• socalhen

    Congratulations on 10 great years!

    My friends all call me hen… which are my initials. Not very clever but I don’t have the smartest of friends! ;)

  • hollykate

    My two most recent, and probably favorite nicknames are:

    Face – Because, according to my boyfriend, I’m “the face of this organization (read: relationship)” and I often wear my emotions/feelings/thoughts on my face, because it is so expressive, and something about the A-team (?)


    Lucy – because I’m a red-head and have been told there are only two kinds of red-heads: the Gingers (Gilligan’s Island) and the Lucys (I Love Lucy) and I’m definitely a Lucy.

  • mcbeasel

    In high school, my best friend’s sister started calling me “Beasel,” a combination of my last name (Beasley) and “weasel.” It must have been because she thought I was so awesome.

    I’ve gotten married since then and my last name starts with “Mc”, so I’ve amended my nickname, changing it to “McBeasel.” My old friends still call me Beasel, though, because they don’t respect my creative genius.

    (Also, happy anniversary!!!)

  • jennyrae

    Oy, nicknames… my husband calls me Jenny-bunny because I used to eat entire bags of salad for snacks when we started dating. It’s been almost ten years together, and the nickname has stuck. =)

  • aek1974

    Pinecone – A thankfully not-to-annoying play on my last name.

  • flakeyblakee

    Binks is what I was called in my youth

  • amyliz

    My husband calls me cheeks, ostensibly for my large facial cheek region (my features come to a point squished in the middle of my face) but it could also be for another set of cheeks I own that he’s equally, if not more so, fond of.

    My whole entire family growing up called, and still calls, me nothing but Mouse or Mousercizer, because when I was 3 I had a Mickey Mouse-ercizer sweatsuit I allegedly loved to wear, although no photos of said sweatsuit exist. The name has stuck for 29 years and shows no signs of coming unglued.

    I love them both.

  • greerbee

    The nickname my parents have called me from birth is Bun. Because I looked like a raisin bun when I came out. With raisin eyes. (Creepy?)

    This got later shortened to Bee (or Greerbee, just for esses and gees), which is now my constant internet handle.

    I will say, Bee is easier for people to say than Greer.

    PS I’m female. I get that mistake a lot.

  • SKFitz

    My last name is Fitzpatrick, so my close friends call me Fitz, which I’m proud of because lots of the men in my family go by Fitz, but I’m the only girl. Friends also briefly called me Ms. Tips – I always found the song E’rbody in the Club Gettin’ Tipsy funny, but I thought it said “tips”, instead of tipsy”, which makes zero sense. So one time when I was “tips”, the nickname was born.

  • amberskie

    Bunny Bear or Amber Bunny. My mom has been calling me these two names since I was a baby. She still does and I’m 28 years old. When she sends me a birthday card, it is addressed to Amber Bunny. The mailman must think I’m a weirdo or a furry.

    Congrats on 10 years. Like I’ve posted before, this website has changed my life. I thank you for all that you have shared, even all the poop stories.

  • catherizzle

    Well, my most used nickname is just cath, short for catherine, which is not a cool nickname OR a cool nickname story….but another one of my nicknames, (and also my username for dooce!) is catherizzle, which derives from drunken college student me creating a ghetto rap star alter ego for myself… which is a little embarrassing but also quite funny, and the name had such a nice ring to it that it caught on pretty quick… close friends from that stage of my life even have me stored in their cellphones as “catherizzle.”

  • smoke and mirrors

    MONSTER … because I am kind of a bitch at work.

  • mburtis

    The only “nickname” I’ve ever had that’s stuck is Mama. And it’s the only one that’s ever really mattered.

    And it’s appropriate that I share that here, because I first found this site when I was pregnant with my first child and on my road to finally becoming Mama. You helped me right off the bat with a post about how the smell of your shampoo was absolutely intolerable when you were pregnant (I had Googled “pregnant scent shampoo nauseous”) — from that moment I knew I wasn’t alone. :-)

    In the last six years, this site has meant a lot to me. When I went through my own bout of terrible post-partum depression and anxiety, I remembered and often focused on the words of hope that you ultimately offered here following your own experience.

    When my daughter didn’t walk until she was almost two, I pinned my own heart on the strength and hope you offered while going through a similar situation with Leta. In fact, your words gave me the strength to trust what I knew about my daughter and that she would develop on her own terms and that was FINE. (and it was)

    You deserve all the success and happiness that has come to you through the community of trust, hope, laughter, and strength that you’ve developed here.

    I hope you enjoy another 10 years in this space.

  • carlyrae2

    My name is Carly and I have unoriginal friends, so I was called Carl, Carlos, Carleton, Carlsbad…pretty much any variation of ‘Carl’ that you can think of.

    Congrats on 10 years, Dooce!

  • trxiliann

    my nickname is trxiliann

    trxi started when I worked at a skateboard store and the owner gave us all fake names for work…keep up the mystery and all that while selling deck, trucks, wheels etc to the lil ones…
    liann is my middle name

    although it can look kinda pornish I have had this name since I was in my early 20′s and it has stuck

  • Lady Layton

    My real name is Marie and my Mom was the paranoid sort who was sure I was going to somehow be defective. Since I had all ten fingers and ten toes at birth, useful limbs and cried like a normal infant, she concluded I was going to turn out to be deaf or blind. So she would hide in various areas of my room and call out “Ma-rie!” to ensure I was not going deaf. The thing is, I’d always respond at the “rie!” part, so “Rie” (pronounced “ree”) became a lifelong nickname.

    All because my mother is obsessive and paranoid.

  • prestonk9

    I grew up in Vegas and was pretty much raised in the casinos, cuz my dad was a pit boss. I was a phenom card shark and everyone called me “Aces”.

    Alright, you caught me, I made that up. I grew up in the backwoods of Maine and my name is Kristin – my family calls me “Krissy”. Whoop. Dee. Doo.

  • triciam81

    My nickname was Dit Duh. Mostly because my younger brother couldn’t pronounce Tricia. 30 years later, it’s still in use. =)

  • JustBetty


    When I was a toddler, my mom would put me on the floor by the screen door after my afternoon nap. My 5 year old brother would invite his friends to come sit on the porch and watch “The Baby Show”.

    When brother hit 1st grade he realized calling me BabyShow wasn’t cool. He and his friends have called me “Bay” ever since.

  • judi_cutrone

    A few years ago, my best friend and I were discussing whether or not we would change our names if we ever got married. My comment: “I wouldn’t if it was a horrible last name- like I wouldn’t be Judi Pudi, that’s dumb. But for a cool last name, I definitely would.”

    Her: Like what? What’s a cool last name?

    Me: I dunno. Judi Rocksteady is pretty cool.

    So now she calls me Rocksteady and has for years. I am so glad I didn’t say something like Judi Asswipe.

  • Carole1222

    My nickname has always been BBG, short for Baby Girl. I am the youngest of 6 kids.

    Congratulation on 10 years Heather. I have enjoyed reading every word.

  • juliemtison

    My nickname was Boston Bob Butt … I had two, older, unforgiving brothers who thought it would be fun to give my sister and me nicknames that were close to Bob and Tom. She was Texas Tom Sweats. I was a chubby kid and my sister wore sweat pants a lot. It makes for some fun memories.

    Happy anniversary!

  • marchart22

    My nickname is Hartbreak. Given to me by various friends growing up because my lastname starts with Hart and because I tested the waters in the dating pool only to swim away in search of other fishies! Truth be told I was into one fish who ended up breaking my heart. Maybe the nickname should be Hartbroken, lol :(

  • mfm

    So there are many and they kind of rotate on through…bear, booh, bunny, (wow noticing a theme) but my husbands favorite for me is Minard.

    Yup like the guy who did the incredible visual representations of stuff, Charles Joseph Minard.

    The most being Napoleon’s March into Russia and subsequent retreat.

    Take it for what it is worth he is an odd clever cat.

  • genoendicott

    My friends call me Gspot. Which is gross since I’m gay.

  • alanamary

    My nickname is Naners.

    I don’t really know why, but my best friend started calling me that circa 1993 and it just sort of stuck.

    Happy 10th anniversary! Reading your blog has helped me through some dark times myself.

  • jojodaly

    jojo has been my nickname since i was teeny tiny…it went out of favor in middle school when i was too cool for jojo and became jo. but it has now come back full force in adulthood!

  • shorehousechic

    My parents always called me Lulu. (Maybe because I am one.) Since my name is Laura, I never really understood the Lulu thing. “Why didn’t you guys just name me Lulu?” They still haven’t been able to answer this.

    Congrats on 10 years! Wowza.

  • lauramj

    My nickname is Birdy. My family and friends say that I’m always on the go, traveling and moving here and there, flitting around like a little bird. I guess they’re right, but secretly I think it’s a nickname better suited to a penis.

  • Luka

    My nickname is Luka because I got that stupid Suzanne Vega song stuck in my head just around the time you couldn’t pronounce duuuuude, made the mistake of singing it (non-stop) and now I’m Luka forever. I do not live on the second floor.

  • cambriakappa

    I can’t believe I’m admitting this…deep breathe. Okay, my nickname is “big”. Yes, the word you would NEVER call a girl! “big!” I hate it now as much as I hated it growing up. Mostly I got it from being the bossiest and most presumptuous child, hey I’ve always known everything. My dad would say I thought I was “big stuff” and over time it shortened to “big”. Now, I just have a huge complex over the size of my ass.

  • sjarmer

    my nicknames are usually some variation of my first name, which is Shannon. I usually get called Shanny, Shan, Shanno, Shanahan – just depends on who I’m with.

  • kathleen521

    Mine would be Cletus Bowinkle. It started as a fake name in a bar one night, and sorta creeped out from there. I used it as the name given to sign in for random stupid internet things and stuff, and now I have even gotten super spammy snail mail in that name. It’s also my facebook name, which has kept all those annoying people from 7th grade from finding me, so win all the way around…

    Congrats on 10 yrs of blogging and for entertaining me for at least 2 of those yrs…

  • emilykiana

    well my name (emily) lends to many nicknames: em, ems, emmy. but i was never really called any of them. my brother and sister, for a short time, called me “spimmer emmer.” not sure why.

    i used to write my name like MLE cuz that was cool.

  • bluebelle

    It is Snoball – for my first initial ‘S’ and last name ‘Noble’. I married and lost the last name ‘Noble’ but the nickname stuck.

  • sarathelaundress

    My nickname is Wally. My maiden name is Wall, and that’s what my dad has called me since I was a little kid.

  • simyclaire

    Congrats on 10 years!

    My favorite nickname I have had is “Barfer”. It came about after, yes, barfing into the barf bag on a plane while sitting next to my coworker and a cute Australian. He was very kind and handed me a napkin. Later as my coworker and I were checking into our hotel we heard a voice from across the lobby say, “Hey! It’s the barfer!” The name stuck.

  • lmcnish14

    My friend in high school used to call me Laney-poo. I was very grateful that it never really caught on.

  • caranichole

    I’ve always had only one nickname given to me by my oldest brother.. “babs” as in babs bunny! I love it even to this day 20+ years later and I just feel all warm inside thinking about it! :)

  • Verity W

    Congratulations on 10 years – I’ve only been here for about 7 – but have read most of the back catalogue as well!

    My nickname at school (which I hated) was “Ferret” on acount of the local accent in my part of the UK pronouncing “V” as “F” – thus making my name “Ferity” and it’s only a short step from there to a member of the mustelid family… I was so please. Not.

  • Kristine

    My husband calls me “lady.” (Which…I’m anything BUT.)

    It came from a story he told me about his grandmother, who was accosted in the parking lot for leaving her shopping cart somewhere it shouldn’t be (or something). The person yelling at his grandmother kept saying, “LADY! LADY! HEY LADY!” and as my husband told the story, I’d laugh hysterically each time he said this.

    I guess he likes to see me laugh. The name stuck. :)

  • snocone34

    My name is Jennifer, so my nicknames have been: Jen, Jeniah and Jen Jen, and by a few people only, Jenny.

  • Maurina


    Yes, the only nickname I’ve ever really had was “Ack”. One of my more weird and wonderful co-workers started calling me this because of the first two initials of my name, A.K.

    The nickname faded once I left that job, but I actually kinda miss it. I ACK-tually do. Hahaha… yeah, I crack myself up :)

  • MoHole

    My nickname is MoHole.
    My name starts with “Mo” and a Mohole is a long-forgotten thing we learned about in Geology101 in college. I had a bunch of friends in the class and as soon as the prof mentioned Mohole I knew I had scored myself a new nickname. It stuck.

  • E1

    Too many to name. Lizzer, Widabef growing up, peewee when I was in middle school, but most recently it’s Queen Elizabeth from my roommate, because I’m growing through a breakup and dammit if I won’t use this opportunity to get everything. that. I. want.

  • LittleMissAdventures

    Well, one day my best friend crashed her car into a pole…not really crashed, but, she smashed the side of it along a pole and the side mirror smashed into the passenger window, which shattered all over a girl she had just met. So everyone started calling her Smashy.

    I, being an attention whore and of course wanting to spare my best friend from the merciless teasing she had been enduring for HOURS, demanded that I too receive a nickname! I was told I couldn’t just be given a random nickname, that I had to earn one, like Smashy. I replied, “Yea but, I do a lot of stupid shit, it really should be easy.” and all of my friends in unison, at least in my mind it was in unison, shouted, “Okay, Easy!”

    And that is the story of how I earned the nickname Easy. For real. My nickname is Easy, and it stuck. There are people out there in the world who only know me as Easy.

  • alorenzo

    I don’t have a nickname, but my hubby does. After following his big brother to college (and subsequently everywhere he went), his buddies started referring to him as “Scrappy” — you know, like Scooby Doo and Scrappy?

    Anyway, 20 years later, the name has stuck. They now call me Mrs. Scrappy, which means I guess I DO have a nickname!

  • nutttshell

    My sister’s nickname was pooper when she was a baby. Seven years later, I came along and my dad called me pooper exactly once before big sis flipped out. That was *her* nickname, they couldn’t call me that. The next day my dad left on a business trip, and noticed another dad calling his kid Scooter in the airport.

    To this day, I’m still scooter to my parents, and I get to rub my sister’s face in the fact that she fought for the right to be pooper.

  • H Q

    My Vietnamese name means “yellow bird” – like a canary. My husband, for some reason, has taken to calling me “Yellow Bird of Death”. Ca-caw!

  • genica

    My nickname is Genica. That all started when I worked at a lingerie store in college with a girl named Jessica, and mine is Jennifer, and our crazy boss would get us confused and either call us Genica or Jessiner. And then she told me that Genica sounds like a porn star name, and then the joke stuck. I’m glad I didn’t get stuck with Jessiner.