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    I found this article in Vanity Fair while I was photographing a horse show in July… you might find it interesting with the whole ablum vs. mp3 download:


  • Anonymous

    Long time reader, first time commenter, love your stuff.

    Per your recent Momversation on the flu shots and your hub’s tete-a-tete with the WH, thought you might be interested to know that the CDC is currently (and again later in the month) hosting a web dialogue about people’s opinions on the H1N1 vaccine. Might want to spread some more of your public health opinions around… http://www.webdialogues.net/H1N1

  • annieo

    OH!OH!OH! Effing BRILLIANT!!! Leta has great taste in music/video. That background repetitive chording is so reminiscent of Sgt. Pepper (oh god did i just say daguerrotype??) and gives you that urge to move. Doin the kitchen dance!

  • david

    when i get a new release from a band, i call it just that:

    a “release” — it’s a versatile word too. it can work for a “full length” (which is also one that i use often, to obviously specify a full-length “album” by a band). but the word “release” can also work for EPs a band might put out. or even in radiohead’s case with their latest song that was released individually, “these are my twisted words.”

    so heather, i recommend the word “release.”


    & you’re right: grizzly bear’s veckatimest is actually really awesome. and dinosaur jr’s is good too but… but i’m not as stoked about it as i’d hoped to be before it came out. the flaming lips new release is what i’m REALLY excited about.

    good call on the GB vid too. gabe did an amazing job.

  • Jody Bower

    that immediately went into my list of the top five music videos ever.

  • Risa


  • http://www.iamduckydale.com/ Ana Petree Garcia

    The official video for this song is so awful it’s no wonder so many fans are making better ones. Gabe’s fan video is incredible, it definitely outshines my previous favorite fan video that I was in such awe over I had to showcase it on my site a while back (http://iamduckydale.com/2009/06/19/two-weeks/).

    Thank you for sharing this, now after seeing Mr. Askew’s video I think I may be feeling a new negative rant coming along in the direction of the creative director of the official Two Weeks video.

  • Gwen

    I’m only 18 and not only do I say album I buy music by the album.I don’t believe any good artist releases a song that’s meant to stand entirely on it’s own, plus listening to the same track over and over gets old. When I listen to an album a lot I’ll have a new favorite song every week.

  • ValerieT

    New to your blog and absolutely hooked within three posts. It occurred to me that you and/or your readers might enjoy another of my favorite regular reads (absolutely no affiliation, just a big fan and promoter of any excellent, sassy, candid creative writing) — link is directly to a particularly entertaining recent post: http://dailyperil.blogspot.com/2009/04/x.html
    So nice to “meet” you!

  • http://supercareo.blogpost.com SuperCareo

    I nanny for a 2 month old and we have been spending our morning listening to music since a wonderful little rain storm took out the satellite TV. All I can say is whenever I would look over at him while we were watching that video he was grinning like a mad fool.

    And also, holy crap. I only wish I could be so creative to make something like just for fun.

  • Lily

    How can someone NOT know the word album?!?! Srsly.

  • E2WCoastMom

    Oh man – keep the good music coming!


  • http://www.mysterymommy.blogspot.com Liz

    The song is beautiful, but the video is astounding. That guy is going far.

  • http://www.surprisingwoman.com Brenda

    OMG, he is farking amazing. And only 27 years old??? Wow.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  • Danielle

    I just wanted to chime in here and say:

    I’m straight and married, and totally not a lesbian, but Marley and Cami?


  • Erica

    Um, I still say album. I’m only 33 dammit!
    And oh how I miss “vinyl” Kudos to bands like Pearl Jam who still release vinyl. ROCK ON!

  • BellePlaine

    In regards to the word album: welcome to getting old. Did you, as a cool 25 year old never split cool hairs over some trivial word or saying that some old person in their 30s was saying? Maybe not, then you are a better person than I.

    I am a 48 year old woman (oh just imagine the horror, forget it you can’t) and I see my 30 year old-ish niece and nephew look through me like I am not here, like I am already dead, my life is so clearly over. I hope admitting the existence of a 48 year old on your blog is not too damaging to ad revenue.

  • Lindsay

    I have already watched the official video at least 50 times, and now maybe I can alternate it with this one! I can’t get tired of this song.

  • Andrea

    I LOVE when people make fan videos. Especially when they are either better than the original video, or supplement the fact that there wasn’t a video made at all.

    Like this one – Ben Folds Carrying Cathy:


    PS – it should also be mentioned that it’s almost ironic that the captcha word I have to enter in to post this comment as the word “crayons” in it. LOL It’s CRA-YON, woman. NOT CROWN. :D

  • Samantha

    Ahaha! My husband and I were having this exact conversation yesterday? We decided we would call them albums because saying mp3… eh its just weird. We are 21 and 23 by the way.

  • R

    thank you so much for pointing us to that video! How incredible!

  • http://www.thehappypill.typepad.com sara p

    Two Weeks is also my fave on the new GB *ALBUM* — that song was amazing live at Pitchfork in July. You and Jon should come to Pitchfork next year in Chicago. The hipsters are very photogenic, and Leta would love the black beans in the vegan tent!

  • Gretch

    I LOVE their new CD and I also just bought (about 10 seconds ago) tickets to their show here in Boston, I saw them last year when they opened up for Radiohead (I know, I peed my pants from excitement)sooo AMAZING!

    I’m also glad that at least some of the youths in the world are being exposed to full albums and awesome music by their parents…now that’s what I call good parenting!

  • http://naturallyfrugal.wordpress.com Chloe (Naturally Frugal)

    Love the blog, so witty and hilarious but not too mean. Sometimes.

    Um, you could call it a CD? Or do they have things that surpass CD’s now? I guess that would be an mp3. Ok, this comment is ending.

    One last thing – it’s awesome that your husband corresponded with the White House, but even more awesome that you corresponded with loyal readers.

  • Shannon

    I might need to watch the video again, but I think it’s a gay boy love story. cute.

    P.S. I see Homer in the mirror too.

  • Kerry

    Call it an album. Or, if you want to sound all industry, call it a record. Or, rekkid, as the case may be.

  • http://lostburpclothe.blogspot.com/ Lesha

    I totally want to LIVE in that video.
    And the song was awesome too.

    Thanks for introducing me to Grizzly Bear!

  • http://www.fivebyfivephotography.com Scott

    That poor woman, I hope her website can handle being Dooced. Yes, I’m using the new definition of Dooce. Never mind the being-fired-for-things-you’ve-said-on-your-blog definition. Oh, to have traffic jump by a MILLION PERCENT. But damn, her tweets are fantastic. Thanks for the lead.

    Yeah, album is still cool because it throws back to the first, original definition of a collection of songs. Using ‘record’ and ‘CD’ is about the specific medium of the time, which changes every ten years anyway. Sheesh, soon we’ll just be able to buy songs online and download them straight to our portable music players!!

    Oh, wait.

  • http://alissamiles.wordpress.com/ Alissa

    Hey, there. Glad you loved the video as much as I do. Although, if he could have somehow incorporated some lasers, I think it would have been cooler. BTdub thanks for the link on your post. I about fell out of my chair.

  • julie

    didn’t know where to comment re: momversation and swine flu vaccination — you are one smart cookie heather pleeeeze research it if you haven’t already.

  • Stefanie H.

    Holy shit on a stick. That Gabe is one talented dude.

    And I totally still use “album.” All the cool kids do.


  • lulu

    If we can still call a collection of digital photos an album, why can’t we still call a collection of songs and album, regardless of the storage medium.?

  • http://www.shelbyrosesauls.blogspot.com Beth

    WOW…that IS great! The real video for this song freaks me out!!! I love that song…I think I’ll go buy the ALBUM!

  • http://www.mommosttraveled.com CanCan

    I love the internet, I want to live inside of it.
    Kind of like that millionaire who paid to go to space on some kind of commercial rocket.
    In 1995 my friends made fun of me b/c I spent lots of time online, but who is laughing now!
    I don’t know, because I don’t have friends.
    That’ll show them!

  • http://therinrins.typepad.com Visty

    I frequently wonder what the hell I was doing in the 80′s without the internet.

  • http://www.lorihudson.typepad.com Lori Hudson

    Thanks for introducing me to Grizzly Bear. You turned me on to Kings of Leon a few years ago and I LOVE them. My kids too!

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  • http://www.tinymandolin.com Mandy

    That’s… a… fan… video???

    It’s things like those that depress me and give me a burning desire to find some talent that could actually be worth something. I don’t know whether to be filled with joy because of how cool that video is or to bury my head in the sand somewhere…

  • http://www.whoahgirl.com Anne

    Whoa, I have a hard time believing this is a fan video as well. I do love when the fan videos somehow magically happen to be better then the original video of the artist.

    Now I need to go find and download the song (since I don’t do albums, haha).

    Thanks for sharing the music. :)

  • Erin

    I am 25 years old, work in magazines and am relatively cool (inasmuch as nerds who are writers can be considered cool). I say “album”.

    My captcha for this comment is ‘NUTMEAT’. No joke. Amaaaazing.

  • http://adriennejackson.blogspot.com adrienne

    i love that album too! and the word used should be album … let’s not let that word die.

  • http://yourlisteningpleasure.blogspot.com/ Be Like The Squirrel, Girl

    Wow, that was incredible. It /should/ be the official video. I like how it was animated to appear in one large sweeping “take.” There were sneaky edits (or maybe not, because of the magic of computers?) I couldn’t see, since I’m not a professional. But the whole thing is pretty mind-blowing.

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    Wait, I can’t call them “albums” anymore? I mean, I can see bagging “LP,” but “album”? No, I’m not going along with this. Screw Abercrombie-ish guy.

    P.S.: Tell Jon I have a few requests for Barack, so if you guys could let me know when he’s coming over to your place for dinner, I’d appreciate it.

  • elizabeth

    Saw these guys open for Radiohead last year, been jamming them ever since!

    Check out the album, Born on Flag Day by Deer Tick. Love, love, love it! Particularly the song, Little White Lies.

  • Alli E.

    I must say, we’ve been listening to the entire Veckatimest “album” (hell yeah I still say it) for a couple months now and I give 100% of the credit of my as-of-today successful pregnancy to it. God bless Grizzly Bear.

  • Andrea

    I’m only 22 and I call them albums, too! Although I guess some, ummm, infants might consider 22 old, haha.

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    Sounds like the next Apple commercial song. :P

    Or maybe the next Prius commercial song. They’ve done well choosing music lately, and this video reminds me of that style.

    PS: If Leta dances to this, POST THAT VIDEO! She was so cute dancing to Viva La Vida. :)

  • http://scholastic-scribe.blogspot.com Melissa B.

    I sooooooo feel her pain! I date myself by my lingo, too. See, I just did it…

  • Corey

    I still call them Albums too!!

  • Lindsey

    While you’ve been fighting maytag/whirlpool…I’ve been fighting HP for the same reason. My BRAND NEW broken laptop. Anyway, this song is my new “calm down you’re out of controlling yelling at customer service reps on the phone!” song. Thanks, I needed that.