• ilovelucy1976

    Funny so much stuff about a “living room”. I agree with 153351 there are no such room called “home teaching or visiting teaching rooms.” Like everyone else we all have formal/informal living rooms. Some people may use them to visit in (don’t we all) and for Mormons thats where they may have there home teachers but it is not necessarily the name of the room. Some people may call it that but none that I have ever met and I have a slew of family still in Utah. Every house I have lived in in CA has had a room off to one side or the other too and I don’t think you would hear them calling it a home teaching room just because its a room to the right or left. It’s a place to visit whomever stops by.
    With that said, Dooce you have a great talent for decorating. It looks really homey and nice.

  • dampscribbler

    Heather, if I worked ten hours a day for a month I couldn’t put together a room that looks like this. If you ever give up blogging, you’ve got another career as an interior decorator. Damn.

  • Amanda Armstrong

    Great pink lamp!

    If only I had a story behind a room of mine that was half as funny!

  • Buddahkat

    It seems too sparse. Where are you throwing the packages and papers??

    At least you don’t have that awkward home teacher thing going on…..
    Oh the stories from BYU. I only lasted about 6 months. Apparently I wasn’t too fond of being told how to be righteous.

    Guilt free!!

  • Mellie373

    I too groan whenever I hear that Michelle Bachmann opened her mouth…and I’m from Minnesota. I could be kicked out just for thinking that.

    Your study is awesome, I love seeing your finished decorating projects.

  • Kristie

    Hi! I’m the HomeGoods Insider! Can I just tell you… you’ve made our day! We’re a huge fan of yours and love that you’ve discovered our store!

    We’re gushing over your makeover and your fab finds! It’s exciting to see the poufs were your inspiration. They’ve been a huge hit here at the office too.

    Your once study slash sitting room slash mail room… turned The Soft Room… is what we like to call the Mom Cave. Check it out at http://www.homegoods.com/momcave.asp

    Happy decorating and shopping! And enjoy that new room!

  • nikki-petey

    Now I feel left out. I live in Salt Lake and don’t have a visiting teacher room. I am also not mormon, but that is beside the point. I want one of these rooms!

  • Ineedavacation

    Damn your funny!


    Room looks great. Investing in the wall molding and the fireplace is something I would do. I have one questions- One Kings Lane, I have had shipping issues, did you receive your items in a timely manner? Did you consult a designer?

  • apostate

    Ha ha ha! Ten years ago, when DH and I bought our house, I remember saying “This will be a nice room for the HTs / VTs.”
    As it turns out, that room was not close enough to the front door. The front porch would have been better so that I could get up and walk inside every time the HTs weren’t able to refrain from asking my husband (the atheist) to say the closing prayer, or when he was finally going to start attending church. “Why IS it that we never see you in church?” “Uh… I’m an atheist. Like I told you April 30. And March 31. And Feb 28…”
    (Thanks for giving my butt a big push out the door by making me feel that there was no place in the church for my “for time only” ass, HTs.)
    Once I became apostate, I also lost my endorsement, hence my ability to finish my degree. I would probably have lost it sooner had they known how many times I brought my fiance into my bedroom and how we had bluejean sex. Spencer W. Kimball is rolling in his grave right now. I will have to start from scratch after my kids are older since the credits on their own are worth nada. (LDSBC isn’t as prestegious as BYU.)
    Like your room, ours is also used for storage. Right now, it’s housing every large dish and appliance in my kitchen until my remodel is complete. The year we had a garage sale you couldn’t even walk into that room.

    About 14 years ago, I was in a singles ward and my RS Pres. sat and SOBBED uncontrollably as not all of us were doing our visiting teaching. SOBBED. It was the most ridiculous attempted guilt trip of my life. She also added “I love each and every one of you girls!” (What’s my name? I’ll give you $50 if you can tell me.)

    Ah, good times.

  • snownurse

    Ha! We just call ours “The Mormon Room”. Of course…I aint gunna let any Mormon’s in it! I use it as my office. Like you said, these rooms have great views & I too have my desk facing the window.

  • snownurse

    Oh, and I practically live at Home Goods. However, they need one at the south end of the valley. Come on Home Goods! Draper, Riverton, South Jordan needs you!

  • bluejeanbaby

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your style. those colors are great, and I can’t wait to have a house of my own to decorate someday.

  • WriteSpell


    I however might die of absolute envy because of this awesome room. I love gray use it all the time and love how you combined the two colors.

    I consider Home Goods my second home.

    I do.


  • jassee

    the study looks great and i think you are inspirational…however i will never be interested in your bikini wax – nor do i think any of your other avid fans will be either!

  • heathersky

    Random…I just discovered HomeGoods as well and pissed away my children’s inheritance! Love the turquoise bookcase too. You little interior decorator you!

  • AshesVonDust

    Holy crapcakes!

    Totally going to go out and buy a vintage lamp just so I can spray paint it pink.

  • caroworld

    I love your sense of colours! Beautiful apartment!!

  • molspins

    You know what I love best about this room? That the last pouf pic AND the arrangement on the desk are cute little faces. LOVE!

  • denise karis

    I love the fireplace. I should have left this comment under the new ten year post but I already posted my nickname and it would feel like cheating to leave another comment – so I’m leaving it here – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ten years! I’ve been a reader for four of those – I started reading when I became a mom because my internet life took the place of my real social life and your story with Letas birth and baby years helped me more than you could know. Thank you so much, Heather! You’re absolutely wonderful! xoxxoxoxo

  • cconnelly1975

    My nickname at my old job was Convict because my last name is Connelly, not because I have ever been convicted of anything. That I know of.

  • suzypepper

    Speaking of home teaching, I must share this: http://www.mormonmentality.org/2009/03/04/unusual-moments-in-home-teaching.htm

    I sincerely hope a home teacher helped with that. I mean really.