• anneteoh

    Very classy cut girl. I agree with Blurb’s description of you (“supermodel wife”….)

  • catslye

    You are so freaking cute I can hardly stand it. Can I be you, just for a day, I swear, I’ll give you back. ;)
    (I added the wink smiley because I have the same problem you do, no one knows when I’m making a joke. – obviously the joke part was about giving you back.)

  • doobrah

    Yes, gray hair shows less with blonde. It also shows less when hair is longer. Sorry chica, time to grab that hat back from Chuck.

  • mynext50

    Wait until you get to the age where your hair won’t take the bleach anymore. Oh yes, that happens.

  • June Gardens

    Girl, I so feel you on this. Not the hair, because if I cut a cute pixie like yours I’d look like I represent The Lollypop Guild, what with my curls and all.


    What I feel is the part where people are–let’s face it–not quick. And they don’t read carefully. And I scream back at my blog ALL.THE.TIME.

    Am thinking of starting a support group for bloggers. Am not even kidding. Perhaps I’ll call it The Lollypop Guild.

  • Monday

    You’re always a vision of hipness and pure beauty.

    I’m in NYC and I have the same new haircut!

    I’m always amazed that Utah is not as backwards style wise as on social issues and politically.

  • WildtoChild

    I wish I had the balls to cut my hair short!


  • schweedie

    I sincerely hope I’m not the only person who upon reading the sentence “She got the orange out” had the urge to get up and twirl around, singing, “She got the mustard OOOUUUT!”

    The hair looks great.

  • Andie10

    Love, love, love the new cut! I am thinking about cutting mine off, too!!!


  • zoyapunk

    I wish I could pull that cut off. It would look better when I don’t find time to shower…

  • ddee

    Love the hair!

    I’ve only colored mine once, when I was 25, and it came out burgundy, not orange (and not intentionally). As for the gray, I leave mine alone, and have long wanted to have this put on a bumper sticker:

    Gray hair is just highlights by God.

  • blimey

    You funny woman!


    Forget the hair, (cute), where can Bossy go to have her skin dyed that gorgeous Alabaster?

  • helenaleigh

    Dooce! your hair looks great! i have short hair too, and i forever have the itch to cut it shorter and shorter! i feel your pain. :) also – i’m just a LITTLE BIT jealous of your cheekbones. Rock it girlfriend.

  • HappyMothering

    It amazes me how many people don’t know what sarcasm is!

    My hair is so long right now I really need to get it cut. Not sure what I would do if I started going gray. I’ve never dyed or highlighted my hair and I’m hoping I don’t have to. My mom and her older sister don’t have gray hair, so I’m really hoping I got that gene.

  • HappyMothering

    It amazes me how many people don’t know what sarcasm is!

    My hair is so long right now I really need to get it cut. Not sure what I would do if I started going gray. I’ve never dyed or highlighted my hair and I’m hoping I don’t have to. My mom and her older sister don’t have gray hair, so I’m really hoping I got that gene.

  • renata_armindo

    It’s fantastic how you can wear your hair anyway and it still looks great.
    I’m a love-long-hair kind of person, but I love the way you look on the first picture of the hair chronicle!
    Please, please, let your hair grow and wear it like that again! Pretty please? Also, you’ll be able to play with it some more! ;-)

  • former-miss-know-it-all

    Love the hair. Love the skin. What the? You are like a porcelain doll. I don’t think I had skin that good as a baby.
    And I agree..before shots are the best. Please share.


  • Dragonfly084

    The pictures of a years worth of hair styles was cute and you can pull off many looks, even the ones that you thought were bad. Number 16 was hot! Like really HOT! If you didn’t have a husband and I didn’t have a husband…. I’m just saying!

  • Greta Koenigin

    You look like the love-child of Annie Lennox and Madge. Good mix. Great do. And always remember that tragedy and great hair are not mutually exclusive.

  • hockeybrad

    What does Jon think? He may not have a say in the matter but I’m sure he has one of these many haircuts that he likes more than the rest.

  • Liams Grandma

    I am also changing my hair constantly. Short, long, layered, sticking straight up. Blonde, striped, brunette, red, fuschia (error), green (error). I am 50 and I refuse to stop changing my hair. Hair is what makes a woman beautiful. If I have a bad hair day, it doesn’t matter what my skin, makeup or clothing looks like. I look like hell. Finally, someone who understands…

  • Penelope

    I want to see the orange hair pictures, too. :)

  • Daddy Scratches

    Wait, so you *didn’t* have an actual orange lodged in the back of your head?

    I’m pretty sure that World War III will commence at some point because of a misunderstood tweet.

  • kimjay_everyday

    Well, you certainly got their BEAUTY genes. Love it! And, I’m so jealous of your ability to wear it short. I would look like a matchstick if I cut it. Grrr.

  • the niffer

    Love it! (the post and the hair)

  • Twinma

    Wow, you look like you should be selling Avon.

    No, seriously, I only wish I had the facial features to pull this off. You stole my jawline because it’s missing.

  • TexNtheCity

    You look incredibly elegant! This ‘do should definitely balance out that t-shirt you’ve worn for the past month ;)

  • amyeburgess

    It looks like Ginny’s blog about the BRESMA Orphanage in Haiti is temporarily down due to an abundance of traffic, but THANK YOU from the Steel City for all of you who were able to get through and help spread the word about the plane needed to evacuate these amazing Pittsburgh girls and the kids they refuse to leave behind.

  • Leball

    You’re hair looks FABULOUS! And I’m so happy you smiled! I wish I had the balls to go that short. I’m addicted to screwing or not screwing with my long hair…

    And I have to say, you are so white! You should be a part of the Cullen family. :)

  • Jennyville

    Not many people can carry off that short hair, but it really does look cute on you.

  • wordsbecomeone

    I have to say when you cut your hair to look like an adorable pixie Tinkerbell-type (your most recent before this) it was my absolute favorite and suited you perfectly. This is just slightly too short, but it still looks very nice.

    Oh and you’re doing a terrific job with your make-up.

  • agirl

    Fab haircut. Gorgeous (eventual) colour.

    And I was DYING of laughter at your tweets. I was sure there would be wonderfully hilarious misinterpretations. Gotta love twitter…

  • heffernhyphen@sbcglobal.net

    Damn girl, your neck is longer than my leg.

  • mileena

    very cute!

    and that first link is down, so i am hoping they’ve found a way to get the orphans out?

  • Becky Cochrane

    You and your hair look beautiful. When catastrophic things happen (Haiti, not your hair!), it’s even more important to find ways to laugh and celebrate. Thank you for always delivering. =)

  • Lisa – Crazy Adventures in Parenting

    Thank you THANK YOU for posting about the Bresma orphanage to further help them by getting the word out. You are one class act, lady.

  • rwmorey71

    Agent Charles looks more like “Pimp” Charles..

  • GrandRGrand

    You look beautiful! You know, women from all over will now be running to their stylist saying “I want the Dooce Cut please!”

  • Lauren3

    Dude, woman… CHILL.

    You are allowed to write about having hair… you are even allowed to write about doting over said hair!

    That’s why we come here… because the seemingly “mundane,” as described by you, is charming and entertaining! Hello… Seinfeld!

    The world has to keep moving along, bloggers have to keep blogging. Talk about hair, farts, and everything in between– even during times of utter tragedy, and even while people are walking around without hair– is going to keep happening, as it should.

    Millions of us are thinking along with you about everybody in Haiti, our hearts aching for them, doing what we can, wishing we could do more, and that is human. But so is what you’re doing! Feeling guilty about going on with your life, however, is futile.

    There is nothing “awkward” or “tacky” about going about being Heather. We know that even though you keep doing your thing, you have a big heart and care about what’s going on in the world.

    Much love!

  • katliz

    I absolutely love the cut. I’ve had short hair for most of my adult life, then spent 2 years growing it out for my wedding. The day after the wedding, a Sunday, I paid my stylist to come to my house and cut my hair short again before we left on our honeymoon. I’ve gone shorter twice since.

    btw – I had a pitcure of Katey from your site to show my stylist. Pixies rock.

  • naysway

    Now go and get you some chandelier or really big, ghetto-like, Jenny-From-The-Block hoop earrings, and you’ll be extra piddy!

  • frost

    You look gorgeous!

  • yay4tay

    If your interested in giving your stylist a huge plug on your site, I live in SLC and really need help with my hair right now. I’d love to know who your stylist is.

  • badjuju77

    I love your hair it is SO cute, even cuter than the last cut. And I too am addicted to cutting my hair shorter and shorter. When I had it about an inch long in a pixie cut, I knew I had to stop before I looked like Demi Moore in GI Jane.
    I am now passing this addiction onto my 3 and half year old daughter. She LOVES getting haircuts. I’ve created a monster:)

  • SerenityNOW

    I love it! Not many people can pull off the short-do but it totally works on you.
    I’m 29 and have more than a couple gray hairs creeping in slowly. And my hair is DARK. Not cute at all.
    And I have to giggle that people really thought there was some kind of orange accident.
    “It was a run by fruiting! Oh, I saw it”

  • Roo8382

    It’s so great! I love the cut and color. I, too, have short hair and it’s addicting. I also have tons of gray (hi, I’m 27) and resolve to never see my real hair color again. Right now, the back is dark brown, the front is fire engine red and copper. Check out my profile pic on the community if you want to see the crazy colors. You look wonderful!

  • PicklePetunia

    LOVE IT !!!
    You look gorgeous.

  • sunnyhello

    Very Annie Lennox. Well done.

  • dianaparkhouse

    Looks lovely!
    and, I hear you on the grey.
    and, that’s a lovely sweater!
    and, your make-up is lovely :)
    and, um, I’ll go away now.