• heymamas

    I would kill to live in CA if only I could bring the New York mentality and that is not likely to happen.

    Besides, New York won’t let me out that easily.

    Sadie at heyMamas

  • Jaggy

    Dont you dare be considering a reality show for your family.. I know those Ca people will try to lure you.. beautiful weather bah humbug… anytime I see ? hmm.. you were in Century City.. that will make me nervous.

  • heylucy

    I love the TiltShift Generator app, I use that one, The Best Camera, and Photoshop Mobile the most. They all do amazing things for my photos. Have you tried the Hipstamatic camera? It’s a lot of fun! I review all sorts of creative, different apps on this site, and post the occasional iPhone photo as well.

  • mightymarce

    It’s funny as the whole world seems to know all about Top Gear and we only discovered it a few months ago. But, my husband has been showing it to our 2 yr old son, who loves cars. I sometimes watch, too, because as you said, the cinematography is AMAZING! (and the guys are pretty funny).

    Anyway, I just thought it was funny that Top Gear should come up in your post, as it is the new household obsession over here.

  • wooster

    Thanks so much for mentioning TiltShift Generator. I installed it last night, and used it today and was amazed at the results.

  • Pandora Has A Box

    I can drive a MANUAL; I don’t know what this crazy automatic stick shift concept is. Where’s my clutch?

    When we were back in LA for the Rose Bowl, we rented a Mini Cooper. My 6’4″ husband managed to squeeze in and then we were off to the races because I drove EVERYWHERE. He was all, “Want me to drive, honey?” and I was all “Oh, I used to live in this neighborhood where we’re going. I know how to get there faster. You just relax.” Vroomy-vroom-vroom.

  • silverslei

    Haha! Tell him to get an M series. Now THAT is a learning curve!

  • sksanders

    Hi Heather, any way to add music to flikr slideshows? I turned pandora on while this one scrolled through, and it took the images to a different level. you could add a whole mood to it. (‘The Twist’ by Metric was playing for me and it was pretty deep. word.)