• http://www.365thomas.blogspot.com Christy

    You rock! There are way too many idiots walking around. :)

  • http://simplyblissful.blogspot.com tracy

    Man, see what I missed when I leave work for an hour to go to my therapist’s?

    I wish I had time to read the whole post, and who am I kidding, I really do have time but I’m still in therapy-mode & the guilty feelings are sitting right on the surface telling me I should really get back to work….

    But can I just say that you rock, Heather. Truly. And since I have met you in person & you were most certainly NOT a bully, I feel absolutely comfortable in saying that.

    You used the resources you had: Twitter, and anyone of us would have done the same thing. What, since you have 1 million + followers, you’re not allowed to vent? Please. I defy anyone to say they wouldn’t have done the exact. same. thing.

    I have recently suffered a broken dyer and was ever so happy to have it fixed again. (I have a 16 month old) I daresay I was ecstatic at the prospect of doing LAUNDRY!! Just saying, I know exactly how you must have felt, and who could blame you??

    And since you used your powers for good, you of course rock even more. Leta & Marlo should be very proud of their mother.

    That is all. I’m done. Still following.

  • Sonja

    I love how you handled this and how this story ends.

    If being a BULLY means not getting tramped on then we should all be bullies.

  • chelsea

    Way to go Heather, well done!

  • http://facebook.com/mrsmcgoogle Mrs. McGoogle

    My mother has the same Maytag. She also has the same problem. She’s on repair visit number 3. She doesn’t have twitter, thank God!

    kudos for the new washing machine/dryer for the shelter.

  • Corie

    I would’ve done the same thing! Tell the whiners to SUCK IT!

  • Christine

    Oh Heather. You were totally righteous in busting Maytag and you have no duties to protect corporate America. Writing about your experiences is what you do for a living and we all read you for a reason–you let it out. You let out what I was feeling dealing with a Maytag shop about my dishwasher. And you won. Which makes me, a housewife, very very happy for you.
    I bet none of those other women on the list with you, #26, do their own laundry. And I bet their assistants hate them. Now go have sex with/on your machine again.

  • Angrysugarmama

    Well played, 26. Well played.

  • Prinzessin

    Right on, that is exactly the sort of thing I would have done!

    The world works in strange ways.

  • Judy

    This totally makes up for having to skip your blog while you got the birth story out of your system (I had an unwanted Caesarean a year ago and can’t handle them yet). Thank you for making my day!

  • Jessica


    I love you. I should say it again in CAPSLOCK:


  • http://www.ifihadablog.ca Sox

    You missed out offending the population that is against burning candles due to the negative environmental impact.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jcnewell Jessica

    This is A-MA-ZING! I follow your blog a little more religiously than is probably healthy but I always seem to walk away with SOMETHING from your entries. Whether it be a funny one-liner or maybe a new outlook on a frustrating situation.

    But this one, it takes the cake.

    I have officially been inspired to no longer accept every seemingly rough break that comes way, I’ve been inspired to show those people what this 24 year old is capable of!

    (sorry for the long comment, I got on a roll. . .)

  • http://jenontheedge.wordpress.com Jen on the Edge

    I don’t think you are a bully or a douchebag and I am sure as hell not dropping your blog from my GoogleReader. I am a reader of your blog and I will continue to be one as long as you keep posting.

    I understand what it’s like to have a 12 week old and to be sleep deprived and to have too much laundry. You will get through this, I promise you.

    Hang in there.

  • http://www.familyylogg.blogspotcom Kelly

    I am so glad you and your bully self got to help someone out. I was recently called mean spirited for venting on my blog. I thought that was pretty mean spirited of them… You GO!

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that bothered me about that otherwise awesome post was using the imagery of a dead Iraqi boy to further your story along. Really, really bad taste.

    It’s also a bit confusing that you talk about saving money for your washer, and then a few short paragraphs later, you talk about calling your assistant. You pull in how much money a month from this website? You totally didn’t save for that washer.

    I wonder what’s going to happen to Maytag’s sales because of your Twitters. But I do think you’ve triggered something very interesting . . . corporations are going to need to start thinking about the power people like you wield.

    Other than that, I did enjoy reading your post, and gradually warmed up to you again once I recovered from the headless Iraqi boy comment.

  • Marcy

    What a fantastic read, and hell yes, if I had the following on Twitter that you have, you BET I’d have done the same thing. Kudos.

  • Marie

    You had every right to use Twitter to get your washing machine fixed. What do people think Twitter is for? I’d much rather know when a giant corporation is screwing it’s consumers over than who’s drinking what at what club and when. Get over yourselves internet!

    I’ll admit, I’d never heard of this blog before, but I’m definitely going to follow you now!

  • Rich Morey

    Dooce / Heather -

    You’re awesome. I have read almost all of your blog from the beginning (well I just started reading a few months ago but I went back and read all of your posts) I would never stop reading because of something you posted. Granted, I don’t have kids – just a dog who I love dearly and wish was as well behaved as Chuck — but I love your writing and don’t judge you based on your postings. I can only imagine what you are going through at any given time with two kids and the depression and anxiety and all these people commenting on your blog and if I was you I’d probably have stopped blogging from all the mean things I’m sure people say. So remember that I’m sure there are lots of people who feel as I do — you rock and we’ll always be here, and the people who “unsubscribe” will probably come back too!

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Yes! Yes! You are amazing.

  • Evans

    Hmmm. I fail to see how you have the audacity to expect a brand new – expensive! – washer to work! I mean seriously, you felt the need to vent because you were told that a repairman had to come out 3 times to fix the BRAND NEW washer?!?!?

    I also fail to see how anyone would consider you a bully for calling out a ridiculous situation. You weren’t calling out Maytag on a used machine, a cheap machine or one that you’ve had for a long time.

    You used your powers for good not evil – which we all have the right and ability to.

  • Heidi

    I LOVE IT.

  • Kathryn

    How could that possibly be called bullying? Back in the day, if you had bad customer service you would tell your friends. The only difference here is that Twitter lets you tell a whole bunch of people a whole lot faster.

  • http://ithoughtiwasdonewiththis.blogspot.com Calin

    What a fantastic story! I was so tense in the middle my blood pressure went up–I would have done the exact same thing with, unfortunately, not the same valuable national platform–and then I cried at the end. And I am not sleep deprived. Thank you.

  • http://aneverendingbattle.blogspot.com/ Amber

    You rock woman! Screw the crazy ass people out there that judge. Kick ass for you for getting what you paid for and expecting nothing less.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the bullying accusations. Who was the powerless one? In what universe was your exercise of power arbitrary? Having recently had a run-in with Kohler, which failed to uphold their warranty after two sinks broke in quick succession, I sympathize. And I’m sorry to say that the vitriol dumped on you is probably so many folks’ knee-jerk reaction against a formidable woman exercising power. I hope its not that, but I bet it is.

    P.S. I joined Twitter so I could follow you. And Jon. It’s really fun. So, thanks.

  • jane

    I’m so glad that your washer is fixed and that the shelter is receiving brand new appliances.

    That being said, I feel like the fact that you are number 26 means that you’re quite a clever lady. You cannot tell me that you did not think writing the things you wrote on twitter would not get you the attention that you received. Really? I mean really? Your freaking no. 26 and have over one million twitter followers. Sleep deprived or not, you knew what you were doing.

  • Mel

    The B. should stand for BRILLIANT! Kudos to you for sticking to your guns and finding a resolution to your washer problem. You’re not a bully, you’re determined and I wish I had half the gumption that you do.

  • http://choosetoshine.blogspot.com H to the Izzo

    I’m sure there are thousands of comments before me, and you may not even read this, but I had to say:

    You are awesome. And a great storyteller. And funny. And I love reading your site.

    Don’t let the haters get you down. You are not a bully. You are human. People expect others to be perfect when they themselves have imperfections.

  • Jan

    Heather, you ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!!! I haven’t had time to read any of the responses, but if even one person yells at you, I swear, I will go beat the holy crap out of that person! (Just let me know, ok?)

    I have had similar problems with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance, which is truly one of the most Evile insurance companies I have ever known. I have decided to become famous like you, so I can cause great chaos for whomever runs that company, on down to every little snit who totally blew me off while I was sick and trying to get my friggin’ medical bills paid. What a nightmare!

    Your blog is the one blog I am absolutely, totally faithful to because you are delightful! I find myself saying to people, “I have this friend, Dooce…” and then I realize that actually, I don’t, because you don’t even know me! But that’s how much I love you and the stories about your beloved family (and of course your dogs).

    Thank you for bringing light and reality into this world. And thank you for helping that shelter! I must say that I disagree with Mommy Melee about your twitters although I agree totally with her suggestion about helping the shelter.

    Your service from Maytag was crap. They deserved the Tweets. I am sure there are many people at Maytag who are wonderful people, but you were obviously not in contact with those people. If Tweets can change the world for the better, I say Hallelujah! After all, cell phones and twitter and the internet have exposed human rights abuses in plenty of countries which previously managed to keep the lid on what was happening before such technology existed. If it can improve customer service as well, thank the Good Lord!

    Did I say, YOU ROCK!!! I meant it.

    And thanks for this….

    “…because she is so soft and cuddly and smells like the farts of unicorns drunk on happiness and Sprite.”

    That makes my “Quote of the Day” list!

    Go get some sleep, OK?

    Your dear friend, Jan (even if you don’t know it!)

  • Noelle Viny

    Maytag sucks period! Good for you!

  • Melissa


    One of your best posts ever. I am fully in support of how you got Maytag to take action. All of us, as consumers, have the right to voice our complaints and demand better service. Kudos to you!

  • http://twitter.com/laynemarie Layne

    I haven’t read the whole post yet, but I just had to stop and say, OMG. When I got home from work yesterday, my currently-unemployed boyfriend had just returned from the grocery store wearing sandals with socks. AND HE ALWAYS SMELLS LIKE A GIANT GARLIC BURP! And to make it even worse, his socks were BUNCHED DOWN AROUND HIS ANKLES. The first thing I said to him was “you did not just go out in public like that!” and he acted all clueless, like “what?”

  • AR

    To be a bully, you have to have some power over the person (or corporation) you’re bullying. Which is what makes the whole thing patently ridiculous, because corporations never tire of reminding us who has the power in the consumer/corporation relationship: THEM! They were in fact BULLYING YOU by continually putting you off and not fixing your machine.

    It’s really baffling to me that the equations of power so escape us, and lead to situations like yours. I simply can’t imagine what would lead people to defend a HUGE corporation because they feel…bad for it? Because you demanded service they promised to provide and didn’t? I can’t imagine what led people to think that one consumer (regardless of her status in the media) was more powerful than a HUGE corporation.

    I’m not being sarcastic. I’m seriously confused about this. We should all be cheering, because your story means that there is some hope that we can wrest some portion of control away from behemoths of industry.

  • http://surrenderdorothy.typepad.com Rita Arens

    And the whole point of this story, to me, is that a shelter got a new washing machine out of the pain of your customer service nightmare. Good idea, good to give credit, way to follow through.

    Also, the whole experience entertained half of Twitter yesterday, so there is also that. I maintained drama with Dick’s Sporting Goods when I lost my wedding ring there earlier this year for a good three months, so I understand the need to vent to Twitter.

  • MamaLana

    I LOVE YOU,DOOCE!!!!! YAY for you. Every one of us who has beenin similar positions, we’re cheering you on. I’m so proud of you. Thank you. Smooches.

  • http://www.visiblevoice.ca Kristi

    ROCK ON!!! I mean ROCK-THA-FRICK-ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Bubbles

    You handled it exactly perfectly right, and anyone who thinks you’re a bully has never been bullied. Also, you didn’t bust out number twenty-fucking-six on them? HELLO? Companies need to realize that it’s not word of mouth anymore, it’s word of internet and that travels far faster and further.

    So… about those naked pictures… =D

  • http://maineliving.blogspot.com Paulla

    Wow – what a GREAT story. I hate that you have such nay-sayers, but it makes for great reading. Glad to hear you aren’t letting them get you down. Keep up the great work. And hurray for BOTH washing machines!

  • http://www.twitter.com/februarystar02 Megan

    I hope that Maytag grows some takes a lesson from Bosch and any other companies offering you help and free machines. I think the dollar amount of your purchase is irrelevant and that they should have been falling over themselves to fix your problem even if you had purchased a two-dollar bumper sticker. Ridiculous.

    Aside from the poop and the smell and the Maytag cluster fuck, I think this story has the best possible ending EVER.

  • http://SenileMOMentia.com Kat @ For the Love of Chaos

    I suppose I must really have some type of magical powers because everyone else seems to have a horrible time leaving comments here… lol Maybe I just lucked up. Anyway, since there are only like a zillion pages of comments right now on this post, I’m quite sure that in all your spare time, you’ll definitely be reading EVERY.SINGLE.COMMENT including this one, right? Sure.

    Okay, rambling.

    I just wanted to say I am glad you handled it the way you did because had you NOT, that shelter wouldn’t have the opportunity to get this new washing machine… *Awesomeness* …and honestly, I use twitter for, um… er… well, everything. Like when Nikon turned out to be CRAP – and no one called me a bully when I posted about My SHORT-LIVED Love Affair With Nikon (& How FujiFilm Mended My Broken Heart) here: http://senilemomentia.com/reviews/2009/08/nikon-fujifilm-reviews/


    Then, someone from FujiFilm Photo USA visited my blog and followed me on Twitter {I don’t suppose Nikon felt the same way LOL}… Point being, isn’t that, like, the whole POINT of tweeting and blogging in the first place – to share out experiences? Why not warn other people about all the WORTHLESS CRAP out there in the process as well as letting them know what companies will right their wrongs and which ones WON’T? I don’t have any doubt that if you didn’t have over a million followers, you’d still be waiting. and waiting. and WAITING.

    You know what treatment you got BEFORE they figured out *who* you are? The same treatment every other person that has an issue with their product gets EVERY.DAY. :) Food for thought. Even in the end, I’m still not impressed with Maytag because everyone else would have had to jump through a thousand hoops – just to be able to make their $1300 spin a few cycles of water. Lame.

  • Shelbysea

    I think it’s great that Maysuck finally took responsibility for a faulty machine. And if calling them out on Twitter is what it took, it’s what it took. All you naysayers are jealous that you don’t have offers for free machines. Corporations/business/individuals should know that this is how it’s done now. No more telling the guy on the farm 7 miles away not to buy his flour from Mr. Smith at the local market because it had weavels in it. You tell one million followers on Twitter that you got screwed. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • http://elcheese.blogspot.com/ A-2

    This is by far your best post ever! And huge congrats to Bosch and the power of Twitter. Great work on giving that washer to a shelter.

  • http://www.workisafourletterword.com Lauren

    Twitter is used for THIS VERY PURPOSE by most US businesses- to maintain and curb quality customer service/satisfaction IN REAL TIME. You used twitter in exactly the way that you were supposed to. And quite frankly, we should applaud @whirlpoolcorp for responding in the exact way that they should. It should’ve never escalated to that point, but their efforts to make it right will not go unnoticed. I applaud you for giving credit where credit is due.

  • Cat

    A-freakin-men. Glad you are back in business. Hats off to you for calling a service oriented company to the carpet for their shitty service. We could all learn a thing or two from you.

    Here’s to clean poop free clothes.

  • Liz

    Whatever happened to that freedom of speech thing? Oh yeah, the Patriot Act. You’ll probably be thrown in a prison sponsored by Maytag lobbyists in a few days.

    That said… speak your effing mind. You weren’t the first to be treated like shit, and you probably won’t be the last. But I bet Maytag works a little harder to improve their customer service because of this, and they really should. GOOD FOR YOU.

  • http://www.nadarine.com nadarine


    Now please go have a nap, ok? A special victory nap. You deserve it.

  • Kate

    Naked pictures, please.

  • haus

    Yes! Go you!

    We should all have Heather’s power to rabble-rouse and USE IT. It does no one any good (least of all our own little selves) to put up with substandard service and products and quietly toe the line when something is wrong.

    Anyone else watch “United Breaks Guitars” on YouTube lately? Huh? Would you rather they said nothing? Instead they made United look at their baggage handling practices and admit there were problems. That benefits the rest of us!

    So does Heather’s calling attention to the failure of a large company to honor their promise. Maytag spends lots of $$$ on marketing to moms to get us to buy those washers to begin with, the least they can do is spend some money on training their customer service reps and monitoring the quality of their repair agents. And you know what? She even warned them in advance that she’d be tweeting. That doesn’t sound like bullying to me.

    That just sounds smart.

  • Summer

    Anyone who doesn’t agree that what you did is totally awesome, should go to their nearest appliance store and hand them $1300. Maybe that will make them feel better.