• sczos

    it is soooooooooooo cute. i adore short hair on you. i am gathering the balls to cut my hair short. and seeing your pictures certainly are pushing me to do so.

    and to be honest – i come here to escape and laugh with you. i am so glad you posted about this. you make me laugh and your girls make me smile. and jon – he’s undescribable.

    thanks for keepin’ it real, yo.

  • jen.yaya

    i used to keep my hair super short. i, too, have the same addiction to changing my hair. unfortunately my current “change” other than continuing to dye my hair a deep brown, is growing it out. that’s not much fun, so it’s nice to be able to live vicariously this way.

    that said, THANK YOU for the warning about the scottish genes.

  • Tricia

    It looks so pretty! I’m envious– I’ve tried short hair, but I’m one of those people who morphs from Alyssa Milano to Chaz Bono as soon as my hair swings above my shoulders. :(

  • PrairieFlower

    I’ve always loved your hair, and this new ‘do is no exception! You look fantastic!

    I’ve had the stylist say “oh my god, I’ve turned your hair orange” on a couple occasions. But thankfully, it’s always been something that can be fixed. With minimal tears and blood.

  • Mers

    Coupled with the silver thread in your sweater, you look kind of like you walked out of the 80s – in a good way. :) Cute do.

  • CynL

    Great cut. I am a girl who has never cut her hair shorter than shoulder length since I was old enough to go to the salon by myself! My mom kept my hair in a modified pixie my whole childhood because it knotted so badly. After being mistaken for a boy one time to many I decided it needed to be long, knots be damned. Now, lo and behold, I find myself bald after months of chemo to fight my bloody breast cancer. So, I am taking this picture into my salon as soon as I have hair long enough to trim!

    Thanks for the good laughs, too, Heather. I’ll make sure my stylist doesn’t have a fruit bowl nearby. :-)

  • Jacquie

    Yowzerks, that is short! I’ve always secretly dreamed of cutting my hair super short, but I think I’d just look like a little fat boy. I don’t know why, I’m neither fat nor male. But all that neck exposure just scares me, and my hair has never once done what was asked of it so what would I do with myself while I waited years and years for it to grow out?

    What? Oh. This is about YOU. Okay, you look great, and I think pink extensions would actually look pretty awesome. I double dog dare you.

  • dominiquewynand


  • dkmissie

    Love the new do.

  • bcislandgal

    Curvy figures are over-rated. Trust me! Looks like your link to the orphans is down. I pray they get the help they need. Thanks, as always, for the laugh!

  • Mrs. Q.

    You rock short hair. I wore that cut for years and felt fab… until my stylist dyed my hair orange. I was nine months pregnant and wearing a coral sweatsuit, so I was instantly transformed… into a butternut squash. Only problem with the pixie cut is I had to dress up and wear earrings and try to be purdy. If I left the house wearing sweats, I felt like my high school gym teacher.

  • lisarobb

    Doooooode! You look like your MOM!

  • anjuli31

    i love your short hair! i have been chopping my hair shorter and shorter in the past year (so far the shortest has been chin-length) and i would actually love to try something (almost) as short as yours! you are always poking fun at your chin, but frankly i think my chin is too small to pull off that haircut, so i’m a little jealous of your chin. there, i said it! has anyone ever told you that before?

  • reelmomof4

    For what it is worth I love the hair do. Hopefully you got the orange out ok ;)

  • Woman Tribune

    Whenever I get my hair cut, once every two and a half years or so, I always say I’m going to get it cut super short and then I end up with it at my shoulders or just under my chin. I’ve always wanted to go super short and maybe some day I will. I grow my hair out repeatedly for the sole purpose of donating to Locks of Love. I’ve donated every two years or so, 15 inches or more at a time and have been blessed with hair that grows extremely fast, so I’m sure if I really hated my hair so short I’d just have to wait a week and it’d be back down to my shoulders.

  • EvaZeva

    I love it! I have the same cut, only my hair’s darker. Makes my mornings EASY!

  • Soapourri

    Mmm, Benjamin Bratt – now seen on TV’s Modern Family!!! What a brilliant piece of casting!

  • Wombat Central

    I don’t do the tweet thing (I’m so 2000 and LATE), so it was fun to read some of those on this post. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s so nice to see someone else who has a highish hairline. I have forehead for three counties.
    Must. Have. Bangs.
    Love your new ‘do. UR doin’ it rite. ;)

  • reneewvu

    Grow out your bangs and you’ll have “the Kate” haircut!

  • amysev

    I was totally expecting the second photo to have an orange photoshopped into the back of your head . . . as cute as the hair is, I was a bit disappointed. Does that make me weird? Don’t answer that.

  • DaySleeper

    super cute! i really did picture an orange stuck in the back of your head. did not get it. got it today. :)

  • Chloe

    Going MAYTAG – I love that. When I have a “situation” at the hair place that is not of my doing, I become what I call the Hair Bitch. Rarely happens but has.

    The orange hair happened to my daughter at a stylist I used for years – not necessarily her fault and I loved the color – it was more of a soft melon.

    I saw someone at a meeting a few months ago who actually had the Kate G. haircut (sans extensions which are a joke). It was smooth in the front and looked like an unmade bed in the back.

  • Lucy mom

    I’ve been there on the two-tone hair color resulting in a very short cut to get things sraightened out. Glad your (finally) worked out, it looks very nice.
    And thank you for providing readers with the information to help/donate to Haitian relief efforts. It’s great that bloggers are using their reach to increase support for people suffering from this disaster.

  • Zannah

    You look fantastic, and your tweets cracked me up. At work, of course, where people gave me funny looks for laughing alone in my cubicle.

    This haircut and the one before are my favorites of yours. Above the ears is a good look for you.

    I tried the pixie cut once. BIG mistake. First, it was a bad haircut. Not nearly short enough, so my hair looked like the bigfoot version of Julia Roberts’ hair when she was Tinkerbell in Hook. It was so awful and took so long to grow out that I’ve been afraid to try anything like it ever since. The shortest I’ll go now (and that was 12 years ago (I’m 31 now)) is a chin-length bob.

  • Big Gay Sam

    Yep. The orange has been surgically removed. :P

  • Dana Dorda

    Just wanted to say that I thought that the “Curious Case of Benjamin Bratt” tweet was awesome.

    Long live “Law & Order”! I even have a “Law & Order” tattoo. On my feet.

  • solaana

    Tiger Woods was flying a bunch of stuff down to Haiti…on his own plane, I think it was? But I swear, there needs to be a way for him to see this post and maybe do something about all these folks who need to get in and out of Haiti.

  • Diamondlil77

    I think that even the orange would have been stunning on you Heather!

    Thanks for posting the pics already. The suspense was killing me. ;)

  • JanetP

    The new haircut is very cute, however, I also liked the last one better, something about the layers, I think. Either way, you look darling. SO wish I could wear it short like that. Having a round head and no neck and being so old…….nah, better not. I’d just look like a wrinkled old man with no neck and be forced to clip pink bows in the pixie cut so people wouldn’t mistake me for ‘Pat’.

  • Parsing Nonsense

    Looking good, chica!

  • Amber

    I love the new style. Chic and a half. I absolutely respect your adventurousness with your hair. It’s one of the many reasons I like you. I secretly judge people whose hair has not changed since high school, as in “Live a little! Your soul is decaying due to a lack of personal style.” Kidding. Ish.

  • JustLinda

    I want to tell you that you are as adorable as can be and remind me of Mary Martin playing Peter Pan. But I’m worried you’d think that was some sort of slam. But it’s not. And you do!! I swear. All pixie-ish and everything. Now if you say “I told my stylist to do whatever was necessary to get me away from that damn pixie image.” I’ll feel really embarrassed. But seriously, cute. And pixie-ish.

    I should hit the back button, probably, but I’m taking a chance that you’ll be all “Look at me, I can FLY!” and all “I WON’T grow up…” and then you’ll consider me astute and insightful for seeing the similarities.

    If I come back and my account is disabled and there is a restraining order, I’ll know it didn’t play out quite the way I imagined…

    (But – CUTE!)

    PS: Had you left the orange color in, I bet you could have gotten the stage role for Peter. No shit.

  • familyfishbowl

    I think you should give me the name of your stylist. I’ve lived in Salt Lake for two years and still get my hair done in San Diego. I strategically plan trips around the need to get my hair done. It’s a serious personal problem. Unfortunately, my next trip is this month and my stylist just had knee surgery and is out of commission. My hair is beginning to look like Madusa had a love child with a pair of pinking shears.

  • SDmom

    Dear Heather, I wish you didn’t feel like you have to apologize so much or preface everything with a disclaimer to pander to those idiots who will criticize you no matter what you do! It makes me feel bad that you are so carefully scrutinized that you have to second guess everything you write. Stand up and be proud of your choices. As my own hairdresser is known for saying, “YOU GO GIRL!”

  • flavia

    A Year In Heather’s Hair is what initially charmed me, back in ’03 when I found your blog. As someone who has taken to my bed (in tears, not passion) over hair bloopers, I felt somehow understood.

    New ‘do is adorable, btw.

  • libellez

    It reminds me of my own gray hairs. Keep on dying and coloring, girls! :-)

  • pineapple princess

    That style looks so cute on you… all pixie-ish and all. I want hair like that, but I’m a total whimp!


  • rhonda

    Cute! That cut suits you. I was wondering why your stylist had an orange near your hair in the first place…thanks for the explanation. HAHAHAHA! I always glad to know I am not the only one with a crooked sense of humor!

  • Sarah McDougall

    Your top portrait is just amazing! What are your camera settings and lighting set up? I’m trying to learn portrait photography and just can’t get anything as good as yours!

  • christyf

    Cute haircut!

    And don’t worry…Scotland still loves you (I live there)! I check dooce daily and must say your humour and wit really brighten up the customarily gloomy weather!

  • Wombat Central

    Now I feel compelled to share a blog entry I did a while back about Hairdressers from Hell (does that make me a blog ho?). The woman I was praising as being my fab current stylist has gone out on extended medical leave and will work reception upon her return. Noooooooooooooo! Back to looking for a good stylist. They’re so damn hard to find.


  • MeMyselfandMommy

    I tweeze my gray hairs. No lie. About once a week I stand in front of the bathroom mirror with my tweezers and search for the sneaky little strands of wisdom and pluck em.

    True Story

  • genny

    Heather, Do you have any way of getting in contact with Virginia of That’s Church? I know of a private plane that will meet her needs. I’m sure she’s overwhelmed with emails and tweets from others, but I want to make sure that she actually gets to read the email I sent her. An email from you might stand out in her inbox more than an email from me would catch her eye. Can you help? You can catch me on Twitter (user name genny2118) or via email at dooce@genny2118.oib.com if you think you can help me get in touch with her.

    Thanks so much!!! ~Genelle

  • VinnyGirl

    You are just as pretty as can be!

  • LizD

    You look so great in short hair! Wish I could pull it off… ya gotta be THIN!

  • Stooph

    You are so freaking hilarious. I think I need to read your twitters so I can laugh aloud more during the day.

    Also, you can really pull off that hairdo. I envy anybody with straight hair that can look that good at that length – I’d look like a circus escapist poodle if I ever cut my curls that short.

  • Kim

    Heather – you are amazing – not many people could cover Haiti, aging, and people following people they don’t know on Twitter in one post. As I’m a bit ADD/have strong feelings about all of the above, I totally loved it. I also get the greying hair and the desire for transformation. You look great no matter what you do, and I love you for it!

  • Kim

    Also … is the amazing Chuck really 7? How time flies. He’s still a little gorgeous muscle man. Love him!

  • aliceone

    I think that usually you make very good, stylish choices…that said, you have a lovely, elongated face that is just a bit too overwhelming to support a cut that short. I thought your last cut was quite flattering.

    And I am a big short hair fan, considering mine is less than 1cm in length or less at all times.

    I hope that the ladies out there can learn to give up all of that natural process of age-denial and forgo the dying and foolishness. Be natural. It saves the world and your body a ton of needless chemicals and shows our daughters that we are all different, but beautiful and that aging gracefully is a part of life. Basically, don’t buy into all the fearmongering of media and society about age, appearance, etc.

  • Angie_from_Oz

    I like your hair Heather and I thought your tweets were hilarious. Where can you go from here with it though? Extensions really do look like the next option! Did you get any photos of the orange hair process?