• 1eyedmonkee

    I was struck thinking back over the 365 days since Marlo arrived…the personal losses you’ve experienced, the wisdom you’ve gained, the stresses that have NOT been your undoing, the many new challenges you’ve faced and most of all, the joy of family. Well done. Leta had to come first. Marlo needed a big sister just like Leta. The best is yet to come…

  • vsatt

    I’m all teary-eyed, that was so beautiful! You should just whip this out anytime she complains about ANYTHING. And oh my gosh she really is just the cutest thing! I feel like a traitor saying that about any babies other than my own, but you just can’t deny the truth. Happy Birthday Marlo!

  • bambooska

    Feliz aniversário, pequenininha!*


    *Happy birthday, little one!

  • decorgirl

    She may regularly gnaw on footwear, but she’s the CLEANEST baby I have ever seen!

    You must use a pressure washer, yes?

  • ClaireinAustin

    it makes me think of when my son was born and our first year with him.
    When babies come we all get reborn, I think.
    best to you all.

  • theotherlion

    Happy Birthday, Little Lady! Way to shake things up!

  • blackpanther

    Simply fabulous. Happy Birthday Marlo.

  • kimkan

    Thanks for bringing your light in the lives of so many around our planet. This is an amazing world we live in and I hope each year brings you closer to all things amazing! happy birthday, marlo. And thanks Leta for being the best big sister ever!

  • frau cowtown

    So my little girl, who will be a high school freshman this fall, wanders by as the slide show plays, and says, “that’s a cute, little, blue-eyed baby!” She summed it up. When I first saw the title, my thought was, “no way… already?” The days can drag by, but wow, the years fly by, no?! Happy Birthday, Marlo


    Happy birthday, love Aunt Bossy.

  • not.so.genius.mind

    Happy Birthday Marlo! She is so beautiful. She really is. And you can tell the little stink really does love life.

    I actually created a video like that for my daughter who just turned one in February… I’m not really involved with her dad anymore. Well… let’s just say he told me he would help me pay for an abortion, and I told him he could shove it. Long story short, I knew one day she would ask where she came from and where her dad was, so I made a nice little video to explain it all. And it ended up being more for me than anyone else. It’s on my facebook if anyone cares to watch…


    Video is titles “Where you came from… How ‘We’ Began”

    Congrats on making such a beautiful family! I love the music you put with it too… and the letter is very Dooce. They better appreciate this stuff when they’re older.

  • Tricia

    So beautiful! You and Jon are so blessed- and I am truly happy for you.

    Happy birthday, Marlo!

  • Yolanda

    Happy birthday, dear Marlo. And congrats, Momma, on such an amazing year.

  • betsyashbrook

    You’re always funny but not cutting. I love that about your writing.

    Jon is so. hot.

  • lunacydress

    That Granny Boone picture never fails to choke me up Heather! Beautiful slideshow, beautiful kids! Happy Birthday, Marlo!

  • ERStolpe

    Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  • dolphy36

    It is so wonderful to hear you enjoy your little girls! I do remember back when life was a lot more complicated for you, to use your word. And here you are…able to soak up the awesome world you are blessed with! And, while some think that writing about your kids like this is an invasion of their privacy, all I know is that if my mom had taken the time to encapsulate some memories like you do, I would be forever grateful.

    Happy Birthday, Marlo! You brighten my days! (You, do too, Leta!)

  • adventuregirl77

    What a fantastic slideshow. I especially love the photo of Marlo in the foreground and you in the background with matching blue eyes. Our little one is less than 2 months older than Marlo. I cannot believe a year has already passed!

    Alecia from http://hoobingfamilyadventures.com

  • Brea

    Happy birthday, little girl!

  • Camilla_AE

    “Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag Marlo, mag daar nog vele meer wees” (Happy Birthday Marlo, may there be many more).
    Thanks for sharing Dooce. You give a little inspiration to each of us.

  • Ginrod

    This read was really beautiful,but my question is: what happen to your old assistant?

  • Ginrod

    This is a really lovely write, but what happened to your old assistant? did i miss something??

  • Rich

    Marlo is amazing. You are lucky parents to have your 2 girls.
    One thing I was told when we had our daughter 6 years ago;
    Remember, they will never be this age again, so treasure your time with her now.
    Congratulations again on your 2 girls.

  • Badger

    Many happy returns Marlo.
    I love her – she’s just so munch-able x

  • Bree

    Aww Happy Birthday, Marlo!!

    This was a truly heart-warming, day-making post. I know it’s been said before on this comment thread but truly, it makes me happy to read that YOU are so happy! :)

    LOVED the slideshow. Your family could not possibly be more adorable. :)

  • Nina Amelia

    Happy belated birthday Marlo :)
    And congratulations on your beautiful girl, mom & dad

  • Truthful Mommy

    Happy 1st birthday Marlo! What a beautiful post and loved the video of Marlo. That first birthday, actually all of them, are pretty emotional for us Mommies. It always takes us back to moment they were born.Hope you and your beautiful family had a wonderful day celebrating Marlo.Happy Mothering!

  • comicmummy

    Happy birthday Marlo and happy labor-is-over anniversary Heather!

    Beautiful vid too. x

  • teetotaled

    You made me cry Heather!
    My little girl turns one next week. I love reading about Marlo’s adventures, especially because they so closely mirror those of my own little peanut.
    Happy 1st Birthday Marlo!

  • BeanMa

    Congrats! Happy Birthday, Marlo!

  • J. Bo

    She is so smart, so funny, so beautiful, and she’s looking so much like her wonderful sister. Give her lots of extra squishes for all of us out here on the Internet (and see if you really CAN fit a pot roast in that left dimple of hers; I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of room).

  • Scott-5×5

    We, the internet, have watched your kids be born and start their lives in amazing detail. This is like reading a book that I want never to end, or like watching the longest, best movie ever.

    You, this website, what you give to us. Fantastic.

    Happy Birthday Marlo!

  • solaana

    For a baby with so expressive a face, your daughter has got bershon down. She’s the 3rd cutest baby I have ever seen (Sorry, but #1 is my nephew, Erik Estrada, and #2 is my cousin’s baby Q…but I might be biased). But I don’t understand how you can share a home with a baby with eyes like that and not just be a drooling mess within 5 seconds. Like living with Marina Abramovic or something.

  • myeena

    Wow. I can’t believe the Lil Donette is a year old already. Beautifully written, Heather…as always. Much love to you all.

    Your internet family. :)

  • jlduke55

    I hope she had a wonderful birthday! She’s so gorgeous and I can’t get over those eyes!

    Thank you for sharing so much with us Heather. Seeing your experience the second time around makes me think I could handle it all again too:)

  • allison76

    Well, you certainly have come a long way with your girls. I am so very happy for you, they obviously bring you such joy and light.

    Loved the slide show especially. Beautiful images to cherish. She just looks delicious! And the pics of her with her big sis are so precious.

    I think you have summed up her first year so amazingly accurately with tears, laughter, frustration and the sheer joy of raising a tiny baby into a toddler.

    Thanks for letting us all peek in at your life together and I am really looking forward to seeing what Marlo’s second year brings.

    Allison :D

  • simpliSAHM

    Video b’day tributes are awesome! In fact it was the one you did for Leta that inspired us to do our own for little guy when he turned three last summer.

    Also? The shot of Jon holding Marlo complete with the 70′s sideburns and accompanying porn ‘stache was priceless!

  • mrscunning14

    Beautiful post, and lovely video. I love the song, as well.

    I’ve been reading for a while and wanted to say how wonderful it is that you are sharing your life with us this way. I know you get a lot of negativity and hate, but putting yourself out there, and describing otherwise ordinary life occurrences in such colorful ways–both with your writing and through pictures–is really engaging and, if you’ll allow me to get sappy here, just plain special.

    I do not always agree with what you write (for instance, I got pretty skeeved out after reading your shower post. Hahaha.), but you do have “it,” whatever “it” is, and I really enjoy reading what you share. I relate to a lot of what you contribute and I think your journey as a human being and as a mother is an important one. You give voice to a lot of us who wish we had a forum such as this to express what you do. And you do it well!

    And good for you for blogging and making a living from it. I am a stay at home mom who heads up two community-based organizations, and collectively put in about 50 hours a week doing so. The rewards I gain are non-monetary, but if someone wanted to pay me for what I do, I’d say, HELL YES!

    No surprise that you’ve got another fan, here! :)

  • beadbabe49

    Happy Birthday to Marlo…she’s clearly so thrilled to be alive and in a family that adores her!
    Fantastic job you’re all doing…

  • Mom101

    Happy happy birthday gorgeous Marlo.

    Don’t believe what anyone tells you – you have a mom who loves you more than anything in the world.

  • eddeaux

    Wow… Leta is 6.5 and Marlo is 1. I remember when both were born and it’s been so fun to tag along and watch you and your family grow up. What I’ve been blessed by most of all is to see how much joy you have in your life. Now we rarely see letters about depressed episodes or incorrect drug dosing. Instead, we see your smiling face on HGTV and wonderful letters that make me hopeful that one day I will go through the challenges of parenthood and come out changed. Knowing that whoever said, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” was surely talking about parenthood.

    Love you guys.


  • dianneph

    I can’t believe it! A year already! When Leta was little I could not believe a child could have such huge beautiful eyes, but I actually think Marlo’s eyes are even bigger and the most mesmerizing I’ve even seen! She is an incredibly adorable baby and I am so happy to hear you Heather, saying that this is what you’ve always wanted in life. Nothing can compare to the love we have for our children. Thanks for the lovely video of Marlo’s first year. I found myself just sitting here with a huge smile on my face – just like you told her in your letter – who can look at her fantastic face and not smile? I can’t wait to see future videos of Leta and Marlo dancing and laughing together. (Leta’s video dancing to Coldplay is still my favorite ever!) Happy Birthday Marlo!!

  • LuckyMama

    Yet again, I think we’re living in parallel universes. My first was so LESS of a handful than my 17 month old son. He’s into EVERYTHING! He ate fish food last week….Tyrant would have asked for workman’s comp after changing those diapers!

    Marlo and Leta are such beautiful girls…you have an incredible family!

  • Schmutzie

    Happy birthday, Marlo!

  • Mama to Henry

    Heather, that brought tears to my eyes. My little man, Henry, turns one on Wed. I can’t believe a year has gone by already. As I was stuffing favor bags (yup, favor bags for a one-year old birthday party who has no clue what is going on!) last night, I also got sentimental. Henry also has the deepest dimples. It should be a crime to be that perfect :)

  • hockeybrad

    Oh my. Do you ever wonder how you two made such a beautiful couple of kids? I wonder that about mine. They’re so much better than me! :)

    Happy Birthday, Marlo. Eat cake, and be sure to get plenty of icing in your hair.

  • Billygean

    Thanks for this Dooce. having children is something my boyfriend wants and something I worry about incessantly, for post-natal depression and not bonding type reasons. you make me kind of realise it might all be worth it?

    Also, I know this is very inappropriate but you have such nice straight white teeth!!


  • jalla

    What a gift to your children these newsletters are!

  • kayakgrrl

    Yikes. That means my daughter turns one is three weeks. Which is CRAZY talk. (You’ve got a couple of beautiful girls, Heather.)

  • Beth Jarvis

    Dammit. Now I’m crying.

    Thanks for sharing. :)