• PunkinP

    Oh my gawd, so funny! Now, I have people to follow on Twitter(not that I ever use it; I don’t even follow my husband)

    I had to hold my hand over my mouth to keep from laughingb but I think a few “Eeeps” escaped.

    Oh, and happy birthday to Jon. You and my son share the same birthday. Go Leos!

  • paulamichele1

    Dooce, thanks for affirming that being asked to talk dirty can be completely distracting. I wondered if I was the only one.

    I should make that [new year's] resolution about not being cranky on or about the internet. That is a really fabulous idea.

  • girlplease

    Great posts. But this is why I don’t twitter. It’s bad enough my FB is all about “someone left an ass bomb in the company toilet and didn’t flush” or “Some twat farted cabbage on the train. Seriously. Who farts cabbage at 6:30 am?” or “my deodorant kicked out by 11am. Stay away from my cube.”

    Yea. Not really what social networking is for.

    Or is it?

  • tallnoe

    Fabulous. Thanks for these people… they’re great. And I love twitter, it’s a strange beast, but I like it…


  • lisdom

    I love Twitter so much more than FB. See, I like all those random thoughts, but don’t care so much for all the filler. Twitter gets rid of that. This post is awesome! Can’t wait to get my new crazy phone tomorrow (Droid X) and tweet to my heart’s content.

  • sarahdoow

    Using one’s three wishes for the stuff one is too lazy to fetch from downstairs sounds like a fine idea. I must remember that for the next time a genie comes upstairs.

  • screwdestiny

    Whoa, why are we bashing on the dirty talk? Girls are supposed to like that because we’re more auditory. Anyway… I hate Twitter. Think the idea of it is idiotic. I get enough of people’s random thoughts through Facebook and Myspace. But, I did enjoy those tweets that you posted.

  • d3 voiceworks

    chuck as a baby is holy way cute!

    with twitter, why is the @ sign used? that bothers me. as does twitter.

  • Daddy Scratches

    Thanks. Just what I need is more people to either a.) follow, or b.) know I’m missing out on.

    PS: I’m following a couple hundred people now and I end up skipping over 60%-90% of those tweets; what’s up with the freaks following, like, 8,000 people? Why bother? Is there a logical, practical reason that I’m just not bright enough to discern?

    PPS: Is there anything more emasculating-sounding than “tweet,” “tweeting” or “tweeted”?

    PPPS: If Twitter is considered by many to be a colossal waste of time, what is leaving a blog comment on a guest post *about* Twitter considered?

  • Blahggy

    A lot of times, when reading, it’s hard to get me to laugh out loud and when I do it’s awesome and unexpected. Kind of like when your best friend sharts.

  • Zannah

    Hats! I’m so using that from now on.

  • HodgePodge

    Clearly I wasn’t following the right people when I tried Twitter and then gave up on it a while ago. That and clearly you have cooler friends than I do. Thanks for the silent shoulder shaking laughs I just had at my desk.

  • Tootyjane

    Thanks for a great post! I literally laughed out loud!


  • tolbiny

    Well shit. This post has made me consider giving into the evils of twitter just so I can follow these people. But I thought I hated twitter? Now I have inner conflict.



  • tolbiny

    ps: I lol’d.

  • michblondin

    Love this post and lots of great suggestions to follow. The “haha” to “hats” had me laughing at my desk.

    BTW, 12 things I don’t want to see in your “status”

  • arishell

    I would love to see a movie about why Abe Froman never showed to the restaurant!