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    I’ve been following your blog for 4 years. This is what the first amendment is all about. For gosh’s sake, please don’t worry about what every troll on the internet thinks of you. It’s your blog … you do what you want to do.

    - Melanie

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    Well played! Twitter is the best thing to happen in the last ten years in the spirit of COMPETITION. That’s Capitalism. This is a wake-up call to a lot of corporations. I’ll bet marketers everywhere are reading this and all of the 2k+ comments and I hope we’ve all learned something. And Dooce, you are so awesome to go out of your way to help a shelter. You’re no bully.

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    just had the same experience with B of A re my VISA card. Was going on a trip to Europe in 2 days (1st time -REALLY big deal for me) and so I called to alert them that I’d be using the Visa overseas so they wouldn’t block it. They thanked me, nice guy told me to have a nice trip, blah, blah, blah. The next day my husband’s Visa was denied. Sure it was a mistake, I called only to find out they dropped our available balance by 20,000! dollars. And though the only reason we had such a ridiculously huge avail balance was that we had the card for eons and were such good customers, we were punished simply for calling at the wrong time, and alerting them to our unused credit. Apparently, many banks are pulling peoples credit out from under them due to their (the banks’)ineptitude and bad economics, but I couldn’t understand why they, knowing I was about to leave on this trip, would do it to me w/out notice, and leave me in a terrible position so far from home.
    I pleaded, bitched, almost cried, and despite repeatedly asking why, never got a straight answer.
    All I wanted was for a million Twitter followers to say that the folks running the credit cards at B of A were crooks, assholes, and the devil rolled into one.
    So, thank you! Somehow your success in dealing w/ and exposing this makes me feel tons better.

  • Jackie Hall

    You were way way way nicer than I ever would have been. The people being ugly to you are the bullies! You totally rock. The lady may have made the suggestion and it was fantastic that you gave her the credit but if it wasn’t for your so called bullying ways then there would not have been a washer offer. You set the whole thing up. Again I say You ROCK!

    Have a great weekend. :-)


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    I just got chills reading the end of your post, and almost started crying myself. All hail the power of Twitter.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why people are so upset about this. Rant on, I say.

  • Corey

    I had an eloquent comment, but read through the 500 plus before me and now lost my train of thought!

    My one point though…
    Do people really think you lived in a shit-filled house? I assume that at points there were piled up clothes waiting to be washed, but I also assume that you went somewhere to wash them even though you didn’t mention it. Good Grief, people!

    Anyway, great post!

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    Kudos to you! And to the readers, you DO NOT have to be #26 to get service like this and get up and scream “NO THANKS” at a company that insists on ignoring you.

    On a much smaller scale (but a bigger deal for me), I ordered two items from an online company then didn’t receive any sort of contact, response, or indication that they had received my order for months—except for the fact that they totally accepted my PayPal payment. There was no phone number listed, no working email…but they had Twiter. And I had a Twitter. And I don’t have a million followers, but I’m in college, and I have many friends that use services just like these. Also, I have many pre-law friends willing to use any opportunity they can to test people on their freakout-ability.

    And dude. I told Twitter how long I had waited for a response and not to buy from that company and I got DMs, @replies, and @replies directed at the asshole company for days. I had a whole slew of people willing to yell “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT,” because do you know how rare money is for a college student and how selective we have to be about where we spend it, and what a BIG DEAL it is when we pick a place to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a couple of headbands modeled after the Chanel headbands from the Spring Collection? They were fucking cute, dude. I’m not embarassed to admit that all this came from the purchase of a fucking headband, a *knockoff* headband.

    Within a week I had a letter of apology, a refund in my PayPal account, and an offer of a waive of shipping fees the next time I purchased from them.

    THAT, my friends, is the power of Twitter and being a little Twisted Sister about what we will and will not take. And don’t get me started on my health care, and the insecurity all kidneys here must feel from being housed by someone who lives in a country where they refuse to work to improve and provide health care for everyone.

    Sorry, I have to say refuse. Because of cases like this: http://www.kansan.com/stories/2008/dec/11/dying_change/ Because I attend school with a boy who is literally DYING FOR CHANGE, as the article title denotes. And as loud as we can yell “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT,” we’re a little more helpless in this respect.

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    You know Heather, I´ve been reading your life now for, well, since before Leta and I´ve never commented before. But I have to say that this story was the best fucking thing ever. Thank you for sharing it. You are not a bully. But one of the funniest, most authentic people on the Interweb. I hope you get some sleep soon!

  • Gina

    Heather, you ROCK!!! What a fantastic ending to a nightmare story. How freakin’ sad is it that it took all of THAT to get anyone from Maytag to help you? Ridiculous. Moral of the story: unless you personally know someone in the executive suite of Maytag or have a readership of over one million peeps, buy Bosch. Thank you, oh thank you for telling this…and making me laugh out loud sooo many times.

  • http://www.slaughterhead.com jessica

    i have followed you here for several years, and this is my absolute favorite post ever! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for everything about that story. i’m so glad that the emotional rollercoaster i rode just while reading it, let me off at a wonderful, perfect stop. thanks!

  • Deb

    You ROCK! You got done what these people should have taken care of without your rant! It’s time people took pride in their work and work ethic. People buy washers because they NEED washers not because they enjoy harassing people on the phone. Totally justified. Love your spunk!

  • Dee

    There is a very significant difference between you and Oprah. She is a public figure who has strived to become influential as where you are a blogger who became influential whether you liked it or not.
    You have never claimed to be neutral.

    Very funny though that people react to your posts like that. I cannot imagine myself reading your posts and thinking: “she is this far to crossing the line. One more time and she’s done!”
    If I had that feeling, I would stop reading before I got enough. No fun is just no fun.
    But what is more; I would never have the urge to tell you that.
    People can be such know-it-alls. My opinion is nothing more than that: my opinion.

    I’m glad that your doing led to something so helpful and good. But you have to know that although you get awful mails every time you write something, you also change a lot of people’s lives in a very good way. A lot more then all those negative people.
    Your blog – your life and you sharing it with us has really helped me in so many ways. A good laugh, some perspective when I needed it, or another view on the world when I had another opinion.
    I cannot begin to thank you for doing this – blogging and letting us have a peek in your life. The times when I had to laugh out loud with your posts are numerous and I hope I never become ungrateful for that.

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    Even if you were telling everyone to boycott Maytag, GOOD FOR YOU. You have every right to, just like I do.

    If celebrities can say, “Put an end to child abuse, and harsher punishments for child abusers,” then why cant I say, “Do not buy from this company because they are a bunch of dildo-slappers and treated me awful.” In its purest form, they are the exact same.


  • kjc

    You go girl! Why are you a bully for demanding decent customer service? I think we’ve just gotten too used to being treating like… POOP, great big stinking piles of it.

    I have a friend who did the same thing with Comcast… it got results.

  • J. Bo

    Good for you for standing up for your rights as a consumer, being patient and polite, and then finally whipping out the Twitter guns after all other avenues had been explored. No “sleep deprivation” apology required!

    We should ALL be such bullies, then maybe customer service would live up to its name… for ALL of us.

    P.S. “Accidental puppeteer” is my new favorite phrase.

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    F’ing brilliant!

  • Mary

    Rock on! Excellent use of technology/Twitter; just sorry it all had to happen.

  • http://bestofdenton.blogspot.com/ Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista

    Diamond-studded panties?! Beautiful. Could not stop laughing.
    And, um, where can I buy a Clive Owen-powered BJ?
    Just asking.

  • hennykimmy

    I’m a relatively new follower, but I gotta say Heather, you rock! I wish I had the nerve to handle situations the way you just did. Brilliant….and so totally justified. Kudos.

  • Avery

    What an awesome outcome to such a horrific experience. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing worse than shitty customer service, and oh god those damn automated customer service helplines. Way to stand up for yourself against terrible policy and a company determined to be unhelpful in their quest to adhere rigidly their own bad policies.

    Keep it up, madam bully!

  • Peita

    That is fan-freakin’-tastic! I only wish my mother had the same success when her equally expensive Maytag shit itself within a warranty period. She experienced similar delays and the same run-around, all the way across the globe from you in Australia. In the end she received a store credit and bought a different machine and has vowed NEVER to buy a Maytag again.

  • Anonymous

    if it isn’t too late…I would keep the Bosch and send the Maytag on. I have a Bosch and it kicks total ass, no issues, perfection really. (well, maybe not perfection, but it is a great machine) Uses less water and energy than the maytag too.

    though now I feel like an ass telling you to give the lame machine to a shelter. Then they would have to deal with any upcoming nightmares.

    but seriously, keep the Bosch.

  • Franca Bollo

    Excrement post! I mean excellent post … but excrement sounded so much more fitting (and satisfying … ahhh).

  • http://thepeevery.com Peeved Michelle

    That was the longest blog post I have ever read. I am glad it had a happy ending.

  • http://www.harveysathome.com/ Meegan

    I cannot even begin to fathom the absolute disgusting customer service you received!!!! And from a supposedly reputable, fancy-schmancy company too! GOOD ON YOU for Twittering your experience. Maytag deserved it. They really, really did!
    Oh, and consider yourself NEVER UNFOLLOWED!!!!

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    I am getting a contact high off your happy ending here. We had a similar thing happen with our Kenmore (sounds like the same one you had). It was 4 years old and therefore not brand new (which would have made me truly crazy), but it just up and died. And the part to fix it costs more than a new machine (how that is possible I do not understand), plus labour. Turns out this is a flaw in this model and happens to most of them at approx the 4 year mark (for us it was to the day). While 4 years and brand new are decidedly different, I can’t help but feel that a washing machine should last at least a decade (at least) as I know my mom’s did, my grandmother’s did etc. Heck the one we moved out of the house when we moved in was undoubtedly at least 20 years old if not more.

    Among the things that cheesed me off:
    - that a supposedly “eco” appliance would be a big piece of scrap metal in 4 years just seemed plain wrong
    - that the Sears repair guy couldn’t even come and look at it in our case for 3 weeks, and that would be to assess it and order a part (we called a private repair guy who came that day and told us not to bother even trying to repair it, something that several further phone calls and web research confirmed). Oh and this 3 week timeframe, that was for a paid service call. Paid. And it would take 3 weeks.

    In my case I was in the very emotional end of my 1st trimester of a pregnancy and suddenly began to believe that we would somehow end up with no washing machine and a new baby (in 6 months…) and that the world was ending. I came around the logic after about a day and some patient talking down from my partner.

    I also became totally fearful of buying a new one, as surely this would just happen again and that would be bad. We ended up going for a second hand, big old school top loading beast bought off Craigslist for $50, that will possibly outlive us all. Now, however we need to pay to have the old one taken away, which makes me all kinds of crazy.

    And I did tell Facebook/Twitter and in fact went so far as to contact a friend across the country that I had previously recommended the washer to and warned him off it. Unfortunately it seems that either Sears/Kenmore wasn’t listening or that my pool of influence is too small.

    I am pleased that things worked out for you though. So pleased.

  • Amy RoHahn

    no doubt the ‘b’ stands for badass, at this point. i was just about to have a meltdown from working a 50 hour week and coming home to sick, cranky twin 6 month olds but NOW I AM HAPPY thanks to you! thanks fer the laughs, and thanks for bullying the shit out of an asshole corporation. ’bout to go buy me a bosch, dude. ;)

  • http://laurelsstitchery.com/catalog/ Laurel

    Heather – I. Love. You.

    That is all.

  • http://tgaytan.blogspot.com/ TGaytan

    I was following the action on Twitter, so glad to see a happy ending. Bet you feel real good now, having gotten that post completed.

  • Stephanie

    Its really boiling down to this: customer service in America sucks. It’s either outsourced, handled by auto-bots, or some rude woman/man who is just watching a clock popping her gum and doesn’t want to be there in the first place. You demanded customer service and you wanted something you paid good money for with a nice handy dandy warrenty no less. Why does that make YOU a bully? I don’t think it does. I think its important that companies realize that really the customers are important (do they not realize that people are spending their money less and less)?

    Good for you for standing up to bad customer service, and for making the company stand behind the warrenty. Whether you had to go to Twitter or not..you were telling us Buyer Beware. I am glad that you had a happy ending and your washer is currently singing the songs of joy with you.

    Great job Heather.

  • http://kartasi.wordpress.com Kartasi

    I can’t believe that people are hating on you because Maytag has bad customer service. Seriously people, put your thinking caps on. Great post!

  • http://lucysdiamondsky.blogspot.com Lindsey

    I certainly do NOT think you’re a bully. I think it’s great that you finally got some attention. But I think that it’s sad that, in so many words, you had to use your clout to get that attention. Doesn’t say much for those of us who have 34 followers on Twitter getting anything done. Companies should have more respect for their customers!

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  • Jessie

    Heather, you FUCKING ROCK. I’m just jealous that I can’t call out Fios in a similar manner.

    Damn the man!!!

  • Lanne Beattie

    You have to live your own reality.

    Your reality is a pile of stinky washing and a new baby and crappy customer service. I would have gone higher and higher sooner and done it louder and damn straight I would have whinged /publicly bagged them out on twitter.. ABSOLUTELY. Totally and completely. If you are in business (and I am) and you take someone’s money for a product AND offer any kind of warranty paid or otherwise you absolutely SHOULD be doing the right thing and doing it fast.

    I spent 57 hours on the phone to the phone company to get a phone connected, that worked, then dealt with the disconnected phone they shouldnt have disconnected, the lack of phones for 2 weeks the internet I didnt have for 2.5 weeks and the nonsense that lasted..oh.. 5 months after that. You know what they paid me nearly $4000 in credits and I earned every single one because Telstra’s customer service, actual phone service and customer experience SUCKED.

    You were not bullying them. You were asking for what you wanted. You were lucky you were well known enough that they actually did something. Now they should review the entire system so it doesn’t happen again. And thank you for donating the washing machine to the shelter, both you and the company rock for that.

  • Elisa

    Heather,LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks TWITTER and keep BLogging!! Love reading them.

  • http://www.sarahism.org Sarah M

    I thought you did what any person would do. There is only so much a person can take and I’m glad you got your machine fixed. They needed to take responsibility for their product!!

  • http://www.joliepittnews.com Randi

    That is such a great story! I love the power of Twitter – and it was really great of you to donate the washing machine to a shelter! Brava!

  • Julia

    Dooce, this might be my all-time favorite post of yours. Ever. You totally nailed it with this one. I was on vacation for a few days and had the Twitter turned off so I was completely ignorant about your washing machine debacle and the Maytag Twittergate, so as I was reading this I kept thinking, “But she’s Dooce! Why didn’t she put this on Twitter? I put this kind of thing on Twitter and I’m nowhere near being Dooce!”
    I LOVE how you responded to this and I love even MORE how brilliantly you wrote about it here. You rock.

  • Jen

    Wait, people called YOU a bully? If you’re a bully then what would the people at Maytag be called by not making good on their product and keeping you and your family prisoners of dirty laundry?
    You rock and I’m now very proud to say that I own a Bosch appliance.

  • Stephanie

    You ROCK!

  • Anonymous

    This is so, so, so sad. Really? You just wrote how ever many words are above COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR BROKEN WASHING MACHINE?!? Oh, woe is you. What a horrible injustice you’ve suffered here. Your complaining is an insult to the millions of people in this world who can’t even begin to imagine the life you live.

    I won’t be surprised if the universe catapults something really awful your way, just to throw this little, tiny situation into perspective. I’m even more surprised at how many sheep you have here supporting you. Clearly they’re just feeding their own narcissistic needs by brown-nosing because NO ONE normal could possibly think your reaction to this is reasonable.

    Carry on in your self-importance. You used to be a good writer and I used to love reading what you wrote. Now you’ve turned into a vain and self-serving snob. Relative fame suits some people well. It has turned you into a total asshole.

  • http://dragonflyreflections.wordpress.com Kelley

    So, honestly, what’s so wrong with being a bully. I say own your inner bully. Even venture to call it what it REALLY is… you inner bit.. Heather, that is not a bad thing. That is a fabulous thing! It’s the part of you that won’t take no for an answer, the part of you that gets books published, the part of you that tells lazy corporate giants like Maytag to do what they should have done in the first place (SELL YOU A QUALITY PRODUCT)!

  • Anonymous

    I think this is AMAZING!!! HOW DARE THEY TREAT YOU LIKE THAT??? Why the @#$#@ do they sell the machines if they wont work?
    I think you did an amazing thing and I only wish all of us had the power you have… the companies take each person for granted because they think they’re so big.
    Pls go ahead and continue doing this…. GREAT work!!

  • katie

    sleep deprived or not, that kind of thing is UNACCEPTABLE! I would have handled it the exact same way. I had an incident like that with AT&T and them destroying my fathers credit by not closing his account when it switched to my name, but not informing anyone of the outstanding balance of almost $500. As much as I want an iphone, i just cannot make the switch back!

    p.s. i don’t think you’re a bully at all!

  • Susan

    I don’t think you get enough positive feedback.

    You’re AWESOME. :)

  • Katie

    I am thrilled that you handled this situation exactly as you did because something awesome came of it. Because of your ranting & raving (which I love and look forward to many times a day), a shelter now has a washer and dryer to help the less fortunate. I also love the way you handled it because I, too, have a tendency to handle stressful situations that are not going my way in the exact same manner. And I mean EXACT.

    I wish I could follow you twice as much for all the fools who unfollow you.

  • Elizabeth

    So NOT unfollowing :)

    You are awesome. Don’t ever change. :)