy.

    Another happy family. In the grand scale of things, not that big. But every little thing makes the world that much better. I wish you all continued goodness!

  • http://www.joeprose.typepad.com heyjoe

    Changes the whole dynamic, doesn’t it?

    Best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to your newest member! Your children are so beautiful….what a lovely post!

  • Mandy

    Hooray! Congratulations! I am going to be a first time mom in early Winter, and I’m in the midst of dealing with my anxiety and depression head-on (without the aid of my meds). You encouragement and honesty is refreshing and lists spirits.

    Thank you. And again, congrats. Your newest glowworm is enormously adorable!