• Deeters

    I shower every other day. I shave every other shower. My kids are dirty little buggers. They get a wash down every night and every morning but only bathed really twice per week.
    My husband is crazy clean and showers daily.
    I like a nice hot bath at night before bed but that happens only when the moons and the planets align and both kids go to bed on time and haven’t gotten up 9 times….so not often.
    P.s. my mom likes to make chocolate chocolate chip pancakes when they stay over night – that is the closing meal before coming home. Bitch. ;)

  • powellkristy

    This is such a great comment thread! I shower every other day usually, and I only shampoo my (curly) hair probably once every two weeks. The other days I just wet it down and restyle it.

    I also wax my armpits, but even when I shaved, it was like every two weeks. Maybe. I just hate shaving! Same with my legs – I’ve waxed for years, but before that, I could barely bring myself to shave once a month. It’s just too much of a chore!

  • Norabloom

    I take public transportation every day and, out of courtesy to my fellow passengers, I shower every morning. There are plenty of people who don’t and it can get pretty ripe on the train, especially in the summer. Ugh. I might feel differently if I worked from home, although, even then, I imagine there’s that point where you can’t stand your own funk.

  • lilcis

    I’m a freak. I shower at least twice a day. Once at night when I get home from work (a habit I got into from working out every day, which I no longer do) and once every morning to wake me up. I have naturally curly hair, though, so I only wash it every other day otherwise it dries out.

    I had no idea so many people didn’t shower every day! I remember once in college I had an eczema rash on my leg, and my doctor told me it was probably from showering too much (at the time it was only once a day), and that I should cut back. He went on a rant about how bathing every day was totally unnecessary. At minimum I needed to cut back on using soap, the water was enough.

  • mmoxxie

    I haven’t read all of the comments, so forgive me if this has already been said, but I think that men probably shower more often because they naturally sweat more than us. My boyfriend sweats more than me, particularly in his sleep. He’s always warmer than I am. Maybe it makes them feel gross faster!

    I’m so jealous of your armpit situation.

  • amberskie

    I am not alone!!! I shower every other day and in the morning. Mostly because I straighten my hair and it will last for a day. Showering at night just makes my hair a mess then I have to shower in the morning again. But while living in Texas where it is 5 million degrees I showered everyday. Sometimes twice a day if I had to go outside. I however, make my son get a bath every night if possible.

  • jlong0706

    for a long time i did the every other day thing, sometimes letting it go longer (i used to judge when i needed a shower by whether or not my ponytail stayed back without the hairband).
    but when i started struggling more with managing my depression my mom (i come by my depression honestly) gave me some advice that i have stuck with: take care of yourself. get up, get a workout in to get your serotonin levels up, and then take a shower no matter how much you don’t want to or how inconvenient it is.
    let me tell you, it works. i still don’t work out every day, but taking that little bit of time to pay attention to me makes a lot of difference.

  • verbalicon

    Wow! Jon actually showers before … well … you know …

    The hubs showers every morning. Me? Um. Not so much.

  • hoosiergirl1962

    We don’t have any kids at home, so the whole “No time to shower” thing is pretty foreign..
    We are both once-a-day shower people….
    And sometimes a tubby together at night….
    and we play with a dog and fish in our pond, too…
    no farm animals….yet…..
    I want a chicken coop, but alas, it has been vetoed..

  • witchuponastar

    In my marriage “I took a shower” means “you look hot, let’s get naked”

  • doublebuttons

    I shower in the morning before work because of my oily hair and I always feel like I smell like sleep. If I’m home working all day, I’ll try to take a shower sometime before bed. But even if I don’t have a chance to take it until bedtime, I will still get up and shower in the morning if I have to work. It’s just easier to start anew.

    I am totally checking out that hair powder!

    We do only bathe the kids every other day except in the summer when they get really sweaty and smell like sunscreen.

  • LuvsDieter

    ohmigod, you guys make me feel so much better. The trend seems to be that men shower much more frequently than women and our little family fits that. BF showers every day, every morning before work. Me? I try to keep to an every-other day schedule (weekends are hit or miss…depends on what we are doing).

    - I used to have long THICK hair, that like others have said, took for-evuh to dry in the morning….wasn’t a big deal when I was in college then just starting at my entry level job, but as I’ve moved up the ladder, I can’t quite come to work with wet hair. Double bonus to chopping my hair from below boob length to chin length – it air dries during my commute :)

    - When I was washing my hair every day, it would get greasy FAST, like by the end of the day fast. Not nearly the problem it used to be now that my hair is trained to the every other day routine.

    - i take looong showers…so, every other day = better for the environment and i get an extra 20-30 mins of sleep on non-shower mornings.

    - [this was a bigger problem when I lived in the Midwest, not so much now on the west coast] Because we had hard water, my skin would get sooo dry in the winter. It felt like I needed a few days or so to let my skin and hair rehydrate themselves.

    - If I get my hair wet (in the shower or the pool), it MUST be washed. If I don’t, it is so super greasy when it dries. So, if I must shower [like after working out or something] but it’s not a hair wash day, I’ll use a shower cap. We call them “body showers” in my family. Not really sure it’s like that, but the human body is a weird thing.

    - sheer laziness. yeah, I’ll admit it. Some days, dragging my butt up in the morning or staying up late to get in the shower. i’ll do it tomorrow.

    - I can’t take a shower and NOT shave my legs. see equation

    [stubborn dark leg hair + visible follicles]


    [leg hair that grows every time I get chills or sneeze]

    ^ (aka to the power of)

    [irrational hatred of prickly legs on pants or sheets]

    = must shave legs every time in shower

    {caveat-shaving is optional only under these circumstances: weather and outfit permit use of knee socks or tights and/or no plans for BF to …ahem…um, yeah, never mind.}

  • Tracye

    You guys are some nasty so and so’s!!!

    Having said that, I shower every day when I have to work. I’ve been having an affair with perfume my whole life and the skin must be clean to absorb…


    But, on my days off, it all depends if I’m going anywhere or not.

    You no showering people aren’t having sex with all that unclean funk are ye? Cause that would just send me over the edge…


    To each his own I suppose.

    This is all so very Medieval to me.

  • Therese

    Laziness and smelliness really are the litmus test here. For the hair (about every three days), the showering (every day that I have to be clean or am starting to add a certain je ne sais quoi to the room), and the shaving (when I gotta).

    When my aunt from Egypt came to visit, she couldn’t help but comment on is how obsessive our Canadian culture seems to be about showering all the time. I think she showers once every week or so when she’s here, maybe. In Egypt, she says, people shower for two reasons: because they’re filthy dusty dirty, or because it will cool you down (for a few minutes).

    Why does this question make me want to jump in and answer so much?

  • Miss Bits

    Working at a Dermatology practice as I do, I know more about skin and proper skin care than most normal civilians could give a flying crap about. I shower daily in hot weather (live in FL), but I typically wash my hair every other day, or every 3rd day. I always wash off my body folds (?!?!?!) (groin, armpits, under breasts) and then, zing!, I’m ready to rock. In colder weather (FL winters Boo-Hoo) I wash my body every other day, cuz I get dry and itchy dammit.

  • Ray1987

    “The surprise is that your bedtime routine is getting cut short tonight, because Daddy showered, too. If you know what I’m saying. HEY-OOOH!”

    ^^LOL! I loved that. You are hilarious. =P

  • Jalima

    Must shower daily or feel grody. Won’t wash hair every day though (too lazy). Hubby can go a day or two and that is the sure fire way to get him in the tub.. promise a lil sugar ;)

    So great to hear you loving this time in your life with your family. Precious times indeed.

  • lisdom

    Dare to be dirty!!!

    I shower about every four days. It saves water and nobody has told me I stink. I didn’t grow up taking showers or baths very often either. Basically, I shower if I feel dirty, but to be honest it takes awhile for me to get to that point. If I’m really stressed out I’ll take a bath in there somewhere, but more for comfort than for cleanliness. And since my hair takes quite awhile to get greasy…well, yeah…I’m with you, that’s all I’m saying. Oh, and I do have a husband.

  • karen ethier

    Shower every day; after working out in the morning.

  • Jojo

    I feel so pathetic now because I love bathing, Y’all.

  • RoseTattoo

    Every day and I naively thought the majority of people did as well. My cat bathes more often than most of you all. Now I’m going to be all ewwww when I’m out in public wondering about the bathing habits of people around me.

  • allison76

    I feel better now! So relieved to know I was not the only one…props to you Heather for putting that out there too:)
    I was beginning to think I had some sort of aversion to water–like some sort of “hydraphobe”…I think I just made that phobia up, but it does sound plausible!

  • iheartharry

    I thought everyone showered everyday…sometimes I shower twice a day.
    [I had a friend at school whose mum didn't go to work one day because the water was off.]

  • Ethel Poostain

    These people thinking they don’t smell because no-one’s ever told them they do… did it ever occur to you that people are just polite? I can’t believe you wouldn’t smell, not showering for four days. You know when you’re so used to a perfume on yourself that you don’t smell it anymore, though other people do? Same thing with your own stink.

    My father-in-law doesn’t shower when he comes to stay with us (generally three nights). He’s very whiffy, but I wouldn’t dream of pointing it out to him.

  • janthony

    You guys. Ugh. This is way too much information. Showering takes only *minutes* of your day. I shower every day, usually twice.

  • aslapintheface

    I don’t take showers at all. I hate hate hate showers (almost as much as I hate clowns). I am a bather. I read in the tub. I talk on the phone in the tub. I would live in the tub if I could. I have been known to take two baths a day on the weekends. No, I don’t actually need two baths a day (not working in the coal mines or anything like that), but I do like to just sit in there and soak while reading a good book.

  • nyrican67

    ummmm….ok…this is very very interesting. or maybe i missed something…this is a joke right? i think i have showered every single day of my life since i was 5 (i have no memory before that) So ya’ll determine whether you need a shower depending on whether you can smell yourself or not or how dirty your hair feels? We shower everyday even if we did absolutely nothing all day long. i wash my hair every other day. After you have been out in the polluted, dirty, germy world, sweating, shedding, secreting out of every pore out of every region all day, 2 dogs, 2 kids a home, a business to tend to and you bring it into your kitchen, you sofa, and your bed? yuck if you can smell yourself then you have already waiting too long. please school me..why? even a 5 minute shower to knock off the chunks is better than none. i had no idea that people dont shower everyday. well actually when i lived in Germany i learned that Germans didnt shower every day, but i really really thought Americans did.

  • Sully

    I am a shower/bath at least TWO TIMES A DAY kinda gal. I sweat and stink and get oily. My hair grows fast pits, legs, etc. I feel nasty and sweaty all day if I don’t get a shower first thing in the morning.

    That is my coffee.

  • Sully

    Oh, the kids only get a batch 3-4 times a week (more if needed-baseball season).

  • nyrican67

    oh and bathing after the age of 3 is a no-no…and even then it depends on how dirty you are.
    unless the bath is purely for fun, i cant imagine sitting and stewing in your own (or someone elses)crud..imagine it..your body is sitting in dirt, skin, oil, sweat, food crumbs, dog hair, pollen, germs, pee, and a kid that cant wipe his behind very well…no way. SHOWER, WASHCLOTH, SOAP FOR SENSITIVE SKIN and if your skin is prone to dryness? lots and lots of vaseline. Our daily schedule ALWAYS includes showers. Its not something you try to fit in.

  • janmccutcheon

    I’m a germ-a-phob, so my lack of showering is mainly out of laziness:

    I swim 3 times per week and shower after I swim. I usually wash my hair the same day, but some days not.

    I HATE to dry my hair, but I’ve come up with a new simplified system (which won’t work very well in the summer) I get in my car, turn the heat up full blast and point the vents at my face. By the time I get to my destination, my hair is dry! Using your car heater as a hairdryer is probably not very “green” but I figure it balances out by the fact that I rarely shower or wash my hair.

    I haven’t used body soap in years. Or deodorant. I do still use shampoo (although I’m considering stopping) The less often I was my hair, the less greasy it gets and now I can go 3-4 days without washing it.

    I do wash my hands with soap. I’m not sure we can get away from that one. (germs!)

  • la_bacque

    I can’t shower everyday, it makes my scalp dry and itchy. Even with really gentle shampoos, if I clean it everyday I get a rash on my head. It sucks.

    I am pretty much every-other-day. I do ride my horse a lot, though, and if I ride in the afternoon and come home with sweaty nasty helmet head, I don’t feel right laying my head on the pillow to sleep.

    If I don’t shower in the morning before work, I spray (my short hair) with some lavender scented water to tame bedhead.

  • windowlicker

    YESSSS! So glad I (and my husband) aren’t alone. I, too, *try* to shower everyday, but most of the time it ends up being every third day. I usually shower on the days I run, which is 3-4 times/week.

    Showing every day isn’t necessary for most people, and a complete waste of water and shampoo…as well as bad if you have dry skin like myself.

  • Brea

    This post and subsequent comments were a relief to read. I have harbored these terrible fears that when people learned that I bathe 2-3 times weekly, they’d be totally grossed out.

    Similar to one responder, showers were my caffiene forever – until I had kids. I couldn’t agree with Heather more that it is about managing my expectations. It is also a time management issue as well – I live so back-to-back that the 45-minute shower and hair styling seems like a luxury I don’t have.

    One thing that I’ve noticed, particularly if I am swimming and then showering daily, is how dry my skin and hair get. My skin is unbelieveably soft, and I attribute that to not bathing as frequently as before.

    And when I do get cleaned up and dressed up – look out! Both my kids are all, “Mom! You look so pretty!”

  • NatW

    Dude, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who showers every day. Obviously, if I’m doing hard labor or just sweating a shit-ton because I live in the South and that’s what we do, then yes, I’ll shower. But otherwise? I’m all about that every other day thing.

  • Stenar

    I’ve always loved your blog, but I love you even more knowing you don’t shower every day. ;) hehe

    I also work from home and shower less frequently than daily as well.

  • AureliaTiong

    Bathe and wash hair every alternate day, but in the summer time, it’s everyday. Having long hair is a chore sometimes.

  • lisdom

    Ok…just b/c nobody’s told me I stink doesn’t mean I stink. My husband doesn’t shower every day, and he never stinks. All you people who shower all the time are crazy, and are wasting a ton of water. You really won’t smell if you go a few days. Promise. You’re all paranoid about smelling. It’s a really rare occasion that someone actually smells bad due to not showering, and those people, it’s pretty obvious by the way that they look or their lifestyles that they aren’t actually able to shower very often or choose not to. I guarantee you live among tons of people who don’t shower daily and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

  • nyrican67

    well just because you dont stink doesnt mean you are clean either. and its not just a matter of stinking…like i said if you can smell yourself its ready gone too long. maybe your husband DOES stink but you are so used to it you dont smell it. or maybe your own funk overpowers it. I have a coworker who stinks really bad. i thought maybe he has some kind of body odor issue but maybe he just doesnt shower. and maybe his wife doesnt smell him or else she would say something to him. Why not choose a more sanitary way of saving the universe instead of sacrificing a daily 5 minute shower?
    It always struck me as odd that the Germans work up such a sweat and wasted SO MUCH WATER scrubbing the streets and sidewalks every single day, twice a day, but didnt wash their behinds but twice a week. but i guess that wouldnt sound ridiculous to some. to each his own i guess. i may be walking among the unshowered and unsanitary, but they dont follow me home.

  • SomeSayIce

    Oh wow. I feel like a complete freak.

    The last time I remember not showering at least once a day was when I went to camp in the summer before 6th grade. I was there for 3 weeks and I think I took 1 or 2 showers the whole time (because of the communal shower).

    Sometime after that, I developed an obsession with being clean. On normal days I take at least one shower. If I do anything that causes me to break a sweat, then I take another shower. Finding an appropriate time to work out has always been a challenge because of my no-sweat rule. I see people walking during their lunch break and it totally makes me cringe because I know that they’re probably not showering when they get back to work. THE HORROR!!!

    We just moved and the A/C in our new house stopped working 4 days ago. I have literally taken 3 showers a day since then.

  • chasethefirefly

    SomeSaylce – you’re not alone! I have the same issues with working out, sweating and showers. I have to take a shower every morning, before anything else, or I can’t function and definitely another shower after any sort of workout.

    I’ve always been this way. I remember going to the beach with my family when I was around 7 years old. When we returned home, way past our normal bedtime, I remember begging my mom to let me take a shower before going to bed because I couldn’t sleep with all that salt and smoke on my body. LOL!

    For me it has nothing to do with whether or not I’m going to mingle with other people. I am home all day and work from home at night. My husband works from home also and he takes a shower every morning and also after his workout at night.

  • misssurly

    Usually every 2nd day… we like to “revel in our filth” over here sometimes!

  • Unknown Mami

    I don’t shower every day, but I probably wouldn’t write a post about it. I admire your candor.

  • Nannykeel

    Lord Heather you are so freakin funny, everything you say it so much a part of my life except I deal with grandkids instead of babies.
    Okay on the showering question I am a “when I can smell myself” haha usually I shower every other day because my skin is extrememly dry and the itching is not worth the clean feeling especially when I’m home alone so who cares if I smell.

  • Monkey

    The only time I don’t shower every day is if I’m deathly ill, and even that is a toss up. I’ve crawled out of a hospital bed just to wash my hair in the sink, IVs and all. In fact, I’ve just now gotten to the point in my life where I can go a day without washing my hair without twitching. My old hair stylist used to chide me nonstop for washing my hair so much, and I’d sit there and say “But you don’t understand! I have GERM ISSUES!”
    One day is all I can skip for the hair, but I still have to shower to get the rest of me. I don’t feel right without it.

  • nyrican67

    i really really love your family Dooce, but i have to say that, now that i know this, the whole Suave and Dooce ad and endorsement thing just doesnt have the same credibility and impact. UNFOLLOW!! no im kidding, im kidding…still love you and your germy smelly followers. btw my captcha was “pinching businessmen”..hehe

  • nyrican67

    oooh my goodness i kid you not..the captcha now is “unwashed 8,000″!!! LOL!! what a coincidence!

  • donthurrycurry

    I think the people that are freaking out are assuming that people that don’t shower daily are just letting the “humid” areas of the body just ripen. Bidets and baby wipes, FTW.

    And its safe to say that the less ~folds~ that you have (ok fat), the longer you can get away with this hippie dom.

  • spunkycub

    I’m an every other day (or every other other day)-er too. For a couple of sanctimonious pinko commie reasons (less water waste, less chemical usage, better for my skin and immune system (I’ve had super bad allergies my whole life and my mom was and clean-freak who never let me get near anything)) but mostly I don’t shower every day because I’m lazy. :)

  • carolfrog

    I hardly ever shower. I’m lazy, and it takes too much time. I do like baths (especially reading in them), but I only bathe often in the winter, to help keep me warm. :) My hair is very short, though. And waterless foam shampoo works just as well for other sensitive/stinky areas as it does for hair.