• Amyblam

    Oh, those wacky teachers and their crafty leprechauns. Somehow, my daughter had always had mischievious leprechauns in her classes-the kind that leave messes and move items around.
    Her leprechaun, of course, likes to follow her home and spread sparkly confetti everywhere. He also leaves notes and loses clothing.

  • Candi C

    Next week your clock will say “7:30″ a.m. when Marlo wakes because of Day Light Savings Time!! You won’t know what to do with yourself after sleeping in! My kids love the leprechaun but have nothing to do any of the others.

  • DomesticatedGal

    Feeling a bit of an underachiever, since I’m thrilled if my kid waits until 5am to decide his day has started. Of course, he’s also still waking up every 2-3 hours to feed. And he just went down for what is becoming a long nap. Which means come 3am, I’m screwed. But good to know he should (hopefully) eventually reach 630am!

  • radkitch

    maybe she’s thinking of this Leprechaun….http://www.moviesonline.ca/movie_posters.php?id=11301. I think you should show it to her. She’ll never speak of them again.

  • Britgirl

    My kindergartener hates leprechauns. They showed up to her preschool last year and turned over all the furniture and colored their rice green. Apparently they are very mischievous, her words not mine. She is not very happy that it’s St.Patricks Day next week. She doesn’t want to go to school that day. She’s afraid what they will do to her class.

  • bethysmalls

    Heather, you just made me feel so much better for when I would SERIOUSLY consider buying a b-b gun to shoot the tires of the motorcycles as they drove by with their loud-ass pipes. Oh the fantasies I’d dream up of knocking them over as they drive by and that some how making them magically disappear. Except of course for the broken mangled bike that would serve as a warning to other inconsiderate motorcyclists with motors so loud that they set off CAR ALARMS!

    It’s nice to know people actually stand up for their sleeping children/sanity. Instead of just dream about it.

  • Trish has 3 girls

    The nap schedule is sacred! I too have let the trash collector and mail carrier know when not to come to my house. As well as the gardner and any delivery person. I have taped a handwritten sign over the door bell that says to ring at risk of death for the baby is sleeping!

    Yay on 2 naps and a schedule!

  • teetotaled

    My 8 month old wakes up at 4 a.m……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I am also a psycho about people disturbing nap time. I am already panicking about the furniture delivery guys that are coming “some time on Saturday”. Really, some time?! How about you come in between her naps or you diieeeeeee! :-)

  • big dog momma

    Naptime was, indeed, a sacred time, so I had the great idea to make sure they’d learn to sleep through anything…not with “ambient” noise makers, but with a thing we used decades ago when my kids were little called **wait for it** a radio!! They learned to sleep through EVERYTHING. While this was fantastic most times, the night the smoke alarm went off and I bolted straight out of bed to find all four girls snoring away, oblivious to the racket going on around them, I began to re-think my strategy. The “baby” is 19 now, and somehow they all managed to survive my great ideas of parenting!!!

  • melancholyfleur

    Right. So. Bad news is, turns out, blood-thirsty bunnies actually ARE up next; or at least they’re in the near future. I remember a book we read in class in 5th grade about vampire bunnies. Not even kidding. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you called it.

  • heymamas

    TOTALLY!! Happened to us with oh, yeah… you name it.

    Sadie at heyMamas

  • Zannah

    Bunnicula! Scariest bunny ever. And when I first read it, I pronounced it “bunny-coola”. What did I know?

  • Liz Picco

    Curtains, mi vida! Thick dark, designer whimsical curtains that shield the light should do the trick. My sons slept in past 9:00 many weekends.
    If you want to chase down garbage trucks to keep your kid asleep, be my guest, it’s keeping you in shape.

  • holy interruptus batman

    Hmmm, am I the only one who imagined the teacher has a thick Irish accent?!? I keep reading the sentence over and over and giggling (and earning weird looks from others in the library!)

  • amylusk

    6:30 – oh how I would love to sleep until 6:30!! Our youngest son who is almost 4 has never slept through the night, did you hear that, never! That means I have had 4 years of interrupted sleep. Luckily he does still take an afternoon nap and on weekends that means I get one too. Our oldest son slept through the night almost from birth – we call it second child syndrome.

  • peeko621

    Seriously, I laughed at loud at the tapping leprechauns waking Leta up! It is completely amazing the stories and imaginations that little kids have. My son Jack totally believes in the “Halloween Witch” (she leaves a toy for all of your halloween candy), Santa, the tooth fairy, and Santa. Thankfully though, he loves getting up early for quiet tv time where he doesn’t have to watch Sesame Street. haha!

  • gingela5

    I think you need to take the same that Mike Myers (as Wayne) took with Dana Carvey (Garth) and scare her straight with a flashlight chanting, “I’m a leprechaun” in an Irish accent. That should then make her scared of you and not the ficticious leprechaun. You’re welcome :)

  • chellefigglesworth

    See, when I was Leta’s age and I woke up at 5am, my parents just told me to go the hell back to sleep. :D

  • littlebobina

    This totally brought back memories! My first grade teacher did the same thing, and every morning we’d come in to find green glitter all over our desks and a piece of green candy. Of course, I never was scared of the leprechaun….

  • signot

    YAY that I wasn’t the only one to immediately think of Bunnicula!! Damn thing freaked me out as a kid. And I don’t know why…he just sucked the juice out of vegetables. But it was creepy.

  • meganroth

    I am a teacher and some other people at my school thought it would be a great activity to trick kids into thinking there were leprechauns that were watching them. But then their plans went south when a kid swore he heard leprechauns in a storage shed on the playground and threw a rock through the window to let them get out. Broken window! Seemingly harmless activity FAIL! And ever since then (and let’s be honest… way before then because I think the idea of them is pretty stupid) I don’t bring up leprechauns with kids.

  • Wombat Central

    My 5-year-old got up at 6:30 today to tell me she couldn’t find her dolly. Dad located Dolly and she promptly went back to sleep until 10:30. Hate me. Hate me hard.

    Of course, my son got me up at 3:30 the other morning to announced that he’d just pulled out his loose tooth, so I guess we’re even.

    Who the heck teaches a kindergartener that creepy little men are tapping on their windows?! If I lived near you, you and I would be dressed in black and tapping on the teacher’s window at night for sure.

  • ddicorcia

    Long ago when my daughter used to take naps, I also did everything in my power to keep that child napping. My neighbor was a homeschooler mom. It was always recess during my daughter’s nap time! I used to want to kick those boys where the sun didn’t shine for waking up my daughter! I had evil thoughts that those kids should go to school!

  • Figtron


    I so understand about the two nap thing. It’s a milestone, no doubt. My 2.5 year old still naps in the the afternoon, but only under extreme duress and direct threats of bodily harm.

    As far as leprechauns go, I suppose he is no more ominous that a glorified Elf from Santa’s toy shop. I say this with much sarcasm because getting my daughter to pose with Santa was more impossible than reconciling the national deficit.

    She took one look at St. Nick and shot me a look like, “Mommie. You want me to sit on the lap of the Antichrist?”

    *shrugging shoulders*

  • theallisonwonderland

    I teach.
    Oh yes, this is my favorite time of year. We’ve had a naughty little man this year. He’s been full of mischief. He even took a bath in our sink — courtesy of a little dawn and green food dye.

    I want to apologize for doing this, but I can’t. Why would I?

    Of course I blogged about it on March 1. I had to.



  • Cordillia

    “Garbage truck diver”! FUNNIEST typo I’ve ever seen. All the various images that evokes… Good one, Heather!

  • tksinclair

    I agree with Leta…we all know there are no two headed monsters, no goblins, no ghosts…but Leprechauns??? IN the WINDOW???

    A man. Looking in the window! The WINDOW??????

    Are these teachers crazy???? That would freak the shit out of me. A green face..A man’s green face looking IN THE WINDOWN!

    Think about it people. I have to say I’m with Leta all the way with this one.

    Be afraid people. Be very afraid. This kid knows what she’s talking about.

    BTW, one night my kids were bathing. There was a window over the tub. I was sitting on the toilet when I thought I saw something move in the window so I stood up (pants around my knees) and leaned over to take a closer look. When I was about 6 inches from the window I realized there was something in the window. A FACE. Of a man. I was looking directly, almost nose to nose into the face of a man! (Okay, not a green man, but still) The worse part was when I called 911 and while pacing, holding on the line waiting for a squad car to arrive I unknowning pulled the phone cord out of the wall and was sure the man outside had cut the phone lines to the house and we were moments from our death.

  • Jennifer June

    As a former preschool teacher I’ll let you know that this is our revenge for getting stuck with your little monsters ALL DAY!
    *insert maniacal cackling*

  • AuntieBunnie

    All I can think of while reading this is…how will Daylight Savings time this weekend change these sleeping/waking times?
    Yeah-I’m the person they were singing about with the “Every party needs a pooper” song.
    Good luck

  • Trishy

    Ok, I get the whole nap thing. Too many of my days have been ruined by deliveries, school buses, trash trucks, etc. My daughter is down to 2 naps also. So, for the morning nap, I drive to get a coffee and she sleeps in the car, hopefully avoiding the morning rush of school buses outside her window. Nap 2, after lunch is tricky…if I have to monitor UPS like NASA monitors the space station if I have ordered something. I check the tracking number 50 times a day to see if they are en route. The worst part is my dog…if he hears an oil truck 20 houses down the road he is barking like we are being attacked. I have posted a note for all deliveries to NOT ring the bell….baby sleeping, this does not work…I am also in nap hell and my waking hour is 545am, who gets up at that time???? Not cool.

  • Monday

    I had have a 5:00AM wide awake child, I thought that was normal for little kids who went to bed early to rise early.

    I preferred early bedtime, then them going to bed late and waking up late.

    I left her a plate of cheese and apples in the fridge for her to eat and she put on cartoons and i drank coffee and read The NY Times.

  • Mo

    The other day, my three year-old told me that the monsters ask her if she is a bug at night.

    I have not informed her about the little green men. Or the Easter Bunny. F. That.

    PS: You should tell Leta that the leprochaun is working for her teacher, checking up on her at night.

  • JustLinda

    I think Leta’s a brilliant strategist and this is her plan to get herself some Lucky Charms. And a pony.

  • kellyfaboo

    Without any influence from school I was … dubious of Santa Claws when I was a kid.

    Apparently I didn’t care if he left gifts, I was horrified he broke into our house.

    And I closed the bold tag.

  • wickedimp

    Naps, huh? I wonder what that must be like. :-p

    Z sleeps pretty well through the night, though lately we’ve had a 2 hour middle of the night party, but napping isn’t something she’s really been interested in since she hit about 2 months.

    I mean, she might miss something, you know? Something SHINY! What’s THAT?!?! No, THAT! SHINY thing! RED thing! RED SHINY thing! WHOO!

    There’s a reason I didn’t mind going back to work. Just sayin’.

    Good luck with the leprechaun issue… I’m still getting over my own childhood trauma of my dad taking us to see “Gremlins” when I was like 7 or something. Didn’t sleep through the night for YEARS after that one. Mom was thrilled.

  • TexasKatie

    I used to think ET was tapping on my window. And oh my GOD, Leprechauns are freaking SCARY.

  • LaLaLeah

    oh no! My 7 & 8 yr old sons are terrified of those little green men. It all stems from Pre K. This year, I promised to set little leprechaun traps all over the house to protect them.

    Honestly, I hope this lasts well into the teen years, it’s sorta funny.

  • gail37

    And now that Marlo is sleeping til 6:00 am…Daylight savings time starts this weekend. Enjoy your “sleeping in”. :-)

  • liketechnicolor

    Dude I’m 22 and I still have a fear of people (or things) tapping on MY window.

  • Ameya

    n…aps? What are those? My 4 month old apparently finds them morally offensive.

    I used to be scared to death christmas eve because of Sir Santa Creepsalot breaking into my house and looking in through windows and such (even long after I knew he was a phony.. like, Until i was 17).. I feel Leta’s pain!

  • rgupton

    I keep reading what the teacher said about leprechauns with an Irish accent, though the Irish accent in my head sounds like Justin Timberlake from that SNL skit where he plays his great-great grandfather on the ship to America talking about how his great-great grandson will be a famous popular music singer.

  • Sarah C

    “They’re cobblers, you know.”

    HAHAHAHA, that is one awesome teacher. And I keep hearing it with an Irish accent too! This is going to have me laughing for days…

  • LuckyMama

    My parents had a picture of Santa Claus looking in the window of our backdoor. I think they thought it was a way to prove he was real…it freaked the crap out of me! On Christmas Eve I wouldn’t go anywhere in our house alone because I was afraid I’d look up and see someone looking at me through the window. Apparently if you have someone with you that can’t happen. I was 10 when I figured out that Santa wasn’t real…so naturally that fear subsided.

    As a kid I always wanted a leprechaun as a friend. My grandmother is Irish and always joked that she had leprechauns that helped her in her garden. I wanted my own leprechaun to play with me and clean my room. I was sure he was filthy rich too so he could buy me things! My question is, why would you want to ‘catch’ one? Is it a rodent? What will you do with it once you have it? Is it like a genie in a bottle and it gives you wishes??

    My 14 month old has been on the 2 nap schedule since he was about 4 months old. I basically forced it because I refused to be trapped in my house. If he slept in the car, fine…but I wasn’t about to sit in my house all day because he needed his naps. Still today he takes a nap 2 ½ hours after he gets up in the morning, and then 2 ½ hours after he wakes up from his morning nap. Some days the naps last a hour, and sometimes they are 2-3. If I have somewhere to be and he’s still napping…I wake him up. Not exactly the best thing to do, but like I said, I refuse to be a slave to my child’s naps.
    This morning my son was up at 5:30…which was fine by me because it was my husband’s night/morning to get up with him. Most weekday mornings I have to wake up both of my kids. I guess I’m pretty lucky that way.

    Heather, do you still have tin foil on the windows? Maybe you can convince Leta that the tin foil protects her from Leprechauns etc.

  • LuckyMama

    I just remembered….I went ballistic on our internet provider a month ago. A service guy made an unannouced visit at 8:55pm on night. He rang the doorbell and the rest was history. The dog was barking, my son was screaming in his crib and I was pissed.

    Apparently our internet was all messed up and he had been trying to call all day to come over and fix it. HELLO WE WERE AT WORK!!! I told him, “If you ever come to my house after 8pm again, I’ll chase you down the block with a baseball bat.” He looked at his feet and apologized. I told him to come back the next day at a reasonable hour.

    When I told my husband what I did he laughed, “Great! Now I live in the house with Pyscho lady!”

  • msnelson

    Just wait…at the school I used to work at, Leprechauns made a mess of the classroom on St. Patty’s day. They moved the desks, put things in the wrong spot, hung streamers, you know, general hooligan type behavior. Some of them even died the teacher (and her husband’s) feet green.

    Good luck.

  • msdilemma

    This is WHY
    I shall tell my daughter that all things green / bunnies with chocolate / red suited men with beards etc are lies lies lies LOL.
    Oh and that I will keep her in her cot until she is 16 !!!

  • Mme Verdurin


    You do not remotely look like an 8 year old boy. You look like a skinny, not-unattractive woman in her mid-to-late 30s who has bleached hair and a short haircut.

    You are welcome.

  • judealoo

    Oh, I feel your pain and remember it well, although my kid is now affecting my sleep at the OTHER end of the day. Just so you have something to look forward to! ;)

    A bit on leprechauns . . . a homeless guy in our town always walked around dressed entirely in green. When I was treating my then-5-year-old daughter to ice cream at the outdoor shop one day the “green guy” walked by.
    Daughter: Look Mom! A Leprechaun!
    Me: I know he sort of looks like a Leprechaun, honey, but he’s just a guy dressed in green.
    Green guy (swinging around quickly): The little girl is right, LADY, I am TOO a Leprechaun!
    Triumphant child: See?!
    Chagrined me: Yes, I see! I apologize, sir, I never met a Leprechaun before.
    Green guy (with great dignity): You are forgiven but no pot of gold for you.

    Well, that’ll teach me!

  • Karen_Wehrman

    Kids are the funniest. My daughter can no longer watch Lady and the Tramp because she’s convinced a rat will come in through her window. LOL I love it!

  • dorothysdaughter

    It was woodpeckers pecking on the window for us. Thankfully they move on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing.

    I also vividly recall the rage of the little neighbor kid ringing the doorbell to play during little sister’s precious nap time. Ignoring the giant, capital lettered sign indicating “naptime” because they can’t READ, the little neighbor kids unstick the paper taped over the doorbell and ring it. Only to see a wild eyed lady open the door and snarl at them.

    Thanks for the memories! This too shall pass.