• Bubbles

    Go Heather! I read your writing and I don’t feel as scared anymore. You are helping people every day. Thank you.

  • Em

    LOVE you and all you wright here. You give me laughs everyday! love this post and am so happy to hear that yes there are bumps in the road but you can get over them..

  • famousamy

    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on your experience and or telling it like it is. I am one of many who have been touched by your ongoing story.

  • http://www.sparselykate.blogspot.com Melanie

    Good on you, Heather. You are a joy to read and I am so happy that you are doing great. And I appreciate your honesty..it brings back a lot of memories for me when I had my three!

  • http://hellonetbaby.blogspot.com Swati

    Stay well!

  • mdog

    How wonderful! Congratulations on feeling better!

    It’s so hard for us babyless folks to imagine such a tiny thing yelling or having what new moms always refer to as a “belly laugh.” So can we please have a video clip of the yelling?

    Please? I’ll give you…I don’t know, I could give you the world’s most annoying cat, or the world’s most messy living room, or even a deck filled with the world’s most deadest plants. All of this could be yours if you would just post a video of your baby yelling.

    Thank you,

  • Stacey

    Good for you. Good for yours. “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” You have so much more than something. Right on…

  • EOMama

    Wow. What you’ve just described is what I’ve been hoping to feel for the entire four years since my twins were born. I think I’m going to call my shrink in the morning.

  • emgib

    you gave me permission to try meds. thanks for that. it makes the world a lot easier. you actually gave me permission (which is not your job, it’s just i still need permission) years ago when i first read your site. my favourite post is still the one where Jon gives you permission to use the word cunt. You had me at cunt. I only just started the med route and it’s a bit sketchy so thanks for being so honest!! I’m theoretically great. just scooped ad awards at cannes for an industry I quit a year ago and really hoping i can BREATHE soon. lots of love and thanks for all the years of support. i really appreciate it

  • KathyMarie

    Heather, thank you for sharing not only the happiest moments, but also the low moments. As someone who is dealing with “blue” periods untreated (so far), I appreciate your honesty and encouragement.

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

  • Candace

    You are a very HONEST, REAL woman who puts a face on inspiration! Thank you!

  • http://thecaderchronicles.blogspot.com Hayley

    Props, my dear. Props.

    Know how you feel about the stitches… I had twins naturally just a short time after your dimpled Marlo made her appearance. I am NOT doing cartwheels, although we did brave the public and had sushi at the Gateway today. It was quite the accomplishment.

    Glad everything is going well!

  • Sarah Brekke

    Another great post. I am glad to hear you taking care of yourself for you and your family, that’s highly respectable.

  • Lisa

    Just as with your dermatological issues, you did the mature and responsible thing, and got some treatment when you saw the red flags. Your actions are inspiring, and I am more than happy for you that the outcome allows you to enjoy your new, precious daughter even more (and likely allows you to be present for Jon and Leta as well). Is it weird to say, “I’m proud of you” when I don’t even know you?

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan


    Once again, the brave Dooce we know and love. Not that you went anywhere, just saying, you’re shining brighter today than usual.

    Now give Marlo a kiss for Teh Internets!

  • Anonymous

    So, how do I know whether or not my anxiety attacks are post-partum depression? I’ve been having them since my baby was born 12 weeks ago. For no reason, very suddenly.

  • Christa

    Good for you! I had depression with my first and when my second was born 11 weeks premature I panicked about not being able to take any meds while pumping for him in the NICU. All the doctors worked together to find something that would work for both me and for my son. Besides being important to take care of yourself it is very important to be well for your children.

  • Rebecca

    Sooo glad and relieved…we’re pulling for you, Dooce!

  • Melissa

    Even though I’ve never gone through post partum depression, but have lived through depression & anxiety (and also take medication daily) your description of the anxiety is so amazingly accurate. I try to describe to people what I feel like when I don’t take my meds. They don’t get it. YOU get it! Strangers on the Internet Get it! I am SO thankful to have your blog to read!!

  • http://www.mylifeisapieceofcake.blogspot.com Laura

    our vaginas could sit for hours and tell stories

  • emgib

    tragically – i’ve been lurking since I used to work with loobylu back in the dot com era. sorry – what a leech i am!

  • WBinNYC

    After 900+ comments I know you won’t scroll down this far. Regardless, I’d like to add my support and congatulations to how you, your doctor and your meds are managing the situation. You’ve earned a lifetime of happiness so go ahead and cash it in.

    Wishing you the very, very best…


  • Anonymous

    you go, girl.

    Look at it this way — whatever it is that causes the black cloud to come and eat your head — whether it’s a chemical aberration or whatever. It’s the stuff that is NOT normal.

    With doctors and medication, you ARE normal (well…whatever your definition of normal is, but you know what I mean).

    So you owe no explanation or apology to anyone for choosing to be NORMAL.

    Glad you have the strength to give the intarwebs the finger and do what you need to do to make the four of you happy.

  • http://trixerelixer.blogspot.com/ trixerelixer

    thank you so much for your honesty! i must admit my fear of “the crazy” is part of why i’m scared of entering the realm of child birth. but your openness & honesty about how you’ve dealt with both pregnancies & birth…how well Jon has dealt with it as well; gives me hope. i know you get a lot of praise on here, but i’ve also been reading long enough to see the idiot commentaries too. and i thank you. i thank you for continuing to share your experiences, emotions, and coping! ::biggest-gargantuan-hugs::

  • http://shannamurray.typepad.com/ Shanna

    Go, Heather!

  • WBinNYC

    After 900+ comments I know you won’t scroll down this far. Regardless, I’d like to add my support and congatulations to how you, your doctor and your meds are managing the situation. You’ve earned a lifetime of happiness so go ahead and cash it in.

    Wishing you the very, very best…


  • http://www.aussiechic.com aussiechic

    Well done chic. You know at least you have people who share your experience and can relate……
    I had to have a blood patch done because the hospital screwed up my epidural – no bloody joke – they went too far and pierced the epidurum straight into my spinal fluid and column and made a hole so that my spinal fluid actually leaked out – the only fix??? A bloody nightmare called a blood patch…..has anyone else out there ever had one of these?????
    It only happens to one in 2000 people……..and yep, I drew the short straw…..

  • Mandi

    Wow. Good for you! I actually had a wonderful experience with my first child, and I’m wanting to have another within a year…but I have LOTS of anxiety about it. It’s hard for me to believe that I can *gulp* handle two children. Not to mention…have a child that I could love as much as I love my little girl. Is that horrible? No…I don’t think so. Your really an inspiration and I truly admire your honesty.

  • http://northernnotions.blogspot.com/ Snapper

    Go you!

  • The Expatresse

    I love you. You are so cool.

  • Ada

    Wonderful, awesome, terrific… so glad you got the help you needed as quickly as you did so that you don’t have to miss a moment of joy in this experience.

    Thanks for your candor and spirit…

  • http://believeintheflowers.blogspot.com KAS

    I am so fucking proud of you for realizing what was going on and GOING IN. You have served once as an inspiration to women suffering from PPD and PPP, and you are doing so again by reminding us all a second time that YES, shit happens, and it IS OKAY to acknowledge that something is wrong and to HAVE IT TREATED. It will never make any of us less of a mother, less of a woman, less of an ANYTHING to admit a problem and push ourselves despite any reluctances to have it fixed. And I’m even more glad that the doctor you see is so talented with helping women though their PPD and PPP, that he knows how to tweak and adjust accordingly, and that he could see you again. And am always glad that you’re feeling better.

    And (one more and!) thank you for being THAT woman.

  • Karen

    I hadn’t written to ask, figuring you’d let us know when you were ready, but I had been thinking of you and hoping you’d been feeling good. I’m so thrilled for you that that’s the case. Now, if only you’d post a short video of Marlo yelling… (Please?) (You didn’t really think we wouldn’t ask, did you?)

  • Anonymous

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! I have been a very “fly by night” follower of your blog after seeing you on a talk show. I gave birth July 08 to a beautiful girl…and had a nightmarish experience afterword. I didn’t sleep for 5 days in a row and had some major anxieties. When I tried to talk to people about it, not one person really related. I was so relieved to read your latest post! I am going to research where to get your book about your experience with first delivery. Sounds like a good/familiar read!! Thanks again!

  • http://www.intrinsicmovement.blogspot.com kate

    You’ve empowered MANY women with this post. Glad to hear you are well, that you managed to site the problems and then know what to do, face it and address it! You have a healthy and gorgeous family Heather! xoxo

  • http://bushbabe.blogspot.com Bush Babe (of Granite Glen)

    See??? You were brave enough to open comments on this one, and you have an avalanche of people saying ‘thanks’!!! Do you feel like you did some good today?? Cause you did. Big time.

    It takes a lot for some of us to realise that our own health – physical or mental – is our own responsibility. Not a doctors. We need to keep seeking til we find what helps keep us healthy and stable. You have learned a tough lesson and you have helped sooooo many others.

    Hugs (and another virtual one for that dimpled goddess you have there!)

  • Anonymous

    You rock your medicated new mommy self! I too, am medicated, haven’t hit the postpartum stuff that I’ve been dreading yet, but the baby blues have certainly caught me off guard from time to time.

    Congrats on Marlo! Hello to Leta. And, take care of you!

    PS Tommy was born on his due date, 10 days after Marlo on hers. We are special…this never happens!

  • http://brilliantsulk.blogspot.com/ A

    Good for you!!! Tom Cruise can suck it.

    I often wonder if meds could have helped me…

    Nah, I just gave baby to Daddy, drank Goldschlager and watched HGTV for a couple months. Everything is great now!

  • Lisa

    Good for you! You did the right thing……..there is no reason to suffer through this when there is SO much help available! Enjoy that baby!

  • Mindy

    I cried tears of joy and happiness for you and your family when I read this.

    Good for you.

    And thank you for sharing. A conversation I had with my aunt and uncle this weekend, whose daughter-in-law is experiencing PPD and they just don’t “get it” and don’t understand what she has to be depressed about – and she just needs to “buck up” – convinces me that we need women like you to continue to talk, talk, talk.

  • Lisa


    Have been reading and loving your blog for years and though your writing has often struck a chord with me and made me laugh out loud many many times and cry in almost equal measure I have never posted a comment until now..

    I’m at home with a newborn and am finding it frustrating, tiring and less fulfilling than I thought I would BUT today is a good day.. I’m up, washed, dressed and fed and whilst I have not managed make-up yet I might get to it later. Baby is having a nap, there’s some good tunes on the radio and the sun is shining..a twizzlers, hundred dollar bills and laugh out loud day.. :)

    All the best to you and yours Heather..


  • Val

    very, Very, VERY happy for you, Heather! I’m so happy you are able to enjoy this time…

  • Kim W.

    Glad to hear. And… thank you. I hope you know how many you’ve helped with your writing and honesty and humor and all that.

  • Anonymous

    I have no kids and am no where close to marrying anyone. Yet I have this fascination with your stories and your blog. I have had a life long problem with depression and anxiety. So I worry so much that Ill have terrible Postpartum when I have kids. Your stories are encouraging and beautiful, and I thank you for sharing them. Your family is beautiful and so are you. I still fear that Ill end up in some hospital like you did, even though you were helped so wonderfully. Also, I think you are so intelligent for making the choice that you did with medication and think that if I were in your position, I would do the same.

  • Mary

    Good for you! I am so happy that you are doing what is right for you… because last I checked that baby doesn’t thrust its way out of one’s vagina carrying an owner’s manual or a rule book. Do what works and live your life. Go Dooce, go!

  • pysmatic

    No one should say a goddamn word about breastfeeding with meds. Cows take meds too. and do we know exactly which ones? not really. you do what you feel is right. and you know what? not that you need it, but I think you are doing what is right. and fuck everyone who says otherwise.

  • http://manualnotincluded.com Kara

    I am ECSTATIC that you are enjoying Marlo! My sister-in-law experienced the same anxiety with her 2nd child and the pain had its grip on her for 10 months. That was 10 months she could have been enjoying her baby but wasn’t. Kuddos to you for recognizing the problem and having the humility to admit it existed so that it could be resolved. You’re an inspiration to all mothers out there who want to love their baby but can’t!

  • Becky

    Hi Heather.
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. I absolutely love your sense of humor and candor. I also just finished your book and loved it. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the world. I’m so glad that you are having an easier time of it with your little glow worm than you did with Leta. I’ll be thinking of you that the joy only grows.


  • Bethany

    Good on you! Marlo sounds hilarious, I can’t wait for the next monthly newsletter for her and Leta now that she’s arrived. Best wishes to you all.

  • Laura

    Oh my GAWD, I’m going to scratch my own fucking eyes out! It is JULY FIRST, and you still have up the JUNE masthead! Ack, oh, oof… don’t you care?!? I mean, can’t you ACT PROFESSIONAL? I know you had a BABY recently, but don’t you CARE about your READERS? I really expect so much more from you… I know you think life is all about bathroom remodels, and babies, but don’t you know some day we’re all going to DIE?!? Apparently, we’re all going to die while looking at your June masthead.

    I’m off to rend my garments, gouge my eyes out, throw myself down a well, etc., etc.