• dominiquewynand

    Also, when I did shower obsessively/ocd, (sometimes twice in one day) I noticed that my skin and hair was so dry and crappy…so, I don’t recommend it…

  • BrittanyK

    I’m very routine oriented so I definitely feel weird and “off” if I don’t shower during the week (unless I’m reeeeallly tired one morning and would rather spend those 15 minutes sleeping.)

    Weekends are fair-game, and going swimming totally counts.

  • wilberfan

    Here’s my wrinkle on showering: I shower almost every day (I’ve been known to skip a day on the weekend)–BUT I HAVEN’T SHOWERED USING *SOAP* SINCE JANUARY OF THIS YEAR.

    Now, it’s funny: I’ll bet you read that as “that dude hasn’t showered since January??”. Read it again. Daily showers–just NOT USING SOAP.

    I couldn’t believe it either–but it works. I’m not stinky–even in the slightest–and my skin and hair feels great!

    Here’s the link that got me curious: http://freetheanimal.com/2009/12/paleo-i-dont-care-i-like-no-soap-no-shampoo.html Seems to be working for others, too. I tried it as an experiment–and so far, so good…

  • dominiquewynand

    The weird thing too, is that I have to use hand sanitizer when I am out, and I always wash my feet before I change footwear and I also use odor eaters…every time…

  • reneewvu

    I absolutely love the way I feel after showering. Drying my hair though, ugh. I wish I could air dry it every day. But I’ve taken a shower every day since I was in junior high school.

  • dominiquewynand

    Funnily enough… my boyfriend showers at least once a day, if not twice, which I LOVE!!! because boys…they just get stinky and gross so easily, no one like a sweaty …..

  • Just Jill

    Uh… yeah… ummm… Heather, Armstrong, I just saw you two at the store and I hope, for the love of Chuck, that you both shower today… I would’ve introduced myself as a complete and total stalker fan, however, I didn’t want to embarrass you for looking like you just came from the gym, which you probably did!

  • eastcoaster

    ok..I definitly shower every work day…Ive only just started to skip a day on the weekends once in awhile…and just over the past year Ive started washing my hair every second day at the advice of my hairdresser…better for your hair apparently….I shave my underarms every time I shower…and my legs everyday in the warm weather or Ill wear pants….my husband will shower twice a day when hes working…before and after…he doesnt have an office job..;)…and otherwise he showers once a day on non work days….my kids shower every day too…yeah, Im a fan of clean bodies…;)

  • Bluestalking

    Man, do I ever feel like a SLOB now!!! Most everyone showers daily.

    But I AM showering today, so you know. I just finished planting flowers and I’m filthy/sweaty.

    To: wilberfan – I’ve never heard of the no soap thing. I like the girlie smell of shower gels and such, so I generally use those. And I MUST condition my hair or no comb will go through it. But no soap? Interesting.

  • lady m

    See comment above about showers being motivated by what my hair needs.

    Every other day is plenty. Course, sometimes a bath at night. But baths aren’t really the same as a shower.

    So THANKS for the bathing honesty!!!

  • Ranger

    This is a lot of information. i don’t share EVERYthing. Y’all are just going to have to guess about me. Oh, and I am not a relation, FYI. I’m another Ranger. And she was a Chow Chow.

  • TravelSkite

    I hate buying bras, so I shower every morning, and evening too if I’ve got sweaty or dirty. That way I can get away (or so I hope) with wearing the same one for a week. So I’ve only got about four altogether – my daughter on the other hand has a drawerful. Apart from all that expense, that’s just one decision too many in the morning.

    Also, travel tip: when on the move, as long as your body’s clean, you only need fresh knickers every day. All other clothes can be worn 2, 3 times – so fold them neatly! When you’re on the move, no-one’s going to know – and think of all that suitcase space you’ll free up for much more interesting things.

  • LuckIsMyMiddleName

    You’ve all inspired me. I shower every single day because I’m convinced that if I don’t, I’ll be groggy and feel like there’s a film coating my skin. And then there’s crotch itch. Ishy.

    But now that I think about it, the days I can remember skipping showers have not been normal days to begin with: I’ve been sick, camping, or traveling for two days on a train. Of course I felt dirty!

    Now, since I’m always looking for new ways to mitigate my OCD tendencies, and because my husband would be SO relieved if I joined him in only showering a few times a week (as it is, I tend to get a bit–ahem–inhibited if it’s not one of his shower days), I’m going to try this (surprisingly common!) shower-skipping thing. But not until the weekend. Because I don’t want to be trapped at work, feeling like a goober.