• tdotjen

    I remember asking my mom about baby gates when I first saw them as a kid, and she said she never used them. “Not even for stairs?” Nope. She says the first time you see the crawling baby trying to go headfirst down the stairs, you just turn them around and show them how to back down the stairs, and then they know. Supposedly.

  • housefulofboys

    I had to join dooce just to leave a comment on this one. I am the mom of 3 boys, mostly grown now, and I have always upheld the notion that you have not completely experienced all that being a mom really means until one or more of your kids has thrown up on you. You are now a real mom. Congratulations. I became a real mom while nursing my newborn when his 22-month-old brother threw up on me, the baby, himself, the couch upon which we were sitting, and the floor. And I was home by myself. And the only bathroom was upstairs. Good times.

  • maggie17

    Oh, you do make me laugh. Not everyone can write the same story that you do but you truly have the copyright on mommyblogging. It’s cool when you go serious, too, like your recent post about small businesses and paid leave. If you look at Europe, they have much better leave for mommies AND several countries are trying out daddy leave.