• tracy

    Pretty sure my milk just came in. And I am neither pregnant nor nursing.
    It seems like last week that I was hugging you & your preg belly at Powell’s & now Miss Marlo is one.
    Really beautiful letter. Really, really.

  • Pearl Berries

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. I know some people are awful and stupid but I hope the joy you bring the rest of us outweighs it. Your love and life has greatly impacted mine. Plus, your kids are incomprehensibly amazing.

    Happy birthday, Marlo!

  • ChrisB

    She is beautiful!!! And what a lovely tribute to her first year! Happy Birthday, Marlo!

  • Shana in Texas

    Happiest of days, Marlo! Congratulations on reaching the big 1!

  • Sasa

    I don’t even *like* kids but I like your one – those eyes, that gummy smile – and I like your writing too. I like to think I’m kind a tough but I shed a tear…Just a little one ;P

  • designaddictmom

    I thoroughly enjoyed the slideshow-exudes such love. Happy birthday Marlo!

  • HeckYes

    Happy Birthday sweet baby Marlo!!!

    Heather and Jon, enjoy every minute of their lives because before you know it they’re all grown up. Thanks for sharing the adorable with us!

  • Pandora Has A Box

    What a beautiful, heart-felt letter to Marlo.

    You know, yesterday my daughter and her two cousins were standing on top of the coffee table in grandma and grandpa’s living room, being supervised by grandpa. He was letting them take flying leaps from the coffee table into the arm chairs. My daughter had to “share” a chair with her boy cousin while his sister got a chair all to herself. When I walked into the room with my son, my daughter wanted to show me what she could do, but her cousin also wanted to show off. So, they had a spat and then he shoved her off the coffee table and she landed hard on her arm.

    There were tears. But do you know who was more upset and cried longer and harder? Not the one who was actually hurt, but her little brother, who was so *terribly* upset about the injustice done to his big sister.

    In that moment, if I’d had any doubts that I was “doing it right”, they were erased completely.

    Congratulations on having a complete family and happy birthday to Marlo!

  • oddFrogg

    Ahhhh…..wonderful slide show. I was in a bit of a whiny mood, but suddenly I feel better! Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Marlo!

  • lovems

    Happy 1st Birthday Marlo!

    Heather, that was beautiful, but it’s not nice to make your readers cry at work!

  • duffylou

    What a great post. Love the pics.

    She’s really starting to look like her big sister.

    The boys are going to be lining up around the block for those two. But I guess you have a few years before that happens.

  • miss_meow

    In 2 1/2 weeks (ISH. You know how them babies are), I will be beginning the journey that you’ve been on this past year. (However, it’s my first. Uh oh.)

    And, what a beautiful journey that is… Thank you for letting us on it.

    Happy Birthday, Marlo!

  • Buttons McTavish

    What a doll baby! Happy Birthday to her. I loved reading about how your family is now complete, especially with Sisters who are the best of friends! xo Amy

  • souphead

    Happy Birthday Lil Donette!
    Congratulations Heather and Jon. And thanks for sharing your lives with us.
    It just keeps getting better.

  • wockawocka

    Gah, I was already on the edge of the weepies & this video pushed me over. Thanks!

    Happy birthday, Marlo & Heather!

  • Ray1987

    Time SURE does FLY right on by! Can’t believe a year has passed and Marlo is already “ONE!” Happy 1st Birthday Marlo and to you guys as a family for surviving it! =P

    I loved this line: “Yes, it was a circus before, but now the music is louder and the tricks are even more death-defying.” ;D

  • Nhiro

    Leave it to you to play the one Stars song I have (and love). I saw them in concert last week. Really great.

    Just like your precious kid ;)