• hibabette

    long time reader first time commenter, and i cant believe im wasting it on a damn public health message:

    traumatic brain injuries are less cool than helmets.

    check these out:


  • TheMommyVan

    Two words for ya Heather… HEL-MET.

    Uncool? Perhaps. But having one close brush where I flew off a trail and my head sailed millimeters by a steel, snowblowing pole convinced me. Of course, two years later, when I had my first kid, I was glad to have it too.

    And… added bonus… it keeps your head pretty damn warm and if you get one of those head sock thingies for underneath… even better. Stick a baseball cap in your jacket pocket and apres ski, you’ll look cool once again. And.. your goggles will snap onto the helmet so you don’t have a yard sale the next time you crash.

    SLACKS is the grossest word ever. Say it out loud a few times. Say it and drag the ‘A’ sound out. ‘Slaaaaaaaacks.’ ‘MOIST’ is a close second. Now say ‘My SLAAAAACKS are MOIST.’ You’ll be converted. You’re welcome.

  • EvilJulie

    We went snowboarding this weekend for the second time in my life, the first being a year ago when I took one lesson and then my boyfriend (a decent skier) was all “Come up on the mountain with me!” and I side-slipped the whole way down and landed on my ass 80 times.

    This year I took two lessons in one day, and halfway through that second lesson when I finally had a grasp on toe-side turns, I got why people snowboard and it was brilliant. And then I fell down about five more times and decided that if I wanted to walk the next day, I should quit while I was ahead. I had also managed to hyperextend my thumb on the bunny slope, and while me boyfriend was telling me to walk it off, the next day when I couldn’t pick things up and looked like a T. Rex because my arms were pulled up against my chest from all the times I had pushed myself off of the ground, I was grateful.

    All this is basically to say “I understand totally.”

  • reneewvu

    Wow, Heather… there sure seems to be a lot of people on here that think they are your mother.