• geminijen_2000

    You’re killing me, this is hysterical!!

  • kukucachoo

    My best friend once singed off hair and eyebrows when the backyard grill wasn’t starting. The gas was sure going, but the starter wouldn’t spark it, so she used a match and BOOM!! Best part? Best friend’s name is CAMI.

  • quinncummings

    I respect how dinner at your house is an extreme sport. Makes those of us who try to live on leftovers for weeks just to avoid cooking have something to aspire towards.

  • shakes123

    Perhaps it is because I am tired and had a long day but I have two questions.
    1. Why is it funny that your friend almost burnt her head. Why were you laughing so hard? 2. Where is the rest of the story? What happend next? Am I missing something here?

  • theotherlion

    @54 Can’t speak for Heather, but if it were me, I would be laughing out of shock and relief. And also because once you know your friend is okay, the situation lends itself to humor. I’m the type of person who uses humor to cope with life, though.

    As for the rest of the story, I imagine they just ate dinner. The point of the story was to tell us that 1) she cooked 2) her friend almost burnt her hair and therefore 3) ended up washing said hair with DOG shampoo.

    I think she is just trying to tell you about her light-hearted friend and their silly text messages. I love Heather’s writing style and perspective, but maybe it’s not for everyone.

  • bethiecow

    This blog post is useless without pictures.

  • kait

    Please, please do not tell me, as a transplant Yankee to the South, that no one remembers the craze about ten years ago for Horse and Tail, Tail and Horse, oh hell the name of some horse shampoo that we western riders use on our horses–yep, many, many of us swore by for our own hair. This may be inexplicable to anyone not horse invested in some way (a horse is the land version of a boat–a big hole to pour money into), but Dooce, somebody in those Tenn. family connects must be able to confirm!

    cheers, kait

    P.S. Anybody from WV on down can witness that kudzu? Can take down an entire wooden house/barn/structure. Was that shampoo Tail and Mane?

  • marginallyyours

    @ kait: That shampoo is Mane and Tail, and apparently gets good reviews from cosmetologists to this day:

    I remember using it as a kid. My mom said it would make my hair grow faster or something. Weird.

  • Figtron

    Just think…all of that would have been avoided if she simply would have agreed to wipe your child’s ass.

    Some people are just asking for it, don’t you think. “If you don’t agree to clean the poo, your face will get burned to a crisp.” No brainer.


    Wait, she may have something with that Dog Shampoo mistake. Ever see an Afghan Hound? Jennifer Aniston eat your heart out!


    Wait, she may have something with that Dog Shampoo mistake. Ever see an Afghan Hound? Jennifer Aniston eat your heart out!

  • Cherry

    Wait – there was no Suave in the shower?

  • LuckyMama

    Do you realize how hard it is to laugh quietly while reading this post? I’m at work here…You’re blowing my cover!!!

  • LuckyMama

    @ #16 coolcatana- DITTO on the Mercy thing. I think I watch the show because I secretly wish it was Heather…the show would be so much more entertaining!

  • idolatrare

    Wait a minute..according to last night’s Big Love, Mormons don’t eat salmon, they eat crab legs. What gives?