• Carlybop

    when I was a kid, my family called me d-head, something my 19 year old uncle found hilarious– I pretty much converted every word in to something with a d thanks to my struggles pronouncing other sounds– Pop became Dop (that stuck, all of the grandchildren called him Dop), my name became darly.

    My husband calls me Carlybop, but I have no idea how that started. He has a tendency to turn things in to song, so I think that fit in to one of his songs once and stuck.

    Happy blog-o-versary.

  • ECarter21

    My nickname is Kika. Everyone in my family calls me that because my niece who is now 21 couldn’t say my full name (Erika) at age 2. Interestingly, her sister couldn’t say Kika for a few months and referred to me as Kaki.

  • puasamanda

    Titsy – shortened to Tits, mostly. I don’t think I need to go into that…let’s just say shopping for bras can be challenging. These girls come into the room a few minutes before me, and I am not a large person. I’d rather be well-known for amazing intelligence or something, but we work with what we have, don’t we?

    My husband’s nickname is Paste! Not because he used to eat it in kindergarten (I’m sure he did), but because he is such a pale, ghostly white. If he dares to remove his shirt in the summer sun, the glare reflecting from his body can cause permanent vision changes.

  • scseattle

    My first name starts with an S and my last name was Pace…so i got called Spacey a bit in high school. Now my last name is different- but after kids, the nickname has never been truer….

  • carmenincalgary

    I was called Clod by the cutest guy in junior high because my feet were bigger than his. It was awesome.

  • Aprilisin

    KO-dak, well, because I am never without my camera….Love your blog…still waiting to catch you on TV though…

  • Wonderfun

    My nickname is Wonderfun! When my husband and I started dating, he sent me an email saying our first date was wonderfun. He got mixed up between wonderful and fun. He liked it though, and didn’t correct it. I’ve been using it ever since.

  • crockett

    the nickname we have for my son is mad professor because he has this crazy curly hair that gets crazier and more curly if he’s had a rough day.

  • charisadee

    For the past 12 years or so I’ve unfortunately been known as Sissy. As in Sissy from Urban Cowboy. It started out as a joke and stuck, like most nicknames I’m sure.

    I’ve been reading your blog for the past 9 years. It was the first blog that I ever stumbled upon and it’s newness at the time felt like a guilty secret. Like you were putting your story out there for someone else and I just happened to find it. I kept coming back to read more because I enjoyed you, Jon, and your writing so much.

    Your struggles with depression helped me when I was going through the same. Thank you for doing what you do. Congrats on all of your accomplishments!

  • mrs.bethany

    beh-choo means cabbage in korean… and its a key ingrededient in the national dish- kimchi. so, for some reason, someone who couldnt properly pronounce “bethany” (koreans have a hard time with the “th”) started calling me behchoo. not the most flattering!!!

  • JMorgan

    “Sister Golden Hair Surprise” is my nickname….for no apparent reason other than we were on our boat…with some friends…and some alcohol, maybe….and this song came on. Well, shit…it made sense at the time.

  • margalit

    My kids call me “The Hulk” because I always order a green sundae at our favorite ice cream place. It is just minty fresh and delicious, but the kids find it hilarious.

  • murderbyjill

    I’ve had a lot of nicknames over the years. Most commonly used as of recently is “Jeems”. My first name is Jill and my last name is Weems.. clever, eh? It was given to me by a co-worker as are many of my nicknames.
    BUT, my mom calls me Jilly and my dad calls me luchi-maguchi… I have no idea what that means either.

  • RunningGirl

    My nickname is “G”, because my name is Gretchen. Once, in high school, a history teacher called me “Gretch the Wretch” and I hated him for that. My annoying cousin calls me “Gretchy”, which I also hate. Please, call me Gretchen or “G”.

  • Vorguees

    My nickname has been Vorguees since high school, Back then, it was the boom of instant messaging, and I wanted to be called like Jason Voorhees, but I didn’t know how to spell “Voorhees” at that time. all my friends noticed it but me, and it stuck. Not a great background story, but it has been a great nickname.

  • dfrangk

    My name is Denise. I have a tendancy to type fast and sign my name to e-mails Dense, and have been making that mistake since late high-school/early college.

    And so, unfortunately for me, most friends now refer to me as Dense or Densie.

  • nutgatherer

    My best friend calls me “the Polish Explosion.” We went to college around the time Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias because super popular. There was a flier in our dorm advertising a competition to find the next member of the “Latin Explosion.” Being mostly Polish, I wondered aloud what a Polish Explosion would look like. Figured it probably involved a lot of kielbasa. The name has stuck for about 10 years and is still going strong.

  • skrajicek

    Princess One Step because if there’s a line, I will cross it every time. *Every time*

    I take it one step too far, but I figure that I’m just saying aloud what everyone else is thinking. You’re welcome, world.

  • mandygregg

    My husband calls me Blondie. He started calling me this when my hair was actually blonde. Several colors later I’m not sure what color my hair is now.

  • Amber Arshole

    My husband and I have pet names for each other that I thought would be right up your alley. I am Eagle Head for my large forehead, he is Pumice Foot for his freakishly ugly feet. The Arshole is actually only a slight variation of our last name – when we got married 2 years ago, I finally became an arshole like my husband and 2 kids.

  • lesleyloo

    I had several nicknames when I was younger.
    My sister couldn’t pronounce Lesley. It came out LaLa.

    In highschool my coach gave me the nickname ceeks. The volleyball uniform I was given was so short that my butt cheeks hug out.

    Congratulations on your ten year anniversary! I’ve been reading since Leta was born :)

  • tlkaply

    I never really had a nickname. My family called me Tracy Lynn which is really the opposite of a nickname and even though I tried to get people to call me Tink, I think it’s because I was high at the time.
    Then I moved to Seattle and for the first time in my life I was surrounded by people who had never met anyone else in my family. And these new people started calling me Kap, which is short for my last name, Kaply.
    So yeah, I got my first nickname at 40.

  • mbteselle

    My nickname for many years was Lou… A new college acquaintance could not remember my name (Mary Beth), so he called me Mary Lou, and claimed it was close enough. Friends thought this was hysterical, so they started calling me Mary Lou as well. Soon it just got shortened to Lou. And after a year or two, no one even remembered how it came to be. It is especially funny now when I run into college buddies and they call me Lou in front of my mature, adult friends, who are left scratching their heads on why the hell anyone would call me Lou. Lame, but true story.

  • kmich1

    Mine is KiKi, started when i was just a wee one and still used to this day :)

  • erinwelch


    Why? It’s actually a story about a college roommate, not me. My roommate Nicole once made a boy cry in college, so her nickname became “Maneater” since we apparently loved Hall & Oates at the time. Then we decided we ALL needed man-killing nicknames, like the “Man-Hating She-Beast from Hell,” “Man Destroyer” and MANCRUSHER!

    I have since lived up to my nickname, though. :)

  • dka

    I have read your blog for 3 years now, and really enjoy it. I grew up with older brothers and my given name was Debra. My brothers preferred De bra less. At 13 this wasn’t the best nickname to have, but I survived and actually still speak to them. :)

  • dugrless

    Back when I was working as a counselor at a boys’ camp, I had a friend named Jim who told the kids his name was spelled “Gym” and that it was short for “Gymnasium”. Thinking this was cool, I told the kids my name was “Dug” and that my parents named me after the past tense of “to dig”. (It helped that my brothers are named “Mark” and “Drew”). It stuck, and now — some 20 years later — most people know me as “Dug”.

    Happy Anniversary, btw. Been reading for… well, before Leta anyway. Looking forward to another 10 as good as the first.

  • gatofish

    Nickname: Gatofish

    Why: My husband and I have a lot of pet names for each other. We both love cats. I’m half-Mexican. We speak Spanglish to each other. Cat=gato. Fish probably because MS (where we met) is famous for it’s catfish. Hence, gatofish. :)

  • Katesss

    My nickname is Princess Nugget Features, I have no idea where it came from! Happy Anniversary, I love this site!

  • CocoStranger

    Happy Anniversary!
    My nickname is Coco – ya know, like your dog :) It’s actually my last name.

  • Msfancyhead

    I never really had a nickname that stuck, despite my older brother’s best efforts. I did, however, have an uncle who called me “Mitchell” instead of “Michelle”, in reference to the name that originally appeared on my birth certificate. Either my dad couldn’t spell or he had terrible handwriting.
    Congratulations on 10 years!

  • robynflem

    my nickname is “dirty bird” stemming from an incident while camping where a friends dog sought out my excrement far out in the woods and proceeded to cover himself head to toe.

    those cupcakes look delicious!

  • MilkmaidMama

    My nickname is Laura Lou. I got this name when I went with my neighbor to the library. She was filling out a card for me and asked what my middle name was. I said….”Uh….Lou?” They all had a good laugh because obviously that wasn’t my middle name. I was always called Laura Lou so I thought that was my full name.

    But my screen name was chosen at a time I was breastfeeding my son 24/7. I felt like a Milk Maid.

  • rkk1979

    My nickname is Rocky, because when I was a baby, I slept with my hands in fists right under my chin, like I was always waiting to have to defend myself from an attacker. I blame my brothers.

  • natalieb77

    My nickname is PTAT. Rhymes with BAT. All my college friends call me it. My name is Natalie. So it began as Natty. Then Natty Ptatty. Then I took a statistics class with a quirky nicknameaholic, Aviva. The class was called PSTAT. And so she called me Natty PSTATTY. Then shortened to PSTAT, and finally PTAT. And it stuck. Like glue.
    They called me PTAT everywhere. At parties, “Hey, this is my friend PTAT.” On the volleyball court, “PTAT it’s YOURS!” It’s no wonder I didn’t get laid more back then. But I love it, I have fond memories if its origins and the bond that college dormies have. As for Aviva? Just call her ‘Lish. Short for Avivalicious Malevicious Krautissima Hammerosa. So, you know, I think we’re even. ; )

  • cody22699

    My last name, Neuner, has had many iterations that have followed my family and me have followed since birth. At college, the arrival of my male cousins at any party or tailgate was announced with the cry of “NEUNAAAAAAA” from the collected crowd. A guy in my high school statistics class who I never spoke to once heard the teacher say my name and then started saying, “Neener. Neener neener neener.” Another kid called me “Neunie-sauce.” But I’m pretty sure he was a pothead, so that wasn’t too odd, I guess. My favorite has been Neunz, which my friends at college call me. I like it because it makes me feel like my cousins, familiar and distinct among their friends. I feel like I have more of an identity with my last name nickname than I do with my first name nickname. In short, I feel special. And who doesn’t like to feel special? :)

  • laurenebrockman

    so: i used to call my dad “dad the man” or “dtm” for short. naturally, he took to calling me “lauren the woman,” and then “ren the wom,” and then just “woomie.”

    and that’s what stuck. for about 20 years now my mother and father have fondly wrote “woomie” on birthday cards, said “hi, woomie!” in voice messages, and let “woomie” slip in public places, always drawing a raised eyebrow or chuckle from friends and coworkers.

    there have been others who have attempted to get away with calling me by my unusual moniker, but it’s something reserved firmly for my parents. after all, they say it with love (i think); others say it with amusement (i’m certain).

  • gabbyjr

    My nickname that is simultaneously my favourite and most hated of all the my nicknames, is an unfortunate spoonerism of my first and middle names. That my parents obviously did not consider when naming me, and which happens to be a fairly apt description of me.

    Jabby Gay.

  • kaikai

    Happymiel was given to me in high school while I was eating at a fast food restaurant. My name is Miel. It works.

  • sarthepandabear

    I’m so inspired by what you’ve created, congratulations on 10 extraordinary years.

    I have a million nicknames, and my favs include Beeb, Myrtle, Panda and Rah.

  • fullsarah

    My nickname was “Biscuit” as a toddler through preadolescence. My infant arms and legs resembled stacks of raw biscuits. In my late teens, the name changed to “Big Girl”. Thanks Mom!

  • jarira

    my nickname is Jarhead.
    Not because I am a marine, but because my name is Jarita, and in gr 7, people started calling me Jar-head.

    13 year old Canadians do not know what a Jarhead is, but the nickname has stuck.

  • AbbieBabble

    My dad called me Spud as soon as I was born, and 25 years later, he STILL calls me that sometimes. Strange? I think yes.

  • Songa 66

    Congratulations.. and I’m glad it wasn’t dog vomit.

    A friend likes to call me evil… for evilyn.. and other friends call me Songa for Mamasonga…

  • Jeremy

    Congrats on 10 years!!!

    My boyfriend likes to call me “Guppy” or “GupGup.” He says I remind him of a guppy if I pout. He also likes my “guppy kisses.” I think it’s really cute :)

  • heyjade

    I’ve had a few different nicknames over the years, but the one that’s stuck the most is Jaderz. Not all that exciting or creative, I know. But most people end up calling me that at some point or another, because my name is Jade. So yeah, big whoop! Haha.

  • Air and Water

    My nickname in high school was Ape, a shortening of my first name (April). Now the only nickname I have is Pea. That’s what me and my husband call each other.

    If I win this, I’m going to donate the money to a fundraiser I’m involved in right now for affordable counseling services provided here in our town. Here’s a link to the campaign: http://www.fcsathens.com/court.html

    Thanks for being here.

  • Delora

    My partner, Tom, calls me “De” (only because it’s short and easy to say). So all of our acquaintances that knew him first call me De, and all of mine call me Delora.

  • mjameson

    I’ve had several nicknames over the year, but I’ve been “Roo” since high school to my best friend. And that will always be one of my favorite names because of all the great memories!

  • SusanH.

    I sometimes got called Carrot Top as a kid, to which I always loudly informed the offender that the top of a carrot is green and my hair is not green.