• http://www.foodiemom.blogspot.com Michelle

    Congratulations. Love how your write that the experience has increased your love for Leta. On the way to the hospital to deliver my second child, we dropped our then 5-year-old daughter at a friends’ house for safekeeping. I sobbed and sobbed. My girlfriend was perplexed–how could I be so unhappy on the eve of giving birth? But it wasn’t about the new baby–it was the sudden realization that I loved my daughter SO MUCH, I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else like that, having that profound connection and attachment with another human being. But of course, my heart grew two sizes bigger once my son arrived.

  • http://kitkat4real.blogspot.com Katherine SOLOdotMOM

    Yes, do enjoy and savor every single breath, every tiny moment. They grow up so fast and while they are infants you can see them change literally overnight and sometimes right before your very eyes. My two kiddos (boy and girl) are so very different but amazingly I wonder how I could love them any more, and then it grows and swells… even through the occasional frustrations – they are the jewels of my life and also make my life happy and so fulfilled.

  • Erica Hennings

    That is so awesome! Glad the experience has been wonderful.

    You gave birth without any drugs? Where is your cape? Looking forward to reading the post. Marlo is so cute, don’t stop posting pictures.

    Hope Leta is loving having a sister.

    Much love from Memphis,

  • Zina

    I’m so glad that in the midst of the madness you are savoring the newborn sweetness. This post really describes how I’ve felt bringing new babies into my family (I have five kids.)

    I also relate because my five-year-old daughter wore that same striped onesie (okay so not the *exact* same one, but one just like it,) and now my 3.5 month-old daughter wears it.

  • Autumn Knapp

    Life with two little ones is definitely SO different than only one! Give yourself tons of time to get used to things, because it *will* take lots of time. I think it was 6 weeks before I found a routine that I could live with, and 6 months that I finally hit upon a routine that I loved.

    Your little girl is so adorable. :)

  • http://itsybitsymama.wordpress.com itsybitsymama

    what a cutie pie! love the updates and new pics! hope you heal quickly.

  • http://maybeinutah.blogspot.com Mari

    Aww, glad you are enjoying it!

  • MissMarthaAnne

    Heather – seriously. You really have to stop making me want to birth a child out of wedlock. Because looking at that baby face makes me want to go get knocked up asap.

  • Regina

    I love your site, Heather.

    Marlo is beautiful. congratulations! My daughter was the same way, only content if I held her constantly. It was tough, especially since I have a 9 and a 6 year old (both boys)to keep up with, but now that she’s just turned one, I already miss it. Enjoy every second.

  • Andrea

    She is just beautiful. Congratulations. I am so happy to hear things are easier this time around… and that you are so happy.

  • http://lesjoujou.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Beautiful, Heather! It brought tears to my eyes.

  • http://www.singlegendereducation.org Anonymous

    So sweet…

  • http://www.beautyandjoy.blogspot.com ~beautyandjoy~

    That made me cry and so,so happy for you.

  • Maryland Fan

    This post and Marlo’s picture are both completely wonderful. My 2nd baby is now 3 months old and I feel exactly as you do – about 2nd baby, 1st baby, emotions, and life. Thank you for honesty and humor.

  • Sheila

    My children are much older now but every day I’m so happy and proud to be their mother.

  • Dorice

    I’ve never been into “blogs” but ran across yours a couple of months ago and read it faithfully now. I thoroughly enjoy it.

    I just wanted to comment on your post about the difference from going from one child to two. The “how the heck do I orchestrate this routine” or even figure out a routine with the addition of baby number two is right on the money. I have four children (much older… number 4 is 15 years old) but I distinctly remember going from one child to two was certainly the most life altering and hardest to “figure out”. (ok, no children to one was a pretty big hurdle too). After two though, piece of cake.

    Enjoy your beautiful new baby. Those first few weeks are priceless.

  • superkittn

    Oh, cripe, you’ve gone and made me cry again.

  • Lauren

    Good for you. Really.

  • Carrie

    This is so sweet. Congratulations, she’s beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    I realize this blog is your family business and disappearing for maternity leave is not what you’d probably consider a good idea [for business], but give it some thought. Guest posts, husband posts, Leta posts! These are all entertaining and enlightening and might give you some space and time to rest and recover. We readers can wait!

    Congrats on a healthy birth and a beautiful new baby girl.

  • http://vivalask.blogspot.com SK

    this was such a beautiful post! i’m happy for your happiness :)

  • http://www.tri4ever.blogspot.com cheryl

    beautiful baby…enjoy her “baby-ness” and your five year old too.
    I remember when my now 22 year old slept with her arms up like that.
    I have pictures.
    I think she still sleeps like that from time to time.

  • Molly

    So happy for you Heather!

  • http://www.artprintsforkidz.com Alex

    So, how soon until number 3? Or is it too soon to ask about that? You have to try for that boy (says a father of 3 girls)!

    Just kidding about all that. Congratulations! Life will not be the same, but that is simply the nature of life – constantly changing.

    We have three girls, and I can say that each child changes your life in new, wonderful and unexpected ways. If you do have a third, beware: my wife and I are now outnumbered and we hope the inmates – or ‘kids’ as everyone insists on calling them – don’t realize that.

    Congratulations again. Your family is even more special and beautiful than before!

  • Britte

    She’s so cute! I just can’t over how adorable she is! And her eyes, oh I love them. And since I can’t comment in the Daily Chuck section I will instead make my comment on it in here: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW the way Coco and Chuck are spoon is the way my dog tries to spoon my boyfriend and I while in bed. Except he cant figure out that in order to spoon two people at once, it’s best to be in the middle. So he’ll go on my side, lay there for a few minutes, get up, go on Ryan’s side and over and over and over until we have to kick him off the bed.

  • Sarah

    Many congratulations. You are a wonderful writer and you have very eloquently described this journey you are taking. I’m so happy for you and your family!

  • Brittany

    Congrats, what a beautiful family and new addition! I look forward to the day I fully understand your emotions. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, after a miscarriage 2 months ago. Thank you for your website and your honesty, it has helped me heal more than you will ever know.

  • April Smith

    Having not been able to experience the joy of having children and know what you are going through I can only imagine that the adjustment is huge. You are an amazing person and will find your way though this just as you have conqured the blogging world.

    I love how she sleeps with her arms above her head. It is like she is cheering you on even in her sleep.

  • http://www.swedebeaddesigns.etsy.com Danielle

    She is a beautiful baby. Much love

  • http://hopelds.blogspot.com Hope

    The music comparison is brilliant. Thanks again for all you share.

  • Rayna

    I am so happy for you – children are amazing! She is so beautiful! Who cares how light posting has been, enjoy every moment with your precious little bundle and your precious not-so-little anymore big sister to the little bundle.

  • Yvonne

    I’m really happy for you Heather. I’m 24 weeks pregnant and this post just made me feel so good about what I have to look forward to. Thank you.

  • Dylan

    Glad you’re doing well. (: I love the second picture of Marlo… and the first one, too. I doubt that she could look bad in a picture.

  • Anonymous

    Such a precious time! Glad you are savoring it! My experience with each of my girls has been similar to yours and it’s fun to reminisce as you go thru it! Congrats!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am so proud of you, and am writing to say that you’ll get through the post-partum pain soon.

    I gave birth without drugs to my first child 3 months ago, and it took a full month before I felt comfortable down there, and another month (and LOTS of kegels) before I felt normal again. I felt the same way as you — very frustrated to have the post-partum pain after getting through what I thought should be the worst of it (the delivery itself), but still elated over the birth. Now the pain is gone and the elation remains.

    Big hugs, lots of warm baths, and best wishes!

  • Kay

    All I can say is way to go Heather! It’s so nice to hear you say that you are happier now than ever.

  • http://www.damndirtyhippies.org Amanda

    You just keep making me tear up this week! :-)

  • Joe

    Beautiful post! Thanks.

  • http://colorofblue.blogspot.com M E D I C A T I O N

    What medication are you taking for depression? How has it worked? Please write about your experience? Are you still on it while breastfeeding.
    I need your help!!1

  • http://www.curlyred.com Kendall

    she is SO beautiful and making me that much more excited about the little one growing in my tummy :)

  • http://thedrunch.com Jodi

    Good for you! Marlo is as lovely as Leta, and it’s good to know you’re enjoying it all. I went from family of three to family of 6 overnight, so it’s hard for me to relate to your situation right now. I think there’s a tincture of envy there. And I’m definitely envious of your skill with a camera. You need to start a new blog where you give instructions to the rest of us who bought a really expensive camera hoping it would make up for our lack of skill.

  • http://shriekhouse.wordpress.com shriek house

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear that the joy is permeating (mostly) your new baby experience. Mazel tov.

    Also: description of trying to find your rhythm with addition of 2nd child is the most amusingly spot-on I’ve ever heard. And don’t worry, you’ll find it (was around the 3-month mark for me).

  • Dogmom

    God, is that baby girl precious or what?!

  • http://titankt.livejournal.com TitanKT

    Newborn babies are usually kind of generic looking. Even my own now that I look back at pictures, although I didn’t think so at the time.

    But I have to admit that baby Marlo is just the sweetest thing! So precious! I know it’s just a glimpse of one moment and you are both such excellent photographers, but still… I’m very impressed with how beautiful and, quite simply, cute, she is! Good work!

  • http://www.dishondesign.com amy

    I know exactly how you feel…so happy for you all, you brought tears to my eyes. Even when their big, you feel the same way. It’s crazy wonderful, this motherhood thing!

  • http://www.wyliekat.com wyliekat

    I inherited my second child when she was seven and my other daughter was two. I think I survived the first year on adrenaline alone. Now, I’m wondering how I’m ever going to keep up. I try and remind myself that keeping up is a relative thing, and if one child hasn’t eaten the other by the end of every day, then we’ve got success.

  • http://wackymommy.org/ Wacky Mommy

    Hello, new little person. Yer cute. Pretty alert too, eh?

    Heather, I am surprised you are posting at all… no, wait. I’m not that surprised at all. Take a break, girl. We’ll still be here. And… I felt the same way when our second was born — the love for my first and for my husband just expanded and went kerpow. It’s pretty cool and a little weird. Technicolor love.

    Just finished the dad book you edited — v. good. Funny, intense and poignant all at once.

  • http://www.lovems1.etsy.com Nancy

    What a beautiful baby! I LOVE the blog entry!

  • http://saralikesbikes.blogspot.com Sara

    So happy for you and your fam, Dooce. :D Many good wishes.

  • Jennifer

    I just recently found out I’m pregnant with our second and your posts, this one in particular, has really given me alot of comfort. Thank you! Marlo is so precious!