Posting for the next couple of days is going to be light as we attend several engagements around my Granny Boone’s funeral. All nine of her children have gathered from different corners of the country, including many of their own children, so there are like thousands and thousands of Boones running around telling fart jokes, comparing cleavage, and blaming Granny for all of their passive-aggressive tendencies, like oh my god Uncle Timmy YOU DID NOT JUST BRING UP THAT APPLE PIE STORY AGAIN. I’m not going to repeat that story here except to say that we have heard it a kadrillion times, and the point of it is that life is unfair and GRANNY MADE IT SO. Except I’m guessing that growing up poor in Kentucky, working three jobs, raising ten kids (one who died in infancy) and having to boil water every morning on the stove to take a bath… that may explain why she overreacted when he stole a piece of pie.

I love this family, no question, but if a psychiatrist got us all into one room he’d have to wear a helmet and wield a gun.

I spent several hours with them yesterday, and I have so much to say and can’t wait to get around to writing it. But right now I want to thank you, you who come here and read what I write. It is because of you that I was able to help fly out many of the cousins and grandchildren who would otherwise be unable to attend this funeral. And I don’t know how to tell you just how much it means to me and this family. That because of you and you and you, you in Vancouver, and you in Pittsburgh, and you in Edina, Minnesota, because you come here and share the ups and downs of this totally Wackadoo Family, several grandchildren get to come and say goodbye to their Granny. And the magnitude and meaning of that really blows my mind.

Thank you. I don’t say it nearly enough. Thank you so much.

In the meantime, here’s a chuckle:

  • http://midgetviking.wordpress.com/ MidgetViking

    Oy! There are Europeans reading you too! “You, in Austria, Norway, UK…” :-) Love to you and your entire family from Europe!

  • Alexis

  • http://lifetrain.blogspot.com Tisra

    Ahhhhh. I love family. And you’ve said it just right. All the crazy. All the drama. All the conflict and all the weird baggage that comes with having family is completely worth it…. IT’S FAMILY! And it’s BEAUTIFUL!

    So wonderful that you can all be together during this time.

    And, as someone else suggested- I’m going to go click on some adds for you! :-)

  • Alexis


  • Vero

    Thanks for the thanks. This is why I support small businesses because they support real people, not the balance sheet of a multinational conglomerate. Although I don’t know if being #26 means the Blurbodoocery qualifies as a small business…. :-)

  • Rebecca

    Heather – you are an absolute gem… I completely adore you and your family; we, the Internets, are the lucky ones to have you grace us with the presence with your eloquent postings, which read more and more like heart-felt love stories about your totally awesome family.

    I am so sorry for your loss – I know that having your entire family surrounding you during this time will help heal some of the pain.

    Do take care, and let us know if you need anything (else)! :)

    Much love from Texas,

  • Gammy

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your Granny. She sounds like a wonderful woman and you are so lucky to have had her. Sending peace and love – hoping you find comfort with all your family.

  • http://tablefornine.blogspot.com Michelle

    Why do we always wait until something like this to get together with our families. I have cousins I haven’t seen since I was a child and I am pretty sure that I won’t any time soon. It’s a horrible shame that we are such a disconnected society these days.

  • http://www.fisheggs.typepad.com fisheggs

    Sorry for your loss. Funerals can be wacky sometimes.

  • http://eatsomething.net junniemuffin

    I have enjoyed your blog over the years, I feel like you are part of my family. Thank you for your honest and direct writing and most of all I admire your courage. To be so open and so bold. I am so very sorry for your loss. Your granny sounds like a character!

  • http://www.thechocolateandthecheese.blogspot.com Mary

    We’re all glad to help in the little way we can. And thank you for putting yourself out there and making so many of us laugh on a daily basis.

  • Olya

    Life is unfair, yes it is…Enjoy the thousands of Boones around you and keep bringing us here.

    I missed my Granny’s funeral few years ago due to “playing” an emigrant from Bulgaria. I’d share a room with her for 10 years and an apartment for 24, but I never got to really know why I resemble her persona so much.

    Thank you for doing what you are doing!Keeps my beliefs intact.

  • Amy Bjorge

    Here’s to extended family, conference Sunday, and apostasy.

  • Robyn

    A nice feeling to know that our blind sheep adoration has meant we could help in any small way. You, and now your amazingly normal Wackadoo family, have kept me entertained for years.

    A You in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Karen

    I am sorry for you and your families loss.

    Hugs and prayers to you all.

  • Ulla

    I’m so sorry about your grandmothers passing, but I am so happy that by reading your wonderful stories we are helping your family through this time. I know you have many stories to tell staring your grandmother, and I can’t wait to read them. She looked like a great lady, I’ve never seen such sparkly white hair.

    I will be thinking of you and your family.

  • Katie

    And me in Australia. You’re welcome!! It feels good to be able to help others get to meaningful things. We fly my parents in law down every christmas and grandchild brithday so that they can share in something they otherwise would miss out on. Enjoy those Boones! xx

  • Jo-Jo Murphy

    Heather, you’re the one who voices so many of the experiences, beliefs and jokes that I wish I could say out loud to millions. In a cosmic sort of way, I guess you were elected to be the spokesperson for moms who haven’t had the easiest time being parents, yet love this job more than anything else we’ve ever done.
    My heart goes out to you and your family as you remember your Granny and rejoice that some of her feisty genes were handed down.
    And, that giggly baby video reminded me once again that there’s no better cure for what ails you than the pure joy of laughing for no damn good reason.

  • Sandy

    Saying goodbye.
    Soft fingers gently wrap up what has been
    and seal what has been shared in gentle thoughts to always remember.
    It is standing still at little chunks of life, peaks of joy and pain.
    Saying goodbye is gratefully cherishing everything that is valuable and never forget.

    Truly sorry for your loss. I hope, through all the family-chaos-applepie-insanity, you find comfort and warmth with each other. Actually, I’m sure you will. Thank you for brightening up our days with your chunks of life. And you’re more than welcome, you deserve it.


  • Malgrin

    You inspire me. Today, particularly.

    Warm thoughts for you and yours.

  • Amy J.

    You’re welcome :) .

  • Caren Jew

    So, so sorry about your Granny. And I wouldn’t be anywhere BUT along for the ride! Thanks for all you do Heather.

  • Tobamom

    Celebrate your granny’s life as you celebrate each other and the ties that bind you. God’s peace to all of you.

  • Anonymous

    In case you’re wondering just how cute that kid is, my uterus aches each time I play that – the count of which is totally not in the dozens…

  • http://california-transplant.blogspot.com Emily

    Sounds like my family! I get to spend Thanksgiving with the crazier half…oye! ;)

  • Kristi

    My ten week old son was laying next to me, squirming and making all sorts of noise, but as soon as I played the video of Marlo, he got very quiet and still. I think someone has a crush. :D

  • http://www.zsinparis.blogspot.com Moya

    Sorry about your loss, and thanks for sharing the giggles. I’m also sorry that your family isn’t Irish, because there is nothing better at our family wakes than adding the whiskey in the corner cabinet to all of the death stories, and I would LOVE to hear your version of those…

  • Florida Jen

    No, thank you! And by the way, your children are precious!

  • http://www.doctorsmithsonian.com kkg

    Happy to read your words any day! What a little beauty!

  • http://www.sichyseele.com Holly Reynolds

    Reading over here in Germany and spreading the word as well!!!

    Sorry for your loss, but glad you get to spend time with your family. Even crazy family gatherings make for some great stories & memories!

  • Melanie

    No, Heather. Thank you. For bringing smiles, tears, laughter and fun to my days. If, in some small way, that has helped you do the things you want in your life, then the Internet is a good place.

    Hugs to you, your extended family and even the guy who stole the pie. :) We’ll be here when you get back.

  • http://www.becomingsarah.com Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

    You’re welcome =)

    Enjoy this time with your family. I am so sorry for your loss, but I hope that you all enjoy sharing memories and celebrating your Granny’s life over these next few days.

  • Jenny

    How wonderful that you could do that for your family. I can’t wait to read about all the stories that come out of the next few days. I hope that the laughter and joy outweigh the tears. What a legacy your Granny has left behind.

  • http://animalsthatgivepause.com/ TC

    That is a great thing to do for your relatives. You are a good person and don’t let anyone tell you any different ever!
    I’ve been reading the hate pages if you can’t tell.
    My condolences on your Grandmothers passing also.

  • http://serenitydays.blogspot.com/ AmberStar

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your grandmother. Those are hard…I still miss both of mine. Keep her in your heart and the pie story, too.

    Your blog gives a lot of joy and thoughtfulness, and sometimes even crankiness. You are human and I celebrate that about you.

    Marlo’s very cute in that videoclip. I can’t wait until she laughs like right out loud….hehehehe

  • Maddie

    No, thank YOU! Love your work, Maddie (Christchurch, NZ)

  • http://www.jessicawinkworth.com Jessica

    XOXO right back atcha :-)

    Also, I am hereby entering my vote for “Wackadoo Land” to somehow make it into your next masthead ;-)

  • http://www.christinafowler.com Christina

    Dooce, don’t forget those of us in the UK / Europe. Your family is so adorable and your blogging so addictive. I am glad that you are able to ensure your extended family is together at this time through the power of your blogging.

    You make me want to blog. I’m sure I could give you a run for your money. You think your family is crazy??! Try being a Fowler!

    Anyways, much love to your family at this time. Your Granny Boone was very blessed to have such a large family, and I hope you all think of her fondly.

  • Janice

    So sorry for your loss, Heather. Think it might be a nice gesture to honor of your granny’s memory by telling the apple pie story, yes?

  • Heather S.

    xoxo, right back at ya. Sending you and your entire family happy thoughts!

  • Mrs Millard

    We wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep posting and making us smile. Love to you all at this time x

  • Meghan

    Isn’t it amazing how each blessing can bring us misfortune and each misfortune can bring us blessing? It’s this circle that makes life so very painful and so very f-ing worth it.

  • Anonymous

    My sincere condolences to you and your family. I’m not sure if this is appriopriate but I can’t wait to see the hate mail this post produces. Those folks are so crazy, spiteful and ugly it’s hilarious.

  • Jackie Hall

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Granny Boone. It hurts like hell when someone you love passes. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome, and thank you for helping me keep sane with all your daily insanity. If that makes any sense.

  • Isabel

    Sorry for you loss. You’re welcome, all the way from Honduras. Yes, you have readers from a tiny Central American country as well.

  • Amber

    Ha! Circle Pines, MN loves you too.

    My dear friend FuzzyNoodleKnits just lost her grandmother last week as well. I’ve sent her your way for humor and insight to help her get through the tough times.

    Warm wishes and kind thoughts to you and your family.

  • http://maneuveringmotherhood.com Miss Behavin

    OMG…the eyes! Marlo and Leta have the biggest, roundest, most beautiful eyes. They remind me of my daughter, Carley, who remained bald until she was two, poor thing, but my God! those eyes – so serious, like an old soul in a new body!

    I’ll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts!

  • Lisa

    Thank YOU. God’s peace and blessings to you and your family during this tough time.

  • http://www.selfpassage.com lisa

    Where is Kentucky was your grandma from? (See, look at that great grammar- I am an English major, but I got my degree in Kentucky so it’s okay) I live in Louisville, KY and my family is all from here too. Sending you good vibes from the Bluegrass State!